Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Nik Finishes 4th in BoDog Tourney

Hoping to win my second on-line big tourney of the year, I made it to 4th against 195 players.

It was a boring tournament. I played nothing but premium hands that seem to come by often enough to where I never got desperate. Some mope would bet, I would go all in, he would call and my better hand held up.

I bet a few hands that didn't get called and probably got bet off a few winners. But all in all - kind of boring. Except for a stretch of four straight hands where I folded hands like J4, 93, K2 and another lump of coal I can't remember - and I would of taken down four monster pots and been the easy chip leader about three-quarters of the way through.

It happens of course but watching the flop hit my hand and then improve to the nuts while idiot after idiot went all in - was hard to take since Bo Dog leaves your folded cards visible but faded and stamped folded.

I went out when my first and only loss with the best hand happend. My AJ got beat by A8 - with the dreaded 8 on the river. I won 16 times my entry.

Monday, October 30, 2006

The NPP 747 Open Drew the Most Players!

Seven battle ready NPP regulars squared off. For you NPP readers not getting in the action, you are missing a great time. Fourputt - according to the Man Laws carved in stone - redeemed himself for missing last week's internet game by making this one in spite of a vasectomy earlier in the day! That is NPP spirit.

The guys - being the buddies that they are - all volunteered to service his bride while he recovers. Fourputt was overwhelmed with the generous nature of his poker buddies.

On to the action:

In a very unsporting kick to the nads, SpartanToJo in his first appearance in this on-line specatular, disposes of the hairless and sore sack of Davethedog (Fourputt) - when his AJ took out Fourputt's AT when they both flopped their lower card on the flop. Dave must of retired to the ice bag, as we heard no more from him.

Sparty almost took me out and should of when his AK lost to my AT. I was running low and made a move when we both flopped an Ace. I spiked a T on the turn. (I got a Tolly card finally!)

Hlam (Herbavor) then crippled the last tourney winner 747 when his KQ of spades somehow bested 747's AJ of spades when a Q hit the board.

Beerhog came back from the dead when his 98s hit a straight against Sparty's 44. Notice the run of lower hands beating the better hands?

Beerhog picked up more chips from the tourney leader when his A9 beat Sparty's A8.

Beerhog then took out the short stacked 747, guaranteeing a different champion tonight.

Louanna got back in the hunt when his 88 beat Sparty's A3.

Hlam bit the dust when he hit two pair with his T7 against Sparty's AA. But a pair of 8's also hit the board and it was goodbye Herbavor.

Beerhog continued his run of cards and luck as he knocks out Louanna (Thai Food) when he spikes a J with AJ against Louanna's AK. Ouch! I officially demand the cards turn for Thai Food from this point forward. The poker Gods have been pooping in Thai Food's plate lately. His cards have been running hot - but sour.

That left three and I did it again! I got froggy with nothing and said good night when my QT lost to Sparty's A9.

Beerhog got a bad break when he flops a K holding K2 and moves in, just to get called by Sparty's AA! Congrats SpartanToJo!

1st = SpartanToJo
2nd = Beerhog
3rd = Nik Faldo
4th = Louanna
5th = Hlam
6th = Sev4TSev
7th = Davethedog

We had two suggestions - one is to have the next game on Thursday.
Second to have the game at 9pm. I'm going to make an executive decision and grant both requests, since I saw no objections at the table.

Next on-line tourney (NPP #4) will be on November 9 at 9pm, only two days from the next NPP game. The password will the '2ofclubs'. #34826702

Other exciting news - Thai Food is investigating 'rake free' tourneys at the World Poker Exchange. He will keep up informed I'm sure. - Nik Faldo

Monday, October 23, 2006

7Forty7 Wins NPP Internet Classic #2

We had six players this time - one up from last time.

Fourputt was a no - show. Actually, he was a withdraw since he was registered at one time. Pad must have been leaking or maybe he broke a nail. Anyway, he stopped by but gave no reason for being AWOL. His brother CigarJohn was having his bikini wax done on game night and missed also.

