Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Faldo Wins NPP #8

Well there goes the neighborhood. How did you guys and gal let this happen? I'm the only one in the world with a longer history of losing than the Detroit Lions, Chicago Cubs and Toronto Maple Leafs - combined!

I almost played this one at BWW. But my wife was not feeling well and decided to help her out and stay home. That way she didn’t have to drive up there to make sure I had beer and didn’t need anything. Don’t tell me I’m not compassionate.

A very aggressive group of 9 players made it to the felt this night. McGuiness and Tigercub failed to register in time, while Nahanni, Rownder and Aqualung just slip in under the deadline. Maybe this is why everyone played like they had a plane to catch. It was just last week that nine players made it to the break! This week, only four survived until then.

18 min: Boother (9th) made a small raise with his (QQ) but got some callers. The flop of rags seemed to miss everyone and he goes all-in. But a Poker Stars big blind special has Duder hitting two pair on the flop with (74).

20 min: A short-stacked ArticBlast (8th) goes all-in when he gets a pair on the flop. But my (Faldo) suited over-cards catch a flush on the river.

Things slow down now until ten minutes before the break. Then Nahanni decides to gut the table like a fish.

50 min: Aqualung (7th) goes all-in with (AJ) but runs into Nahanni’s (AQ).

54 min: Beerhog’s (6th) goes all-in with (AT) but runs into Nahanni’s (AK).

57 min: A short-stacked Rownder (5th) goes all-in with (Q9) but runs into Nahanni’s (AK).

Sev4TSev 5825
Nahanni 3475
Faldo 2740
Duder 1460

70 min: The ‘sick’ hand of the night. A short-stacked Duder (4th) goes all-in with (AQ) with a flop of [Q72] and gets called in the big blind by the chip leader, Sev4TSev holding (Q6). But there is a [Q] on the turn and the death card [6] on the river.

76 min: Poor Nahanni (3rd) tried to make some moves but kept running into slightly better hands that I was holding. I probably took 7 of 8 pots from her either out – kicking her or pairing a small card on the turn or river to edge her out. Normally I am the person losing those, but not this night.

Now short-stacked Nahanni goes all-in with (QJ) and runs into Sev4TSev’s (66). A [6] on the flop ends the drama.

Heads up now –with 8500 and Faldo with 5000. Now I do to Sev4TSev what I did to Nahanni – win every small pot from here on out. This turns the tables and now I have an 11000 to 2500 lead!

We both take a flop of [Ks 7c 9d]. I make a 400 bet with middle pair (9h 3h), and why not? I have been running over the card dead Sev4TSev (2nd) to this point. He calls. The turn is the [6d].

I check here still undecided as to whether I will call an all-in or not. My hearts are not out there but now diamonds are. For some reason I am not convinced Sev4TSev has a {K}. I’m thinking (or wanting to believe) he has something like {Qd} and another small diamond like a {7d} or {8d}. When he checks too, for some reason my feeling he has a {K} goes from 10% to 40%.

The river is a [6c], and Sev4TSev goes all-in. Think time. Do I go with my original read of a busted straight or flush draw – or fold to the higher two pair or trips I may have let him draw to? I’m 60-40 that he missed his draw, so I call and he shows his (8d 7h) for a lower two pair.

I win my first NPP of the year. Is it November already?

1st – Mikeniks (Faldo) 35 pts
2nd – Sev4TSev 29 pts
3rd – Nahanni 12 pts
4th – Duder 16 pts
5th – Rownder 18 pts
6th – Beerhog 16 pts
7th – Aqualung 27 pts
8th – ArticBlast 2 pts
9th – Boother 7 pts
Matchy 20 pts
McGuiness 18 pts
Tigercub 8 pts

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Matchy’s Game Great Fun Again!

Six of us made it there and a good time was had.

It was a weird night card wise. 5 sets of quads appeared. A straight flush also appeared but Sev4TSev moved the card to the other board when he saw the ‘impossible to read Faldo’ start break-dancing when the card hit. 747 then moved the 9 of clubs to the other board and my now busted flush for some reason failed to win.

He mentioned some silly rule of dealing consistently. Thanks a pantload!

How is this for a weird one? ArticBlast, DaveE and Beerhog are in a high-low seven stud game that ArticBlast must have thought of while sitting at home in his underwear and reading the back of a Brokeback Mountain video. You deal 7-stud normal – then for extra rounds of betting, you pick the cards up, discard two and roll your hand out – like we do with Screw Your Neighbor.

