Sunday, December 30, 2007

Money Bubble Boys for 2007

The dubious list of who 'just missed' the cash.

1st - Mathcy 11
2nd - Boother 10
3rd - Mikeniks (Faldo) 7
4th - Sev4TSev 6
5th - AtricBlast 4

On the plus side, this group are 'point whores'.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Locks for 3rd Place in 2007

Who is not on this list is as telling as who is.

1st-2nd - Mikeniks (Faldo) and Matchy 11
3rd - Sev4TSev 6
4th-5th - Boother and ArticBlast 4

Well, I was a given - given my short table shortcomings.

Conspicuously absent from this list is Rownder - who made it a habit of closing the deal when he gets 'in the money'.

Friday, December 28, 2007

2007 Runners Up in the NPP Tourneys

I was the runaway winner of this Bridesmaid position.
It is a total condemnation of my ability to play heads-up poker.

A credit to the quality of players at NPP is that everyone finishes in statistically reasonable amounts evenly across the 'less than 1st place positions' and secondly - they can all beat me like a drum heads-up.

Things are not all bleak. I know what I have to work on.

Most 2nds
1st - Mikeniks (Faldo) 13
2nd - Boother 7
3rd - 5th - Rownder, Sev4TSev and ArticBlast 4

Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Winners in 2007

Who won the tourneys on-line at NPP?
The suprise is who did not - if you look at the point standings.

1st - Rownder 11
2nd - Sev4TSev 8
3rd - Boother 6
4th - Matchy 4

That would be yours truly - Nik Faldo. We will discuss my poker problems on a later post.

We played 49 tourneys and only 29 tourney wins are shown here.
That means there are plenty of tourneys left to win - if you PLAY!!!!!!
So, lets get in on the action next year you PT players!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

2007 Average Points Per Round Standings

As you know, 2007 had this scoring system:
1st - 10 pts
2nd - 7
3rd - 5
4th - 3
5th - 1

We will probably have the same system for next year - although if we were to average two tables at the start - I think awarding the 'final' table has some merit. Giving points just for showing up I don't think is a bad thing here. What do you guys think?

Here is the average points per round standings (minimum 12 starts):

1st - Rownder (4.9)
2nd - Mikeniks (Faldo) (4.6)
3rd - Sev4TSev (4.3)
4th - Boother (4.2)
5th - Beerhog (4.0)
6th - Aqualung (3.5)
7th - Momo (3.5)
8th - Matchy (3.4)
9th - Nahanni (3.2)
10th - ArticBlast (2.3)
11th - Duder (2.1)

Bronco76, BonAir, Hlam14, and Cigar4John - all had good seasons (top 10), but didnot play enough to make the list.

Next year should be alot of fun!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Who is the Merriest at NPP?

What better way to celebrate Christmas than to show the results of the he judges verdict as to who is the Happiest players at NPP.

The judge's committee is made up of the Coaches' poll, the BCS, AP, the Nobel Peace Prize Committee, the Oscar Academy, the Toni, the ESPI and of course the world famous Dart Board Board.

All decisions are final - (unless bribes are issued).

1 - Beerhog
2 - Matchy
3 - DavetheDog
4 - ArticBlast
5 - Cigar4John

Now, I am sure I failed to make the list because I once agreed with Hlam14 - when he once said, "Oh darn" after a Poker Stars bad beat.

This list is not to say that there are other players at NPP that could of been considered - like me.

I'm sure I will be on this list next year. Especially if THAT LOUSY POKER STARS DOESN'T FLOP AND RIVER SOME BULL..... nevermind.

That doesn't count against next year's voting...does it?

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Spadeclub offer

I ran across an interesting tidbit in Card Player magazine.

There's a new site called SpadeClub that needs beta testers. They will have a freeroll each day with cash prizes. All they ask is for some feedback regarding their site's software.

Final Point Standings for 2007 NPP Internet Tourney League

Your host Nik Faldo (mikeniks on Poker Stars) is living proof that if you play more than everyone else, you will get more points than everyone else. I can't consider myself for the Player of the Year on my own site, anyway. That doesn't make any sense.

That is why the format change for next year. I can legitimately win the NPP Championship tournament next year, however. But the Player of the Year still will be at the discretion of the NPP Committee.

Who is on the committee? Well, every living winner of the WSOP Main Event, the WPT, the Aussie Millions, the Monte Carlo Open, and Nik Faldo. Once the votes are tabulated the ruling will be final.

Other news, I will be coming out with other 'standings' based on the results of this year's play. And then some 'standings' based on other 'stuff'.

Now here are the final point totals:

1 - Nik Faldo 199
2,3 - Boother and Rownder 163
4 - Sev4TSev 152
5 - Matchy 120
6 - ArticBlast 82
7 - Nahanni 54
8 - Beerhog 52
9 - Aqualung 45
10 - Momo 42
11 - Duder 41
12 - Bronco 37
13 - Cigar4John 28
14 - BonAir 28
15 - Hlam14 24
16 - DavetheDog 10
17 - Farrell 8
18 - Cheif 7
19 - 1stout 3
20 - SpartyToJo 1
21 - Tiger 0

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Matchy Wins NPP #49 – Creating Co-Champions! Boother and Rownder!

Rownder and Boother had to feel like they was set upon by the masses. We had a record tying TWELVE players at the game tonight! Nice job guys!

Boother needed to win with Rownder finishing no better than 5th – in order to wrestle the title away from Rownder. On to the show:

On hand #10, Sev4TSev (12th) – who had a great year in his own right – had his (AK) hit a [K] on the flop – only to be looking down the barrel of Duder’s (KK).

As least he went quickly. Me and Farrell – not so much.

On hand #64, a short-stacked Farrell(11th), who had his (AK) run down to cripple him, gets all-in with (QQ), only to see Rownder spike an [A] on the flop while holding (A6).

My (Faldo – 10th) end came on hand #72. After ducking two lethal hands against Boother that could have ended my night (trips against a FH and a flopped two pair against a flopped straight), my crippled stack gets all-in with (TT) but lost to Duder’s flush.

At least I now have a front row seat for the drama unfolding!

At the 57 min mark, ArticBlast (9th) – who missed the first 20 minutes of the tourney, raises and gets called by Cigar4John {welcome stranger} and the prodigy Bronco76. A flop of [Jc 4h 8d] gets another round of betting with Cigar folding. The turn of [3c] has Artic bluffing all-in with (Kh 2h) and getting called by Bronco with (KJ) – and it was over.

Right before the break, a shorter stacked Cigar4John (8th) makes a move and gets all-in with (QJs) and is called by Boother’s (55) and no help arrives for the Queen and her jester.

At the break, only one man has Boother covered, and Rownder still is lurking:
Duder 3900
Boother 3100
Aqua 3100
Matchy 2550
Bronco 2150
DavetheDog 1900 (welcome back too!)
Rownder 1300

At the 70 min mark, Bronco76 (7th) gets all-in with (Q8) with a flop of [8KT], only to run into Duder’s (K8).

At the 75 min mark, Rownder (6th) gets all-in with (JJ) and Matchy calls with (K9) and the flop comes down [KQ6] and no more hooks arrive. The back door swings open for Boother!

At the 80 min mark, DavetheDog (5th) checks his BB to Duder’s call and a flop of [4c 4h 8h] arrives. Dave goes all-in with a semi-bluff holding (Qh 2h) and gets called by Duder with (KQ). No hearts or duck arrive and the King kicker plays.

Duder (4th) has the chip lead but runs into some better hands at this point – mostly losing to Boother, who took over the lead. At the 100 min mark, Duder’s bad luck continues as his trip 4’s run into a quiet Aqualung’s straight, and we are three-handed.

At the 105 min mark, Aqualung (3rd) spikes a pair of Jacks on the turn and makes a move with a board of [8AQ] [J], but Boother is holding (AT).

We are two-handed and Boother has a 2 to 1 chip lead. His buddy Matchy stands between him and the 2007 NPP Player of the Year Award. But there are no friends on the felt, so the battle is on!

Ok, I screwed up here. I will admit it. The end came fast after about a 15 minute battle where Matchy was gaining no ground at all. But he hit two big hands back to back and it was over. Win #4 of the year for Matchy. Congratulations!

I didn’t get them because as I started to write them down, the tournament ended – which is normally no problem.

But Matchy, Boother and I started chatting and PS closed the table down before I got the hand numbers! I have written Poker Stars twice but can only get the hands up to the break for some reason. My bad.

So, guys – can you comment on the last few hands at the end there for everyone?

1st – Matchy
2nd – Boother
3rd – Aqualung
4th – Duder
5th – Dave the Dog
6th – Rownder
7th – Bronco76
8th – Cigar4John
9th – ArticBlast
10th – Mikeniks (Faldo)
11th – Farrell
12th – Sev4TSev

The point totals to be posted later show a tie at the top between Boother and Rownder!
Co-Champions for 2007!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Matchy's NPP Game was Ten Star!

The laugh of the night was the cigar given to Beerhog by Aqualung. It was a 1/2 star. Beerhog had me laughing so hard I almost played a hand. But Aqua came thru with some QUALITY smokes at the end.

A good time was had by all! Thanks Matchy.

Line up and seat assignments were:

SpartyToJo (triumphant return)

Kevin stopped by but did not take a seat. Some guys don't like big tables, while I don't like short tables.

Thai Food had to cancel due to some bad Pad Prik, I guess.
Abe didn't make it because he went to the theater. ???? Hope he is ok.

The 5-stud Hi Lo with the card purchases made a come back for a few hands.
But the game of the night was the old reliable Omaha Hi Lo -double bed.
Gridlock was played in tribute to ....well, Gridlock.

The winners I know about are Aqualung, Matchy, Farrell, DaveE, LarryP and Faldo. Matchy, let me know how right I am will you.

A couple notes:
1) Look for the new Cigar Corner on this poker site soon. There are a couple nice on-line cigar shops on-line with great deals. I can hook you up with an 'oasis' to build a humidor big enough to hold whatever volume of cigars you buy! Life is short - cigars are good!

2) Herbavor (Hlam14) - who swore off PokerStars again until he moves to Iowa and has to play in the league to stay in touch (and that is an order from Faldo!) - has offered to have the first NPP live game of 2008 in January.

3) Boother is having an invitational on New Years Day. Details to follow.

4) Merry Christmas everyone and see you on the virtual felt on Tuesday!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Matchy is Hosting an NPP Game Friday, 7pm!

Here are the participants right now. Matchy, comment in any changes and I will make them.
I am busier than a one-arm paper hanger with crabs but I will manage to keep it updated. Get me your address/directions to the npoker email, so I can send them out to Herbavor, Larry, etc.

Larry P
Thai Food
Abe’s neighbor
Dave E.


Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Boother Returns to the Winners Circle – Wins NPP #48

Nine players made it tonight. I started out like gang-busters – winning 4 of the first 6 hands and 8 of the first 24. But a key fold early in the festivities probably cost me the tournament.

On hand #9, Farrell’s (AA) eliminated last week’s winner Bronco (9th) holding (JJ).

On hand #29, Boother (AQ) re-raised my middle position raise and ArticBlast (8th) decided to make a short-stacked all-in move with (K2). I thought about it and folded. The flop was [TQT] and my T in the muck was wondering why I was an idiot. I probably get Boother out of there too and my stack would be too big to mess with. Oh well.

On hand #38 Duder’s (44) eliminates Aqualung (7th) with (A8), but not without some Poker Stars torture – an [A] on the flop and a [4] on the river.

On hand #41, Boother (AKs) ends Rownder’s (6th) night (ATs), so the coveted NPP Player of the Year has yet to be decided.

