Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Douge2 and Rjmech Chop to an NPP Win

Douge2 had a slight chip lead and won the all-infest to capture the actual win, but the money and points will be split.

Rjmech returns to NPP after a long layoff and co-wins! This is the same stunt that Nahanni74 did last week.

It was a rough night at the tables for the hand favorites and the league leaders. I don’t know about anyone else, but I was as card dead as you can be.

Next week is a bye week for the Labor Day holiday. The last tourney week of Quarter #3 will be on September 14, and we may have two seats awarded!

Mikeniks-Faldo, ThePunk75, xxxKdogxxx and Douge2 all have a shot at the 3rd quarter seat in the NPP Finals.

To add a little more drama to the picture, please remember Faldo is a wildcard. If I get in, the person in second also gets in!!!!

As the standings sit right now, both Faldo and ThePunk75 are in. But if anyone passes Faldo, only that person gets in.

In other words, xxxKdogxxx and Douge2 really only have to get more points than ThePunk75 to win their seat – Faldo or no Faldo.

It should be an exciting conclusion to quarter number 3!

On to the action:

21 min: A short-stacked (SS) Yecats423 (18th) has to go with (A9) and runs into Nahanni74’s (AK).

29 min: K9isadog (17th) gets run down as his (KT) hits a [T – 86] on the flop and Tigercub8189 calls with (Q6). Runner-runner Queens show up for the Cub. Cat beats dog.

33 min: Tigercub8189 claims another victim as his (A7) takes out a SS xxxKdogxxx (16th) with (QQ) as an [A] flops. That is two run downs in four minutes.

34 min: Derf-63 (15th) is gone and I missed it watching the hand above.
40 min: LittleRedElf (14th) has (A4) and hits two pair on the turn. But Rjmech hits his flush on the river. Ouch!

48 min: A rare double kill as Absea98 (13th) and Nahanni74 (12th) lose to Rjmech’s straight on the turn.

51 min: Tomservo2 (11th) is another victim of the PokerStars gremlins tonight as he calls all-in with (JJ) to see Funtoon with (99), but a flopped [9] on the turn ends Tom’s night.

53 min: Theedouble*d (10th)
56 min: Another double knockout as a SS ThePunk75 (9th) with (AQ) and a SS Tigercub8189 (8th) with (77) see Douge2 with (55) hit a full house!

57 min: A SS Mikeniks-Faldo (7th) does not last with his (Jd 4d).

1st break:
Rjmech 10345
Douge2 5570
Funtoon 4585
T3chlady 2720
Pre01 2435
Suetman1 1405

64 min: A SS Suetman1 (6th) (66) gets double-teamed by Douge2 and Pre01. Pre took it down hitting a flush.

81 min: A SS Funtoon (5th) goes with (KJ), but Douge2 has (QQ).
84 min: A short-stacked (SS) Pre01 (4th) has to try with (KT) but Douge2 pairs his three.
95 min: A SS T3chlady (3rd) doesn’t show.

Heads up: Douge2 15000 - 12000 Rjmech
100 min: Douge2 16500 - 10500 Rjmech
105 min: Douge2 13700 - 13300 Rjmech

Here they agree to a split. Douge2 won the all-in fest to close out the table. Thinking of the Butterfly Effect, I wonder whether the two points Douge2 didn't try and win will hurt him, or whether the three extra points he guaranteed himself will win the seat for him?

We will see next week.

1st – Douge2 – 22 points
2nd – Rjmech – 21 points
3rd – T3chlady – 15 pts
4th – Pre01 – 12 pts
5th – Funtoon – 9 pts
6th – Suetman1 – 7 pts
7th – Mikeniks-Faldo – 5 pts
8th – Tigercub8189 – 4 pts
9th – ThePunk75 – 3 pts

Every one else earned one (1) point. Standings are on the right side of the blog.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Douge2’s Humor Corner – XXXXV

Faldo…always helpful!

I was in Home Depot the other day pushing my cart around when I collided with a young man pushing his cart.

I said to the young man, "Sorry about that. I'm looking for my wife and I guess I wasn't paying attention to where I was going."

The young man says, "That's OK. It's a coincidence. I'm looking for my wife, too. I can't find her and I'm getting a little desperate.

I said, "Well, maybe we can help each other. What does your wife look like?"

The young man says, "Well, she is 24 years old, tall with extremely long legs, with blond hair, big blue eyes, well endowed, and she's wearing tight white pants, a low V neck sweater and no bra. What does your wife look like?"

I said, "Well it doesn't really matter --- let's look for yours." Us old guys are helpful that way.

The Other Perspective

A guy goes into the confessional box. He finds on one wall a fully equipped bar with Guinness Stout on tap. On the other wall is a dazzling array of the finest Cuban cigars.

Then the priest comes in.

"Father, forgive me, for it's been a very long time since I've been to confession, but I must first admit that the confessional box is much more inviting these days."

The Priest says, "Get OUT! You are on my side!"

Just Twenty Dollars!

On their wedding night, the young bride approached her new husband and asked for $20.00 for their first lovemaking encounter. In his highly aroused state, her husband readily agreed.

This scenario was repeated each time they made love, for more than 30 years, with him thinking that it was a cute way for her to afford new clothes and other incidentals that she needed.

Arriving home around noon one day, she was surprised to find her husband in a very drunken state. During the next few minutes, he explained that his employer was
going through a process of corporate downsizing, and he had been let go. It was unlikely that, at the age of 59, he'd be able to find another position that paid anywhere near what he'd been earning, and therefore, they were financially ruined.

Calmly, his wife handed him a bank book which showed more than thirty years of steady deposits and interest totaling nearly $1 million. Then she showed him certificates of deposits issued by the bank which were worth over $2 million, and informed him that they were one of the largest depositors in the bank.

She explained that for the more than three decades she had "charged" him for sex,
these holdings had multiplied and these were the results of her savings and investments.

