Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tigercub Wins to Take the Lead in Quarter #3

Nine players hit the virtual felt this night. Dave the Dog made a triumpant return from a half year hiatus. For some of the newcomers, this entire blog and then league idea was Dave's. Feel free to cuss him every chance you get.

30 min: The play was cautious and slow early. After all, we have a long way to go in this quarter. But finally BigLou (9th) has to go all-in with (AT) and runs into Doneill's (AK).

This looks familiar. Will Doneill continue crushing his NPP buddies?

34 min: DavetheDog calls Doneill's all-in with (Jh Th). Doneill's (AK) loses as a [J] hits the flop. Ouch! The 2nd quarter champ is crippled.

35 min: Doneill's (8th) luck did not improve. He gets all-in in a rare three-way with Duder and Rennzzo, and Duder hits the straight.

41 min: Those chips must be cursed because Duder (7th) goes all-in when his (AK) hits a flop of [A9X]. But Beerhog is holding (A9). Like I said, those chips appear cursed. More on that curse later.

And then fireworks begin for a while.

47 min: Rennzzo gets hurt badly as his (AJ) loses bets to Tigercub who holds (A5) and an [A5X] flop.

48 min: Short stacked Rennzzo (Kh Jh) gets some chips back as his all-in gets called by another three-way with Nahanni (77) and Tigercub (KQ). He hits his flush on the flop, and Nahanni picks up a side pot with trip 7's.

49 min: Rennzzo (6th) can't be saved as his next all-in (T6) runs into Tigercub's (AK).

50 min: Another 3-way??? What is going on? Tigercub (77) and I (Mikeniks-Faldo) get hurt (QQ), as Nahanni's all-in with (KJ) hits a [K] on the flop.

56 min: Well, they used to be rare, but not tonight. Another 3-way. This time we all get all-in on the river! Nahanni's (5th) flush is buried by Tigercub's 555JJ full house for side pot action. But the main pot is mine with the JJJ55 full house.

Whew! Break:

Beerhog 6040
Mikeniks 3680
DavetheDog 2000
Tigercub 1780

65 min: I got paid back by Tigercub as his QQQ55 full house beat my 555QQ. I knew he had the (Q) but called anyway. Where's my sign? Anyway, I went from 2nd to last.

76 min: I (Mikeniks) was getting very low. But Davethedog (4th) beat me to the bubble as his (AQ) hit a pair on the turn [Q]. But Beerhog had (T5) and had hit the flop [TT6]. Ouch! No lady to save him on the river.

77 min: I (Mikeniks) follow the Dog as my (AQ) ran into Beerhog's (TT) and I got no help.

Well heads up and Beerhog has 10000 and Tigercub has 3500. Remember when Beerhog won them, I mentioned that Doneill's chips may have been cursed?

80 min: Beerhog 7500 - Tigercub 6000
85 min: Beerhog 7000 - Tigercub 6500
90 min: Beerhog 3000 - Tigercub 10500

95 min: Beerhog (2nd) makes his move with (74) as the flop [TT7] hit him. Tigercub calls with (QT)! A [44] turn and river give the Cat the better full house. We saw that all night!

Congratulations Tigercub8189 on win #2 on NPP!

1st - Tigercub8189 10 pts
2nd - Beerhog 7 pts
3rd - Mikeniks-Faldo (5pts)
4th - DavetheDog 3 pts
5th - Nahanni 1 pt
6th - Rennzzo
7th - Duder
8th - Doneill
9th - BigLou

Total points race is on the side of the blog.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Doneill Destroys the NPP 2nd Quarter in Five Rounds!

Eight players showed up for the 2nd Quarter Final to be part of the Doneill Death March.

The only player missing that still had a shot was Nahanni. I'm surprised by that absentee. However, Boother and Beerhog showed up to add gusto to the festivities.

10 min: Gusto was given early as Beerhog (8th) and Rownder (7th) get all-in with Doneill (TT). His [T] hits the flop to eliminate the (AA) and (JJ) of Beerhog and Rownder. Ouch!

Rownder can still finish 1st with a Boother, Rennzzo, Duder, Doneill, Tigercub finish, so he is not eliminated yet!

Doneill 4100
Duder 2080
Tigercub 1679
BigLou 1450
Rennzzo 1450

20 min:
Doneill 4000
Duder 1945
Tigercub 1740
BigLou 1430
Rennzzo 1345

30 min:
Doneill 3745
Duder 2283
Tigercub 1500
BigLou 1310
Rennzzo 1165

33 min: BigLou gets healthy as his (QQ) runs over Boother’s (JJ).