On hand #55, Duder (5th) gets taken out by Boother in an ugly fashion. The flop is [AKJ] so the short-stacked Duder goes all-in with his (A9) and Boother calls with his (J4). A [J] on the river and all I can say is …(see the latest Bud Lite commercials) DUDE!?!?

Boother’s luck takes a slight detour on hand #60 however. Boother calls the BB from the SB and the re-raise from Sev-4T-Sev in the SB. The flop is [8d 9c 7s] and Sev4TSev goes all-in with (QQ) and Boother calls with (KcTc) – and Sev4TSev gets healthy.

On hand #74 – the last hand before the break, the short-stacked Boother (33) gets healthy off of me as I try to what I should have done on hand #29 - that is to take Boother out - with (AJ) – but I got no help.

At the break:
Sev4TSev 4210
Farrell17 3965
MikeNiks(Faldo) 3305
Boother 2020

Sev4T and Boother know they need at least a 2nd place finish to keep their hopes up of catching Rownder. The two guys left in this for them to try and eliminate are not exactly ribbon clerks, mopes, Greeks from the diner, judges, golf pros or tourists in Atlantic City. Ok, I am a mope - but Farrell is not.

Still anyone’s tourney, but Sev4TSev puts the hurt to me on hand #80 as my flopped trip 6’s run into his turned straight.

Boother is aggressive and stealing some pots but still a low guy like me. But on hand #111, he gets healthy as his (TT) holds up against Sev4TSev’s (AK).

On hand #115, Boother hits a runner-runner full house to take more of Sev4TSev’s chips.

So on hand #120, Sev4TSev returns to the one guy he knows he can get chips off of – me – Mr. Bubble (4th). I am short-stacked and try to hit my open-ended straight draw but I don’t.

Ten minutes later, the short-stacked Sev4TSev (3rd) gets all-in with (A4) but runs into Farrell’s (AA).

And about five minutes after that, Farrell (2nd) misses his straight attempt and Boother’s (TT) hold up. Nice win #6 Boother.

1st – Boother (156)
2nd – Farrell
3rd – Sev4TSev
4th – MikeNiks (Faldo)
5th – Duder
6th – Rownder (163)
7th – Aqualung
8th – ArticBlast
9th – Bronco76

This sets up a showdown next week for the title! Boother needs to win with Rownder finishing no better than 5th, as Rownder wins all tie-breaks. – Nik Faldo

Aqualung Finishes 2nd in Absolute OM H/L Tourney

Qualifying in a FPP tourney, Aqualung gets into a $1500 tourney and works his magic.

I am telling you the NPP crew could crush Vegas! I'll let him tell the story:

Aqualung: "I finished in top 5 in a 200 rewards pt tourney to qualify for the 1.5k guaranteed tourney and 101 players hit the gate and I just finished 2nd place for $$$.

I had chip lead all through final table and when we got to 2 players I had ATT5 ace suited and I put him all in he had AQ95, two aces hit the flop I got no help and his Q out kicked me, no low.

I was in a funk after that and lost."

Still, a fine job and more proof that NPP rocks!

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Matchy Offering to Host an NPP Game Friday!

I'm in!

Lets see what other of you strokes can make it Friday, 7pm at the Matchy crib.
He says he will go with four - but I think we can do better than that.

Matchy said it will be NPP format. I think that means;
Limit Poker 1-2-3-4
No burn, Acey-Duecey, blackjack or Pass a card Screw Your neighbor.
I think that is what it means.

Regardless, I'm in. Faldo money available for the taking!
Get your RSVP's on this blog NOW!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Bronco76 Wins NPP #47

It was a very strange and frustrating night. We had nine players – which was good - but six players had internet issues at some point in the night. Boother was disconnected until well after the break. The tourney didn’t take that long, but maybe the slow site play made the players play faster.

We only saw 49 hands by the break when 75 hands is closer to the average. But it still wrapped up in less than 2 hours. By the way, it was a rough night for the hand (AK).

On hand #22, Farrell (9th) got all-in with (AK) against Aqualung with (AQ). The hard-luck Farrell saw a [Q} land on the turn. PokerStars has not been kind to him. Join the club, Farrell.

On hand #25, Matchy (8th) got all-in with (AK) and ran into Bronco’s (JJ).

See what I mean? But that hand did kill two players for revenge in a rare three-handed all-in. On hand #31, Rownder (AQ), ArticBlast (K8s) and Bronco (AK) lock it up.. An [AQ8] gave Rownder (6th) the lead and Artic (7th) some hope, but the runner – runner [J][T] gave Bronco the straight.

That got us to the break:
Bronco 7000
Aqua 3700
Sev4TSev 1000
Boother 975
Mikeniks (Faldo) 925

On hand #50, Sev4TSev (5th) gets all-in with (A5) and runs into Bronco’s (JJ), and got no help.

Boother (4th) got re-connected on hand #51 in time for his (KJ) all-in to lose to Bronco’s (AT).

I won’t bore you with the details, but as the short-stack, I survived four all-ins – all with the worst hand - but managed to hit something to stay alive. In the middle, I missed a chance to eliminate Aqualung when my (55) lost to his (QJ). That crippled me none the less. I wish I could bottle those saves for a time when they really would help me. They were wasted here.

Finally my (3rd) luck ran out on hand #97 as my (AT) was out-kicked by Aqualung’s (AJ).

Very quickly Aqualung (2nd) got all-in with (AJ) and ran into Bronco’s (KK), and it was over. Congratulations to Bronco for his 3rd win of the year.

1st – Bronco76
2nd – Aqualung
3rd – Mikeniks (Faldo)
4th – Boother
5th – Sev4TSev
6th – Rownder
7th – ArticBlast
8th – Matchy
9th - Farrell

Player of the Year Totals - With two rounds left!
Rownder - 163
Sev4TSev - 147
Boother - 146

Boother and 747 need to finish at least second in the next tourney - with Rownder finishing no better than 4th!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

NPP Internet Tournament Standings - Three rounds left!

Here are the standings. Thanks to Nahanni's work on my Excel spreadsheet, things are alot easier.

Rownder is still catchable, and I am still catchable by Rownder!

What a log-jam we would have if we could of had full attendance by all the players 6th thru 15th! My stats are inflated by the short tables early in the year and the fact I have 10 more starts than everyone else.

Except for the great years Rownder and Sev4TSev have had, I think you could throw a minnow net around the rest of us. Add those other tough players for a full season, and I could see a 10-way tie for 1st - with me 16th.

With the new format next year, it should be a load of fun - with more important tourneys sprinkled throughout the year, due to each quarter ending.

Here is what the stats are:
Name - Total points - Points per round - Win % - In the money%
Mikeniks/Faldo - 191 - 4.8 - 8% - 65%

1st - Rownder - 163 - 5.4 - 37% - 53%
2nd - Sev4TSev - 146 - 4.6 - 25% - 53%
3rd - Boother - 143 - 4.0 - 14% - 42%
4th - Matchy - 110 - 3.3 - 9% - 45%
5th - ArticBlast - 82 - 2.6 - 3% - 28%
6th - Nahanni - 54 - 3.2 - 18% - 29%
7th - Beerhog - 52 - 4.0 - 23% - 38%
8th - Momo - 42 - 3.5 - 25% - 42%
9th - Duder - 37 - 2.1 - 0% - 28%
10th - Aqualung - 33 - 3.3 - 10% - 40%
11th - Cigar4John - 28 - 3.5 - 0% - 50%
12th - BonAir - 28 - 3.5 - 0% - 38%
13th - Bronco76 - 27 - 3.9 - 29% - 43%
14th - Hlam - 24 - 3.4 - 29% - 29%
15th - DavetheDog - 9 - 3.0 - 0% - 0%
16th - Chief - 7 - 7.0 - 0% - 100%
17th - 1stout - 3 - 3.0 - 0% - 0%
18th - SpartyToJo - 1 - .5 - 0% - 0%
19th - Farrell - 1 - .5 - 0% - 0%
20th - Tigercub - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Sev4TSev Returns to the Winner’s Circle in NPP #46

Seven players make it to the table, including me from a poor connection from Grand Rapids, MI. I get some great cards early and should have done more with them. Let me get my excuse in now – I was one tired guy. Long day followed by a long drive. You simply cannot play against this group and have success if you are not ready to play. On to the action.

On hand #33 Boother raises and Farrell (7th) re-raises, Boother (AK) goes all-in and Farrell (QQ) calls covered. The dreaded coin flip, but a [K] on the flop and it is over for the ‘newer’ guy.

The oldest guy goes out next – me (6th). On hand #43, Duder and I (99) see a flop with ArticBlast. The flop is [JJ6] with two hearts and here is where I get a little lazy. Duder checks and I go all-in, Artic folds and Duder calls. I expect to see A6 or a heart flush draw, but the (TT) is really bad for me. No miracles and I am all but done.

Sev4TSev hits an A on a flop two hands later and I am out of there. A waste of some good hands early.

On hand #52, after a flop of [875] Duder (5th) gets all-in with (A8s) and is called by Sev4TSev with (AK). A [K] on the turn and Duder is gone.

To the break:

Boother 3305
Sev4TSev 3250
ArticBlast 2470
Rownder 2470

By hand #75, Boother has built a nice chip lead. Sev4TSev (88) gets all-in with half the chips of Boother with a flop of [48K]. Boother has the trap hand of (K4) and they change places in the chip count.

On hand #82, Boother, Rownder (4th) and Artic see a [6c Ks 4c] flop. Boother (Q6) bets, Rownder (T6) moves all-in, Artic folds and Boother calls. A [Q] on the turn and we will have a new champ tonight.

On hand #90, Boother(3rd) raises and Sev4TSev calls. The flop is [3c Ts 6c]. Boother (AK) bets, Sev4TSev (A6) goes all-in and Boother calls. No {K} arrives and Boother is out.

That leave Sev4TSev with a 7500 to a 3500 lead over ArticBlast.

Artic gets close to even when his (88) hangs on against Sev4TSev’s (AQ). But it is an air flight night.

On hand #108, Sev4TSev raises from the BB and Artic calls. The flop is [4A2]. Artic (2nd) gets all-in with (AT) and a dominated Sev4TSev calls with (KQ). But an unbelievable turn and river of a [K] and [Q] and its over. Congratulations to Sev4TSev for his 8th win of the year!

1st – Sev4TSev
2nd – ArticBlast
3rd – Boother
4th – Rownder
5th – Duder
6th – Mikeniks (Faldo)
7th – Farrell14

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Collusion Hand at Poker Stars?

Poker Stars investigated and said there was no problem here. They said this rotten play is typical at the ridiculously low stakes I was playing at for my attempt at 24 hours of poker. (Where am I supposed to play at when drunk and tired? Heads up against Negreanu?)

I am UTG, down 3 units on a very loose Limit Holdem table. Every pot has been raises pre-flop.
I have (Ad 3d), so I limp in looking for a score.

D'Goose (DG - 3s 2s)) raises and quickmove in the small blind re-raises (QM - Tc 4d).

Rafton calls from the BB, which makes me call, but DG caps it and four of us see the flop.

[2c 3c 9s]

If I could have seen the cards these Bozos were holding, I would of thought Poker Stars was in on the scam. Who raises and caps with these two hands unless they know what the flop will be? But let's assume for the sake of poker players everywhere that it is my usual bad luck and not Poker Stars that is setting me up for a fall here.

QM bets, rafton and I call, DG rightfully raises, and we all call. I don't know this of course but what the hell is QM betting for and more importantly, why is he calling?

Turn [5d]

Again, if I could see the cards held, I would swear PS is trying to kill me outright. Now QM, who I think is artificially pumping the pot for his buddy, gets a straight draw.

QM of course bets, rafton and I call, DG rightfully raises and QM re-raises!