Faced with evidence of cash and investments worth over $3 million, her husband was so astounded he could barely speak, but finally he found his voice and blurted out, "If I'd had any idea what you were doing, I would have given you all my business!"

That's when she shot him.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Butterfly Effect or Chaos Theory – Part II

The basic premise of the two theories listed above is that unpredictable and undetectable events change the outcome of everything we try to predict.

The beating of a butterfly’s wing in Brazil creates the tornado in Texas a week later. If only that lizard had not moved four feet from his old spot in the field, he would have eaten that butterfly – and no tornado.

As you sit down at a poker table, you have no clue that your losing night has already been guaranteed. Because you are not at your best, you will play a little less than stellar in a few hands. But that is not why you will lose. The hands you did win have much smaller pots in it than they should have been. The drunk on his way to that same game to lose BIG, was nailed three blocks from the casino on a DUI.

The cop was there because he was put on traffic patrol duty as punishment for failure turn his reports in on time. The police officer failed to turn in his paperwork on time – after being reprimanded before – because his wife took his car instead of hers.

Why did she do that? Because she randomly arrived at the mail box with a neighbor she had not seen in a while. As they chatted, the neighbor gave the cop’s wife a coupon for 50% off a full detail car cleaning, but it was expiring soon. As a nice surprise, the wife took his car to the detailers, and they thru the piled papers away – at the wife’s request.

The neighbor was at the mailbox much earlier than normal, because her stomach was upset. As she walked from her bathroom, thru the living room to reach her kitchen sink, she saw a stray dog go #2 right by her mailbox. She decided to go out there and clean it up before anyone saw it on her property.

Feeling neurotic yet? You want to know why betting on sporting events is so hard to be successful at?

Let us get it even to a smaller level. As you sit in your poker seat, you are well aware you are not playing at you’re “A” game level. Down some, you are hoping to start a rally. Four players are in the hand as you watch.

The waitress comes by to take drink orders. A man that was going to make a weak call decides to impress the waitress he has been flirting with unsuccessfully for two hours - and makes a dramatic pot size raise. He tells the waitress, “After I win this pot, you get a BIG tip!”

Two players immediately fold. The last guy goes into the tank to sort this all out. The dealer, who had already pulled the folded cards towards the pile, expected the third man’s too, just as quickly.

As time goes on……the dealer impatiently starts “washing” the deck slightly with his free hand.

Well, that pause and that wash….just cost you the biggest pot you had ever won in this game! The cards and the subsequent shuffle will be completely different now! The hand that now doesn’t happen, not only would have pulled you even, but gave you a ton of ammo in which to bully the table to a big win this night! Even without the drunk being there.

Darn that waitress and her great rack! She got her rack enhanced because….nevermind!

My point to all this is…poker and your success at it – especially in a small window (like two years!)…is determined by things of which you have ZERO control.

All you can do is the best you can, learn as much as you can…and let the butterflies do their thing…and don’t worry about it.

That is, unless you know a way to control waitresses. Faldo wants in on that secret!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Butterfly Effect or Chaos Theory – Part I

When I was 8 years old, I chased a baseball out into the street. The man in the Cadillac slammed on his breaks and stopped that 4500 lbs of metal five feet from my skinny frame. He got out of his car and…rightfully so…screamed at me until I disappeared from site around my neighbor’s fence. I did not dare go to my own yard in case he decided to report this episode to my mother.

When I was 12 years old, my uncle “allowed” me to help him set up seats, benches and concession stands for the Greenfield Village Civil War Festival. Because I now had an “official” badge, I was allowed “inside the ropes.”

As the ten cannon brigades set up, #9 caught my eye. The cannon was a shiny jet black with an accompanying bright red magazine chest. It was really an old seaman’s chest, but it looked great. Even the guy’s on the team’s uniforms looked like brand new Confederate issue. I sat on the chest and watch them prepare for their turn to shoot.

My uncle taps me on the shoulder and says it is time to go to lunch. He says I can stay and watch them shoot, but we will not be eating again until we pack everything up again – late that night. I decide …at the last minute…to follow him to the mess hall on the other side of the village.

We never heard the explosion that killed 4 of the 5 men on that team and 3 of the spectators nearby. A wad of fuse from cannon #8 had floated into that open seaman’s chest.

I would have been standing ….right there.

I was a single man of 24 and already tired of pretending I liked to dance in bars in order to meet women. The cost of double the drinks every night - and the latest John Travolta shirt - was keeping me from paying bills. I had kind of decided to stop that scene and concentrate on my college classes. Girls could wait until later.

I was playing in a softball tournament as I did every summer weekend. We had won the early game because I threw a runner out at the plate on a relay from the centerfielder. But the tourney bracket had not been kind. We had to face one of the very top teams in the state the very next game. Gulp!

Well, not only did we win…but I had a big game myself. Five hits, four runs knocked in and a couple good plays in the field – and all this against a hated rival! I was feeling like I was all that… and a bag of chips!

I walked up to the concession stand to get a couple hot dogs for lunch. A petite blonde - with the prettiest blue eyes I ever saw - asked, “Can I help you?”

Now normally I would have made a note that she was hot, ordered my food and later kicked myself for not asking her out. But not this time!

Buoyed by my earlier success and my current – just made this morning - bulletproof ego, I said, “Yes you can. I will have a Coke and a date!”

This is how I met the current Mrs. Faldo.

If that man in the Cadillac is watching a woman in a miniskirt walk down a sidewalk, my 8 year old body is flattened.

If I don’t let my stomach over rule my desire to see cannon fire up close, they probably never find enough of a twelve year old Faldo to bury.

If I had played poorly in a couple of softball games, or my team gets knocked out of the tournament, I never meet my wife of 30 years.

