Wednesday, September 30, 2009

McGuiness007 Wins his 3rd NPP Tourney and Takes the 4th Qtr. Lead

Topping eighteen other players, McGuiness007 vaulted into the early lead for the 4th Quarter seat in the NPP Finals.

Returning to get involved in the race was Meatsword and Umichpoker. Slayer48357 may be a new NPP addition as he sweatered the action.

Tonight’s action featured a lot of chance taking – some worked, some ….not so much.
On to the action:

33 min: Tigercub8189 (19th) decides to chase his straight draw (J9) on a flop of [QTT] (25%), but Meatsword’s (AT) (75%) holds up.

43 min: Mikeniks-Faldo (18th) pair of Nines’s loses to LittleRedElf’s pair of Jack’s.

44 min: Derf-63 (17th) goes with (88) and loses to McGuiness007’s (AA).
48 min: Kensik (16th) gets all his money in with (A8) and a flop of [AKJ],
but Absea98 is holding (KK)! Ouch!

54 min: Theedouble*d (15th) goes with a pair of Threes’s on the flop and and loses to Budda627 with a pair of Seven’s.

55 min: Umichpoker (14th) goes with (QQ) and runs into Meatsword’s (AA).
58 min: A short-stacked (SS) T3chlady (13th) loses to Rennzzo’s trip Threes’s.

1st Break:

LittleRedElf 4475
Meatsword 3865
McGuiness007 3660
Budda627 2545
Rennzzo 2480
Douge2 2250
ThePunk75 1835
Vanettij 1765
K9isadog 1700
Funtoon 1520
Absea98 1265
Akensi 1140

75 min: ThePunk75 (12th) goes AIPF with (AJ) and runs into Akensi’s (88).
79 min: A SS Rennzzo (11th) pushes with (6h 5h) and a flop of [Ah Jc 8h] (39%) but finds LittleRedElf with (As Qs) (69%), and doesn’t hit his flush.

84 min: Meatsword (10th) sees his (A6) lose to the (AQ) of someone, but no one could tell Faldo who did it.

88 min: Vanettij (9th) has to try his straight draw (KQ) on a flop of [AJ9] run into Akensi’s (JJ), who overkills with quads on the river.

98 min: Douge2 (8th) loses a coin flip as his (AQ) cannot catch Budda627’s (77).
100 min: A SS Funtoon (7th) is double-teamed and McGuiness007 hit a pair of Kings to end the discussion.

117 min: LittleRedElf (6th) goes with (93) (60%) and a flop of [793]. He gets called all in by Akensi (5th) with (JJ) (27%) and the chip leader McGuiness007 with (A9)
(12%). The river brings an [A] and we have a rare double knockout by McGuiness007!

119 min: Absea98 (4th) all in after the flop runs into McGuiness007’s trip Kings.

2nd break:
McGuiness007 13622
Budda627 10647
K9isadog 4231

124 min: K9isadog (3rd), after his (A9) (59%) lost to Budda627’s (A5) (25%) before the break to cripple him, Budda finishes the job hitting a flush on this hand.

Heads up: McGuiness007 18500 – Budda627 10000
The battle is on between two players that each have two NPP wins!

127 min: Budda627 (2nd) goes with (AJ) and McGuiness007 calls with (Ks 6s). The flop has a [6] in it, and another [6] on the river.

Congratulations to McGuiness007 on his 3rd NPP win.

1st – McGuiness007
2nd – Budda627
3rd – K9isadog
4th – Absea98
5th – Akensi
6th – LittleRedElf
7th – Funtoon
8th – Douge2
9th – Vanettij

Standings are on the right side of the blog.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Faldo Finishes 5th in PokerStars Tourney

It was their standard 180 person tournament and Faldo had his way with them until the final two tables.

My (AK) got run down by a desperate all-in with (QJ).
Then my (Ad Kd) lost an all-in coin flip to (TT) and I was in the middle of the pack.

Held on until the final table, and picked up some chips until this hand. What is a poker player supposed to do with this?

SB: R03 (28000)
BB: Cee (82000)
UTG: Aki (32000)
Faldo: (41000)
DJL: (87000)
Blinds: 800-1600 ante 150

Aki raises to 3200.
Faldo raises to 30000 and it folds to Cee, who moves all-in – the move Faldo wanted.
Aki folds, and I call with (AA) and Cee has (TT).
The flop is [T38] and Faldo is gone.

Two- outers just like to find Faldo. Won twelve times my buy-in, but that was not the prize I wanted. I was feelin it for a tourney win here, but it was not to be.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Faldo Says “Yay” or “Nay” to Common Dealer’s Choice Games – Part VIII

There are other poker games besides what is dealt in casinos and tournaments. The casino games are there because of their speed and simplicity in dealing. More hands equals more rake for the house.

But there are some fun, entertaining and exciting poker games you can deal in a home game, which make you have to think outside “the flop” sometimes.

The description of the following games in this series is Faldo’s opinion only. Others may like my take on a game and some will not. That’s fine. It’s all good. Here we go:

Low Hole Wild

A seven-stud poker game where the lowest card you have down is wild and all like it in your hand are wild.

As you can figure out, the last card down could mess your hand up, so many players deal the ‘option’ where you can have the last card up for a fee.

Faldo says ‘Yay’. Good game!

It spices up the sometimes action-less straight 7. twss


A five-card stud game where your hole card is wild, IF you match it with one of your up cards. In addition, should you pair any of your up cards, you must match the pot to continue playing.

Faldo says ‘Nay’ to any pot matching game. There are straight pot limit and no-limit games for that type of action. And home games with these kind of games rarely stay friendly long or last long.

Indian Poker or Mexican Sweat

A five-card stud game where everyone can see your hold card – but you! Yes, you have to hole your hole card up on your forehead so everyone knows what your real hand is but you.