Anyways, all three players look like they have full houses when the 5-stud rollout is over! ArticBlast realizes it and when they declare – he declares low with a 3’s over 7’s full house and wins! That has to be the biggest hand ever to win a low pot! DaveE took high with Q's over and Beerhog got the entire sum left over in the 'I Got Screwed' pot. I think we all know how much that is worth.

In the exact same game in a different hand, ArticBlast deals this hi-lo game under the rule that you can’t go both ways. You can only declare high or low - but not both. This left Sev4TSev in the weird predicament of having to decide who to give half the pot to.

He had the 7-high straight, I (Faldo) had a pair of Aces showing and probably was going high and ArticBlast had an 8-low possible showing. In our normal game, Sev4TSev goes both and scoops, and Artic and I would then bitch about what a lucky stiff 747 was. But that is not how ArticBlast calls the game.

After much thought and careful consideration by Sev4TSev (and the fact that I pulled a .45 out of my jacket and casually mentioned it holds 7-hollow point rounds, and I’m still not quite over the straight flush pimp job), he went low and I got the high pot with my trip Aces.

I know the decision was a tough one, but gee, I wonder why he decided the way he did? I guess we will never know.

Anyways, I will be sending ArticBlast his quarter of the pot via Poker Stars. He wouldn’t take it at the game, but I think it is the only fair way to do it. The one who got really killed (almost killed? – LOL - just kidding) by the rule was Sev4TSev. It was really his whole pot. That’s a shame!

Matchy kept feeding Beerhog Apple Pucker and Crown Royal, plus the normal flood of beer. I was waiting for the Herbavor Apple Beer Reflux scene but Beerhog maintained. U da man!

Great music in the background all night. Thanks, Matchy and Mrs. Matchy for the great hospitality.

I will see if I cannot get the old NPP re-lit for the March game. - Faldo

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Duder1123 Wins NPP #7

Another 1st time winner was crown tonight. Duder did it the hard way. He had to skillfully stay away from my rush of cards early – and then had to slay the most prolific tourney winner on this site. Beautifully done!

Eleven made it tonight, so we started with two tables. Maybe the cold weather kept everyone house bound. Nice turnout in spite of missing two regulars – Nahanni and ArticBlast.

Let’s get my sorry tale out of the way early. Maybe I should not write so close to the end of the tourney when the steam has not quit coming out of my ears yet! But my tourney story was early.

I (Faldo) knew I had no chance to win right away. I start off on a table of five with one sitting out - and I get absolute great cards and flops for the first 20 hands. I take down 8 of the first 20 pots and 23 of the first 40 pots, but not much in the way of chips! The guys knew I was hot and let me burn out quietly.

When the cards level out, I don’t win but one showdown the rest of the way – getting run down 3 times and missing my life-saving open ender straight draw at the end. I finished 4th – again! That is the 3rd time in a row too.

I wish Poker Stars would only pay two places. That way I could finish 3rd all the time - for more points at least. I hate this game!

Good thing I play tomorrow night. On to the rest of the action:

39 min: It was on the other table so I don’t have the particulars, but a short-stacked Boother (11th) gets knocked out by Aqualung.

58 min: If you are into computer software conspiracy theories – this hand is for you.

It is close to the break and we are still at two tables – with a few short stacks lurking about. The shortest stack remaining, McGuiness (10th) gets his dream hand (AA) – imagine that - and gets all-in with a rag flop - imagine that - of [629] against Duder holding (A8). But a [T] is on the turn and the perfect [7] hits the river. Imagine that!

And we are magically at one table. Convenient just before the break – don’t you think? I mention this idea about the software in the chat box. To quote Teddy KGB - “Bad judgment!” My cards were crap the rest of the way. Probably just another coincidence right? Right?

Sev4TSev 3660
Mikeniks 2510
Rownder 2360
Aqualung 1630
Bronco 1465
Duder 1390
Matchy 1235
Beerhog 1180
Tigercub 1070

64 min: Aqualung (9th) goes all-in with (Q5) and a flop of [QJ4], only to run into Sev4TSev’s (QJ).