Now, what does this have to do with poker? You will find out in the next article. - Faldo

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wrong E-mail Received

This email was sent to Faldo by accident:

Dear Dr. Laura,

I am a crack dealer in Beaumont, Texas, who has recently been diagnosed as a carrier of HIV virus. I have recently become engaged to marry a former prostitute who lives in Longview. She is a part time "working girl".

One of my sisters lives in Pflugerville and is married to a transvestite. He smuggles in illegal immigrant drug dealers to make ends meet.

My father and mother have recently been arrested for growing and selling marijuana. They are financially dependent on my other two sisters, who are prostitutes in Dallas.

I have two brothers: one is currently serving a non-parole life sentence at Huntsville for the murder of a teenage boy in 1994.

My other brother is currently in jail awaiting charges of sexual misconduct with his three children.

All things considered, my problem is this. I love my fiancé and look forward to bringing her into the family. I certainly want to be totally open and honest with her.

Should I tell her about my cousin who is an Obama voter and registered Democrat?

Signed, Ashamed of a Cousin

Dear Ashamed,

You must be truthful with her and tell her. She has a right to know about the mentally ill degenerate cousin you have. I have to advise you, if she has any decency at all, she will leave you. Some things are unconscionable.

Signed, Dr. L

Editor's Note: For those of you in Ann Arbor, Detroit, Flint, Lansing, Pontiac and all other liberal strongholds – find a dictionary to look up the word – unconscionable. A dictionary is a book that…wait, first….. a book is a……oh, never mind. - Faldo

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Nahanni74 Returns to NPP…and Crushes the Field

Welcome back Nahanni74! Well sort of. Not if you are going to treat us this way.

Just kidding. Nahanni (Jennifer) comes back and was near the lead or had the lead thorough out the tourney and bested 17 others.

Also returning was Mowin4116, after a long break, and Odds2win777 after a short one.

What I noticed tonight was that a lot of players behind pre-flop caught up and held after the flop. You will see what I mean.

On to the action:

11 min: Not a friendly greeting from the NPP faithful, as Mowin4166 (18th) is short-stacked (SS) and loses the race with (Kd Qd) to Pre01’s (AT).

14 min: Theedouble*d (17th) slow plays his (QQ) and trips on the flop into a disaster, as Nahanni74 hits her straight on the river.

21 min: A double kill by Wingsfancurt, as his (77) takes out Suetman1 (16th) (AQ) and Odds2win777 (15th) (KQ) with a [7] on the river.

23 min: Derf-63 (13th) Sorry I missed it playing my own hand into disaster.
32 min: A SS LittleRedElf (14th) sees his (QT) with a [Q] on the flop, run into Douge2’s (AQ).
38 min: A SS xxxKdogxxx’s (13th) (QT) with a [T] on the flop, runs into Nahanni74’s (AT)!
50 min: A SS Tigercub8189 (11th) sees his (AQ) lose the coin flip to Yecats423’s (44).
51 min: Yecats423 (10th) goes out next when Douge2 hits his flush.
58 min: Absea98 (9th) sees his (AQ) run into Funtoon’s (AK).

1st break:
Pre01 5205
Wingsfancurt 5038
Nahanni74 4895
Funtoon 3940
Douge2 3592
ThePunk75 1905
T3chlady 1465
Mikeniks-Faldo 960

65 min: Pre01 (8th) sees his (88) run into Funtoon’s (QQ).
72 min: Now a SS Douge2 (7th) sees his paired 6’s run into Wingsfancurt’s (JJ).
79 min: A SS ThePunk75 (6th) loses with (TT) to Wingsfancurt’s (AJ), as a [J] hits the river. Ouch!

83 min: A SS Mikeniks-Faldo (5th) goes with (66) and gets called by Wingsfancurt with (AT), who hits a [T] on the flop.

110 min: A long battle ensues before T3chlady (4th) goes with (99). But Wingsfancurt is there again, this time with (AQ), and hits the [A] on the flop.

2nd break:
Nahanni74 10780
Wingsfancurt 9850
Funtoon 6370

133 min: Finally, a SS Wingsfancurt (3rd) goes with (K9 – is a dog), and Nahanni74 correctly calls with (Jc 8c). The [J] falls on the flop.

Heads up: Nahanni74 18000 - Funtoon 9000
135 min: Nahanni74 18000 - Funtoon 9000

139 min: A SS Funtoon (2nd) has to go with (4c 3c), but Nahanni74 is holding (K6).

Congratulations to Nahanni74 on the win! Nahanni is already up there on the Walk of Fame, but takes yet another step.

1st – Nahanni74 24 pts
2nd – Funtoon 19 pts
3rd – Wingsfancurt 15 pts
4th – T3chlady 12 pts
5th – Mikeniks-Faldo 9 pts
6th – ThePunk75 7 pts
7th – Douge2 5 pts
8th – Pre01 4 pts
9th – Absea98 3 pts

Standings and totals are on the right side of the blog.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Incoming Fire Has the Right of Way

Meet Clint Smith, Director of Thunder Ranch, ex-Drill Instructor. Here are a few of his observations on Tactics, firearms, self defense and life as we know it in the civilized world.

"The handgun would not be my choice of weapon if I knew I was going to a fight....I'd choose a rifle, a shotgun, an RPG or an atomic Bomb instead."

"The two most important rules in a gunfight are: Always cheat and Always win."

"Every time I teach a class, I discover I don't know something."

"Don't forget, incoming fire has the right of way."

"Make your attacker advance through a wall of bullets. I may get killed with my own gun, but he's gonna have to beat me to death with it, cause it's going to be empty."

"If you're not shootin', you should be loadin'. If you're not loadin, you should be movin', if you're not movin', someone's gonna cut your head off and put it on a stick."

"When you reload in low light encounters, don't put your flashlight in your back pocket... If you light yourself up, you'll look like an angel or the tooth fairy...and you're gonna be one of 'em pretty soon."