Rafton folds and I should too. Especially since - and I don't know this but can quess - I could be (am) drawing dead.

Of course I don't know what they have but I type, "Are you two playing together?" I think for a while and decide the tiny amount of money is worth seeing what these strokes are up to - so I call.

DG caps and the three of us see the river.


Glad to see that PS is so honest that they can unknowingly reward cheaters and drop perfect cards in their laps - runner, runner no less.

QM checks (my comment put the brakes on him, and besides he knows his buddy hit the full house), I check, DG bets and QM calls (????) and I call and lose.

I type "I'm reporting you two right now." QM says, "Shut up Wanker", but DG leaves the table immediately and QM leaves after one more hand.

Poker Stars reported back to me that, "this type of weak play (did they mean mine? - lol) is common at those stakes. We looked and found that these two have played together at the same table three other times and see no evidence of collusion cheating - but simply a rivalry."

Cost me four units (which I win back later times 25!) to get the lowdown on these two.

What do you guys think?

Friday, November 23, 2007

24 - uh, No - 6 Hours of Poker

Well I screwed up. Up at BWW having a brew with Beerhog, watching football, basketball, hockey and playing a little poker. Not only did he take my money in our little side pot wager, but we got to talking - in between chatting the Hartland Glen Golf Course beer cart women who were up there for a drunkfest.

Anyway, I mention to Beerhog that I was planning on - someday - playing 24 hours on Poker Stars and blogging about it. Kind of a "lets see how many bad beats can I get in a day" kind of thing.

I threw around some dates near the end of the year and Beerhog said the infamous, "What's wrong with tonight?" Now I got up at 7am to give blood and had been drinking with Beerhog since 6pm (it was now 10pm). I said I didn't think it was a good idea and I had not cleared it with the Lovely yet.

He said, "What are you, - a pussy?"

THAT is a double dog dare if I ever heard one. I responded with my usual strong bluff move, , "I'll do it if you do it."

He said, "Ok, let's start at 11:30pm." I see my bluffs work in real life as well as they do at the poker table. I went home and talked to the boss, who shook her head in disbelief - mentioned something under her breath about drunken immaturity and said she would see that I got fed if I had to do this.

So here I am with no nap and working off a drunk, getting ready to play 24 hours on a site that kicks my ass for fun. Tourneys included.

I will be posting my results hourly and Beerhog better be commenting also. Good luck to me.

11:30 pm -
Table Atria V-Limit (home) Plan on being here unless it empties. Bought in for 2500 units. That should last me for 2 hours.

12:30 am -
1st hour in the can. Ate a Nutri-grain bar, a Powerbar and drank a can of Coca-Cola and a bottled water. For some reason that has not chased away the drunk from 5 tall Sam Adams drafts. Go figure.

Up 4 units, having pissed away chips just before posting this. In a tournament on World Poker Exchange also. In 37th place of 187 left of a 321 player freeroll. The old Hubble freeroll on Poker Stars is starting right now.

1:30 am -
Drunk wearing off and now my neck hurts. Couldn't be from sitting on a barstool looking up at a TV screen for 4 hours while rubbernecking around the bar as chicks walked by, could it? Naw. No matter, Advill is my friend.

Up 16 units now in ring play - in spite of 3 river suckouts. Moved to the Aenna table.
Knocked out of the WPE tourney in 98th place.
Knocked out of the PS Hubble freeroll of 12,000 players in 5980th. What no cash for that?
Entered another PS Hubble FR and a FR on Jungle Poker.

Beerhog followed me to the new table, and was in two tourneys also. Beerhog - report! The numbnuts is not emailing me, calling me or commenting. Think I am acid tongued after 18 hours with no sleep - wait til 36 hours.

2:30 am -
Neck feels better so Poker Stars decided to hurt me. Now down 7 units for a -23 unit swing. Lost every conceivable way as they bad beat me down. No details except every river m#%@$%f#%@^&@#$ rat hit a hand on me. Still no word from Beerhog, but he is playing.

Still in the 2nd Hubble FR on PS, but got knocked out of a 514 player tourney on Jungle Poker.

3:30 am -
Nice comeback to plus 1 unit! Should have been more but I nutted up a little too much and missed some pots I should have been in there for. Beerhog called it a night, so the pressure is off. If I fold like an accordion at least I outlasted him.

Got knocked out of the 2nd Hubble FR on Poker Stars. Got all-in with (KJs) against (A6) and (AQ). The flop of [Q6K] looked promising, but somehow the two-outer [Q] got there on the river.

Entered an Absolute Poker tourney. Good night Beerhog!

5:00 am -
Run into two collusion players which put me down -25 units. I turned them in to Poker Stars. A report on that to follow.

I changed tables and stakes and won +110 units.
Finished 86th in the Absolute Poker Tourney and didnot cash.
Finished #304th in a Poker Stars tourney and doubled my entry.

While all this was going on Thai Food called me. He said he was reading the blog and wanted to know if I had lost my mind. I told him probably, but it sounded like this - playing marathon - was a good idea in the bar. He said, "Of course it sounded good - in the bar."

I said, "Drinking has no effect on my decision making abilities."

Well I'm up $ for the action in ring, and up $ in the tourney action. Good time to shut it down.

Per Dr. Thai Food's insistance, I'm giving up and going in for a nap now. Doctor's orders.
Fun while it lasted.

Reminder for the umteenth time - drinking with Beerhog not a good idea.

PS: Don't tell anyone I tried to do this.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Updated: The Correct Way to Fund Poker Sites

The best way to do it is to find a friend that already can fund the poker site and have him transfer you money.

A 10% commission should be expected to be paid to your friend, however. It usually costs around 9% if you go thru the hassle of setting up your own accounts with internet banks. So an extra 1% is a small price to pay to avoid the hassle.

I have heard some credit cards work with some poker sites. But you have to send the poker site a picture of your driver’s license, both sides of the credit card, the credit card number, and that small number off the back. To cash out after using a credit card, the poker site will sometimes ask for a copy of your passport also. Hell, might as well send them your 401K info while you are at it. I don’t like that option.

With the closing of Netteller to US players, some new internet banks have entered the void. Ah, capitalism! It always works. If you are going to set up your own accounts, try using both ePassport and eWalletXpress.

ePassport is used by most sites still accepting US players (see the list of “Where I Play” on this site).

eWalletXpress is used at BoDog Poker, which also happens to accept sports betting. BoDog is the only sports betting site I have found in my research - for news information only - using an internet bank for US players at this time.

If you want to fund your poker sites yourself and have your profits transferred electronically back to your bank, this is the safest way to do it:

Step 1. Open a checking account with your internet poker stake money in a bank that you do no other business with. This will be your ‘poker’ account bank (PB).

Do not use a savings account as those accounts do not allow transfers.
For the sake of discussion, let’s say you open your PB with $500.

Step 2. Open an internet bank account (IB) on-line.

Step 3. Transfer $200 to the IB using the account and funds you deposited in your new PB.

Be sure to leave the minimum required in the checking account so you can transfer winnings back.

Step 4. Once it has all cleared, transfer $100 to your selected poker site using the IB.

This way, the poker site can only reach back to the IB and the IB can only reach back to your poker checking account.

NEVER use your main accounts for anything on-line. I am pretty sure the IB’s and the poker sites I suggest are on the up and up, but better safe than sorry.

NPP strongly suggests that Poker Stars be a newbie’s first stop. It is simply the best site out there. Then try some of the others for a change of pace, scenery or the infamous ‘deck change’ or ‘seat change’.

This is just another friendly public service announcement of NPP. - Faldo

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Rownder Does it Again! Wins NPP #45

Without Hlam14 there to stop him, the verdict was in before the jury was selected.

A new juror joined us from fashionable Ferndale – Farrell17. Welcome and bring me a nacho from Warrilow’s for the next game! Also some fries from the New Way Bar. No gays from 9 Mile however, I’m trying to quit. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

With the new meat we had eight players and a sweater by the name of Dave the Dog. He used some lame excuse that he thought the game was at 9pm. Let’s see – he is the webmaster and runs this blog for me, but forgot when we play. Right. On to the action:

I caught some cards early and was merciless on Boother’s stack. On hand #37, the shorter stacked guys at the table went at it to get back to solid footing. Matchy’s (A8) hit an [8] on the flop to beat Boother’s (8th) (AT).

On hand #39, ArticBlast survives an all-in, hitting a flush to beat my two pair. A lot of that kind of stuff happened this evening. “A lot of come backs”, is how Artic put it.

On hand #47, Nahanni’s (AJ) eliminates Sev4TSev (7th) with A9.

On hand #51, Farrell survives when his (KQ) hits a [K] on the flop to beat Rownder’s AQ.

On hand #53, Matchy (6th) runs what I think was a bluff with (33). But Rownder has AT and there was a [T] on the flop and he was not going anywhere. Matchy does go to the rail however.

At this point ArticBlast survives a couple of all-ins and makes a strong comeback. To get all the way back, on hand #62, his all-in with (99) survives the flush and straight draws of Nahanni.

Break time:
Rownder 3850
ArticBlast 3390
Mikeniks 3140
Farrell 1100
Nahanni 520

Now it is time for a Nahanni comeback. On hand #65 her (88) beats Artic’s (Q8s).
On hand #67 ArticBlast (AK) cripples the chip leader Rownder (A5). The flop is an ugly [AK5] for Rownder.

On hand #72, Farrell (5th) goes all-in with (As 4s) and a flop of [Ac Tc 8h]. Artic has to call with (Qc Jc) and the Blast makes his straight on the turn.

On hand #74 Nahanni (K8) moves up to 2nd in chips as ArticBlast calls her all-in with (K2) on a flop of [9 8 K].

Now a war starts between Nahanni and Rownder. If you read the title block you already know how it finished. On hand #77 Rownder picks up chips getting Nahanni to fold. On hand #78, she gets chips back the same way. Rownder really hurts Nahanni when his (55) holds up against her (A9).

Now Rownder starts his run to victory.

On hand #88, I get Rownder to call my bet putting him all-in. I have (QQ) and he has (A6). An Ace falls on the flop.

On hand #99, Rownder hits a flush with (K4s) against ArticBlast’s (99).

At this point Rownder tells us that he is sorry he is not chatting but he is in a final table in another tourney at the same time. Nice when you can kill two sets of poker players at the same time. Amazing.

On hand #109, a short-stacked Nahanni gets healthy when her (88) hits a flop of [A8J] against my (AJ).

But the chips end up in Rownder’s stack as on hand #110, Nahanni (4th) goes all-in with (AQ) and runs into Rownder’s (JJ) and does not get any help.

As the short-stack now, I got to move. On hand #127, I survive an all-in when my (98) hits a [9] on the flop to best ArticBlast’s (A3).

On hand #129, I get some more chips as ArticBlast calls my all-in after a flop of [K87]. I have (QQ) and he has (T9), but the straight doesn’t get there.

On hand #134, ArticBlast (3rd) moves all-in with (AJ) and meets Rownder’s (99) and does not improve.

Rownder has 8200 to my 3800 so I can’t wait too long to try something. Poker Stars decides to kill me fast.

On hand #139, I (2nd) go all-in on a flop of [458] while holding (85). Rownder calls with (A7). A [6] on the turn and it is over. Congratulations to Rownder for win #11, and who is pulling away from the pack. He is sprinting while we are crawling.

1st – Rownder
2nd – Mikeniks (Faldo)
3rd – ArticBlast
4th – Nahanni
5th – Farrell17
6th – Matchy
7th – Sev4TSev
8th – Boother

Monday, November 19, 2007

NPP @ Boother's - Live Action

Boother invited us all over to watch the latest U of M loss to Ohio State and play a little poker.
It was a great time and we managed to get about four hours of poker in as well - with nine guys at the peak.