40 min:
Doneill 3745
Duder 3608
BigLou 2595
Tigercub 825
Rennzzo 665

45 min: Boother (6th) ran into BigLou’s straight to end his night as spoiler. That elimination ends Rowder’s hope to clinch a seat tonight. But the man still has a stranglehold on the total points seat right now!

48 min: Tigercub (5th) has to go all-in with (99) and gets action from Duder with (AK). An [A] on the turn ends Tiger’s hopes for a seat in the 2nd quarter - as he needed a 3rd or better finish with help.

50 min:
Duder 4933
Doneill 3045
BigLou 2882
Rennzzo 740

52 min: Rennzzo gets back in it as his (AK) doubles up against BigLou’s (99) with an [A] on the turn. Must be the night for (99) to go night-night.

Break: Four players left – all with a chance for the 2nd Quarter Seat!
Duder 4983
Doneill 2995
BigLou 2892
Rennzzo 1130

65 min:
Doneill 5095
Duder 3108
BigLou 2292
Rennzzo 1505

67 min: BigLou (4th) hits a straight on the flop and sort of slow-plays it. Duder calls him with (As 7s) and one spade on the flop. When the turn is a [S], BigLou bets a good amount but Duder calls and hits the [S] on the river. BigLou can’t lay it down and he is out of contention for this seat tonight.

71 min: Rennzzo hits quad 6’s on Duder to take 2nd place now behind Doneill.

75 min:
Doneill 4765
Rennzzo 4225
Duder 3050

This has been the Doneill-Duder Show all night. Where did this Rennzzo guy come from?

85 min:
Doneill 7680 (won big pot on Ace-high!)
Rennzzo 2225
Duder 2025

86 min: Duder (3rd) hits a pair on the river and gives it a go, only to find Doneill had hit his straight on the same river card. No seat for Duder tonight.

Heads up:
Doneill 10,000
Rennzzo 2000

If Rennzzo wins this, they both get a seat, since they would both have 35 points! I don’t know if they had calculated that out or not. The big chip lead makes it irrelevant anyway.

90 min:
Doneill 7500
Rennzzo 4500

92 min: Rennzzo (2nd) hits a flop with (Js 6s) with a [6 3 2] flop. Trying to buy the pot right there, he moves all-in with top pair, but Doneill has (32). No help arrives and Doneill claims seat #3 in the finals!

What a butt kicking handed out to the rest of the NPP boys by Doneill!
He only played in 5 of the 12 tourneys and takes the seat! Wow! That is a 1st class crush!

1st – Doneill 38 pts (seat #3)
2nd – Rennzzo 32 pts
3rd – Duder 31 pts
4th – BigLou 34 pts
5th – Tigercub 30 pts
6th – Boother 14 pts
7th – Rownder 33 pts
8th – Beerhog 17 pts
MikeNiks (28 pts)
Nahanni 26 pts
ArcticBlast 16 pts
Aqualung 7 pts
Sev4TSev 3 pts
McGuiness 3 pts

You got to love the closeness of the race! Seven players had a shot on week #12.

Total points race is posted on the side of the blog.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Legend of the White Whale – Part V

When we last left our cast of characters:
Frank (my bookie – sports betting – poker player – traveling team softball coach),

Fat Russ (Big time bookie – big time sports bettor – poker player) and the

White Whale (part time employment, part time softball starter for the Big Team and full time pot stirrer);

Russ had just thrown the White Whale physically out of Frank’s house. He did this because Russ was convinced that the White Whale was a ‘black cat’ – total bad luck. It was becoming such an obsession with Fat Russ that the friendship and betting partnership between him and Frank was starting to suffer.

Frank had confided in me that although he didn’t believe in superstitions, since he hired the White Whale to replace me, things were ‘going south’. “The guy is obnoxious and a jinx, but he is just too damn funny to not have around somewhere.”

Russ did not want the Whale anywhere around him. He even paid the White Whale $100 to stay away from Frank’s house the night of the poker game (hence the reason for the ‘assistance in leaving’ mentioned earlier).

Russ made Frank call him only when The Whale was not in earshot of the phone where Russ might hear his voice and know The Whale was present. It had become an obsession.

But the banishment from contact did not stop Fat Russ from sinking. It literally seemed from the moment Fat Russ set eyes on the White Whale, his luck disappeared. Russ even offered to pay me 5 times what I was making at my new 'legit' job, if I would go back and work for Frank.

My soon to be Mrs. Faldo was not impressed with the offer, so that ended that.