71 min: Matchy (8th) and Sev4TSev hook up for a flop of [Kh Kd Qd]. Sev4TSev bets and Matchy calls. The turn [Td]. Danger Will Robinson! Matchy goes all in with his flush and runs into a full airplane – I mean house! Ouch! Another ouch comes along in eleven more minutes.

73 min: Rounder (7th) makes a move with (A9) and runs into Duder’s (TT).

81 min: A short-stacked Bronco (6th) makes his move with (35) and a board of [257], but Duder has (99).

82 min: Tigercub (5th) flopped a dream with (A7) as [2A7] came down. Beerhog laid in the weeds with (AA) and when another [7] fell on the river, the Tiger was bagged. Ouch squared!

85 min: My (Faldo - 4th) tale of woe already spewed at the opening. I get to whine early and longer - writer license. I got knocked out 50 minutes ago at this writing and I am ok now. Down to only one #@%!@#% swear word per sentence I have to fix while typing. That’s progress.

100 min: The three remaining see the flop of [Qc Kc Jc]. Beerhog (3rd) bets, Sev4TSev folds, Duder raises with his straight (Td 9c), Beerhog goes all-in with his 2-pair (KQ) and Duder calls. No ship comes in for Beerhog and he’s off the pier.

Down to two and what a battle it was! When it started Duder had a slight lead at around 8,000 to 7,000. He built it up to 14,200 to 2,300!

But Sev4TSev – as we all know – “has alligator blood. All night long – check, check, check. Can’t get rid of him.” Sorry – love the Rounder’s schick.

At the 120 min mark and 2nd break – its:
Sev4TSev 13,700
Duder 2,800

Complete reversal. But we were not finished yet! A couple of straight and flush catches and it’s a ball game again!

131 min: Finally Sev4TSev (2nd) goes all-in with his (99) against Duder’s (Ac Jc). The flop has a [J] in it and we have another 1st time winner! Great battle guys!

Congratulations Duder and welcome to the Walk of Fame!

1st – Duder (13pts)
2nd – Sev4TSev (22pts)
3rd – Beerhog (16pts)
4th – Mikeniks (Faldo) (25pts)
5th – Tigercub (8pts)
6th – Bronco
7th – Rownder (17pts)
8th – Matchy (20pts)
9th – Aqualung (27pts)
10th – McGuiness (18pts)
11th – Boother (7pts)
Nahanni (7pts)
ArticBlast (2pts)

Beerhog Finishes 6th in HORSE Tournament

Armed with his new laptop computer, Beerhog settled in on Poker Stars and almost walked away with enough to pay for it. He had the lead going into the final table, but was knocked out in a Razz lap.

He bested 234 of the players and got back ten times his entry. Nice job Beerhog.

He must have taken a break from his favorite video – Farm Animals Gone Wild!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Faldo Wins Spade Club NL Holdem Tourney

I bested 125 players in a freeroll for my eighth on-line tournament victory. I won some cash but you have to join as a member to collect it. I think the fee is $20 a month to join. I won half that.

It’s an internet poker club run by Card Player Magazine. The software is not that great and they want to know your social security number to join. I am wary of that.

But you never know. It may be the wave of the future. I'm still considering it.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

NPP Live Action at Matchy's on the 23rd @ 7pm

Ok guys, lets get the RSVP's in;


Cigar4 John

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

McGuiness Wins NPP #6 – For His 1st NPP Title

Well, he no longer can be called ‘rookie’. The newest member of the NPP stable of players, McGuiness007 (Tim), wins his first tourney on one very snowy night. The weather made Nahanni, Rownder and Tigercub late and stopped Matchy from playing all together.

But the worst of it ...was finding out Boother was in the Bahamas! That - I did not need to hear. On to the action. Slow start - fast finish.

40 min: A rare three-way all-in when a short-stacked Sev4TSev (7th) went all-in with (65) and was called in two places by Tigercub (A8s) and Nahanni (TT). The flop had an [A] in it, so the plane crashed, the cat got fed and the lady lost with the lead. A sign of things to come.

50 min: McGuiness calls Nahanni’s (6th) big blind. The flop of [443] gets a bet from McGuiness and a call from Nahanni. A [5] on the turn give Nahanni two pair and she goes all-in – only to run into the Scot’s trip 4’s.