Boother just has the perfect place for a game. The fridge is packed with beer, hot snacks are on the grill, regular snacks on the island, candy on the counter, the Hi-Def TV is on the wall, the cigar ash tray is just outside the door, nice table and poker chips! Outstanding venue.

Matchy was the big winner I believe. Nice going Matchy! Everyone chime in with your results or Boother - let us know who cashed on the plus side. I know I lost two-buy ins. Just no cards or flops, but what else is new.

Boother also gave us a heads up about poker rooms in Flint! From what I gathered, they are off of US - 23 and Bristol Road. Boother, maybe you can comment with a better low-down.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Another Painful Near Miss! I'm Quitting for a While.

Maybe it is time to hang up the poker visor for a while. Poker depression is setting in.

1) I go with Beerhog to a poker tourney with a time limit - tourney over at 1:30am. They are paying six spots: 2 - $1000, 2 - $500 and 2 - $250. With 45 minutes, two tables and 14 players left, glancing around, I put myself at around 8th place. It is then announce that the tourney is ending at 1am instead! Great, ripped off and I got 15 minutes to make a cash happen.

The blinds are posted; a small stack understandably goes all-in, as does a stack near my size. I look down and see (Ad Td). Time to take the shot and so does the small and big blinds (both with more chips than me). I think I have the hands close that are shown:
(AK), (55), (QJ), and (88).
The flop has two diamonds and pairs no one. The turn is a K and the river is ...not a diamond.

2) Finish 4th on Tuesday. No need to re-hash that.

3) Another SNG on Carbon Poker, with 9 players left out of 10. Get all-in with (KK) and a flop of [Kd 8s 7s]. Get called by the (6s 5s) and the [4d] shows up on the turn.

4) On Carbon Poker in a SNG, three players left, I am third in chips with (AA) and go all-in against the 2nd short-stack and get also called by the big stack with (QQ). I don't have to tell you what falls on the flop.

5) Another SNG on Carbon Poker, four players left, and I am short-stacked in 4th and go all-in with (99) and get called by (A9). They hit the [A] on the turn.

6) Tournament on Cake Poker. A satelite paying seven spots into a $1000 guaranteed tourney. 300 players entered, and we are down to the final table of ten players. I am about 4th in chips. I am in the BB with (AA). One from the cutoff goes all-in with half my chip stack. Blinds are mosterous and even though I am in 4th, I have less than 15 times the blinds. It is folded to me. I call and am up against (QJ).
Flop [K 3 4] turn [T] river [9].

The next time in the BB with the familiar [Ad Td] (see #1 ending). Called by a bigger stack with (99) and see no A, T or diamonds. Finished 8th. Eighth!

Can't complain about cards. Can't see where I am playing poorly. But my results are awful. I think it is time to take a vacation from poker! I am quitting for a while.

Til 5:30 tonight.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Hlam14 Wins NPP #44

It took a blast from the past and a full hour of hand to hand combat to de-thrown Rownder. Rownder still has had an unbelievable run against this group. Six of us hit the felt.

On hand #9, I hit a straight to hurt Sev4TSev.

On hand #18, Matchy hurt Hlam. But not bad enough obviously.

On hand #38, I hurt Boother’s stack when I hit another straight. Maybe it’s my night I’m thinking.

On hand #49, we got 5-way action. I was the only folder. But Matchy’s big bet after the flop got everyone to fold.

On hand #54, a short-stacked Sev4tSev (6th) goes all-in with {Qs 7s} after a flop of
[5d Ks 9s] and ran into Hlam’s {As Js}. No flush hit and no Q or 7 either.

On hand #57 Rownder’s T8 knocks out Boother’s (5th) {AQ} when an [8] flops. The [T] on the turn was not needed.

On hand #68, I (4th) probably got a little impatient. I blame fatigue as my job and my appointment on Monday may have drained my strength (not to mention a lot of what I am full of). I was the short stack at this point and went all-in with {Ad Qd} with a flop
of [7c Jd 5d] against Rownder.

I was quite sure he had a J or maybe A7 or A5, and I wanted a fold. Lazy poker on my part. I had the flush draw and the overcards if he calls. He did with {J7}. Ouch! That was it for me.

At the break:

Rownder 4265
Hlam14 3285
Matchy 1450

Right after the break, Matchy (3rd) goes all-in with {J9} and gets called by Hlam’s {AQ}, and gets no help.

This sets up a near even in chips heads up battle that lasts an hour. Finally Rownder (2nd) goes all-in on a flop of [9J8] while holding {86}. Hlam calls with his {KK}!

In typical Poker Stars fashion, the turn is a [6] to put Rownder in front, only to river a [J] to end the night. Win #2 of the year for Hlam. Congratulations!

1st – Hlam14
2nd – Rownder
3rd – Matchy
4th – Mikeniks (Nik Faldo)
5th – Boother
6th – Sev4TSev

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Tropical Poker Has Shut Down

Well, this will be my second site that shut down and took my money with them. It has been two weeks with a "temporarily closed for software maintenance" note when you try to load their software. If you have it loaded and try to get to the site, it shuts down. I say they are done.

It was one of the sites really affected by Netteller closing to US players. I wanted to cash out but with the check fees and delays, I gave myself a 'Cash out - close amount or go broke trying' to hit it. The only problem is I waited too long to do it.

Jet Poker closed on me and I had twice the money in there as I had at Tropical Poker! I had won a tournament on that site, pulled my deposit and some profit and left some meat in there. But they vanished into the internet black hole and took my profits with them.

Now Tropical seems to have pulled the same trick. Pity, because I liked the site's software and their tournament offerings.

Poker . com, now Carbon Poker did take ePassport, but have stopped that service - again without warning. They too added a ridiculous check fee for cashing out. I have money there too. Fool me once - shame on you, fool me twice - shame on me, fool me three times and I'm an idiot. I will have to play there and get to the cash out figure or take my lumps at the poker table, but at least get some play out of the money there.

I must give mention to sites that closed down in a classy fashion. Party Poker, Planet Poker and Pokertropolis all shut down but warned players and helped get funds back to their customers.

Anyway, I'll bet I have lost more money by sites shutting down on me than most of you have lost playing on-line. But I knew it was a risk when I was doing it, so I can't whine about it.

Got to go. I deposited money in a new site "Cake Poker" and I have a "New Player Freeroll" to play in. Heard it was a joint venture between the owners of Jet Set and Tropical Poker. - Nik Faldo

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Rownder Wins NPP #43 (#10 win of the year!)

What do you call in when one guy wins five of the last seven tournaments he entered? Domination is what I call it.

We had eight starters, and engines were on all cylinders this night. To quote Worm after Mike folded his rolled up kings, “Lots of action. Lots of action.” It was one of the quickest 8-seaters we have had.

I started it off I guess on hand #20. I sped up instead of slowing down after the flop with my AA. I got called by both Duder and ArticBlast and the flop was [QTT]. I don’t believe (or don’t want to believe) that either has a T and the straight draw looks bad for me. I stupidly move all in and get called by BOTH of them – as they each have a (T). Unfortunately for the unlucky Duder, Artic also has the (Q). I was not unlucky - just stupid.

Duder and I are crippled, but Duder hangs on for a comeback on hand #30 as he doubles up when Nahanni hits a flop that pairs her (Q) but Duder has (KK).

On hand #33, Nahanni raises and gets called by Duder and Hlam14 (who came back after being away from poker and NPP since May). The flop is [6c Ah 7h] and Nahanni bets the standard three times the big blind {BB}.

She gets raised by Duder and that is called by Hlam (8th), so she gets out of the way. The turn is a [6d] and Duder bets 10 times the BB, and Hlam calls. The river is a [Jc]. Duder (A6) with the full house bets, gets raised all-in by Hlam (AK) with the two pair.

On hand #37, I (7th) go out shortly thereafter as I go all-in with (88) and Rownder pairs his (A) on the flop.

On hand #50, we had a rare double knockout! Nahanni (5th) calls the blind, as does Artic and Rownder., with Boother (6th) completing the small blind. The flop is [5s 9h 9s]. Those pair boards were killers tonight.

Everyone bets and calls a smallish raise from Boother, except Rownder. The turn is the [Qs]. Boother goes all-in {trip 9’s}, Nahanni calls all-in {Q-high flush} and Artic calls and wins with the A-high flush.

On hand #70, Seven4TSev’s (4th) {AQ} runs into ArticBlast’s {AK} and that took us to the break.

Rownder 5695
ArticBlast 5225
Duder 1080

Let’s review here. Rownder has taken out exactly one person – a short-stacked Nik Faldo – but has the chip lead? That is some serious poker playing there friends!

Right after the break, Duder (3rd) gets knocked out by Rownder as his desperation (K7) loses to (A8).

Finally a little poker seesaw before Rownder builds to a ten to one chip lead, ArticBlast (2nd) goes all-in with {Q-7 high flush} and loses to Rownder’s {Q-T high flush}.

I call it domination!

1st – Rownder
2nd – ArticBlast
3rd – Duder
4th – Sev4TSev
5th – Nahanni
6th – Boother
7th – MikeNiks (Nik Faldo)
8th – Hlam14

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

October Standings for NPP Tourney

A couple things I noticed:

A. We got a dogfight for the NPP Internet Player of the Year Crown, with four people realistically still in the hunt!

B. Cigar4John and/or BonAir to play in at least one more tourney to break their tie.

C. Matchy's fears of having "too many players" on a given night - I don't ever think will materialize. We had 20 players make appearances so far this year and yet we only average 6.8 per round. I know from hosting private games, I needed a list of 14 to get 7 to the table every time. Looks like it is triple that for the internet. I think a players list of 27 to 30 players would get us 8 to 14 a night. Points would really be worth something then!

D. The points per round averages are all close for the most part. If the 'middle point people' had played more, the standings would be much MUCH closer. How much fun and trash talk could we milk out of that??

As you know, the points for each week's tourney are awarded like this:
1st - 10
2nd - 7
3rd - 5
4th - 3
5th - 1

The format of the standings this month is this:

Name - (Points) - [Points per Round Average] - {Wins this Year}
Nik Faldo - (181) - [5.0] - {3}

1 - Boother - (137) - [4.3] - {5}

2 - Rownder - (133) - [5.3] - {9}

3 - Sev4TSev - (133) - [4.9] - {7}

4 - Matchy - (105) - [3.5] - {3}

5 - ArticBlast - (63) - [2.2] - {1}

6 - Beerhog - (52) - [4.0] - {3}

7 - Nahanni - (50) - [3.6] - {3}

8 - Momo - (42) - [3.5] - {3}

9 - Aqualung - (33) - [3.3] - {1}

10 - Duder - (31) - [1.9] - {0}

11 - Cigar4John - (28) - [3.5] - {0}

12 - BonAir - (28) - [3.5] - {0}

13 - Bronco76 - (27) - [3.9] - {2}

14 - Hlam14 - (14) - [2.8] - {1}

15 - DavetheDog - (9) - [3.0] - {0}

16 - Chiefsfan - (7) - [7.0] - {0}

17 - 1stout - (3) - [1.5] - {0}

18 - SpartyToJo - (1) - [.5] - {0}

19 - Tigercub8189 - (0) - [0.0] - {0}

Nik Faldo Wins NPP #42

Strange night at the Devil’s Night table. New player joins the fray after my brother gives him the password. But the new player "Chiefsfan17" seemed to fit right in. He didn’t know it but he gave an “Hlam14” impression by announcing his holdings DURING the hand! More on that later.

In addition, we had more railbirds than we had seated players it seemed. At least when we got to ‘heads up’. DavetheDog was a sweater, and Nahanni and Matchy stuck around. Thanks people. Some of the Chief's friends were in attendance also.