"Do something. It may be wrong, but do something."

"Nothing adds a little class to a sniper course like a babe in a Ghillie suit."

"Shoot what's available, as long as it's available, until something else becomes available."

"If you carry a gun, people will call you paranoid. That's ridiculous... If I have a gun, what in the hell do I have to be paranoid for."

"Don't shoot fast, shoot good."

"You can say 'stop' or 'alto' or use any other word you think will work but I've found that a large bore muzzle pointed at someone's head is pretty much the universal language."

"You have the rest of your life to solve your problems. How long you live depends on how well you do it."

"You cannot save the planet. You may be able to save yourself and your family."

"Thunder Ranch will be here as long as you'll have us or until someone makes us go away and either way it will be exciting."

More Excellent Gun Wisdom.......The purpose of fighting is to Win!

There is no possible victory in defense. The sword is more important than the shield, and skill is more important than either.

The final weapon is the brain. All else is supplemental.

1. Don't pick a fight with an old man. If he is too old to fight, He’ll just kill you.

2. If you find yourself in a fair fight, your tactics suck.

3. I carry a gun because a cop is too heavy.

4. When seconds count, the cops are just minutes away.

5. A reporter did a human-interest piece on the Texas Rangers. The reporter recognized the Colt Model 1911 the Ranger was carrying and asked him 'Why do you carry a 45?' The Ranger responded, 'Because they don't make a 46.'

6. An armed man will kill an unarmed man with monotonous regularity.

7. The old sheriff was attending an awards dinner when a lady commented on his wearing his sidearm. 'Sheriff, I see you have your pistol. Are you expecting trouble?' 'No ma'am. If I were expecting trouble, I would have brought my rifle.'

8. Beware the man who only has one gun. He probably knows how to use it!

'The true Soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because He loves what is behind him.'

A people that value its privileges above its principles will soon lose both.

'Those who hammer their guns into plows will plow for those who do not.' ~ Thomas Jefferson

"A general dissolution of principles and manners will more surely overthrow the liberties of America than the whole force of the common enemy." --Samuel Adams

If we get cheated in November by the liberals and Communist/Democrats, this is our last resort. Be prepared to fight or live in chains. – Faldo

Under His Bus - But With Kool-aid!


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

ThePunk75 Wins a Live Private League Pot Limit Omaha Tourney!

Take it away Punk:

“This past Saturday night I had perhaps the perfect night of poker. The cards were flowing my way all night and it was amazing.

I have a league that I am a semi-regular member of. By semi-regular I mean if someone cant make it I get a seat. After this past event I'm thinking I won't be invited back LOL. Its normally a two table tournament and this month they hosted a Pot limit Omaha tournament. The one rebuy was allowed until the first break.

On to some action.

I got a quick double up with KKAx (2 spades) I raised pot preflop with 3 callers. Flop comes QJx(2 spades). First to act I check, one player bets the pot, 1 caller. I check raise pot(Im all in). The original better calls others fold. He turns over 99XX.

Of course the 9 hits the turn to give him the lead, and I'm probably going out first. But the third spade hit the river to give me the nut flush. That was a sign of things to come.

At my table there was 5 re-buys, and I was the direct cause of 3, another was crippled by my flopped straight. One player I got out twice after he did his rebuy when he flopped bottom set and flopped middle set.

Another major double up and one of the re-buys went like this: I held 8895(9,5 is of clubs) and limped in in the small blind with 4 players in(including the BB) flop comes A8x(2 clubs). I check, BB bets pot, one caller, I re-raise pot, and the BB re-raises pot the other player folds. I call.

At this point I know BB had AA, set over set action again BUT I have two clubs and he has none. I say well I need a club then and it hits the turn. At this point I have a monster chip lead over everyone.

After the break I didn't slow down, I hit a minor bump in the road when I flopped straight. I checked got a player to bet out then my of course check raise pot. All the chips got in the pot and we both held the same hand until he made a bigger straight on turn. It was just a small dent in my enormous chip stack, which I made up two hands later.

I flopped a set of 6's and turned quads and got paid off on. When I turned over my hand and said quads, there was a wave of "figures" and “of courses" across the table.

When we got the final table I had a 2-1 chip lead over the next guy. I scored a double KO of the first two players. Two players limped in another raised pot and was all in action to me in SB with AQ10x, I asked for a count of the limpers stack. I just call the all-in, and one of the limpers does also.

Flop comes KJ9. I check, other player bets pot I re-raise putting him all in. He calls. He has two pair, with KJxx, original all in player has AAxx. The turn and river are blanks and my flopped straight holds.

The next KO happened when I was the cutoff with KQJx, I limp in, button calls and the flop comes AJ7(2 diamonds). I check, button bets out 10k, all folds to me and I call. The turn is a Q, I check, button bets pot. I think for awhile on this one (I know I'm probably behind but I have the chips to call). I re-raise pot to put him all in.

He flips over A7xx two pair and he has a flush draw with 2 diamonds. One of the other players say I can only win with a non-diamond ten (but in my head I know I have the Q's and J's also for the full house). The 10 of clubs hits the river for my straight and some expletives from the other player. Unbelievable!

My next victim wasn't happy either when the board came Q1010 (2 clubs) I held a Q with 72 of clubs, I called a non pot bet on flop. A blank (for me) hit the turn, and the other player bet all in on turn. I sat there for a minute. I nearly folded, then called. and the club hit the river. Literally I can't lose.

The top four were in the money. The player in fifth was the only player I didn't KO. The fourth place finisher went out against me when I raised pot preflop with AQJ10, he re-raise all in with JJ108. The flop came all hearts and my QJ were of hearts.

Three handed play lasted quite a long time (TWSS). In BB, I faced a pot raise from SB. I held KKA2, I re-raise pot. My raise puts him all-in, and he was 2nd in chips to me so this was quite a decision for him.