McGuiness 3800 (taking pots from tourists)
Mikeniks 2465 (made up from slow start)
Rownder 1765 (dangerous amount of chips)
Tigercub 1540 (Not the best card run)
Beerhog 930 (Mikeniks hurt him 5 min before the break)

78 min: A short-stacked Beerhog (5th) goes all-in when his (K2) hits the flop of [229]. But McGuiness calls with (99)! Beerhog ran into a hot player. Watch this.

80 min: Mikeniks (4th) - I got hurt by McGuiness earlier in a blind battle and now I am the short stack. I hit the flop [Q64] with my (J6s) in the blind - again - and make my stand. But McGuiness is holding (99) and I get no pardon from the governor.

82 min: Rownder (3rd) also had his two pair run into a McGuiness set of trips. Sorry I don’t have the details. I wrote down the wrong hand number. Hands were flying by. Note the minute counts.

83 min: Tigercub (2nd) goes all-in with (Q7) and a flop-turn of [766A], but McGuiness has (AJ) and no lucky seven for the Cat.

Congratulations on your first win at NPP, McGuiness - and welcome to the Walk of Fame!
(by the way that also only puts you 12 wins behind Sev4TSev (another Tim) in the Grand Total count!)

1st – McGuiness [18 pts]
2nd – Tigercub [7 pts]
3rd – Rownder [17 pts]
4th – Mikeniks [22 pts]
5th – Beerhog [11 pts]
6th – Nahanni [7 pts]
7th – Sev4TSev [15 pts]
Aqualung [27 pts]
Matchy [20 pts]
Boother [7 pts]
Duder [3 pts]
Articblast [2 pts]

FYI – a note from Poker Stars to your host:
“I appreciate the time you took to write us regarding your concern. After reviewing the chat log, ChipMe01’s chat privileges have been removed for repeatedly accosting players for chips.”

I told you guys I would turn them in if I was at my email. – Nik Faldo

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Aqualung Wins #5 – and is the 1st Double Winner

Aqualung called it with a “Here I come!” and then proceeded to roll his opponents. I'm smelling the start of a Boother-then-Rownder-then-Sev4TSev - NOW Aqualung steamroller. I hate when that happens!

Nine of us made the game, which is the average this year – two players higher than last year even with some regulars from last year missing! Nice job.

15min: Beerhog (9th) is the first casualty as his (AK) runs into Sev4TSev’s (AA).

33min: A rare three-player all-in! Very exciting! The short-stacked Boother (8th) rightly goes all-in preflop with (AQ), but is called by ArticBlast and Nahanni. “Danger Will Robinson!” The flop is [Tc 6c 8c] and ArticBlast goes all-in with (Kc2c), Nahanni calls with (AhAc) and Boother is drawing dead! The turn is a [Qc] and now ArticBlast is drawing dead!

The turn was deadlier than the river tonight.

35min: Crippled ArticBlast (7th) has to go all-in with (KT) and gets no help when called by Sev4TSev’s (A7).

43min: McGuiness gets crippled when his (AK) runs into Rownder’s (QQ) and he over-bets his straight draw with a flop of [J7Q].

McGuiness then proceeds to run that 300 into over 2000 in seventeen minutes!

Rownder 3845
Sev4TSev 3420
McGuiness 2010
Nahanni 1990
Aqualung 1705
Mikeniks (Faldo) 530

85min: McGuiness (6th) slow-plays his (JJ) and doesn’t believe Nahanni’s bet on a flop of [9K5] and goes all-in. But Nahanni’s (KJ) holds up.

96min: A short-stacked and card-dead after the break - Sev4TSev (5th) has to make a move with (KhQh), but gets no help against Nahanni’s (A9).

100min: Mikeniks-Faldo (4th) (I) make my last stand in the big blind with A-rag. But I get no help and Rownder’s pair of Jacks on the flop finish my night.

106min: A now short-stacked Rownder’s (3rd) (Q8) can’t catch Aqualung’s (AT).

Aqualung has a 10,000 to 3,500 lead at this point.

111min: Nahanni (2nd) goes all-in with (Qc5c) and is called by Aqualung (1st) with (QsTs). The board of [Js 6s 4h] [Tc] [Qh] takes the lady home from the prom.

Congratulations to Aqualung who is the first double winner of the year so far!

