Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Beerhog Wins #30-6

Sorry group, but I had a business dinner in Cleveland. I didn’t make it to the table until past the break!

Then I started talking and trash talking and defending my honor and meanwhile, all heck broke loose! Three players got knocked out quickly and I didn’t get any of it. My bad! Beer whispers struck again!

Here were the standings when I got ready to do my job:


110 min: Duder (4th) makes his stand with (33) when the flop [742] looks like it whiffed everyone. Everyone but the BB Nahanni, holding (72).

115 min: Matchy (3rd), back from a long layoff has to make a stand with (Jd 3d), but runs into Beerhog’s (AK) and no help arrives.

118 min: This did not take long. Good thing too, because I was drunk from the dinner and getting sleepier by the minute. Good thing the bed is two steps away.

Oh yeah – poker. Nahanni (2nd) makes her stand with (T9) and Beerhog calls her down with (A5). No one pairs and Beerhog is victorious! That can’t be good for anyone.

1st – Beerhog 22 pts
2nd – Nahanni 36 pts
3rd – Matchy 5 pts
4th – Duder 10 pts
5th – 7Jokers 11 pts
6th – Tigercub 11 pts
7th – ArcticBlast 3 pts
8th – Rennzzo 14 pts
9th – Doneill 11 pts
Boother 11 pts
Aqualung 10 pts
Faldo 9 pts
DavetheDog 3 pts

Total points race on the side of the blog.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

7Jokers Returns …and Wins!

7Jokers returns to the NPP fold after a forced absence.
Write me at npokerp at yahoo if you need a better explanation. Thanks.

Great to have him back as he not only improves the talent level of an already incredible poker stable here at NPP, but he seems to be the only one who can keep Nahanni from running us all over.

We had eight players on two tables, but no damage was done at the first level, so we merged to one table all intact.

33 min: A short-stacked Duder (8th) goes all-in with (66) to find Nahanni’s (77) waiting for him.

37 min: Boother (7th) takes the bad beat of the night when his (KK) all-in loses to Nahanni’s (55) and a [5] on the river! There is a reason it is called River Stars!

51 min: For insulting the site, I got my usual string of garbage. The game (mainly Nahanni and Beerhog) was very aggressive, and I just never had the goods to make a stand.

Mikeniks-Faldo (6th) has to make a move with (A5) and get action from Beerhog with (AQ). No miracle five for me.

Nahanni 4940
ArcticBlast 2970
Beerhog 1800
7Jokers 1600
Tigercub 690

63 min: The longest hand of the night occurred when Nahanni bet and Beerhog called and the flop came [Qh 3c 4c]. Nahanni bets almost half the pot and Beerhog calls.

Turn [6h]. Nahanni bets 1/5 the pot and Beerhog calls again. There is a lot of time taken between bets and calls here.

River [Kd]

Nahanni bets half the pot! Beerhog thinks for a long time before calling all-in.

Nahanni loses the pot with (54) and Beerhog gets healthy with his rivered King (KJ).

65 min: Short-stacked Tigercub (5th) gets all-in with (As 3s), but Beerhog calls with (KJ) and hits the [K] on the flop.

68 min: ArcticBlast (4th) gets a Poker Stars cooler deck special when his (KK) runs right into Nahanni’s (AA). Ouch

Joker is low man at this point and survives three all-ins to hang around. He has a little fire power now.

72 min: 7Joker gets healthy when he moves all-in with (AT) and a flop of [6T7]. Nahanni goes for the kill with (J9) but misses the straight.

95 min: Beerhog (3rd) survives two all-ins but his third one has his (Ah Kh) lose to Nahanni’s (55).

102 min: 7Jokers builds a chip lead. When Nahanni (2nd) gets caught on a bluff, 7Jokers returns to the NPP winner’s circle! Congratulations 7Jokers.

1st – 7Jokers 10 pts
2nd – Nahanni 29 pts
3rd – Beerhog 12 pts
4th – ArcticBlast 3 pts
5th – Tigercub 11 pts
6th – Mikeniks-Faldo (9 pts)
7th – Boother 11 pts
8th – Duder 7 pts
Rennzzo 14 pts
Doneill (11 pts)
Aqualung85 (10 pts)
DavetheDog 3 pts

Total points race is on the right side of the blog.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Doneill Wins the 4th Round of the 3rd Qtr

A return to the winner's circle by the man who wiped us out in the 2nd quarter.

Seven made it to the virtual felt and 3rd Qtr leader and two in a row winner Nahanni sat out the entire round. So six actually battled.

21 min: Aqualung (7th) has the bad luck to hit his straight when Doneill hit his flush.

49 min: Tigercub8189 (6th) was as card dead as I was last week. Very short-stacked, he goes all-in with (T7) and loses to the other short-stack, Doneill, who holds (JT).

I hit three sets of quads in the first hour - two quad 8's and one quad 5's. Only the 5's made me any money (to short-stack Doneill), as I got no action on one and folded the case 8 on the other.


Boother 4616
Doneill 2660
Rennzzo 2005
Mikeniks-Faldo 1055
Nahanni 165

62 min: Nahanni (5th) blinds out.

64 min: My {Mikeniks-Faldo (77)} (4th) lose to Boother's two pair.

Sorry I missed the hands that lower Boother's chip count. Maybe someone can fill us in. I went to open the files to start loading the stats and when I returned a short time later, Boother was 3rd in chips. I know Rennzzo got some of them with trip Aces.