He calls and shows 9986 or something like that. He was double suited but my A2 were the same as his so he was drawing extremely thin. Ironically a two hit the flop and turn and made me trips for the winner.

Heads up play lasted about 4 hands. I raised pot with QJ107, he reraised all in. Again had to think about this call, the last thing I wanted to do was to double him up, but the raise wasn't much more so I called and hoped for the best. He turns over Q1086. I flopped a 7 and amazingly that held up.”


A hot night, but some fine playing also Punk. Congratulations. - Faldo

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Faldo Wins His 3rd NPP Tilt of the Season

I took full advantage as the 3rd quarter leader – xxxKdogxxx - was missing in action. Also missing was Derf-63, who showed up later to explain his meetings ran late. I hate when that happens.

It was the tale of two tourneys for me. I was hot early and late. In between - totally card dead. My cards were so bad for about a 45 minute stretch in the middle of the tourney, all I could do with the chip lead, was watch it dwindle, and me fall to 4th of 6. I really got nothing, and would have flopped even less.

The one flop I did hit with a folded (95), I would have tripped my fives and lost to a flush. So patience was rewarded.

On to the action:

17 min: T3chlady (14th) has (Ad Qd) and hits the flop with [Q6T]. LittleRedElf makes the call with (KT) and hits both the turn and the river [KT]. Ouch!

19 min: Absea98 (13th) has his (KT) hit the flop of [47K], but Theedouble*d is holding (AA).

24 min: Mistermusic5 (12th) I missed it as I was playing the next hand shown.
25 min: K9isadog (11th) calls all-in with (QQ) and a flop of [J89], but Mikeniks-Faldo is holding (JJ). K9 thought maybe I “slow-rolled” raised him here be, but I was thinking that (QT) was a real possibility in his mitt.

K9 has his seat already and his opening range can open up a lot more than the rest of us without a seat. ThePunk75 and Suetman1 were doing just fine with chips. This was on my mind. I did not want to miss the final table.

But in the end, I shoved, he called – and I dodged the [T].

27 min: Douge2 (10th) sees his (QQ) run into Mikeniks-Faldo’s (AA). For a long, long while, I am card ‘coyote ugly’ dead.

45 min: Tomservo2 (9th) with (QJ) and a flop with a [J] has to move it in. Only to find that Funtoon is holding (AA).

49 min: Pre01 (8th) Sorry folks. I was so into my game trying to figure out how to turn manure cards into a few blind saves – that I missed these two hands of Pre01 and the Cub.

54 min: Tigercub8189 (7th)

1st break:
Theedouble*d 5180
Funtoon 4925
Mikeniks-Faldo 4037
Suetman1 2623
ThePunk75 2545
LittleRedElf 1690

69 min: Suetman1 (6th) (66) gets double-teamed by LittleRedElf with (AK) and Mikeniks-Faldo’s (AJ). A [K] on the flop wins it for the Elf.

73 min: Funtoon (5th) raises with (A3) from the button and Faldo floats him with (99) from the small blind, worried about what Theedouble*d will do from the big blind. But he only calls. Faldo not happy with himself.

But, the flop comes [9AQ]. Bingo for Faldo. Funtoon has to get all-in and he doesn’t catch up. Now the Final Four battle on for a while.

93 min: A short-stacked (SS) LittleRedElf (4th) has to try with (Ad 4d) but runs into Mikeniks-Faldo’s (QQ).

103 min: A SS ThePunk75 (3rd) moves in with (JJ), and chip leader Mikeniks-Faldo correctly calls with (A3) and hits an [A] on the flop.

Heads up: Mikeniks-Faldo 16900 - 4100 Theedouble*d

105 min: Mikeniks-Faldo 18030 - 2970 Theedouble*d

107 min: Theedouble*d (2nd) has to go with (A7) but Mikeniks-Faldo has (AT).

Its going to be an exciting finish to the 3rd quarter!!!

1st – Mikeniks-Faldo – 24 points
2nd – Theedouble*d – 19 points
3rd – ThePunk75 – 15 pts
4th – LittleRedElf – 12 pts
5th – Funtoon – 9 pts
6th – Suetman1 – 7 pts
7th – Tigercub8180 – 5 pts
8th – Pre01 – 4 pts
9th – Tomservo2 – 3 pts

Every one else earned one (1) point. Standings are on the right side of the blog.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Other NPP Success Stories - T3chlady and Bigbrimar

Bigbrimar has been out of commission due to some “very successful” surgery. He is back at the poker tables and the golf course. Not quite ready for the big leagues in either yet, but back none the less.

Bigbrimar had a 2nd place and a 7th place finish on a 360 player PokerStars turbo tourney, while convalescing.

Faldo also managed s 7th in a similar tourney, while having a cigar and sipping Scotch on his deck. I got eliminated with (JJ) when a bigger stack in 4th, while I was in 5th, called my all in with (62) – and unsuited no less. That’s (SIX – TWO) for those of you in Ann Arbor. The turn and river were 6’s.

PokerStars loves Faldo ....long time....with branch of cactus.

Over on Full Tilt Poker, T3chaldy finished 18th out of 1772 for a 6 times entry cash! Nicely done, Lady!

In addition, she had this to add:

“I’ve been playing FTP Steps Tournaments

Step 1 is $3.30
Top 2 go to Step 2, or buy in at step 2 for about $8.00
Top 2 go to Step 3, or buy in at step 3 for about $24.00

Goes up to step 7 which gets you a seat in a $10,000 tournament.

I currently have a step 5 ticket that I’m sitting on.

Anyway, I’ve been playing to win Step 3 tickets. I’ve won about 4-5 of them.
I use them to play the $24 tournaments on Full Tilt.
So, that cash only really cost me $3.30.