On to the action:

I busted Louanna out when he unhappily got QQ when I had KK. He and Hlam got short-stacked as Beerhog got a run of full houses!

Beerhog uncerimoniously eliminated the new guy Mikemach32 when his TT outlasted Machy's flush draw which failed.

Hlam survived one all in pushing in with T9 and beating Beerhog's K3.

But 7forty7 finally took Hlam out lost as his A3 ran into AK.

I misread Beerhog for a bluff and pushed all in with K9 when the flop was J94. Beerhog had KJ. That crippled me and I went out on the next blind.

Beerhog pulled even with 7forty7 when his AA survived QT for 7forty7 and a flop of 6QT. But a six on the turn gave Beerhog the bigger two pair.

It ended when Beerhog's AJ got cracked by 7forty7's J9 when they both paired the J on the flop and went all in, but a 9 spiked on the river.

1st - Sev-4T-Sev
2nd - Beerhog
3rd - mikeniks
4th - hlam
5th - mikemach32
6th - Louanna

Next tourney already posted for next Monday night. Same time - same password.

Nik's Poker Palace Classic #3 - The 747 Open!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Reminder - NPP Online Tournament @ PokerStars

Beerhog Makes Another Final Table!

The game Limit Razz. The site was Poker Stars.
The number of players was 328.

Beerhog by is own admission - got sidetracked:

"This time i got to the final table and the world series started and I could
not pay attention. started final table in 5th and speed bet my way to

Louanna is killing the limit tables. Tolly is crushing the mopes at Absolute Poker. Beerhog owns the tourney trail on Poker Stars!

Meanwhile, this humble scribe has logged 643 hours of tournament and ring play on eleven different sites this month and I have a cool $3.45 profit securely held in my left jeans pocket. I have a hole in my right jeans pocket for something to do while waiting for SNG's to fill. - Nik Faldo

Friday, October 20, 2006

Nik's Internet Poker Rooms

My excursion scanning the globe for poker sites is over. It was halted at 208.
There are four reasons I stopped my quest to visit every poker site running:

> Our government is crushing sites left and right with their lame brain laws so I have no idea who will be here tomorrow.

> Sites are not always returning funds when they go out of business or stop taking USA business.

> Sites like Mansion Poker are taking your money, then asking for identification and information they do not need - in order for you to cash out.

> I am going to stick with the sites that stuck with US players during this debacle.

I get letters from women all over the world. For instance Jessica Simpson, Scarlett Johansson and Natalie Gulbis keep asking "Where does Nik Faldo play poker? We want to play with his chips!" Well, who can blame them?

Here are the sites I am on now and the list can only shrink. Time for me to get some FPP equity in the sites I play in.

1. Poker Stars – the best site in my opinion and didn’t run out on US players like Party Poker. This leaves Poker Stars above the rest by a long shot.

2. World Poker Exchange – NO RAKE! Few players, but plenty of free rolls and a sports bookie – if you like to look up the lines for information only!
3. Bugsy’s Club – Nice software
4. The Gaming Club – Don’t like the software but they have plenty of tournaments
5. Full Tilt Poker – Plenty of players and nice software.
6. Ultimate Bet – Plenty of players but I hate the lobby.
7. Bo Dog Poker – I just don’t like the software or the lobby, but a bookie also.
8. Absolute Poker – I don’t trust this site for some reason, don’t like the service or the software, but plenty of free rolls
9. Platinum Poker (Doyle’s Poker Network) – Don’t like the software but tourneys are plentiful enough
10. True Poker – Been around a long time and never gets any bigger or any better. Horrible lobby, few players, tournaments are few, SNG’s never fill, but the graphics are great for ring play.
11. Jungle Poker – the little site that could! Plenty of tourneys and they are still open!

This is where I am playing, but in my opinion Poker Stars is the best bar none! - Nik Faldo

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Beerhog is on Fire on Poker Stars!