Chief, as nice of a guy as you seemed to be, to stay in the tourney, you have to send me an email to the npokerp address, and tell me a little about yourself. Well, stuff I can tell these mopes on the blog about, anyway.

I WILL be sending out a NEW password for the tourney, so everyone get your emails to me. And for gosh sakes recruit for next year.

Chief, you seemed to have a big following at the table. Tell them to send emails, and get into the trash talk on the blog.

Onto the game:

The action was subdued by the discussions with the ‘new guy’, Chiefsfan. That is natural that this group of sharks would want to feel out the new guy. I peg him as a combo Hlam14-Nahanni – and that is a compliment to the Chief!

On hand #51, Tigercub, with (77), calls an all-in by Sev4TSev with (AQ). A [Q] on the flop and the current chip leader is reduced to middle of the pack status.

On hand #54, Nahanni throws a raise out there. Tigercub, who spilled the password to the Chief, is the only caller. The flop was [4c Jc Td] and they both checked. The turn [Ah] got a bet from Tigercub and Nahanni called. The river is the [Qs]. Nahanni bets big with (Kd Js) and the straight, which ended Tigercub’s (6th) night.

By hand #70, I have been reduced to low chip guy. Sev4TSev and Nahanni had been destroying my chip stack with their perfect play. So I needed to catch a break – like them going to war. The stars must have aligned.

On hand #75, Sev4TSev takes a hit from Nahanni to slide slightly below me in chips. Nahanni has the chip lead.

On hand #78, I throw in a small raise with (Ah 8h) and am called by the ever dangerous Sev4TSev (5th) with (Kh 7s). The flop is great for me [887]. I make another small bet and Sev4TSev pounces with his two pair and it is over for him.

On hand #82, the Chief (JT) and Nahanni (AT) get all-in after a flop of [66T]. Played perfectly by both, it is up to the PS gods. They like the Chiefs over the Leafs in this one as a J on the river evens up the chips nicely at the break.

Matchy 2740
Chiefsfan 2160
Nahanni 2065
Mikeniks (Faldo) 2035

As you can see I am literally in a “chip and a chair” situation. No mortal could ever come back from such a deficit! It is impossible. Johnny Chan stopped by and told me it was hopeless! Phil Ivey and Negreanu recoiled in horror at my situation! No one has ever come back from such a low position before they cried!

Ok, that’s enough sauce on the ribs.

On hand #98, the ever aggressive Nahanni (4th) goes all-in with (33) and gets called by the Chief with (AJ). The Chief hit the pair to beat the squaw.

On hand #106, Matchy (3rd) reads it right and calls with (K9) against the Chief’s all-in bluff with (J6) suited. But the flush appears and the flame goes out on the Match.

That sets up the heads up play between (heads up record in parenthesis) The Chief (14-3) and Mikeniks-Faldo (2 – 3411).

On hand #106, I get close to even as my (A8) doubles me up.

On hand #117 is where the Hlam14 impression stars. The Chief announces his hand at now-railbird Nahanni’s request that he tells. The Chief announces (75) unsuited and that he is not lying. I am holding (76). What would you do?

I go ahead and go all-in. If he has me, he has me. But he is telling the truth. But the Poker Stars gods said, “No angle shooting Faldo. You two are splitting this pot! Go back to war!”

On hand #119, my (AJ) gets me the chip lead.

We battle, but on hand #130, the Chief (2nd) calls my all-in with (A9), but my (44) holds up and I win my third NPP tourney this year.

1st – Mikeniks (Nik Faldo)
2nd – Chiefsfan
3rd – Matchy
4th – Nahanni
5th – Sev4TSev
6th – Tigercub

Monday, October 29, 2007

Nik Qualified for Poker Stars Weekly 2nd Round - But Fails to Cash

I finished 22nd out of over 5000 players in an Omaha Hi/Lo tourney to qualify for a $1000 purse tourney Sunday.

That tourney was a 7-stud tourney. About 2400 were entered in this one.
I started out HOT hitting two quad hands, a full house and a flush early. That got me some chips but not all that much since it was a Limit tourney and still very early.

Then a half-hour in, my two full houses and a straight lost and I was now short-stacked.

I battled for a while but finally finished around 440th - well short of the cash.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Re-Buy Tournament Strategies

My anti-swing mindset automatically turned me against re-buy tournaments for a couple reasons. First, I didn’t know what the tourney was going to end up costing me – one or ten buy-ins? Second, the all-in maniacs would either knock me out early and broke. Or gather so many chips I would be bullied the rest of the tournament. Naw, I skipped them.

My negative outlook ignored the positive aspect - the prize pool is much larger - with fewer actual opponents. Can we dare say the word ‘overlay’?

I just needed a different strategy than the one I had for Freezeout tournaments. So here is the one I found thru Todd Arnold at Card Player Magazine;

To counter the fear of what it is going to cost, mentally accept that it may spend up to seven times the original buy-in amount. You may go over - or under - that seven number, depending on your attitude at the time, the table dynamics and the blind level when re-buying, but at least the budget is consider.

Secondly, start with the automatic re-buy and mentally accept that you will buy the add-on.
Third, plan on being ‘active.’ Raise with any playable hand – pre-flop - and note who is ‘gambling’ and who is sitting on the sidelines getting frustrated and waiting for a monster to break you. After the flop, play normal poker.

If you don’t get all your chips in the middle at least three times before the re-buy session ends, you are playing too tight. Chip stacks and table image is much more important than cards. If it is a coin-flip situation or better, gamble at every opportunity.

The goal is to grow your stack exponentially during the re-buy time and not let the blinds or the other player’s chips intimidate you yet.

Now let’s look at the negative aspect [Ed. Note: which I usually tend to do].

Let’s say you lose every coin flip and are sitting there with only the initial buy-in amount and spent the seven entries budgeted. Are you in a world of hurt?

Not really. You still have enough chips in relation to the blinds to not be in serious trouble to where you have to play all-in poker at this point. You can now settle in and play some serious poker because…

Secondly, there is a mountain of chips at your table just waiting to be collected!

Third, you maniac image will get paid off at least once or twice if you start winning some pots. - end

I plan on trying this strategy this winter. – Nik Faldo

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Rownder Wins NPPIT #41 – That’s 3 in a Row, and Four Out of His Last Five!

NPP is being dominated like never before - except for stretches in ring play by Hlam14 and Aqualung. But no one has dominated the tourneys like Rownder. Let’s see how we all got run over this time:

Seven of us were on the felt this night. Rownder started off aggressively stealing and winning pots. Intimidation factor? – I think so. On hand #14 he got slowed down a little when Bronco took over the chip lead as his (AQ) beat Rownder’s (KQ) with a [Q] on the flop.

On hand #16, unlucky Duder (7th) had (KK) and went all-in, just to run into Mikeniks-Faldo’s (AA). That is just bad timing for him and luck for me.

On hand #38 a short-stacked Aqualung (6th) got all-in with (AJ) and was called by Bronco76 with (A5). A five on the flop ended Aqua’s night. This was not the last time the lesser hand would win out tonight.

On hand #41, Boother raises Sev4TSev’s (5th) blind and he calls. A flop of [6c Ah 4d] gets another bet by Boother and another call. The turn is a [5h] and both players check. The river looks like a harmless [9s]. Sev4TSev bets, Boother raises and gets called. Boother had (99) for trips for the win. That left 747 with one chip and he was gone the next hand. Second week in a row the "chip and a chair" strategy failed.

On hand #43, Boother hit quads to beat my full house. Nice hand, but this was getting monotonous. We tangled 4 times and I got rivered three. The fact I was not out of chips after this hand is only because I smelled it. But if it is not Boother, it is Aqualung. And if it is not Aqualung, it’s Sev4TSev.

I can’t beat those guys, and I am about to add another ‘can’t beat them’ to the list. I suck at backgammon and chess. I'm running out of games!

I was hurting chip wise and on the very next hand was able to hit a flush to gather some chips back. Feeling better, but I go a little card dead at this point. Meanwhile, the other three were at war.

On hand #61, we get three way action as the blinds are called. A flop of [3s 2c Js] gets a bet by Bronco, and call by Boother and a fold from Rownder. The turn is the [2s]. Another bet from Bronco and called. The river is the [Qs]. Bronco checks. Boother bets big. Bronco goes all-in and Boother calls. A full house for Bronco (3 2) and a flush for Boother (Ks 4s). This gives Bronco the chip lead.

Wonder if Bronco would have called an all-in from Boother on the turn. I'm guessing yes.

On hand #73, Boother gets the chip lead back from Bronco as they both over-bet their hands and Boother’s (A8) beat Bronco’s (A6). But this is poker. Chips won with small hands count the same as chips won with monsters.

On hand #82, as the slightly smallest stack, Mikeniks-Faldo goes all-in after a raise from Rownder, who is the next stack. I have (QQ) and I was happy to see that that raise. Now if he only doesn’t have KK or AA. The pot-committed and 3rd in chips Rownder decides to gamble here and calls with (A3). An [A] on the flop and I am out. Add another guy to the list I can’t beat!

The break arrives and all are about even. Rownder slightly in 3rd place at this point.

Fifteen minutes into the renewal of hostilities, Boother calls Rownder’s blind. The flop is [Ah 6s 3c]. Checks. The turn, [Jd]. Checks (I think somebody’s lying!). The river is the [3d] and they both get all-in! Well no one was really fibbing as Rownder’s weak two pair turned into a full house (3s6h) and Boother (Th 3h) unluckily tripped his threes. Rownder has the chip lead now.

Five minutes later, Bronco76 (3rd) goes all-in with (KQ) and is called by Rownder with (77). A [7] on the flop and the horse is out of the barn.

Rownder grinds more and more chips from Boother (2nd) who finally gets all-in with (82) and gets no help and loses to Rownder’s (98). What a streak by Rownder!

1st – Rownder (10 pts)
2nd – Boother (7 pts)
3rd – Bronco75 (5 pts)
4th – Mikeniks-Faldo (3 pts)
5th – Sev4TSev (1 pt)
6th – Aqualung
7th – Duder

Monday, October 22, 2007

NPP @ Matchy's - Live Action

While I am up at deer camp for bow season, watching 'Brokeback Mountain' and 'Deliverance' (but only 3 times each), you guys have a poker game without me? No Bambi's were injured. I brought the wrong type of arrows. Nobody elses arrows had the rubber suction cups on the end of them.

Matchy reports that Beerhog, Boother, Aqualung, Sev4TSev, Dave and Kevin made the show! Nice! I missed a good one.

The game went for six or seven hours, with no tourney at the end. Beerhog, Dave, Kevin and Sev4TSev finished on the plus side.

Note to Boother: Hope everything is ok with your nephew and he is not hurt too bad. I didn't know how much to say about that on the blog. Can you give us an update in the comments?

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Man Wins $250,000 But Loses His Mind!

Hat tip to Cigar4John for this one.

From the AP - NEW YORK - Pamela Anderson says she and Rick Salomon took their 17-year friendship to the next level during a poker game. "I left the table and Errol (Lyon, Anderson's driver) played in my place," the 40-year-old ex-"Baywatch" star tells OK! magazine. "I came back to find myself $250,000 in the hole to Rick!"

So Salomon _ best known for making a sex tape with ex-girlfriend Paris Hilton _ struck a flirty deal.

"Rick, being the gentleman, said he would wipe my debt if I gave him a kiss, so I have to thank Vegas for our relationship switching gears!" Anderson says in the magazine's latest issue, on newsstands Thursday. "It evolved into spending every day _ and then nights _ together."
Salomon weighs in, telling OK!: "I've been plotting and scheming for the past 15 years, and I finally got the girl."