I’m consistently winning Step 1 at about 80%.
Step 2 at about 75%

It’s a different strategy in those step tournaments but it’s a lot of fun.” – T3chlady

Thanks for the reports from both of you! – Faldo

Thursday, August 12, 2010

LittleRedElf Gives Some Insight Into His Poker Genius

Every NPP’er is always on alert when LittleRedElf (LRE) is at their table. At the start of the tournament, the groans that follow his arrival at your table are so loud they actually drown out the cheers of the people who see Faldo at their table.

LRE has been unbeatable at times on the NPP felt and he is a consistent winner in tournaments on the world’s biggest poker site – PokerStars. He is just as dangerous in live action, holding his own in both tournaments and cash games.

LRE sits down with Faldo to discuss his success in poker.

Faldo: First of all, thank you for your time. I know talking to me is costing you money – unless we play heads up as we chat. Can you give your fellow NPP’ers some insight into your poker success?

LRE: I have a confession to make. In the past three and a half years I have not done well playing No Limit poker online at PokerStars.

Faldo: What? I don’t believe it!

LRE: I know what you people are thinking in the NPP league. Didn't he just win a seat in the finals this past quarter and didn't I have a very good season last year in the league? Yes, that is true. But away from the league, I have lost money playing No Limit Holdem online. Lots of it.

But I have done very well in the past ten years playing No Limit in live settings and I have done well playing No Limit online in prior years at other sites.

Faldo: Well, you are confirming what I already know. It is getting harder and harder to be a winning No Limit Holdem player on PokerStars. Well, frankly anywhere on line. The competition is getting better and better. So, what is the solution?

LRE: What is sustaining me lately is playing different games. I have done well playing Limit Holdem, Razz, 7 Card Stud High & Hi/Lo, occasionally Omaha High and Hi/Lo, and HORSE which encompasses all of these games usually in a Limit format.

Faldo: Good point. I know a few players that have moved to Omaha and Omaha Hi/Lo because the seats are softer.

LRE: So my fellow NPP players, I suggest playing in some limit game tourneys for several reasons: There are far fewer players doing so which makes it easier to make a final table; and in my opinion there are not very many extremely good players. I feel both of these reasons will add to your bankroll. In my case, even though I have lost a lot of money in No Limit, my overall total return on investment (ROI) in online tournament play in the past 3.5 years has been 177%.

Faldo: Wow! That is an incredible number LRE. Especially after admitting you are negative in NL Holdem over that same period. Congratulations to you!

LRE: I do have some recent nice finishes to report which illustrates my point. On July 11, I finished 2nd in a Limit 7 Card Stud Hi/Lo tourney. There were 70 players, it took a little over 5 hours to complete and I received almost 12x my entry.

On July 14, I won a tourney of the same kind of game. There were 40 entries, it took 4 hours and I received 13.5x my entry.

On July 21 I won a Limit Razz tourney. There were 39 entries, it took 4 hours and I was paid 13x my entry.

On July 31, I won a Limit 7 Card Stud tourney. There were only 21 players, it took 3.5 hours and I got 9.5x my entry back.

On August 2, I got 5th place in a Mixed Pot Limit Holdem/Pot Limit Omaha tourney. There were 62 entries, it was over in 1 hour 45 minutes and I received 4x my entry.

Also, the same day I finished in 3rd place in a Limit Razz tourney. There were 98 entries, took 5.4 hours and I got 11.5x my entry back.

On August 4, I won a Limit 7 Card Stud tourney. There were 35 entries, it took 4 hours and I received 12.7x my entry back. On August 6, I won a Limit Razz tourney. There were only 20 entries, it took 3.3 hours and I was awarded 9x my entry.

So, my fellow NPPers, play some other game types and perhaps I'll see you at the tables. Faldo, you will be there, right?

Faldo: Uh…..no. One of the things Faldo has decided to do is really concentrate on ‘game selection.’ I’ll find a softer tourney – without you in it – no offense, in which to try my luck. I'll be glad to root for you from the rail however. I sweat enough bullets on Tuesdays – thank you very much! – end

Many thanks to LittleRedElf for the report.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

xxxKdogxxx Wins to Take Over the 3rd Quarter Lead

Seventeen made it to post, and xxxKdogxxx put his Phil Helmuth type entrance to good use. He showed up fashionably late and proceeded to take over the table. It was a battle between him and Douge2 for the chip lead almost from beginning to end.

With the win, xxxKdogxxx slips by ThePunk75 and extends his lead on the host Mikeniks-Faldo, for the league lead. But…plenty of poker left to play!

On to the action:

9 min: Theedouble*d (17th) Missed it mis-playing my own hand.
18 min: K9isadog (16th) has his (JJ) run into Mistermusic5’s (KK).
20 min: A short-stacked (SS) Derf-63 (15th) has to go when his (34) hits a flop of [34K]. Yecats432 has to call with (KJ) and hits a [J] on the river.

31 min: Tomservo2 (13th) hits the small end of a straight, while Douge2 hits the big end. (twss)
32 min: Wingsfancurt (14th) is knocked out by Mikeniks-Faldo’s flush.
34 min: Some bad karma here as Suetman1’s (13th) (AA) gets run down by Douge2’s (KK) with a [K] on the flop! Ouch! (AA) had trouble holding on to victories a lot tonight.

47 min: Mistermusic5 (11th) has his (JJ) run into somebody’s (QQ).
51 min: A SS Tigercub8189 (10th) goes on a flop of [47A] holding (K7), but Absea98 pairs his Ace.

1st break:
Douge2 5938
Yecats423 4052
XxxKdogxxx 3065
Absea98 2855
T3chlady 2790
Pre01 2650
Mikeniks-Faldo 1951
LittleRedElf 1224
ThePunk75 975

63 min: Some more heartache as Yecats423 (9th) sees her (KK) run into Douge2’s (AA) and this time the American Airlines lands safely.

65 min: Yet another painful exit as a SS Pre01 (8th) sees his (QQ) lose to a SS LittleRedElf’s (AT) with an [A] on the flop.

