Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Tomservo2 Wins for the 1st Time in 2015

It started to look like the end, but Tomservo2 got his entry into the T of C.

Well it was a long time in coming but Tomservo2 qualifies again for the Tournament of Champions! He also get into contention for the 4th quarter seat. However, a victory in the Tournament of Champions would win a seat also.

But it won’t be easy as Suetman123 finished 5th and picked up more points to pad her lead from her closest competitors. She is methodically keeping all the challengers at bay. Nice job Sue.

But the seat is far from clinched as she is still well within range if someone catches fire.

Faldo finished second due to a hot run of cards.

Rjmech finished third, but could ignite and reel off some victories at any time.

Douge2 picked up some much needed points with a 4th place finish.

It is not too late to get into the best league on the internet and join some poker immortals on the NPP Walk of Fame!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Johnnied55 Wins Two in a Row!

A Johnnied55 fan also owns two winners.

Well, this is a first! Johnnied55 wins for the first time last week, and then repeats the feat again! This is not an easy thing to do against the talented NPP field. Way to go Jonnie! You are moving quickly up the Walk of Fame!

Johnnied55 won a tough heads up battle with Suetman123, who continues to hold the fourth quarter lead by picking up points nearly every week! This is another tough achievement in this league. Way to go Claudia!

Douge2 keeps his hopes alive with a 3rd place finish.

Absea98 adds to his overall point total lead with a 4th place finish.

ThePunk75 holds on to 2nd in the overall point total with a 5th place finish.

And the always steady T3chlady picks up some much needed points with a 6th place finish.

We are still only about half way thru the 4th round and there is still plenty of time for any player to win this thing. Be here!

Congratulations again to Johnnied55 on his 2nd NPP win!

Saturday, October 17, 2015

No Matter How Good She Looks......

Truer words were never spoken...or put on a poster.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Johnnied55 Wins His 1st NPP Event!

Next week Johnnied55 goes for back to back wins.

Johnnied55 becomes the 75th player to win an NPP event. Congratulations John, and Faldo is sure it will not be your last one. And welcome to the Walk of Fame!

With this win, John also gets a seat in the NPP Tournament of Champions – in which the winner also gets a seat in the NPP Final.

But John may not need that as he joins the crowd of people still on the pursuit of 4th quarter leader Suetman123. Sue (Claudia) continues to amass points with a 4th place finish. So the chasers better get busy as they have their work cut out for them.

But then again, that is the fun!

Absea98 added to his overall point total lead and robbed the point needy with a 2nd place finish.

ThePunk75 also stole points from the needy with a 3rd place finish.

Speaking of fun, this is the best poker tournament league on the internet. Be here if you love poker!

Faldo had to miss to attend to some family business. But he will be back to donate chips next week.

Congratulations again to Johnnied55 on his 1st NPP win!

Friday, October 09, 2015

Douge2 Wins for the 2nd Time in 2015

Douge2's poker talents knocks the pants off Sally Fitzgibbons!

And the race tightens for the final seat in the NPP Final! Douge2 climbs back into contention with this win – and moves up quite a few spots on the Walk of Fame at the same time.

Tomservo2 and Douge2 treated spectators to a fierce heads – up battle tonight as neither wanted to let the other steal the victory.

Tomservo2 did pick up enough points to make his presence known near the top of the 4th quarter Leader board.

Johnnied55, an always dangerous opponent finished 3rd, and giving notice he is a force to be reckoned with when at the NPP table.

Racheael0388 reminded the guys that the gals got game too and she finished 4th and moves up the rankings also.

Mikeniks-Faldo hit 10 inside straights and 41 one-out rivers to finish 5th. Maybe it was 39 one out rivers. Faldo lost count. Faldo never wants to exaggerate. 

The crafty veteran Wingsfancurt started his gathering of 4th quarter points finishing 6th in a field of 18.

Well, Faldo said it before and will say it again; this is the best poker tournament and league on the internet. Be here!

Saturday, October 03, 2015

Suetman123 Wins for the 2nd Time in 2015

Even Samantha Ryan cannot believe Sue's poker skills!
Suetman123 is catching fire at the right time! This is ‘Claudia’s’ 2nd win in three weeks and gives her the 4th quarter lead……for now.
She has a host of pursuers however and it will be another exciting finish to the season at NPP.
LittleRedElf took 2nd. Even though he already has his seat in the NPP Finals, a little practice never hurt anyone. 
And Suetman123 can take pride in the fact that she handled the Legend in the heads up match.
T3chlady finished 3rd and hopes this gets her rolling this quarter.
Rachael0388 was 4th and is hoping the same thing.
Tigercub8189 was 5th and continues to be “hanging around, hanging around…the man has alligator blood.”
Be here Tuesday for more exciting poker action.
All the standings are on the right side of the blog.
PS: Sorry for the delay and lack of posts. But life continues to get in the way of poker and blogging. - Faldo