The couple tied the knot Oct. 6 in a villa at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas, squeezing in their vows between Anderson's performances as an assistant in Hans Klok's magic show at a nearby casino.

It was the third marriage for both Anderson and Salomon. The couple met when she was dating one of Salomon's friends.

Anderson was previously wed to Kid Rock and Tommy Lee. Salomon's ex-wives are actresses Shannen Doherty and E.G. Daily.

"There has always been chemistry, but mostly it's been camaraderie," Anderson says. "We have been there for each other through everything. We have seen each other through it all _ that's tough to find."

She adds: "I don't just love him, I like him. We are an oddly good match."

Uhhhhh, I would of taken the money.
She's got more miles on her than a space shuttle.
She has seen more wood than a 1000 lumberjacks.
She can't go out in the sun anymore because the bottoms of her feet get sun poisoning.

Any other comments, guys?

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Rownder Wins NPPIT #40 for Two in a Row and the Win Lead!

Eight players made it to the felt on a night that turned into the Battle of the Titans!

We started with two tables of four players but didn’t lose anyone (and didn’t gain anyone either), and after 20 hands we merged to one table when late registration closed.

It was a cautious night as the first one out did not happen until hand #53.

Tigercub (8th) on what had to be a bluff, goes all-in on a flop with an Ace in it with (77). Sev4TSev calls with an Ace in his hand and Tiger is tamed.

ArticBlast (7th), who sat out some of the tourney, went all-in on hand #70 with (44) and was called by Aqualung with (TT) and did not improve.

Card, flop and river dead, MikeNiks-Faldo (me)(6th), finally has to go all-in with (As 9s) and is called by Matchy with (Ad Kd). The flop of [T87] and two spades looks promising, but my hand doesn’t flush, straight or pair.

Break comes and the totals looked something like this:

Aqualung 3500
Sev4TSev 3300
Matchy 2000
Rownder 1700
Boother 1000

The game goes on for 10 minutes or so before Aqua (AQ) calls an all-in from Sev4TSev (AK) and gets crippled down to $1. Will a 'chip and a chair' comeback make history repeat???
Uhhhhh, no. Aqua (5th) leaves when his (A8) does not improve against Rownder’s (99).

The game goes on now for a half-hour. A great display of poker by everyone – back and forth.

Boother (4th) calls Matchy’s big blind. The flop is [Kc Jc 2s]. Boother checks, Matchy bets, Boother re-raises, Matchy re-raises, Boother goes all-in (Jd 8c) and of course the pot committed Matchy calls (Jc 2c).
The turn is [Ts] and the river is [Ac] - a flush for Mathcy and Boother is gone.

Fifteen minutes later Matchy’s (3rd) (QQ) runs into Sev4TSev’s (KK) and does not improve.

That sets up the dream SHOWDOWN!

Rownder and Sev4TSev were tied at this point with the most NPPIT wins with SEVEN each!

Rownder had 7000 chips and Sev4TSev had 5000.

As the blinds increase, the airplane (747 – get it?) could not get off the ground and was getting blinded out. A tough call with a second-best hand had him severely short-stacked.

Sev4TSev (2nd) finally has to go all-in with (84) and is called by Rownder’s (44) and does not improve.

Win #2 in a row and the current win leader – Rownder!

1st – Rownder [10 pts]
2nd – Sev4TSev [7 pts]
3rd – Matchy [5 pts]
4th – Boother [3 pts]
5th – Aqualung [1 pt]
6th – Mikeniks
7th – ArticBlast
8th – Tigercub

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Rownder Wins NPP Internet #39

Ten players to the felt this evening. Love it! Remember to recruit for next year – this year! How great would it be to have 18 to 24 regular players?

On hand #14, Bronco (10th), our two in a row winner, was the first one out as Aqualung got him.

On hand #22 Nahanni (9th), who got extremely short-stacked early, had to go all-in with Q9 and lost to Duder’s pair of kings.

I had some great luck early – NOT!
My JJ gets killed in two places when an Ace flops.
My flopped trip 9’s get run down by a straight and a flush held by Rownder.
My AK gets re-raised all in on a low straight flop, and I have to fold.

How is that for an early tourney start?

Lucky I was playing from my home in the basement and not my sometimes 6th story Cleveland hotel room. Me or the computer might have sailed out the window. On the other hand, I was out of beer at the house and didn’t have room service. It’s a toss up as to where it was better to be.

I should explain why my tilt index was up prior to our tourney. I was in a 550-player tourney on World Poker Exchange. I was in 3rd with 40 players left and my AA lost to an all-in middle size stack with QQ when his queen hit on the river.

That prompted a 45 minute drought of cards before my JJ running into KK and my similar long shot didn’t hit. I finished 17th and they were only paying the final table. I had visions of explaining my final table trials and tribulations in that tourney while playing in ours. So much for that plan.

I know that is life at the poker tables, but still my attitude was not the best before our game. Then Poker Stars decided to kick me some more. Well, if you can’t take the shots, stay out of the ring I guess.

On hand #31, a short-stacked Boother’s (8th) AT and flopped pair of aces had to move all-in, just to run into Rownder’s AA. Ouch!

On hand #40, Tigercub’s 99 (7th) runs into Aqualung’s TT.

On hand #50, I (6th) get run down by Aqualung and on hand #62 my pair of kings with higher kicker gets beat by Duder as his pair of kings gets a second pair on the river. My showdown record in this tourney was {1 – 6} and {2 – 8} counting the last hands of the previous tourney - with the lead in eight of the hands [2 – 6]. Not my night obviously.

On hand #63, a short-stacked Sev4TSev (5th) goes all-in with AT and Rownder calls with 33 and no Ace or Ten show up.

That took us to the break and it stood like this:
Matchy 6386
Rownder 3649
Duder 2695
Aqualung 2270

After the break Duder (4th) gets critically crippled as his JJ gets run down by Aqualung’s 77 as a 7 hits the turn. Aqua ended Duder’s suffering by having his AQ outlast Duder’s A8.

At this point a three-way match goes on for quite a while. Congrats to Aqualung, Matchy and Rownder. There was plenty of well played poker, with no quit in any of them.

Aqualung grabs the chip lead from Matchy as his all-in 88 gets called by Matchy’s KK and Aqualung does it again by hitting an 8 on the turn! I have company this night I see, so I guess it is NOT all about me.

Matchy got lucky for his tourney life a few hands later as his all-in AJ is called by Aqualung’s AQ. But a board of [ATTA] splits the hand.

Matchy (3rd) has to go all-in as he pairs his K on the turn with a hand of KJ. Rownder calls with KQ. The kicker carries.

Heads up with Aqua up about 8500 to 6500 over Rownder.

They went back and forth for about 30 hands before Aqualung’s 44 ran into Rownder’s JJ and that switched the chip lead to Rownder 10500 to 4500.

Aqualung fought back to even the chip count to about 7500 each! Nicely done.

But then the ever-aggressive Aqualung (2nd) moved all in with A6 and was called by Rounder with A7. A seven on the flop and it was soon over after that. Rownder ties Sev4TSev for the most internet tourney wins this year (7) with this victory!

A great 3-handed battle and a greater heads up one too!

1st – Rownder
2nd – Aqualung
3rd – Matchy
4th – Duder
5th – Sev-4T-Sev
6th – Mikeniks (Faldo)
7th – Tigercub
8th – Boother
9th – Nahanni
10th – Bronco76

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Bronco76 Wins NPP #38

Bronco76 wins his second NPP Internet Tourney and his second in a row!!!
Well done!

I was not able to attend. In Grand Rapids, MI on business. Got to the hotel way late after a business dinner. I was not supposed to make last week and did because of a schedule change.
This week, supposed to make it and missed because of a schedule change. Supplier insisted on taking me out to dinner.

Anyway, here were the results. Maybe some stories about the tourney guys?

1st - Bronco76
2nd - Aqualung
3rd - Sev-4T-Sev
4th - Boother
5th - Beerhog
6th - Duder1123

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Beerhog Qualifies for the Poker Stars Hundred Grand Tourney!

Beerhog qualified for this $100,000 tourney this Sunday at 3:30 pm.

Get in there and root him in.

He said if he wins, he's buying me a beer.
Ok, he didn't say that - but damn it - if he does, he is!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

NPP Internet Standings Thru September

We are averaging seven players per tourney. Not bad with the summer months behind us.
I would like to double the average for next year. Recruit for next year.

This month I will give the:

Total points
Points per start average
Tournament win percentage

Kind of interesting statistics:

1 – MikeNiks - Faldo 168, 5.3, 6.3%
2 - Boother 124, 4.4, 17.9%
3 – Sev4TSev 118, 5.1, 30.4%
4 – Rownder 103, 4.7, 27.3%
5 – Matchy 90, 3.3, 11.1%
6 – ArticBlast 63, 2.3, 3.6%
7 – Beerhog 51, 4.3, 25%
8 – Nahanni 47, 3.9, 25%
9 – Momo 42, 3.5, 25%
10 – Duder 28, 2.3, 0%
11 – Cigar4John 28, 3.5, 0%
12 – BonAir 28, 3.5, 0%
13 – Aqualung 18, 3.0, 16.7%
14 – Herbavor-Hlam 14, 2.8, 0%
15 – Bronco 12, 3.0, 25%
16 – DavetheDog 9, 3.0, 0%
17 – 1stout 3, 1.5, 0%
18 – SpartyTojo 1, .5, 0%
19 – Tigercub 0, 0, 0%

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Bronco76 Wins NPP Internet Tourney #37

We had eleven players make it – including a couple of surprise entries.

First the good stuff – Tigercub8189 makes his first appearance. Welcome to the toughest internet tourney on the planet, Tiger. Negreanu, Ivey, Hansen nor Chan want any part of this line-up.

Second, I made it tonight when I was suppose to be a scratch. I was suppose to be on a flight back home and probably just getting in my car in the airport lot when the tourney was starting. But some tower feed went out and planes could not communicate – so everything was grounded. I got put up in a hotel where…hell, the internet worked so I can’t complain.

Cigar4John stopped by but didn’t play. On to the action:

On hand #40, Aqualung (11th), Boother and Tigercub call it down. The flop of [6c Jc Ts] sees Tigercub bets, Aqua calls and Boother folds. The turn is [Qh], Tigercub bets and Aqua calls. A [3c] hits the river and Aqua semi-bluffs all-in. Tigercub calls as he hit the straight on the turn.

On hand #53 ArticBlast (10th) is knocked out by Bronco76, but I missed the hand. We jumped to one table and I missed the whole thing. Sorry.

On hand #55 Nahanni (9th) goes all-in with {77} and runs into Sev4TSev’s {JJ} and she gets no help.

On hand #68 a short-stacked Rownder (8th) goes all-in with {66} and Boother calls with {A9}. A [9] on the turn ends Rownder’s night.

On hand #70, we had a rare three-player all-in. A short-stacked Matchy (7th) with {T8}, a short-stacked Beerhog with {ATs} and Bronco with {KK}. An [A] on the flop and Matchy is out and Beerhog has life.

On hand #84, Tigercub (6th) is all-in with {Q6} and is called by Bronco with {K6}. A [K] on the flop and Tigercub is returned to the den for hibernation, as we head to the break.

Bronco 5440
Boother 4220
Sev4TSev 4065
Mikeniks 1820
Beerhog 955

On hand #86, Mikeniks flops a full house and a short-stacked Beerhog (5th) had to make a move.

On hand #116, Boother (4th) made a bluff all-in with {97} and ran into Bronco’s {AA}.

On hand #130, Bronco calls Sev4TSev’s blind. The flop is [3s 4d Qh]. Bronco bets and 747 calls. [Kd] is the turn and Bronco checks. Sev4TSev makes a good size bet and gets called by Bronco. Two straight draws, a flush draw and two overcards. Who has what now and who will have the goods on the river?