I will admit, it is a bluffing man’s paradise, but Faldo says ‘Nay’. Just the mechanics of dealing give some home players fits. Having to hold a card to your forehead and deal at the same time would be trouble.


See Anaconda or Pass the Trash. Same game, just another name that I missed. Just type either of the other two names in the search engine for this site.

Be sure to type in ‘White Whale’ in the search box if you have not already. A six-part story, so start at Part I.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Matchy’s NPP Game Draws Seven

It was another great night of old fashion limit poker. The attendees were Matchy, Duder1123, Boother36, Beerhog, Artic1Blast, Faldo and 7Jokers.

It was great to see 7Jokers back sitting with the mopes raking in the occasional pot.

Boother arrived a little late but brought some potato chips with him. This reminded Duder he had chips and dip in a crock pot in his car. Thanks guys for the munchies.

During the game, Matchy brought out his prize collection of authentic Detroit Tiger bats to show Artic1Blast. These bats had been used in actual games by Rusty Staub and Aurelio Rodriguez.

How one of the bats could have been used was the ‘butt’ of jokes for the rest of the evening. I’ll just leave it at that, because any attempt at humor on this issue would be beneath the dignity of this blog.

The game broke up a little early as both Boother and Beerhog said had early morning commitments. But for some reason, both wanted to borrow the Rusty Staub bat for the rest of the evening.

Thanks to Matchy for hosting another NPP game.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Douge2’s Humor Corner - XXI

New Clubs
Davethedog and Bigbrimar were getting ready to tee off on the first hole when Bigbri noticed that Dave got a new set of clubs.

Brimar asked Dave how he liked the clubs and if they've helped his game at all.

Dave replied, "Oh yeah, they're great clubs! They've added at least 25 yards to my slices, about 30 yards to my hooks and you would be surprised at the size of my divots!"

The Ducks

Three golfing buddies died in an auto accident and went to heaven.
Upon arrival, they noticed the most beautiful golf course they have ever seen. St. Peter told them they were welcome to play the course, but he cautioned them with one rule: "Don't step on the ducks."

The men had blank expressions on their faces, and finally one of them said, "The ducks?"

"Yes," St. Peter Said. "There are millions of ducks walking around the golf course, and when one of them is stepped on, he squawks, and then the one next to him squawks, and soon they're all raising hell and it really breaks the tranquility. If you step on the ducks, you'll be punished."

The men start playing the course, and within 15 minutes, Beerhog stepped on a duck. The duck squawked, and soon there was a deafening roar of ducks quacking.
St. Peter appeared with an extremely homely woman and asked, "Who stepped on a duck?"

"I did," admitted Beerhog. St. Peter immediately pulled out a pair of handcuffs and cuffed the man to the homely woman. "I told you not to step on the ducks," he said. "Now you'll be handcuffed together for eternity."

The two other men were very cautious not to step on any ducks, but a couple of weeks later, one of them accidentally did. The quacks were as deafening as before, and within minutes, St. Peter walked up with a woman who was even uglier than the other one.

He determined who stepped on the duck by seeing the fear in the Matchy's face, and he cuffed him to the woman. "I told you not to step on the ducks," St. Peter said. "Now you'll be handcuffed together for eternity."

Faldo was extremely careful. Some days he wouldn't even move for fear of nudging a duck. After three months of this, he still hadn't stepped on a duck. St. Peter walked up to Faldo and had with him the most beautiful woman the man had ever seen. St. Peter smiled and without a word, handcuffed him to the beautiful woman and walked off.

Faldo, knowing that he would be handcuffed to this woman for eternity, let out a sigh and said, "What have I done to deserve this?"

The woman replied: "I don't know about you, but I stepped on a duck."

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Kensik Wins His 2nd NPP Tourney to Kick Off Qtr #4

Due to my outstanding recruiting skills, only eighteen players started the 4th Quarter. We have been averaging around twenty-two.

But we did have some new players and one returning player – so Faldo is happy. And after all – it’s all about Faldo.

Kensik played solid all night, staying near the top all evening long, and closed it out in a tough heads-up battle.

Our new players were Cheeks87 and Vanettij. Welcome to NPP guys!
Returning to the NPP felt tonight was McGuiness007. Welcome back.

On to the action:

37 min: T3chalady (18th) sees her (44) loses to Douge2’s (A9) with a [9] turn and river!
40 min: A short-stacked (SS) ThePunk75 (17th) goes with (KJ) and loses to Tomservo’s (AK).

42 min: Duder1123 (16th) gets all his money in with (42) and a flop of [4Q4] (93%). Derf-63 calls it with (AJ) (7%). Duder gets the ‘bad beat of the night’ as the turn and river are [A] [A]! Ouch!

47 min: Douge2 (15th) goes AIPF and loses to LittleRedElf. I missed the hand as the pole dancer knocked my beer out of my hand. (Best excuse I could think of)

50 min: Proving my luck continued Mikeniks-Faldo (14th) goes with (88) and runs into Derf-63’s (99). Derf had Faldo’s number all evening.

52 min: Cheeks87 (13th) gets the standard NPP welcome as his (KT) hits the flop with a [T] in it, but is called by Kensik holding stealth (AA).

55 min: Rennzzo (12th) also gets 2nd worst bad beat of the night as his (QQ) (81%) gets run down by McGuiness007’s (44) (19%), with a [4] on the flop. Another OUCH!