[I don’t know how many millions of dollars she may have cost me in the future, but I’m getting ahead of myself. "In the poker game of life - women are the rake!" - Worm, in Rounders]

Russ’s bad luck continued on many fronts. His poker playing was break even or very little profit. His booking business was getting beat. His sports bets were losing, whether he went with Frank or they went opposite. Frank meanwhile stayed afloat only by the wins he got when him and Russ differed.

Russ’s wife got fired from her real estate job for some commission ‘disagreements’ (maybe related to the beats Russ was suffering) – let’s just put it that way – and job offers in the Detroit area were not about to be forthcoming.

Then, one night right after Fat Russ had just grabbed the huge chunk of betting player’s winning cash that Frank owed Russ from another losing weekend, the police raided Russ’s house! Yes, The Whale had dropped it off and was nabbed at the end of the block - but not charged with anything.

Remember even black cats have nine lives.

The authorities took Russ’s house, all the cash found, his car and of course arrested him. The charges were later reduced and a no contest plea was given. Punishment was no jail time, but a big fine was paid (a loan from Frank) on top of surrendering everything else the authorities took.

Now, flat busted, no home or property, and both out of work with no prospects, Fat Russ and his wife decide to head to their favorite city – Las Vegas
- to get jobs as ‘blackjack dealers,’
- to just take it easy and most importantly
– escape the White Whale.

They do,
they don't,
and they do for a while.

But that is for Part VI.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Beerhog Wins NPP #23-11 for 2008

The newcomer and NPP destroyer Doneill continued to smack us around thru most of the evening. He started out beating the daylights out of us - with no mercy - and then got aggressive! It was very impressive poker.

Beerhog made a nice comeback at the end to win it!

The tourney of seven players was over in less than 80 minutes total!

14 min: BigLou (7th) slow-played his KK pre-flop and went all-in post flop, but Doneill hit trip 5’s.

33 min: ArcticBlast (6th) was late getting involved and had got blinded down some. He had to make his move with (TT) and ran into Doneil’s (AK), who hit the [K] on the river.

40 min: Tigercub got run over by a short-stack like me (Faldo). My (55) and Tiger’s (Ah Qh) hook up in a coin flip. Tiger gets his [A] on the flop, but I hit my [5] on the river.

51 min: Tigercub (5th) is put out of his misery when his (Q3) hits a flop of [KQ8] but Doneill’s (JT) picks up the [9] on the turn for the straight.

57 min: Rennzzo (4th), who also was late getting to the game, had to make his move with (Th 9s) and a flop of [Tc 7c 3c]. I (Mikeniks-Faldo) was also short-stacked and had to call with (Qc 9h). The turn completes my flush.

58 min: I (3rd) test the Poker Stars “eliminate short stacks at the break theory again for verification. I have (KT) and get called by Doneill with (44), and of course don’t improve.

Doneill 6433 (on fire all game)
Beerhog 4067 (was the short-stack when still 7-handed)

67 min: Almost identical in chips, they both call the blinds and the flop is [756]. Doneill bets the minimum and Beerhog calls. The turn is a [J]. A repeat of the flop action.

The river is a [9] and all heck breaks loose. Doneill goes all-in with his 7-high straight and is called by Beerhog with his 9-high straight. A little cold deck for the Don.

69 min: Beerhog’s (J2) beats Doneill’s (2nd) (76) to end the night.

Congratulations Beerhog! Maybe now you can pay for those $350 cigars (box of ten).

1st – Beerhog (17 pts)
2nd – Doneill 28 pts
3rd – Mikeniks-Faldo (28 pts)
4th – Rennzzo 25 pts
5th – Tigercub 29 pts
6th – ArcticBlast (16 pts)
7th – BigLou 31 pts
Rownder 33 pts
Nahanni 26 pts
Duder 26 pts
Boother (14 pts)
Aqualung (7 pts)
Sev4TSev (3 pts)
McGuiness (3 pts)

( ) means can’t win 2nd quarter seat

Total point standings are on the right side of the blog.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Doneill Makes it Two Wins in Three Tourneys!

We got a new player on our hands! Doneill is running thru our group of battle hardened, determined and desperate point chasers to get in the hunt for that 2nd quarter seat. Two rounds left in Season Two and anything is still possible.

Ten of us made it to the virtual felt on this rainy night. All the players bunched at the top were in attendance. That made it serious. Chat was at a minimum tonight.

13 min: Beerhog’s pair of Kings hit my (Faldo) pair of Aces to put a crimp in his stack early.

20 min: He got it back from Duder whose (QQ) fell to Hog’s straight on the turn.

38 min: Over on the other table, Biglou was down early and made a comeback. Then he gets the chip lead taking Nahanni’s (10th) chips as he rivers a straight on the same card Nahanni hit 2 pair. Ouch!