The river brings a [2h]. Bronco bets, Sev4TSev (3rd) goes all-in with his two pair and Bronco calls with his straight on the river.

Down to two and I am at a 3 to 1 chip disadvantage. Combine that with my pitiful heads up record and the end is a foregone conclusion. I (2nd) eventually have to go all-in with {A7} and Bronco calls with {A8} and it is over. Nice job Bronco.

It was his first NPP Internet Tourney win! Congratulations!

1st – Bronco76
2nd – Mikeniks
3rd – Sev4TSev
4th – Boother
5th – Beerhog
6th – Tigercub
7th – Matchy
8th – Rownder
9th – Nahanni
10th – ArticBlast
11th – Aqualung

Friday, September 21, 2007

Study on Living Longer

A recent study found that men who have sex with young women live longer than men who do not.

This study was funded by every man in America.

I Guess I Am Not The Only "Card Dead" Player On the Planet

I could of swore I was the ONLY poker player in the world running bad. Guess not.
For your reading enjoyment.
From Mean Gene Bromberg of meangenepoker.blogspot dot com;
Fourputt, add this link to our poker blogroll.

I was on a bit of a bad streak playing online. The night before I’d played 100 hands of Hold-Em and won one. One. But I didn’t lose too much, since I only saw 5 flops the whole time, thanks to an endless parade of hands like Q-3 and J-3 and 10-3. Unsuited, even. My teeth ground down to nubs I decided to play a little Omaha Hi/Lo Split, a game I’d been studying a bit. First hand, I scoop a nice pot. And then, the next 100 hands, I don’t win a single hand. I barely see a flop. I don’t care if you’re a genetic freak created by splicing the DNA of Robert Williamson III and Annie Duke, you can’t win in Omaha Hi/Lo with hands like Q-9-6-3, all of different suits. Which I got on, oh, 100 hands in a row.

I handled this tough stretch with my usual aplomb—breaking everything of value within arms reach; rocking on the floor while curled up in the fetal position; calling my Mommy. I calmed down and decided to play a little $10 sit-an-go. Maybe a tournament would change my luck, give me the chance to make some big bluffs, play the other players instead of the cards, since I couldn’t get cards to save my expletive-deleted life. The game moves along, I build my stack thanks to a few nice hands, and when we get down to four-handed I'm in 3rd place with a decent stack. Top three spots pay and that’s all I’m looking for—even a tiny profit would do wonders for my ego.

But the shortstack doubles up, doubles up again, and before you know it the blinds are big enough that I’m in a bit of trouble. But then in the big blind I’m dealt the ace of clubs and the queen of diamonds. The former shortstack, who now has me outchipped by a measly $10, raises big on the button. The small blind folds, and I decide its time for me to make my stand. I push all-in, hoping for a fold. But he calls, and turns over the ace and five of spades. Perfect, I’ve got him crushed. “No spades, no spades,” I chant.

The flop comes Q-7-2. Fantabulous, I’ve flopped top pair. But it’s a far better flop than that—all three cards are clubs, and I’m holding the ace of clubs. There are no straight draws out there, and I quickly realize that my opponent is nearly drawing dead. The only way he can win is to go runner-runner fives to make trips. And the five of clubs doesn’t help him—that makes my flush. So, unless the five of diamonds AND the five of hearts come consecutively on the turn and river, I double up and leave him with just $10.

I don’t need to tell you what happened. I wasn't even worried when the five of diamonds came up—hey, he'd still have to hit a one-outer to win. When that one-outer hit, I didn't scream, I didn't swear, I didn't throw my monitor through the TV set. No, I was actually happy. Relieved, even. Why was I so calm? Because I'd just taken the worst beat I'd probably ever take, and it was just in a piddling little tournament. I hadn't gotten skunked at a World Series final table, and I wasn't playing no-limit in a seedy bar as a gangster held a gun to my dog's head. I'd just survived the worst beat imaginable, under the best conditions possible. And I came through it A-OK. After I called my Mommy again, that is.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Aqualung Wins NPP Internet #36

Seven players made it to the felt this night. We had a couple railbirds, Beerhog and Tigercub that also stopped by to say hello.

The action was pretty hot tonight. Lots of lead changes and nasty rivers. Let the game begin.

On hand #35, a short-stacked ArticBlast (7th) had to make a move and didn't improve. Thought I wrote the hand down but did not. Sorry.

On hand, #39, a short-stacked Duder (6th) goes all-in with AQ and a straight draw and gets called by Sev4TSev with KJ and a [K] on the flop. Neither the straight or the Ace showed up to save him.

Now to my tale of woe. I was card dead all night. I had a couple playable hands that won small pots early. And I had only a couple other playable hands all night and most of those got raised out or hit air on the flop. It was depressing.

They say good players don't need cards to win. Well, two things: One, I do need cards and second, the way the tourney was being played this night, any move got called. I never had the goods post flop. Not even a draw or a gut-shot. Complete whiffs.

On hand #63, I finally did get a big hand. I made a small raise with (AA) and got FIVE callers! See what I mean? Every raise of mine got no respect. Well this time I had something even if the flop missed me - which of course - it did.

The flop of [6c Qh 4d] looked safe enough to slow play.

But my bets had been getting called all night. When I whiffed the flop all the other times this night, the entire table called my continuation bet like my cards were visible or the flop was laughing at me out loud.

So I decided to make a decent size bet expecting the usual suspects to call or try and re-raise me out of the pot - as was the deal so far.

Only Nahanni called. Ok, I say to myself in my Cleveland hotel room, she has a Q. The turn was a [7c], making a club flush possible. I bet a small raise hoping to get action (like I needed any help with that this night) and Nahanni re-raised! Ok, I think, she has a Q and a flush draw. So I move all-in.

I was almost right - which is alot better than my usual thinking lately at the poker tables. She calls and has Q4 suited in Clubs - two pair and a flush draw! I went from cursing the river to praying at the banks the river. I got lucky as another [7] hit the board, giving me Aces-over and a small chip lead - pulling in the only decent pot I win tonight.

The bad beat of the night is on hand #65, Bronco (5th) goes all-in with (QQ) and gets called by Aqualung with (AQ). Aqua likes the river water and hits his 4-flush.

On hand #66, Nahanni recovers chips nicely at Sev4TSev's expense as she hits a flush to take out 747's two pair.

After 71 hands, it's break time:
Mikeniks 3040
Aqua 2540
Sev4TSev 2540
Nahanni 2380

I have the chip lead but the blinds are on me and I will be the short stack shortly, as soon as I start folding the mounds of cheese dealt to me.

On hand #99, we switch chip leaders as Sev4TSev rivers a K for a pair to beat Nahanni's pair of tens she got on the flop.

On hand #102, I (4th) have to go all-in, short-stacked with (KJ) and Nahanni calls me with A5, and I get no help.

The tourney ends quickly from here. After a string of SEVEN straight all-in bets(!) by Aqualung , Nahanni finally calls him. Aqua has A9 and Nahanni (3rd) has A5 and does not improve.

Sev4TSev (2nd) goes all-in with Q5 and does not improve against Aqua's (22).
Congratulations to Aqualung.

1st - Aqualung
2nd - Sev4TSev
3rd - Nahanni
4th - Mikeniks(Nik Faldo)
5th - Bronco76
6th - Duder
7th - ArticBlast

Monday, September 17, 2007

NPP Game at Beerhog's

Beerhog hosted another great one! Seven were at the felt including newbie KC.
Tolly brought a sub, I brought a little extra beer, decks of cards and cigars. The game went on for 6 hours. No tourney as KC, Tolly, Matchy and LP could not stay that long.

My highlight of the night (tells you WELL I played) was finding out that the Party Poker decks I got with my Frequent Player Points were full size PLASTIC decks! After pulling Matchy's 'marked deck' out of the game , Beerhog opened those PP tickets up.

LP was the big winner - hitting many full houses and a couple quad hand. And NO - we were not playing wild cards - just alot of double beds. Quads were rampant this night. I think it is the Party Poker deck. It has the stain of "poker internet" on it.

Sev4TSev started out cold decked but posted a win, along with Tolly.

I counted eight 4 of a kinds registered in six hours of poker. I never got one but I think my count is about right. Might have been more.

A new game was tried - "Skinny Mini". A 5-card draw game but dealt like 5-stud. You simply draw to the cards you throw away. You throw out the down card, you get it down. Throw an up card, you have to turn the card dealt to you over. Opinions guys? Sev4TSev suggested two down instead of one.

PS: Beerhog - Remind me to bring some racks for you for the next game.
PSS: Tolly, get KC to this blog and the Tuesday night offering.
PSSS: Let's discuss what dates are good for October.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Review of Internet Poker Sites

This used to be a favorite post of mine. I would write about what new sites had opened, what their features and sign up bonuses were. I would rate the "Top Twenty" sites I had accounts in and explain why. I would highlight the new addition and explain the reasons I cut the other sites.
But with the death of NetTeller, thanks to an exiting Republican Party trying to hang on to office at the last minute, the flood of poker sites has dried up.

I only know of eight poker sites that accept US players and the internet banker - ePassport, for deposits and withdraws. Here I rank them according to events, safety, and looks:

1. Poker Stars - the best by far

The next three are all good sites.
2. Full Tilt Poker
3. Absolute Poker
4. Ultimate Bet

Endangered List - these sites don't have a large volume of players. I worry they might dry up and take my money like Jet Set Poker did.

5. Jungle Poker - nice site, low amount of players

Cashed out of the site:
6. True Poker - Great graphics, but few tournaments. Considering a return however for the winter. I can schedule my day to play in the few they have.
7. Bugsy's Club - Nice software but no players
8. Poker4Ever - No Players

Sports Betting and Poker Sites.
They don't have an easy way to fund or collect from, so I am going to win enough to cash out by mail or lose what I have there this football season. I have them listed in my preference of their poker software.
9. World Poker Exchange - No rake on ring play. Nice software
10. Sportsbook - Nice software, no players
11. BoDog Poker - Plenty of players but I don't like the poker software or the look.

All other sites either don't take US players or cannot be funded thru ePassport. So there are your nine options and some sports books that also have poker rooms. If you go thru the trouble of funding them, you got a virtual Vegas casino on your computer.

I'm waiting for one of these sportsbooks with poker to go the ePassport route.

Hope this helps your fall and winter poker enjoyment. - Nik Faldo

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Rownder Wins NPP Internet #35

We got ten to the table tonight!!!! Great job NPP team.
People seemed to be in a gambling mood tonight. That has not been the case. The tourney was over in less than 2 hours. We have had 6-player tourneys last thru two breaks before.

We started with two tables but by hand #20, we were down to one table.

Bronco76 (10th) made it back after missing for quite a few months and was unceremoniously drummed out quickly. He goes all-in with AK and runs into Nahanni’s QQ and gets no help.

When we went to one table, across from my seat was the row of Aqualung, Boother, Rownder and Sev4TSev. I call that Murderer’s Row!

On hand #28 Aqualung’s (9th) QQ ran into Boother’s KK. There was one less killer at the table now.

Things calmed down until on hand #55 a short-stacked Matchy (8th) went all-in with 33 and ran into Nahanni’s TT.

Hand #69 saw five players see the flop of [5s 7s Qd]. Sev4TSev bets and only the short-stacked Duder (7th) calls. They get all in on the turn on Duder’s pair of 7’s but Sev4TSev has the lesbian couple.

We head to the break and I head to the bathroom. I didn’t get the exact chip total but I think the standings were:
Mikeniks (Faldo)

Mikeniks (6th) is the short stack and on hand #76 soon after the break, I go all-in when I pair my K on the flop. Sev4TSev has American Airlines (AA) and turns my K into KY Jelly.