1st Break:

Kensik 5085
LittleRedElf 5020
Vanettij 3187
Tomservo2 2880
Derf-63 2325
Absea98 2280
Akensi 1976
McGuiness007 1751
Funtoon 1160
K9isadog 906
Budda627 430

After the break, a rush to the exits ensues:
62 min: K9isadog (11th) pushes with (A5) but finds Akensi with (AQ) (28%).
65 min: A SS Budda627 (10th) has to go with (KJ) and cannot catch LittleRedElf’s (KQ).
66 min: Derf-63’s (9th) has his (AQ) run into Kensik’s (KK).
75 min: Absea98 (8th) loses a coin flip as his (AK) cannot catch McGuiness007’s (JJ).
77 min: Akensi is cold-decked (7th) as her (AK) hits a [K] on the flop, only to find McGuiness007 holding (KK)! This crippled her stack and Funtoon took the last of her stack four minutes later (81 min).

92 min: A SS Tomservo2 (6th) goes with (Qc 8c) but cannot catch LittleRedElf’s (KJ).
112 min: McGuiness007 (5th) sees his (TT) run into Vanettij’s (QQ).

2nd break:
Vanettij 9914 (rare place for a 1st timer to NPP!)
Funtoon 7219
Kensik 7047
LittleRedElf 2820

124 min: LittleRedElf (4th) is all-in with (AQ) (70%) and Kensik calls with (A9) (24%). The flop has a [9] in it to end our over-all point leader’s evening.

131 min: Kensik (41%) calls Vanettij’s (3rd) top pair all-in (58%) with an open-ended straight draw and gets there! Nice run and great job Vanettij.

Heads up: Kensik 19000 - Funtoon 8000
135 min: Kensik 16000 - Funtoon 11000
140 min: Kensik 21000 - Funtoon 6000
145 min: Kensik 23000 - Funtoon 4000

147 min: Funtoon (2nd) has to go with (66) and Kensik has to call with any two cards (Tc 3c). The flop has a [T] in it.

Congratulations to Kensik on another NPP win.

1st – Kensik
2nd – Funtoon
3rd – Vanettij
4th – LittleRedElf
5th – McGuiness007
6th – Tomservo2
7th – Akensi
8th – Absea98
9th – Derf-63

Standings are on the right side of the blog.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Niks Poker Palace 4th Quarter Starts Tonight!

The last chance to win a seat in the Niks Poker Palace Final Table begins this evening at 8pm on PokerStars in the Private Tournament section.

Many players are still in the running for the Total Points Seat also.

If history is any guide, persistence pays off.

Please write npokerp @ yahoo . com
for the password.

See you there!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Faldo Says “Yay” or “Nay” to Common Dealer’s Choice Games – Part VII

There are other poker games besides what is dealt in casinos and tournaments. The casino games are there because of their speed and simplicity in dealing. More hands equals more rake for the house.

But there are some fun, entertaining and exciting poker games you can deal in a home game, which make you have to think outside “the flop” sometimes.

The description of the following games in this series is Faldo’s opinion only. Others may like my take on a game and some will not. That’s fine. It’s all good. Here we go:

Little Squeeze

I have explained this game in past articles, mainly during the telling of my poker up-bringing. It was the game I was weaned on.

It is basically 5-card stud played Hi-Lo, with the A-2-3-4-5 wheel as the perfect low. Straights and flushed can be used for both Hi and Lo hands. Pairs are the worst low.

After everyone has their 5 cards, there is a ‘buy’ round – or an exchange round – where you trade in the card of your choice for another from the deck. The number of exchange rounds is determined by the dealer prior to dealing. Usually there is a fee of a small bet for the new card.

This is a pot builder game if it is an ‘action’ crowd. I have seen it played with up to 3 buying rounds. I like one buying round, as I have noticed that one buying round tends to see five people stay for the ‘buy’, where with 3 buys, usually only three players make the trip.

Back in the day, 7 players saw all three buys! Many a giant pot happened.

Faldo says Yay to this one - big time! A big edge to the player paying attention to cards dealt and discarded.

Low Ball or Low Poker or Razz

There are three types of scales for low poker, and it is strictly and matter of preference which one you deal.

As mentioned above, the A-2-3-4-5 wheel is usually the most common ‘best hand’ in low poker. But there is the ‘California Low’ of 6-4-3-2-A and the best low, and the Ace is high only, 7-5-4-3-2.

It is a dealer’s choice decision on what constitutes the best hand and what format you will deal the cards; Stud, Draw, board game, etc.

It changes up the poker night a little, but of course be prepared. As soon as someone mentions we are playing low ball, for some reason everyone is dealt full houses, straights and flushes. I can’t tell you the number of trips I have been dealt when someone decides to ‘switch it up.’

The Poker Gods love laughing at Faldo - as do the Golf Gods and of course so do women Faldo asks out.

Faldo says 'Yay'. It's fun and changes up the thinking.

Friday, September 18, 2009

K9isadog and Faldo Play a Tourney at PPL, but no Nub!

For the definition of Nub, see the ‘Wookin Pa Nub’ video in the Faldo video section.

Thursday is the night for Premier Poker Lounge’s middle stakes tourneys. It was Faldo’s 1st event there since PPL’s relocation. I must admit, it was a huge upgrade.

The food is better, the bathrooms closer, the entrance is easier, the parking is closer and well – lit.

We will have an NPP invasion of PPL set up in the near future. I think a little dinner meeting prior to the poker tourney would be a great Friday night this fall or winter.

I didn’t know who K9 was until last night, even though I have played poker with him before at PPL.

K9 noticed my NPP hat and asked if I was Faldo. I said yes and asked if he read the blog. He said, “I play in the NPP tournaments.”

I asked what was his PokerStars handle and The Dog said, “Guess.”

Well, Faldo went into the ‘tank’ for about 2 minutes, trying to recall NPP players close to Hartland, MI., that I did not already know their face. But, I did guess correctly, for the first correct poker read of my entire life!