A 21st place finish in a 600 player HORSE tourney,
a 7th place finish in an 80 player limit Razz tourney,
and a SNG win!

Very impressive as Razz is not easy and HORSE involves playing five different games during the tournament. Of course playing at NPP prepares you for that.

Quite a run for Beerhog since returning to the Poker Stars tables.

We may need to gang up on him next Monday night to have a chance the way he is playing right now.

Good job Beerhog!
NPP Players - "These guys are good!"

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Online Poker Sites and Financial Processors: Who Raised and Who Folded?

I have received definitive confirmation from Card Player Magazine that the following companies are NOT pulling out of the United States:

Absolute Poker (I have funds)
Bodog Poker
Doyle Brunson Network (Platinum Poker – I have funds)
Doyle’s Room
Full Tilt Poker (I have funds)
Full Contact Poker
Poker Stars (I have funds)

I have determined that Bugsy’s Club (I have funds), The Gaming Club (I have funds), Jungle Poker and World Poker Exchange (I have funds) are still operating for US Customers.

However, I still took my money out of Jungle Poker as they are a small site and I got worried. I also exited Bo Dog Poker. Not because I was worried, but because I just don’t like the software and their tourneys are all expensive. I may go back.

Card Player also has it on good authority that Ultimate Bet’s intention is to accept US customers. As a matter of fact, many of these sites have rewarded US players by offering specials for their customers.

I logged on to Ultimate Bet (I have funds) and there did not seem to be any problems there either.

Paradise Poker closed my account but allowed me to withdraw my funds. They did not send me an email so get there if you have money there and get it out. You have until November 13th, 2006.

Royal Vegas Poker also sent me a notice telling me they were closing, but I did not have any funds there any longer. They use the same skin as The Gaming Club, so I am surprised The Gaming Club is still open to US players.

Financial Processors: Who’s In and Who’s Out?

NETeller’s decision to stay in the US has been confirmed. In case any of Card Player’s readers missed it, the decision was reported in the Wall Street Journal:

“A NETeller PLC executive said the British company, which handles payments for online gambling companies and others, will continue to operate in the US, despite the recent passage of antigambling legislation.”

At about the same time NETeller made its decision to continue, FirePay sent a letter to all its customers saying that the moment President Bush signs the bill, FirePay will decline purchase transactions with online gaming sites.

Bottom line to all this is: I have been to 208 poker sites.

The best site is Poker Stars and the safest site is Poker Stars. All of the player’s money is in a separate account from Poker Star’s finances. If Poker Stars closed tomorrow all money in player’s accounts could be refunded without a problem.

The safest internet bank to use for transfer to Poker Stars is Net Teller. I have never had an issue in several years of moving funds to and from Net Teller. – Nik Faldo

Monday, October 16, 2006

Nik Wins the NPP Tourney Kickoff

Well the fix was not in, but I know it sure smells like it when the sponsor of the tourney wins the first one.

Louanna ran into the Dog's AA.
Beerhog's AK ran into Dog's KK.
Bronco76 ousted Beerhog a long while later as Beerhog battled gamely short-stacked.
I eliminated my son with a flush and a while later with trip 7's to his two pair.

That left the heads up to Fourputt and me. My A5 flopped two pair to best his A8. Last time Fourputt and I locked horns heads up, he won at NPP for the tourney win, so I owed him this!

Final order of finish:

mikeniks = Nik Faldo
davethedog = Fourputt
bronco76 = Faldo Jr.
Beerhog = As himself
Louanna = Nicky "thai food"

hlam14 (Herbavor), matchy and tigercub all stopped by to watch the action. I guess they had a little trouble finding backers. With that line-up of 5 killers, it was no wonder no one backed them.

Guys, get your requests in for proper funding for the next tournament, Oct. 23. Remember, NPP transfer fees are a tiny 400%.

The goal is a full table of nine players for the one next Monday night.
Besides the three players above, we may have


Like to see this grow to 18 players, but 9 every week would be just fine.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Sign up for the NPP Classic on Poker Stars!!!