1st – Aqualung [27 pts]
2nd – Nahanni [7 pts]
3rd - Rownder [12 pts]
4th - Mikeniks-Faldo [19 pts]
5th - Sev4TSev [15 pts] card dead after the break
6th – McGuiness [8 pts]
7th – ArticBlast [2 pts]
8th – Boother [7 pts]
9th - Beerhog [10 pts]
Matchy [20 pts] missed tonight
Duder [3 pts]

Saturday, February 02, 2008

The Legend of the White Whale

During my softball career, I had the fortune to meet some real…characters. One of the most unforgettable was a reserve 1st base – right fielder we called the White Whale. About five-eleven and around 220, he was not fat by any means, but was stocky and very, very …white.
Redish-brown hair and skin that turned bright red as we played softball tourneys in the hot Saturday sun. He had his jersey off in between games showing a bright red face and arms with a white trunk and someone stuck the nickname on him.

The White Whale was an average ball player, a practical joker and one of the funniest comedians I ever met! What a quick wit, sharp tongue and a riot to be around. He was also a gambler. He liked to bet sports and did so. But successfully?…not so much. He once owed me over $10,000…on $50 and $100 football bets!

Of course he couldn’t pay (he never did or could – which is why he could only bet with me), but I kept taking his action. Why? Simple. I simply took his bets and if I liked the same team, I didn’t bet it and if I liked the other side, I bet it extra heavy. I made a fortune! At the end of the football season, I let him bet what he owed …and no more – until he won and we could be square when softball season started.

Actually, on week 14 (that was all there was then), I miscalculated and when the day was over, he had gone from $9900 in the hole to $20 up! This of course meant that I had one of my worst days ever! The games were not over 10 minutes and my phone rings and it is The Whale - wanting to know where we could meet so he could collect!

Anyway, we were in Las Vegas for a softball tournament and of course we were in the casino at night. We all had to play eight hours of blackjack or craps ($5 minimum bet) to get our rooms comped. So our team is scattered around the tables trying to grind out the time.

Someone asks the Whale why he is not playing and he pulls out his bankroll...of $2. Now that we all know why he is not playing, he feels he can hit us all up for loans. We all say ‘nothing doing’ as the only thing he is worse at than paying off bet losses…is paying loans back.

Finally ‘Big Bill’ gives him $100 to shut him up and the Whale sits down at our blackjack table.

His first bet is for $50. Before Bill can stop it the dealer deals. Twenty-one for The Whale. The Whale lets it ride on the next hand. Big Bill is beside himself and says, “If you are going to throw my money away on one hand, I want it back!” The Whale says it’s my money now and an argument ensues.

Meanwhile, the Whale’s 19 holds up …for his third win in a row and he now has close to $400. He continues to bet either $50 or $100 a couple more times with Bill going ballistic every time The Whale bets. The rest of us are all $5 or $10, and trying to survive. This size bet is killing Bill for some reason and he is demanding his money back. After a few plays, The Whale has $500 and finally gives Bill his $100 back... to shut Bill up.

The dealer tells The Whale he can’t give chips to a player at the same table he is playing at (remember he came to Vegas with only $2 for four days), so the Whale moves across the casino and out of sight. First, there is some name calling with a teammate and man who was not only was just nice enough to loan him $100 – but could crush the Whale like a grape.

As I said, The Whale could come up with the barbs that would make the victim mad and everyone else laughing so hard they can't stand up. It was just hard to punch the guy out under those conditions - which is how The Whale made it to the age he did. I'm serious, Don Rickles was an amateur compared to The Whale.

We all play like four hours – so we are half way to our comp. As we are heading to our rooms (we did have softball to play tomorrow) I pass by The Whale’s table and he has over $4000 in front of him! He is playing three hands at $100 to $300 a hand! Because of his rate of play The Whale tells me he is already comped!

We come down for breakfast and The Whale is still at the same table with close to $12,000 in front of him! I tell him he has to eat and we got a game and he reluctantly cashes out with a marker from the pit boss. He still only has his $2 in cash and charges his breakfast to our coaches room.

The next night, The Whale comes down from a nap after dinner at around 2 am. We are out of the tourney and most of us are still working on our comp. He joins us at the craps table and immediately asks the pit boss for his entire $12000 bankroll.

You guessed it. In a little less than 15 minutes, the casino has it all and The Whale is again asking for a loan. The smile never left his face and he continued to make fun of the way the rest of us were betting and playing. – Nik Faldo