As for the tournament results, my AIPF with (33) lost to (QJ) who rivered a straight, to finish 5th. K9 went out next in 4th, but I did not see the hand as I was listening to WSOP dealer stories from Allinduces.

Allinduces has played in our tourney, dealt in the WSOP and runs PPL. He has promised to send me stories to post on this blog. But we will see, as my email bag is so far ….empty!

Just a reminder, Quarter 4 starts this coming Tuesday. It is a great time to introduce some new players to our Tuesday League.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Douge2’s Humor Corner – XX (that means #20)

The Escapee

Two golfers are waiting their turn on the tee when a naked women runs across the fairway and into the woods.
Two men in white coats and another guy carrying two buckets of sand are chasing her, and a little old man is bringing up the rear.
One of the golfers grabs the old man and says, "What's going on?"

The old guy says, "She's a nymphomaniac from the asylum, she keeps trying to escape, and us attendants are trying to catch her."

The golfer says, "What about the guy with the buckets of sand?"
The old guy says, "That's his handicap. He caught her last time."

18 Reasons Why Golf Is Better Than Sex

• You don't have to sneak your golf magazines into the house.
• If you are having trouble with golf, it is perfectly acceptable to pay a professional to show you how to improve your technique
• The Ten Commandments do not say anything about golf.
• If your partner takes pictures or videotapes of you golfing, you don't have to worry about them showing up on the Internet, then you become famous
• Your golf partner won't keep asking questions about other partners you've golfed with
• It's perfectly respectable to golf with a total stranger
• When you see a really good golfer, you don't have to feel guilty about imagining the two of you golfing together.
• If your regular golf partner isn't available, he/she won't object if you golf with someone else.
• Nobody will ever tell you that you will go blind if you golf by yourself.
• When dealing with a golf pro, you never have to wonder if they are really an undercover cop.
• You don't have to go to a sleazy shop in a seedy neighborhood to buy golf stuff.
• You can have a golf calendar on your wall at the office, tell golf jokes and invite co-workers to golf with you without getting sued for harassment
• There is no such thing as a golf transmitted disease
• If you want to watch golf on television, you don't have to subscribe to a premium cable channel.
• Nobody expects you to promise to golf with just one partner for the rest of your life.
• Nobody expects you to give up golfing if your partner loses interest in the game.
• You don't have to be a newlywed to plan a vacation primarily for the enjoyment of golf.
• Your golf partner will never say, "What? We just golfed last week! Is that all you ever think about?"


Beerhog hit his ball into a ravine.
His buddies heard `whack, whack, whack' on and on, until finally he got the ball out.

Matchy asked, "How many strokes did it take you to get out of there?"
Beerhog said, “Two”.

But Matchy said, "I heard seven."
His reply was, "Five of them were echoes."

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Budda627 Wins His 2nd NPP Tourney and Tomservo2 Wins 3rd Qtr Seat!

Nineteen players were on hand for the exciting 3rd quarter last round. Budda627 outlasted the field, including a desperate Kensik – who needed a win to also get a seat in the NPP final.

He also survived – and benefited – from a “crazy river” night on PokerStars, when many did not. Please no comments on the frequency of that.

Returning to the NPP felt tonight was Amyada19 and Bigbrimar. Welcome back!

On to the action:

Players knew it was an important night and played accordingly. We lost only four players in the first hour.

21 min: T3chalady (19th) slow-plays her (AA) loses to Bigbrimar’s flopped trip 8’s.
25 min: A short-stacked (SS) Derf-63 (18th) goes with (KQ) and loses to Theedouble*d’s (A2).

45 min: A SS Funtoon (17th) has to go with (9c 6c) but can’t catch Budda627’s (Qd 4d).
55 min: Duder1123 (16th) sees his (QQ) run into Amyada19’s (AA). Pocket rockets did not do all that well tonight after this hand.

1st Break:
Amyada19 4252
Kensik 3385
TresStooges 3220
Theedouble*d 2226
Akensi 2135
Tomservo2 2025
Douge2 1819
ThePunk75 1490
LittleRedElf 1455
Budda627 1265
K9isadog 1108
Meatsword 970
Absea98 885
Bigbrimar 420

66 min: A SS K9isadog (15th) goes AIPF with (AJ) and is called by Akensi with (55).
70 min: A SS Tigercub8189 (14th) goes with (22) and runs into Douge2’s (QQ).
72 min: A SS ThePunk75 (13th) goes with (22), but sees Budda627 with (Ks 9s) hit a [9] on the flop.

73 min: Amyada19 (12th) sees her (77) run into Douge2’s (AA).
75 min: Meatsword (11th) pushes with (AQ) (67%) and finds Budda627 with only (Ac Jc) (28%), but Budda makes a straight!

78 min: A SS Tomservo2 (10th) has to go with (T8) and cannot catch Absea98’s (K7). Tom now must wait to see if his point lead holds up as

82 min: A SS LittleRedElf (9th) gets four callers trying to take him out and two succeed by hitting the same straight.

94 min: Douge2 needs only a 3rd place finish now to win the 3rd quarter seat. He stood in 2nd when he tries to double up with (JJ), but a rivered [Q] for a pair of ladies by Theedouble*d drops him to a slim 4th in chips.

108 min: Douge2 (8th) has (AA) (80%) and has to call AIPF with Bigbrimar (7th) (KJ) (9%) and Theedouble*d (QJ) (11%). Beyond belief, the turn is a [Q] and the river is a [J], giving DD a double knockout - crushing Doug’s shot at the seat this time!

Now only Kensik can still win a seat – along with Tomservo2 – with a win tonight!

109 min: Theedouble*d plays his heater as his (AJ) hits an [A] on the river to beat Akensi’s (6th) (33) (48%).