Finally, Faldo had to play (QsTs) and hit two pair and then (Ac 4c) and paired the [A] to survive. The “comeback” was on!

70 min: Now it was LittleRedElf’s (7th) time for the pain as he sees his (KK) run into xxxKdogxxx’s (AA).

Lots and lots of (AA) dealt tonight - both winning and losing hands. I could not show you all of them in battles which saved players and moved chips around. But the number of (AA) dealt tonight was on the high side.

76 min: SS ThePunk75 (6th) loses a coin flip with (99) to xxxKdogxxx (AJ), and hits a [J] on the flop. Kdog won a lot of these down the stretch – which you have to do to win.

83 min: T3chlady’s (5th) two pair run into xxxKdogxxx’s straight. Yet another xxx victim. Meanwhile Douge2 just picks up pots to stay close.

97 min: Absea98 (4th) goes with (JJ) after a flop of [9c 2d Td]. The “on fire” xxxKdogxxx actually has the lead with (Kd Qd), and calls. The [J] on the turn is a nail in the coffin and not a reprieve on the river for Absea.

Lots of painful exits tonight. Let me be one of them.

A long battle ensues with Faldo almost taking 2nd place in chips against these two sharks. Almost.

112 min: Finally, a SS Mikeniks-Faldo (3rd) goes with (A6), but runs into Douge2’s (AA)! What is with all the (AA)’s tonight???

Heads up: xxxKdogxxx 135000 - 12000 Douge2

115 min: xxxKdogxxx 9500 - 16000 Douge2
120 min: xxxKdogxxx 19100 - 6400 Douge2

121 min: A SS Douge2 (2nd) has to go with (A6) and a flop of [36T], but xxxKdogxxx is holding (QT).

Congratulations to xxxKdogxxx on his league lead!

1st – xxxKdogxxx 24 pts
2nd – Douge2 19 pts
3rd – Mikeniks-Faldo 15 pts
4th – Absea98 12 pts
5th – T3chlady 9 pts
6th – ThePunk75 7 pts
7th – LittleRedElf 5 pts
8th – Pre01 4 pts
9th – Yecats423 3 pts

Standings and totals are on the right side of the blog.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Poker’s Been Good to Me So Far

Have never played the Rio, but tried to twice.
Ain't never been there, they tell me it's nice.

Play in hotel rooms. Swear at the walls.
I have an expense report to pay for it all.

They say I'm crazy but I have a good time.
(Yes I do)
Just looking for clues at the scene of the crime.
Poker's been good to me so far.

My PokerStars account’s up to nine-eighty-two.
Have lost my temper, but learned not to say boo.

I turn off the chat, hide in the back.
Jump from site to site in case I'm tracked.

I make blog posts, my fans they can't wait.
They write me letters, tell me I'm great. Well,

I got me an office, sometimes there all night.
Just send an e-mail, maybe I'll write.

Lucky I'm still sane after all I've been through.
(Everybody say “Faldo’s cool”)
“Faldo's cool!”

I can't complain, sometimes I still do.
Poker's been good to me so far.

I go to poker games, sometimes until four.
It's hard to leave when you can't find the door.

It's tough to handle this fortune and fame
Everybody's so different, I haven't changed.

Wife says I'm lazy, but golf and poker takes all my time.
(Everybody say “Oh, yeah.”)
“Oh, yeah!”

I keep on going. Guess I'll never know why.
Poker's been good to me so far. - end

Ok, I’ll be honest. I had a tiny little bit of help from Joe Walsh on this one. - NF

Friday, August 06, 2010

Douge2’s Humor Corner – XXXXIV

Good humor is funny only when there is a line of truth in it. Behold!


1. You refine heroin for a living, but you have a moral objection to liquor.

2. You own a $3,000 machine gun and $5,000 rocket launcher, but you can't afford shoes.

3. You have more wives than teeth.

4. You wipe your butt with your bare hand, but consider bacon "unclean."

5. You think vests come in two styles: bullet-proof and suicide.

6. You can't think of anyone you haven't declared Jihad against.

7. You consider television dangerous, but routinely carry explosives in your clothing.

8. You were amazed to discover that cell phones have uses other than setting off roadside bombs.

9. You have nothing against stoning women to death and think every man should own at least four.

10. You've always had a crush on your neighbor's goat.

11. Your cousin is president of the United States

This is what passes for Democrat statesmanship, moral standing, work ethic and business common sense?

Let me get this straight.

Obama's health care plan will be written by a Senate committee, whose head says he doesn't understand it,

passed by a Congress that hasn't read it

and whose members will be exempt from it,

signed by a Communist illegal immigrant president who smokes,

funded by a treasury chief who did not pay his taxes,

overseen by a surgeon general who is obese,

financed by a country that is broke,

is completely unconstitutional,

and is based on the same premise that has never worked in any other nation in the entire history of the world.

What could possibly go wrong?

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Beerhog is Hostng a Golf Outing Sept. 18th – Make Your Plans!

Beerhog has twin sons who play hockey. They play so well, they are on a travel team. This, as many know – costs a few dollars.

So, here is a fun outing to try and help the parents out. It’s a great time at a player friendly course – where Faldo is a member.

Beerhog; take it away!

“The outing is September 18th, 2pm shotgun start @ Hartland Glen Golf Course in Hartland, MI.

The cost is $100. per person.

That includes 18 holes of golf, steak dinner and free keg beer.

We will have 1 keg of Miller Lite and 1 keg of Bud Lite. We will not run out of beer! We have 2 kegs on standby if needed!

There will also be closest to the pin and longest drive contests for both men and women.

And a longest drive competition w/ marshmallows……….

And a raffle to boot. No poker, but it is a lot of gambling. Thank you.” - Beerhog

They will use “real” marshmallows for the long drive competition, and not Davethedog’s biceps.