The 1st Nik's Poker Palace Classic is now available for sign up on Poker Stars.

Tournament #33706110
October 16, Monday Night at 20:30 (8:30 pm)
The password for entry is... 9ofdiamonds

Simply log onto Poker Stars,

Hit the "Tourney" tab at the top of the main board.

Click on the "Private" tab

Scroll down to the tourney and sign up!

In honor of Nik's Poker Palace joining the Poker Stars family, Poker Stars is offering a 100% sign up bonus right now! So get an account and join NPP at the tables on Poker Stars! - Nik Faldo

Jet Set Poker Closes and Party Poker Closes to US Players!!!

Another site where I was a tourney winner has closed because of our intrusive and all controlling Federal Government.

Party Poker - the largest site in the world just shut down to US players.

CD Poker, Royal Vegas Poker, Titan Poker, Action Poker, Pro Poker, Pkr Poker, Pokertropolis and many others have either closed or have banned US players.

The problem our government has is not that people may be hurt by gambling. They will say that but the hypocrits have their lotteries and casino - and their payoffs from said casinos.
No, their problem is that they are not getting the tax revenue or the political 'contributions' the government and their officials think they are entitled to.

It is a joke and a crime and an infringement on our ability to do what we want with our money.

Tell your Congresscritter what you think of them as soon as possible.

Jet Set Poker said they will be sending checks out to close all accounts. I ain't buying it. They could of stayed open a week to let players get their money or they could of auto-transferred the money to Net Teller already. I will let you know if I ever get paid off.

This is a dark mark on what our government thinks is important. Our social security is insolvent, our borders are wide open - but they go after citizens trying to play a little poker in their own homes.

I repeat - tell the little Hitler-congress people that represents his wallet and not you - that his Gestapo tactics are a bucket of fertilizer and you will deal with him this next election. - Nik Faldo

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Get a Netteller Account and Get a Poker Account in a New Bank - NOW!

In preparation for entering the Nik’s Poker Palace On-line tournaments, I will re-print an old article. Actually, I have to re-write it since Fourputt LOST two years of articles somehow spilling his douche on the keyboard!!! But I digress.

The best and safest way I have found to add chips to your poker site is thru Net Teller. This is a FREE Internet banking site. It is quite easy to use, lightening fast in depositing into poker sites and only a day or two wait cashing back out.

Step 1. Borrow stake money from Fourputt’s brother Cigar4John. He has all the money. Give him some Maker’s Mark and he will forget he gave it to you.

Step 2. Open a checking account with the stake money in a bank that you do no other business with. Do not use a savings account as those accounts do not allow transfers.

Step 3. Open a Net Teller account on line.

Step 4. Transfer money to Net Teller using the account and funds you deposited in your new ‘Poker’ Bank Savings Account.

Now you will be able to load money into the poker site NPP will use to hold our tournaments.

Get’er done this week. I don’t want any slackers when I announce the site, date and time of the first NPP Online Classic!

Another option would be to let Nik’s Poker Palace act as your deposit agent.

Let’s say you want to deposit $100 into your poker account. Well $20 would go in and $80 would be the NPP fee for the transaction. 7Forty7 doesn’t mind this small rake NPP takes.

This is just another friendly service of NPP. - Faldo

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

October Game Cancelled! But Exciting News!!!

Well, we are going to keep NPP dark this October. I just can't seem to get a break with my schedule either. I may have to be in Tennessee on the 21st and I'm not recovered enough from my bee sting infection to play this weekend.

The next two dates are carved in stone - as opposed to a 'rock' like the play of Beerhog and the 'bricks' I get in 'Buy-two' when going low. Those dates are:

November 11 and
December 16

Plan accordingly!

Now for the exciting news (tip of the cap to Fourputt)!

I am working on getting a private WEEKLY Nik's Poker Palace Tournament held on Poker Stars! We would have a password and only people we invite by giving them the PW could play in it.