113 min: A SS Absea98 (5th) has to try with (8c 7c) but can’t catch Theedouble*d’s (A9).

2nd break:
Theedouble*d 15485
Kensik 6490
Budda627 5160
TresStooges 1365

122 min: A SS TresStooges (4th) is all-in with (A2) but Theedouble*d hits a straight with his (75).

125 min: Kensik (3rd) gets crippled as he sees his (KK) lose to Budda627’s (QQ) when a [Q] hits the river. A tough break for Kensik. Like I said, crazy rivers all night.

129 min: Kensik (Kh 3h) is finally eliminated by Budda627 (77).

130 min: Heads up: Budda627 15200 - Theedouble*d 13300

135 min: Dead even!

140 min: Budda627 17000 - Theedouble*d 11500

142 min: Theedouble*d (2nd) calls Budda627’s all-in post flop with (Q7) and a flop of [AA5] but Budda is a little better with (K4) and hangs on for the win.

Congratulations to Budda627 on another NPP win. And congratulations to Tomservo2 on winning his seat in the NPP Finals!

1st – Budda627
2nd – Theedouble*d
3rd – Kensik
4th – TresStooges
5th – Absea98
6th – Akensi
7th – Bigbrimar
8th – Douge2
9th – LittleRedElf

Standings are on the right side of the blog! The 4th quarter starts next week!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What About an NPP ‘Rookie’ League?

I have been thinking about this since PokerStars lowered the entry fee amount available to me. I can now schedule a tourney for $1.10. So, I was thinking about a ‘rookie’ league on Monday night.

The question is will that draw new players or simply split the field of current players?

I know we lost some players because of our stakes structure. Some don’t play because it is too low and I can’t get some players to enter because it is too high.

I know you all are out there recruiting hard – yeah, right – but I would like to know what sort of resistance you are getting, if any.

I can’t do anything about the men who don’t play because of dishpan hands, but maybe there are some guys and gals out there, who would like to play, but want to get a Quarter in for under $20 – to check – it, us and themselves - out.

Who would be eligible for the ‘Rookie League’? Well, I think we all know who is NOT!

But all new players, most players who tried NPP for a spell and any current player that wants to petition to get in the Rookie League would be eligible. Some players could play in both leagues as ‘Rookies’ can move up, but ‘Big Game’ players can’t move down.

The NPP Tournament Committee will review each application of current players fairly.

The seat winners in the Rookie League however, must move up to the ‘Big’ Game. But the ‘Rookie’ league will have an NPP Rookie of the Year Champion!

I know everyone can get in a $1 or $5 SNG anytime they want. After I hit the lottery, I will offer a tournament overlay that will have us flooded with players. Right now, all I can offer – over and above the standard SNG - is a fun and competitive tourney and a blog with write-ups, standings, jokes, articles, some pictures women force on Faldo, and …HISTORY!

Any comments or suggestions on this subject?

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Play Some Limit Holdem Hands With Faldo – Answers

Remember, even though there is a right answer to this quiz, the reason I picked it out this quiz from a Rolf Slotboom CardPlayer Magazine article is because the advantage to the right answer is not overwhelming. But it is these correct decisions – added up over time – that increase your bankroll.

1. Your (QQ) figures to be best right now, but checking is the most profitable play here. Since the small blind already folded, a raise here will usually not get anyone out. A re-raise will give everyone an idea of what you hold, and make it easier for LittleRedElf, Beerhog and ThePunk75 to kick your butt post flop. By not raising, you do lose some information on what those guys hold, but staying a little secretive yourself in this situation, is the way to go. Check 55% - Raise 45%. Of course if these guys had folded and the weaker players were in – a raise is demanded. You got to play the table as well as your cards.

2. Folding here gives too much power to an aggressive raiser. You may be best right now and will have position on him after the flop. Calling is ok, but a raise will almost certainly drive the blinds out – unless they hold a monster - leaving you heads up, even if Mr. Aggressive re-raises. Fold 25% - Call 30% - Raise 45%

3. You would like to play heads up all evening against any non-NPP superstar, especially a limper from the cut-off spot. Even if you get re-raised from the blinds, that will define their hand. Your cards should be live and post flop play should be straight forward. Fold 30% - Call 30% - Raise 40%

4. Even though you have a good hand, it probably doesn’t rate any better than a coin flip against this good player’s hand. You have position, which helps. A re-raise will work against a weaker player, but save your money for a better situation. Fold 40% - Call 35% - Raise 25%

5. This one is really close. Some would claim you want to play heads up with position against a random hand. But the good players behind you may decide you are just isolating and pop it back if they have something. Calling will make you look weak and people will put you on the hand you actually have. Even if no one re-raises, you will be sandwiched between an aggressive player who will almost certainly bet the flop, and random hands who know you don’t’ have much. Not good either. Folding is slightly the better option. Fold 40% - Call 30% - Raise 30%

6. It would be hard for people to put you on the hand you have. If you bet out, a weaker hand (KQ) or (KJ) may pop it for you to drive out the draws for you. But if everyone calls, eight of the thirteen cards that can hit the board will scare you to death. A check – and everyone else checking – is almost suicide for you. You just gave everyone a free card to beat you. But what are the chances of that, knowing who is in seats 6 and 7? Play the table! One of those guys will bet, and a check-raise will probably earn you the pot. Bet 40% - Check raise 60%

By the way, in the real game, all the NPP players cashed – except Faldo – who lost a little at the table, but lost the rest of his money – and ego - to the waitresses.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Play Some Limit Holdem Hands with Faldo

Let’s do this test and see how you do. The beauty of the correct answer (and the beauty of poker) is that sometimes the best play is not that big an advantage to the lesser play. And as we all have learned by now, sometimes the best play still gets us felted anyway.