Faldo will see what sponsorship we can get from PokerStars and members of the NPP family. We need to raise $100 to buy a hole sign that would say, “Niks Poker Palace Poker League”.

Remember, the league you save may be your own.

Anyway, I hope you will consider grabbing a foursome or donating to the NPP sign. Faldo needs YOU!

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Theedouble*d Wins His Third NPP Tourney of the Year and 7th Overall

Theedouble*d moves up the NPP Walk of Fame, passing the great Doneill on the list. He did it by besting eighteen others in a wild night of poker.

It was a crazy ride for some and heartbreak for quite a few as PokerStars delivered river shot after river shot - sometimes after giving a turn card reprieve first! Talk about torture. But that is poker.

If you are not a masochist, you have no business being here. TWSS!

On to the NPP action:

17 min: xxxKdogxx (19th) sees his long streak of final tables come to an abrupt end. Nice run Kevin.

21 min: A semi- short-stacked Mikeniks-Faldo (18th) started out the PokerStars heartbreak run (naturally – who else would PokerStars pick?) by watching my (KK) (56%) lose to Theedouble*d’s (Qh Jh) (44%). When two hearts and a [Q] hit the flop, I was just a little better than a coin flip. But runner-runner [JQ] made the need for a heart irrelevant.

21 min: Tigercub8189 (17th) has his brother’s luck I guess.
32 min: Derf-63 takes out K9isadog (16th).
34 min: Odds2win777’s (15th) (As Ks) loses the coin flip to Yecats423’s (TT).
38 min: Tomservo2 (14th) Then a long battle ensues.
53 min: Wingsfancurt (13th)
55 min: A (SS) T3chlady (12th) goes with (A3) and watches Yecats423’s (T9) make a straight.

56 min: LittleRedElf (11th)

What I have not been able to show is all the river saves that have been going on. Many of the players still in were much shorter in chips than some of the players already eliminated. And the insanity would continue after the break.

1st break:
Derf-63 6315
ThePunk75 4300
Yecats423 3905
Absea98 2960
Douge2 2925
Pre01 2550
Theedouble*d 1970
Mistermusic5 1830
Funtoon 970
Suetman1 775

64 min: Douge2 (10th)
69 min: Funtoon (9th) loses a coin flip with (22) to Yecats423’s (AJ) with a [J] on the river.

70 min: Pre01 (8th) sees his (AA) lose to ThePunk75’s (QQ) with a [Q] on the river. Ouch!

76 min: Mistermusic5 (7th) first loses a coin flip to Suetman1 (who has been on a river-saved tear!), then as a short-stack (SS), sees his (K8) run into Yecats423’s (KQ).

98 min: A rare double kill as PokerStars deals out the pain! Look at these hands will you? ThePunk75 (6th) (AA) and Absea98 (5th) (JJ) lose to Theedouble*d’s (QQ) with a [Q] on the river! Ouch!

Earlier, ThePunk75’s (KK) hit a [K] to beat Theedouble*d’s (AA) earlier. So, I guess a payback. As I said, lots of that stuff this evening. But ThePunk75's showing moves him back into the 3rd Quarter lead!

101 min: Yecats423 (4th) Somehow, I missed it.
110 min: Suetman1 (3rd) hits two pair on the turn and shoves. Derf-63 picked up a flush draw at the same time, calls, and hits it on the river. But what a comeback for our new total points for a Finals seat leader! She also moves into contention for the 3rd quarter seat.

Heads up: Theedouble*d 18000 - Derf-63 10500

115 min: Heads up: Theedouble*d 7900 - Derf-63 20600

2nd break:
Theedouble*d 22400
Derf-63 6100

Back and forth it went so far!

124 min: Derf-63 (2nd) goes with (Ad 6d), but Theedouble*d pairs his tens.

Congratulations to Theedouble*d on his 7th NPP win!

1st – Theedouble*d – 24 points
2nd – Derf-63 – 19 points
3rd – Suetman1 – 15 pts
4th – Yecats423 – 12 pts
5th – Absea98 – 9 pts
6th – ThePunk75 – 7 pts
7th – Mistermusic5 – 5 pts
8th – Pre01 – 4 pts
9th – Funtoon – 3 pts

Every one else earned one (1) point. Standings on the right side of the blog!

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Faldo’s Birthday Advice – Don’t Bet Alot to Win a Little

From the great book by Barry Greenstein, “Ace on the River”, are three stories of successful poker players going astray in other types of gambling.

1. A poker player who often bet on horses inherited $250,000. Another poker player proposed that he would book the other player’s horse betting and give him better odds than the casino or bookmakers. The Inheritor agreed.

After a month of betting the poker bookie had all the money. He invested the money in a business and retired from the poker scene.

The “poker bookie” later confided in a friend that the first bet his “customer” placed was on a 12 to 1 shot. If that horse would have won, he would not of had enough money to pay the guy and his scheme would have come to an abrupt end.

2. A high stakes poker player was shooting pool for money against a local hustler. A friend wandered in, saw what was happening, and whispered to the poker player, “Man, don’t play this guy. He don’t have $200 to his name.

The poker player said, “Yes I can. He has $40,200 now.”

3. A wealthy poker player shot pool with a dice player, who had borrowed a couple thousand dollars to stake himself in the pool match. They started at $500 a game and the stakes grew to $20,000 a game.

The dice player won $300,000 in the session. They played several more sessions, increasing the stakes even higher, and by the end of the matches the dice player had amassed $2,000,000.

The dice player – flush with cash – headed to the dice tables at Binion’s Horseshoe Casino. The dice player got hot and ran that $2 million up to $30 million, acquiring nearly every $5000 chip in the casino.

But within a few months, the dice player was broke again. – Barry Greenstein

Amazing stuff, eh? Very White Whale’ish. Search “White Whale” on this site to understand what I mean. - Faldo