40 min: Duder gets healthier as his (JJ) holds up against Rennzzo’s (99).

45 min: ArcticBlast (9th) was late getting to the game. He plays I think two hands as he calls Rownder’s all-in bet. Arctic has 2 pair and Rownder is holding straight.

48 min: Duder’s (8th) health deteriorates to the point of expiration as his (55) can’t improve against a flop of [2JT] and BigLou’s hand of (Qs Js).

54 min: Beerhog (7th) ran into some good luck and then bad luck. Beerhog gets all-in with (AQs) and gets called by Doneill with (AK). A straight hits the board for a split.

The very next hand, Beerhog is all in with the (AK) and is called by Rownder with (AQ) and a [Q] hits on the turn.

59 min: The hand of the evening! Notice it is right before the break. Can EVERYONE say “cooler”? Anyone else noticing a pattern of coolers right before the break - like every week?

Tigercub calls with (99) and everyone folds to me (Faldo) (Td 8d) who calls the half bet and the short-stacked Rennzzo (6th) checks from the BB with (QJ).

The flop is [4d Jc 9c]. I bet the minimum with my open ended straight draw and get called by both.

The turn is [Qd]. The best card in the deck for Faldo! I hit my straight and now have a flush draw also. Notice that the short-stacked Rennzzo now has two pair. Each one of us get a monster hand – just before the break!

I bet (80%), Rennzzo (10%) calls and Tigercub (10%) raises. I re-raise a lot to let Tigercub know I got a big hand. Rennzzo goes all-in as the short-stack. But Tigercub goes all-in and I have to call with the nuts and a 4 to 1 favorite to win the hand.

Ex-nuts. Ex-favorite. The river is a [4] and Tigercub’s full house takes a monster pot, Rennzzo is out and I am crippled beyond belief.

Tigercub 6250
Biglou 5075
Rownder 1855
Doneill 1450
Mikeniks-Faldo 370

63 min: I (Mikeniks-Faldo) (5th) last four hands after the break before Poker Stars gives me my next cooler. I flop top pair and call Doneill’s bet and he has the same pair with a better kicker.

Herbavor - you want to say it with me?

72 min: Rownder (4th) is short-stacked and goes all-in with (Qc 9c) and is called by Doneill with (22) and cannot improve.

91 min: A twenty minute battle ensues before Biglou (3rd) bluffs his bottom pair. But Doneill flops the top two pair. Bad timing for that move.

Doneill 12000 – Tigercub 3000

103 min: Tigercub (2nd) battles for twelve minutes before Tigercub’s two pair with (AT) runs head long into Doneill’s (99) and a [9] on the turn.

Great win Doneill! It’s becoming a habit!

1st – Doneill 21 pts
2nd – Tigercub 28 pts
3rd – BigLou 31 pts
4th – Rownder 33 pts
5th – Mikeniks-Faldo 23 pts
6th – Rennzzo 22 pts
7th – Beerhog 7 pts
8th – Duder 26pts
9th – ArcticBlast 16 pts
10th – Nahanni 26 pts
Boother 14 pts
Aqualung 7 pts
Sev4TSev 3 pts
McGuiness 3 pts

Total point standings on right side of blog.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Matchy's Game A Little Late - but Great!

Eight players made it to the real felt at Matchy's House. The table held Matchy (host), Duder (big winner), Beerhog, Aqualung, Dave - not 4Putt, ArcticBlast, Sev4TSev and Faldo.

The highlight of the evening was that I finally got to see Piss Mountain in the daylight. The Grand Canyon's got nothing on PM.

We also rolled in heavy with the pizza and the brews! Nice job guys.

We all had our hurdles to clear to make it to the game, so it was a half hour late starting.

Matchy and had to leave the big party they was at in "that town just south of Royal Oak".

Duder was spell-bound by the 'Chip Stacking Techniques' video he had rented.

Beerhog and Sev4TSev both had trouble getting their "Hen-pecked is Cool" aprons off in time.

Aqualung was Mapquesting pizza parlors in a 50-mile radius of the game and clipping coupons.

Dave got there a little late because he had to stay after class in Omaha Hi-Lo School for falling asleep.

ArcticBlast had his "new math' class run over - where he learned that if you own 40 and give 17, you still owe 40. I think this class is held only in South Lyon. If you notice people who live in South Lyon, you know those classes must be full.

Faldo himself, had to hurry from the golf course in order to get to the bar for warm-up - prior to the poker game. Because of this quick exit, I now am forced to play golf AGAIN today - before heading home for the big Sunday dinner my wife is preparing.

Pity me.