Here is the situation:

Limit Holdem 10-handed, $10 - $20. Three to five players see every flop, so it is a slightly loose game. You are sitting in Seat 10 – just off the actual dealer’s right.

Seat 1 is Faldo (Average – on tilt - and striking out with the waitresses again)
Seat 2 is Little Red Elf (great)
Seat 3 is Douge2 (very good)
Seat 6 is Beerhog (very good – aggressive)
Seat 7 is ThePunk75 (very good – aggressive)

The rest of the seats 4, 5, 8 and 9 are filled with non-NPP players. In other words, not very strong players.

This is a ‘decent’ table to play at. Certainly not a great one as it has some players at it you know will not only give you trouble, but compete for pots. But three lesser players playing - or more - is worth a shot.

If you could just get some extra strength Ex-Lax into the drinks of seats 2, 3, 6 and 7 – then you would be in a soft seat. But dreaming won’t get you the chips. This is your night out for poker and this IS your table.

Here are the questions:

1. You are in the big blind (BB) with (QQ). Seat 2 has limped in, as have seats 4,6, 7 and the small blind. Do you check or raise?
2. You are on the button (dealer) with a (AT) and the field folds to seat 7, who raises. Do you fold, call or raise?
3. You are on the button with (Jh Th). It is folded to Seat 8 who calls. Do you fold, call or raise?
4. You are on the button with (Ac Qc). Seat 2 - LittleRedElf opens for a raise and amazingly everyone folds to you. Do you fold, call or raise?
5. You are in 4rd position with (As 9s) and Beerhog in Seat 6 has raised without looking at his cards! Seats 7, 8 and 9 fold to you. Do you fold, call or raise?
6. You are in the (BB) with (AK). Seats 5, 6, 7 and 9 have limped in. You don’t like the way The Punk called. He almost raised there so you decide to just call and hide your strength. The flop is [KT7] rainbow - giving you top pair/top kicker – but a ton of straight draws for everyone else. Do you bet or check-raise?

Now the reason I like this quiz is that the best answer is not that much stronger than the other answers.

Answers will be on the next post.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Premier Poker Lounge Tournament Schedule

Here is the tournament schedule for the Premier Poker Lounge in Hartland, MI., 48353
Located at the Grille 23 Tavern, 1/4 mile south of M-59 on Old US 23.
1535 Old US 23 if you want the actual address.
Cash games start at 6pm

All tourneys starting at 7pm.

Tuesday: $25 Rebuy – start with 5000 chips

Wednesday: $25 – turbo, start with 5000 chips

Thursday: $30 – Freeze out, start with 7000 chips

Friday: $40 – Freeze out, start with 12000 chips

We have a lot of NPP’ers that can make it to Hartland, MI.

How about we set a date this fall when NPP invades PPL for an evening?

Comment with possible dates.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Random Questions Answered by Faldo – Part II

REMINDER: NO TOURNEY TONIGHT! Play resumes on September 15.

Feel free to email me questions to add to the list, or leave them in a comment. Also, feel free to answer them yourself in the comment section. I like to learn more about you people too!

Does your pessimism about the future of this country ever make you depressed in the here and now?

Depressed? No. You have to enjoy life, what you have done, kids raised, things learned and earned - and continue to fight for what is right. For me, being pessimistic doesn’t mean being depressed or giving up. I am a happy guy, who just happens to see what is. Unfortunately, my predictions about our nation’s future for the last 15 years have been near perfect. I wish I would or could be wrong. I pray I am.

Have you ever lost a testicle in a knife fight? (This proves I am answering all write in questions!)

I have never been in a knife fight. I would say that it would be the worst type of fight to be in however. You have to be all kinds of brave/stupid to get in one.

How many tables do you normally play at one time on-line?

Cash games – Three to four, all on the same site.
Tournaments – Three to four, but on three different sites and computers, until I run deep – then one.
Sit-in-go Tournaments - One

What is more important to you; sports, music or art?

You listed them in my order, but who doesn’t enjoy them all?

If you could eliminate one music group from existence, who would it be?

Easy. All Rap groups.

What is your favorite game besides poker?


What is your favorite movie of all time?

The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance

Who would you most want to put a bad beat on?

Nancy Pelosi.
Oh, you meant a ‘poker’ bad beat? No one.
But if I have to choose – Nancy Pelosi.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Be Prepared People – The Poop is Hitting the Fan and You Better Have Your Own Umbrella

Poker games have always been choice targets for robbers. The reasons are that it is easy to get the drop on everyone at the table, and many times the victims can’t report the crime in the first place. Club games and charity casinos are becoming targets.

I would include home games that are on the ‘open’ or ‘big stakes’ side too, now that the Democrat’s current destruction of the world’s largest economy continues.

Many times money stolen during an ‘illegal’ activity is not reportable to the police, and if you can or do, it is not given any priority. Caveat extempore, pal.

One of our bloggers - Pokerati just published a story of a Houston club game that was held up by three would be robbers. One of the players produced his own weapon and let’s just say his ‘full magazine’ ‘felted’ one robber with a ‘pair’ and forced the other two thieves’ to fold.

NPP games are still safe, although ‘packing’ ear plugs and Tums is usually a great idea.

In a somewhat related story: The B. Hussein Economy has downsized me from a six-figure salary to a minimum wage one. Hence, last night, working as a ranger at a golf course, I had the distinct pleasure to ask three drunks and a semi - sober woman to return to the clubhouse and exit the premises.

I got the usual response one might expect from drunks who started their holiday weekend off with a roar.

A call to the local police department – which shall go nameless as not to embarrass city officials (but the initials are Brighton, MI) - got an answering machine, which told me to call 911. I guess cops no longer work weekends or holidays in Brighton.