The buy-in could be as low as $11. This could get to be a decent size tourney as alot of guys that don't make the NPP game might want to test their mettle here first.

What I want from you boneheads is the week night and time that would be the best for you to play. Give me your three best nights for this game in order. For those of you from Ann Arbor, that means list them, 1., 2. and 3.

Obviously, the trash talk both on IM's and in the chat window will be expected in volumes. Can't you see sitting down with your cider beer, throwing up, ordering expensive pizza and then getting ready to play? Most of you will have your Brokeback Mountain DVD playing on the TV also!

Get your votes in as I want to get back with Poker Stars as soon as possible.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Roll Call Time

Two weeks before the next NPP game and it is time for roll call. Let us look at the line up shall we.

Regulars (6): Beerhog, Herbavor, LP, Thai Food, 7Forty7, Nik
Part Time (3): Gridlock, The Wall, ToJo
Occasional visitors (3): Fourputt, CigarJ, BZ84
Possible new players (1): Matchy

The game is in OK shape. For the game to be GOOD - we need 6 regulars and for half the Part Timers to show half the time. We are hanging around a 6.5 player average game

A GREAT game is an automatic 7 players by just picking any day, and Part Timers fighting for seats! That is what we should be striving for.

What I am asking for here is another recruitment push. Find some good guys that play a little poker and get them here.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Bugsy Club Explains the New Internet Gambling Laws for us.

This is right off the Bugsy Club email I receive and is posted on a link on the webpage I will give you at the end of this article. Tip of the Cap to the Bugsy's Club Poker Room.

"Regarding the recent bill passed regulating payments to online gaming sites-

Most important is that this bill does NOT make it illegal for individuals to play poker online.

The bill targets payment processors and US banks and is basically trying to make it difficult for online poker sites to allow their customers to fund their accounts (nothing new here really).

The bill does not take effect immediately. After the president signs the bill into law (if) (within the next 7-10 days), a government board will have 270 days to come up with new regulations for the banks and payment processors to follow. And even after the regulations are published they will likely not go into effect immediately, since the banks and payment processors will need time to add systems to comply with the new regulations. Smaller banks have already stated they would not even have the necessary resources in place to monitor such transactions.

We want you to know that we will continue doing business with our US customers. We are a legal and licensed business in the Netherlands Antilles and none of our operations are carried out on US soil. We have no intention of closing USA player accounts or restricting their ability to play on BugsysClub.

The World Trade Organization ruling brought by Antigua and Barbuda has repeatedly instructed the United States to stop trying to block US residents from playing at such operations while the US simultaneously favors certain US operations (such as horse betting, lottery etc).

I will personally update you with any updates to this situation if or when they occur."

Luck Bugsy

Again thanks to Bugsy's Club and here is the link if you want to give them a try. I play there and have a big tournament win on the site (May, 2005) so how tough can the competition be if they let me win? - Nik Faldo

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Nik Finishes 5th in Poker Stars Tourney

In the name of freedom I made another final table again in a 180 person tourney.

It was a strange tournament as I won a ton of hands by not getting called. I won an astounding 30 hands without getting called in just under 200 hands played.

I won my share of showdowns, which you have to - 7 of 10, including the only one I was behind - except for the last one - in AK vs 55. I hit the flop with an ace.

I lost the last hand as a big draught of cards left me the low man, I went all in with 87s and got called by AK - who hit not one, but two aces on the flop.
I collected a smooth 12 times the entry fee.

Monday, October 02, 2006

US Outlaws Online Gambling

"As reported earlier, in the closing hours of the US Congressional session on Friday, September 29, the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 (H.R.4411.RH) was attached to the Safe Port Act of 2006 H.R.4954.EAS. To the surprise of many, the bill passed both the House and the Senate, and Bush is expected to sign it into law this week. This effectively outlaws online gambling in the US, by way of making it illegal for credit-card companies to collect payments for bets. The financial markets punished the stock of online gambling companies today as some prepared to pull out of the US entirely."