72 min: Boother (3rd) goes all-in with (KT) and a straight draw, but he can't run down the pair of 9's Rennzzo has.

Heads up: Doneill 6000 - Rennzzo 4500

75 min: It didn't take long. Doneill calls Rennzzo's (2nd) blinds.

The flop is [9h 7d Td]. Rennzzo bets and Doneill calls.

The turn is [6c] and the players get all-in. Rennzzo with (Qh 8H) and the 10-high straight, but Doneill is holding (J8) for the J-high one. Congratulations to Doneill.

1st - Doneill (11 pts)
2nd - Rennzzo 14 pts
3rd - Boother 11 pts
4th - Mikeniks-Faldo (9 pts)
5th - Nahanni 22 pts
6th - Tigercub8189 10 pts
7th - Aqualung85 (10 pts)
Beerhog 7 pts
Duder 7 pts
DavetheDog 3 pts

Total Point Race Standings are on the side of the Blog.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Sev4TSev Golf Outing! - The Details

For Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation
Saturday August 2nd, 2008

At the Inn at St. Johns
44045 Five Mile Road, Plymouth, MI 48170

Shotgun at 1:30 pm
Driving Range included at 12:30 pm
(Warm up first?? Never heard of that.)

I think it is a scramble, but not positive.

Includes Driving Range, 18 holes with cart, lunch at the turn, BBQ dinner after the round and prizes and 50/50 raffle.

Contact Nik Faldo at npokerp at yahoo.com or

kaitlynscourage at hotmail.com

I'm in! Can we get an NPP 4some or 8some? - Faldo

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Nahanni73 Wins Two in a Row!

Men – you have work to do if you are going to derail this lady, who seems to be on a mission!

Nine made it to the table this evening. I dodged a monsoon in Cleveland to make it to the virtual felt in time.

32 min: We opened on two tables and Doneill (9th) slapped me around pretty good, hurting my chip stack early.

Fortunes changed for him when we merged to one table. Mine never did change.

He got all-in with (KQ) and a flop of [Q85], but ran into Aqualung’s (55). Ouch!

39 min: Tigercub8189 (8th) took the bad beat of the night when he flopped two pair with (JT) and a flop of [TQJ]. What can ArticBlast do with (KK) but call? A [9] on the river gives Arctic the straight and the cold shoulder to the cat.

48 min: A short-stacked Rennzzo (7th) loses with (Q9) to Aqualung’s (AQ).

49 min: I win my first, and only showdown of the night. I am now 1 for 72 in pot wins at this point, and still buried in last place.

56 min: Nahanni (33) gets healthy on an all-in with Duder (KQ) and ArcticBlast (KQ).

58 min: ArcticBlast (6th) gets runner up for bad beat. Not because his hand of (Js 4s) is that strong, but after a flop of [TJ5] and a turn of [4], it is looking much better. Nahanni has (AJ) and when a [5] hits the river, the Blast is in a deep freeze.

Nahanni 4330
Duder 3680
Aqualung 2290
Boother 1820
Mikeniks-Faldo 780

73 min: I (5th) have maintained by winning a few pots uncontested, but I finally get a real hand (Ad Kd). But the flop whiffed me again, as it did all night. Even my folded hands never hit. Anyway, Boother pairs on the river to beat my ace and put me out of Poker Stars Hell – for tonight anyway (finish 1 for 110 hands in showdowns).

81 min: Boother (4th) loses his coin flip with (JJ) to Duder’s (AQ) when Duder pairs.

93 min: Aqualung (3rd) shares a similar fate as his (AJ) loses to Nahanni’s (66).

Chips are close to even for the heads up match between Duder and Nahanni.

104 min: Nahanni wins a big pot and takes a 11500 - 2000 lead!

107 min: Now it is 12500 – 1000 Nahanni.

109 min: Now it is 9000 – 4500 Nahanni. Uh-oh. Duder, getting back in it?

111 min: Uh - no. Nahanni (1st) wins it as her pair of threes beats Duder’s bluff. Nice double win, Nahanni!

1st – Nahanni 21 pts
2nd – Duder 7 pts
3rd – Aqualung (10 pts)
4th – Boother 6 pts
5th – Mikeniks-Faldo (6 pts)
6th – ArcticBlast
7th – Rennzzo 7 pts
8th – Tigercub8189 10 pts
9th – Doneill (1 pt)
Beerhog 7 pts
DavetheDog 3 pts

Grand total point race is on the blog!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Nahanni Wins Tourney #2 of Quarter #3

Sorry I was not there to record the festivities.
Family BBQ at my house and I was the cook!

Lots of MIA’s tonight. Tigercub missing is a surprise.
DavetheDog had promised a rebirth, but it is the week of the 4th.
Beerhog is out of town and I figured him to be out.
Probably ditto for BigLou.
Shaping up to be a two-tabler next week I'm predicting!


1st – Nahanni 11 pts
2nd – Rennzzo 7 pts
3rd – Aqualung (5 pts)
4th – Boother36 3 pts
5th – Doneill (1 pt)
6th – Duder1123
7th – ArticBlast1
Tigercub8189 10 pts
Beerhog 7 pts
Mikeniks-Faldo (5 pts)
DavetheDog 3 pts

Total points race on side of blog.