Word up to all peeps looking to score some easy bread in a cracker village. My guess is, if you don’t rob any of the three donut shops in town at night, or go 35 mph in a 25 zone near the police station, you won’t see any Brighton cops the rest of the time either.

Dialing 911 in (remember initials only) Brighton, MI., got you another recording, telling you that if it was not a life threatening situation, call your local country sheriff’s office. No option to connect or phone number was given for the sheriff either.

The situation was not life threatening - as Faldo had not yet decided to kill these drunks. So after finding the number to the sheriff, that call gave me that warm and fuzzy feeling that an officer should arrive in a half-hour to forty-five minutes or so.

This gave the drunks plenty of time to tear up 4 more golf holes while giving the finger and shouting obscenities to me as I watched from a short distance. I felt like a patient waiting in a doctor’s x-ray room in a backless gown, with my clothes several doors away.

Eventually, the officer arrived to escort the idiots off the course. It did my heart good to see the officer had ‘back up’ in his vehicle. It was a man in civilian clothes, sitting in the passenger seat, and he took up the entire front seat! The man probably didn’t get out of the car, because he couldn’t. Ah, Livingston County’s finest! Whoops! Initials only – LC finest! There, that’s better.

Maybe he was not a cop - but the County Exercize Czar appointed with the federal bailout money.

Once they all got in the parking lot, I think the officer did issue them a ticket for trespassing. Or maybe it was a public intoxication ticket. Or maybe it was his phone number and handicap. I don’t know.

But as the cops are leaving - and before the drunks had left the premises I might add – the cops stopped at the gate waiting for traffic to clear. Just then, the woman backs the van she was driving - and all of them came in - OVER the foot of one of the drunks! And she is the sober one.

He screams out in pain, falls on the pavement writhing in agony. The other two drunks hop out with the woman to help their fallen buddy. Now one drunk is hurt, the other two I assume are not in the best of moods. The woman is staying away from the fallen drunk because if he could have reached her, he would have killed her.

The officer and Mr. Buffet witness the entire scene - and then drive away! An injured man, two furious drunks, a scared woman and a ranger that was threatened - and had not safely left the scene either by the way - (not that I was worried about those two clowns – down from three), and the police just LEAVE???

I have two questions for all of you:
Have you purchased your handgun of choice, taken a gun class, and applied for your concealed weapons permit yet?

You do realize your personal defense, healthcare and safety - is up to you, don’t you? If you turn any of it over to anyone else, you will get nothing but a toe tag.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Poker Getting No Lift from Delaying WSOP Main Event Final

Curtom – at Do or Die Poker – Nails It!

“Where the hell are the November Nine? Where is Phil Ivey? Where is Jeff Shulman? Where are any of the November Nine? How come we are not seeing these poker players making appearances on every late night TV talk show known to mankind?

Yes, I am at it again and this time I am royally P.O’d!!!!!!! What is the point of delaying the WSOP Final Table when the very players that are allegedly supposed to be promoting the game and garnering interest are nowhere to be found?

I am so done with this kind of nonsense. As I stated last year, I honestly believe that delaying the Final Table could be a boon for poker but the game will not benefit one bit if they are unable to get the players to co-operate.

What better person to promote the game of poker than Phil Ivey who is acknowledged to be the best all-around poker player in the world? Sure, I get the fact that he tends to shy away from the media and can be down right reclusive but this is ridiculous.

If Harrah’s is not going to do this right then abandon this delayed Final Table crap and let them play it out like they used to. This is beyond stupid for me. It has become quite clear that the players that claim they love the game so much have no intentions of being any kind of ambassadors for the game. That in-and-of-itself is a damn shame.” - end

I commented on DoDP that IF they delay the final (which I am against because they will not be the same players in November that they were in July) they have to establish some ‘forced’ appearances or some established media tour.

And if Jeff Shulman wants to trash his WSOP Bracelet, tell him I will be glad to take his seat and his chips for a paltry 10% of the purse won. But I get the bracelet when I win it.

Friday, September 04, 2009

Faldo Says “Yay” or “Nay” to Common Dealer’s Choice Games – Part VI

There are other poker games besides what is dealt in casinos and tournaments. The casino games are there because of their speed and simplicity in dealing. More hands equals more rake for the house.

But there are some fun, entertaining and exciting poker games you can deal in a home game, which make you have to think outside “the flop” sometimes.

The description of the following games in this series is Faldo’s opinion only. Others may like my take on a game and some will not. That’s fine. It’s all good. Here we go:

High-Low Draw

Draw poker played Hi-Lo. Pretty straight forward. Now, when you bet, you could get raised by someone with a better hand than you, or someone going opposite of you. And your trips for high, could lose the entire pot to a baby straight. You can play it that straights and flushes can’t go low, but you will get more action if you play the wheel (A-2-3-4-5) as the best low.

Faldo says “Yay”. More action and less of a lottery than let’s say “Jacks or Better.”


Because it is a fast game! A high-low game with the players only receiving two cards. The game can be played several ways. One is you get one card, bet, then get your second card and bet.

Two is you receive two cards at once, bet, then you have an exchange round where you throw off your worst card (usually what we call the ‘international buy card’ – a 9) and get a new one, then bet.

You could play with betting on one card, betting the second card, and betting after the exchange(s).

Number of exchanges could be dealer’s choice also.

How about exchanging until no one exchanges any more? Of course, this would not be ‘Hurricane.’ It would be more of a Slow Cold Drizzle.

Do you keep your KK and hope no one gets AA? Do you even play the lock low (A2) when in all probability you will get quartered? Do you keep buying a card until you win, only to actually lose money?