On a personal note, that ended my tournament streak of picking up at least 1 point (5th or better) at twenty-five.

Three players see the flop of [2h Js 4c]. Boother (5th) bets, Rownder folds and Nahanni calls. The turn is [Ad]. Boother checks, Nahanni bets and Boother goes all-in with the semi-bluff of (JhTh). Nahanni has (22) so is not going anywhere and hits the full house on the river to boot Boother.

After Sev4TSev takes a pot from Nahanni who folds to a flop of [7J7] and an all-in bet, the next victim is claimed. Note to players: Never tangle with 747 when 7’s or 4’s hit the flop. Uhhhhm HELLO???

Nahanni (4th) calls ArticBlast’s BB. The flop is [4h 8d 9h]. As Nahanni continues to ask 747 if he had a 7, she bets, gets raised and calls. The turn is the [7d]. (Damn sevens again Nahanni). Nahanni bets again, gets raised again and calls again. The river is the [8h]. Nahanni goes all-in with 3 eights and ArticBlast freezes her out with the ten-high straight.

Rownder calls Sev4TSev’s (3rd) BB. The flop is [8s 5h 8c]. Rownder checks, 747 bets and gets called. The turn is [3d]. 747 bets, Rownder raises and gets called. The river is the [9c]. They are all-in and Rownder’s full house crumples 747’s straight.

We are heads up and Rownder has a 2 to 1 chip lead over ArticBlast. These two were both the short-stack at one time and have eliminated three former chip leaders en route to this showdown.

Rownder chips up to a big chip lead before ArticBlast (2nd) goes all-in with his (44) and a flop of [QKK], but runs into Rownder’s (Q7). It is Rownder’s 6th victory of the year! Congratulations to Rownder.

1st – Rownder
2nd – ArticBlast
3rd – Sev4TSev
4th – Nahanni
5th – Boother
6th – Mikeniks (Nik Faldo)
7th – Duder
8th – Matchy
9th – Aqualung
10th – Bronco76

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Beerhog's NPP Game is On for Saturday the 15th!

Must be poker season is coming up.

1 - Beerhog - HOST
2 - Faldo
3 - Tolly
4 - 747
5 - Matchy
6 - LP

Newbie via Tolly
Thai Food

4Putt (of course)

Beerhog, send me your address again on my home email.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Nik Faldo Poker - Gambling Stories

Story #1 - Best laydown ever:
NPP game: Someone had called Omaha High only. I looked in my hand and had KKQT double suited. I bet and was raised by The Wall. Only one other player called, Black Bart.
The flop was [AAK] but none of my suit. I bet and The Wall raised and Bart folded.
I turned over my KK and told the Wall to take the pot as "you have AK and I am not going to draw against a made hand", doing my best Michael McDermitt impression. The Wall indeed showed his AK. That good a calling of the hand is actually a Negreanu-Herbavor impression.

Story #2 - Worst call:
NPP game: The only natural Royal Flush I ever got was in a 7-stud Deuces Wild hand. I hit the Spade Royal on 6th street and bet and raised, and re-reraised against Tolly. He had 3 eights visible. I knew he had 5 eights already. But I bet and called anyway as I just could not throw it into the muck.

Story #3 - Worst ignoring of a 'feeling':
Soaring Eagle Casino: I had just finished a 10 hour session of cards
and had turned an early -$380 into a
+$160 and was heading to the buffet with my comp.
As I was passing the craps table - literally the hairs on the back of my neck stood up and I heard my little voice say "DOUBLE FOURS!". I stop and there was a slight delay at the table as a could people got chips and made change. I reached for the new c-note I had in my pocket and had it half way to the felt when I stopped! I said to the little voice - "I just worked 10 hours for this and I am not throwing it on this craps table!"
The very next roll: 44

Story #4 - Second worse ignoring of a 'feeling':
Very Early NPP: We were playing the long time favorite 5-stud Hi/Lo with 3 buys. The pots always got huge as everyone who didn't have a hand bought to make one. Folding was out of the question as we literally counted the number of players seated to determine how many buys we could get without re-shuffling.
I had the A-high club flush and a 6 low. The pot was HUGE. I was the dealer. When the final buy round got to me, I knew I had the two visible 7 lows beat. There were a couple of all-most for sure full houses out there for high. That tingling started on the neck. I knew the next card in the deck was the 2 of clubs to give me the A-5 straight flush. I just knew it!
It actually occurred to me that the guys might thought I cheated if I threw away a lock 6-low to chase the near impossible. But I had not seen the 2 of clubs hit the board and I just 'KNEW" the next card was the miracle card of the three still in the deck.

I calmly said, "I don't buy", took my my half of the pot and peeked. The 2 of clubs was there!!!

And now you know why I never get cards in my own game anymore. I pooped on the card Gods that night. - Nik Faldo

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Faldo Wins NPP Internet #34

I owe it all to Beerhog and the relentless practice of playing him heads up at Buffalo Wild Wings and losing my butt. But it was practice at one of my many poker weaknesses, and it sure helped later.

We had two tables of four to start the night:
#1 Mikeniks(Faldo), ArticBlast, Duder and Sev4TSev
#2 Aqualung, Boother, Matchy and Nahanni

After a mere 18 hands and the first level change, we went to one table and had not lost anyone.

On hands #28 and 37 Boother cripples Aqualung, but Aqua was still above water, still holding on to a life-jacket of 16 big blinds.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Aqua above water! Get it? Life jacket?? HAHAHAHAHA!
I kill me.

On hand #61 Aqua cripples ArticBlast as his 66 gets iced by Aqua’s 99. I’m on a roll!

On hand #62 Boother raises and gets re-raised by Nahanni and Boother (8th) calls all-in with (AT), taking a shot. Nahanni has (66) and hits a full house to boot.

On hand #65 a short-stacked ArticBlast (7th) goes all-in with (A3) and is called by Aqualung’s (AJ) and gets no help.

On hand #69 a short-stacked Duder (6th) goes all-in with (T6) and is called by Matchy with (KQ) and Matchy helps himself with a [K] on the flop.

So at the break we stand:
Nahanni 3445
Matchy 3105
Aqualung 2575
Mikeniks 1545
Sev4TSev 1330

On hand #80 the new chip leader Matchy goes all-in with Nahanni (5th). Nahanni holds (22) and Matchy (KhTs). Four straight hearts come out on the flop and turn and we will not have a repeat winner.

On hand #115 Aqualung (4th) misses the flop and bluffs all-in with (Q2) against Mikeniks who had bet the flop calls with (QJ) and a [J] on the flop. Gutsy bet and a gutsy call. Sev4TSev was about even with both of us in chips and us going to war could not of made him real happy. I do not get run down and now I have some chips.

On hand #120, there is an [A and two diamonds] on the flop and Sev4TSev (3rd) goes all-in with (A8) and Matchy calls with (6d3d) and hits the flush on the river to crash the big plane.

Now to heads up:
Matchy 8000
Mikeniks 4000

By hand #150 we are even. Matchy is destracted as he is also participating in his football draft. It was great that he made it to the game in spite of the pressing commitment. A lesson 4Putt, Cigar4John and a few others could take a cue from.

By hand #160, Mikeniks has a 8500 to 3500 lead.

On hand #169, Matchy (2nd) escapes one all-in but on hand #172 Matchy runs into another hit flop for Mikeniks.

They all bet and call the flop of [6cQhJc]. Matchy is holding (KdTc) and Mikeniks (QsTs).
They both check another [Jd] on the turn, but get all-in for the river. Matchy has the straight draw and is low on chips.

But a harmless [7] falls on the river and Mikeniks-Nik Faldo gets win #2 of the year.

1st – Mikeniks (Nik Faldo)
2nd – Matchy
3rd – Sev4TSev
4th – Aqualung
5th – Nahanni
6th – Duder
7th – ArticBlast
8th – Boother

Sunday, September 02, 2007

August Internet League Standings

I got some flack for not posting everyone's record last time so I will this time.
We seem to be stuck on an average number of players at 6.5.
Now is the time to recruit for next year.
The posting is the same as before - Name, total points, points per entry average.

1st - NikFaldo 148/5.3
2nd - Boother 120/4.8
3rd - Sev4TSev 96/5.1
4th - Rownder 93/4.7
5th - Matchy 83/3.5
6th - ArticBlast 56/2.3
7th - Beerhog 50/4.5
8th - Momo 42/3.5
9th - Nahanni 38/4.8
10th - Duder 28/3.1
11th - Cigar4John 28/3.5
12th - BonAir 28/3.5
13th - Hlam14 14/2.8
14th - DavetheDog 9/3.0
15th - Aqualung 5/2.5
16th - 1stout 3/1.5
17th - SpartyToJo 1/.5
18th - Bronco76 1/1

A beautiful thing would be 18 regulars every Tuesday night.
In December we will have voting for DAY and TIME for next year.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Nik Finishes 7th in a Jungle Poker Qualifier - Moves on to Finals

Come in 7th out of 463 players.
It's a $1000 tourney I qualified for this Saturday.
Had to make the final thirty I'm going to have to see if I can move the tourney to another weekend - like in December.
Less golf days in front of us than behind us.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Nik Finishes 4th in Full Tilt Qualifier

You had to win it to get the seat. Bested all but 3 of a 360 person field.
As the short stack, I went all-in with 66 and was called by KT suited. A Ten on the flop ended my dream of qualifying for the Aussie Millions satelite.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Nahanni Wins NPP Internet #33

We had six players as Boother and Beerhog were just a little too late to enter.

On hand #20, Aqualung (6th) took the bad hit of the night catching an eight’s over full house on the river but running into Nahanni’s ten’s over boat.

On hand #60, Rownder (5th) went all-in with (88) and got called by ArticBlast’s (TT) and got no help.

On hand #85, we got a rare three-player all in between ArticBlast (4th) with (77) and Duder and MikeNiks both with (A9) and a flop that was 9-high. No 7 for Blast and a split-pot for Duder and Niks.

That got us to the break after 90 hands:
Nahanni 3800
MikeNiks (Faldo) 3400
Duder 1800

On hand #95, Mikeniks grabbed the chip lead momentarily. But on hand #98 Duder (3rd) goes all in with (JJ) and is called by Nahanni with (K7) and a [7] on the flop. A [K] on the turn and it is all over for Duder. Nahanni now has the lead back.

Nahanni pecked away at my (Mikeniks) chip stack until I (2nd) went all-in with (AQ). Nahanni called with her winning (K7) and hit a [K] on the flop to end the evening.

1st – Nahanni
2nd – NikFaldo (Mikeniks)
3rd – Duder
4th – ArticBlast
5th – Rownder
6th – Aqualung

My heads up record took yet another hit. But credit goes to Nahanni who kept her cool as I went all-in many time trying to illicit a mistake. She didn’t take the bait.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Absolute Poker Has a New Look! - Very Nice!

Tolly tipped me off that the site had changed. It is not Internet Poker season so I am not playing near as much as I do when the snow flys. Couple that with work overload and I just have not played there in a month.

The look at the table is really cleaned up and easy on the eyes - at least my old eyes. Gone is the ugly orange end tables and the hard blue AP symbols. Plus you have a choice of three table looks to choose from - and they expand to a full size monitor if you so desire.

Another nice feature is that if you also have an account at Ultimate Bet, you can transfer money back and forth between the two. This is a great idea and other sites should get with it also.

Absolute Poker also takes ePassporte deposits and cashouts - the best new internet poker bank in town, now that NetTeller abandoned us. AP definitely moved up Nik Faldo's ranking scale of internet poker sites with these changes.

Another note: NetTeller may have abandoned us but at least they didn't cheat us. I got my deposited money back.