Faldo says “Yay”, only because I have no idea what the optimum strategy is as I write this, having never played it.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Douge2’s Humor Corner – XIX

Back It Up

John Daly is playing in a big tournament and comes to a 245 yard par-3. After some deliberation, he takes out his 3 iron and sails the ball 20 feet over the pin and backs it up to within 3 feet of the pin.

From in the crowd Bigbrimar asks, "Mr. Daly, how do you make a 3 iron back up like that?"
Daly replied, "Do you own a 3 iron?"

Bigbri says, "Yes, sir I do."
"How far do you hit it?" asks Big John.

About 160 yards was his reply.
Daly calmly said, "What the hell do you want it to back up for?"

By The Rules

Cigar4John and Faldo were playing golf one day. They decided that they would adhere strictly to the rules with no improving their lie. After a few holes, Faldo's ball landed on a cart path.

As he reached down to pick up his ball to get relief John said, "We agreed that we would not improve our lie." No matter how much Faldo tried to explain to ‘Shankapotomus’ that he was entitled to this relief, John would not allow it. So Faldo went to the cart to get a club.

As Faldo stood over the ball he took a few practice swings, each time scraping the club on the pavement, taking out big chunks of blacktop and sending out lots of sparks!
Finally, after several practice swings he took his shot. The ball took off and landed on the green about 6 feet from the pin.

"Great shot!" John exclaimed. "What club did you use?"
Faldo said, "YOUR 7-iron!"

Alternate Shot

Beerhog playing in a two-man alternate shot tournament drove his tee shot to the edge of the green on a par-3 hole.

His partner, Matchy, playing the second shot, managed to chip it over the green into a bunker. Undaunted, Beerhog recovers with a fine shot to within one foot of the hole.

Matchy then nervously putts, and sends the ball one foot past the hole, leaving Beerhog to sink the putt.

"Do you realize that we took five strokes on an easy par-3?" says Beerhog.
"Yes, and don't forget who took three of them!" answered Matchy.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

K9isadog Wins His First NPP Tourney!

Over a field of another eighteen players, K9isadog overcame a few monster stacks of his opponents to take this one. He also had and lost a monster stack himself, but rallied nicely. K9isadog becomes the 44th member of the NPP Walk of Fame!

Returning to the NPP felt tonight was Duder1123. Welcome back!

Now remember – we have a week off before the exciting 3rd quarter final. Five players are still in the running for the NPP finals seat.

This is an excellent opportunity to RECRUITE for the league and the blog! And this final tourney of the 3rd quarter would give rookies a chance to give it a try before the final quarter race begins.

On to the action:

16 min: UMichPoker (19th) loses to Theedouble*d.
28 min: A short-stacked (SS) LittleRedElf (18th) loses to a SS Duder1123, who hits a straight on the river.

34 min: A very rare double kill as Kensik (17th) (66) and TresStooges (16th) (AQ) lose to K9isadog’s (QT) two pair on the turn [8QJT].

39 min: Absea98 (15th) sees his (As3s) run into Meatsword’s (KK). Tight play follows, but it exploded after the break! As you can see, we had some short stacks who did not try to fight the Break Monster.

1st Break:
K9isadog 5866
Theedouble*d 3586
Douge2 2675
Akensi 2375
Tomservo2 2340
Budda627 2165
Tigercub8189 2076
ThePunk75 1802
T3chlady 1510
Meatsword 1448
Rennzzo 1018
Wingsfancurt 645
Funtoon 570
Duder1123 424

Here starts some carnage.

61 min: SS Duder1123 (14th) goes with (K9) and sees a SS Wingsfancurt (QJ) pair the [J] to take it down.

63 min: Douge2 (13th) (KdQd) gets out flopped as Theedouble*d (JT) hits a [J] on the flop. Lots of bigger cards were out – flopped tonight. An awful lot!

65 min: Budda627 (12th) sees his (66) get out – flopped by K9isadog’s (A8) with an [A] on the flop.

68 min: A SS Wingsfancurt (11th) pushes with (AJ) but K9isadog (A3) makes a straight! Ouch! Now things settle for a while, before another rush to the exits.

81 min: Funtoon (10th) has to go with (A2) and K9isadog calls with (Qh 8h) and wins with a [Q] on the flop.

82 min: A SS Akensi (9th), Meatsword and Tigercub8189 take it to the river and Meat’s two pair take it down.

84 min: An AIPF ThePunk75 (8th) is called by Meatsword, Theedouble*d and T3chlady. Meatsword bets the other two out with (33) and it takes the pot.

86 min: A SS Rennzzo (7th) has to try with (Kd 9d) but can’t catch to T3chlady’s (44).

91 min: Success is fleeting for T3chlady (6th) who is AIPF with (AJ) (48%) against Meatsword’s (KQ), but a [K] on the flop and the Lady has yet another tough NPP exit.

The exit door gets a rest for a little while – until:

108 min: A SS Tomservo2 (5th) has to try with (Kd 7d) but can’t catch K9isadog’s (KJ).
115 min: A SS Tigercub8189 (4th) is all-in with (A5) but can’t catch Meatsword’s (AJ).
116 min: A SS Theedouble*d (3rd) sees his (KJ) run into Meatsword’s (88).

Heads up: Meatsword 22000 - K9isadog 6500
But a lost hand right at the break makes it closer.

2nd break:
Meatsword 17266
K9isadog 11234

125 min: Meatsword 13500 - K9isadog 15000

127 min: Meatsword (2nd) goes with (QT) but K9isadog has (A3) with an [A] on the flop.

Congratulations K9isadog.

1st – K9isadog
2nd – Meatsword
3rd – Theedouble*d
4th – Tigercub8189
5th – Tomservo2
6th – T3chlady
7th – Rennzzo
8th – ThePunk75
9th – Akensi

Standings are on the right side of the blog! Five still have a shot for the 3rd quarter seat in the NPP Finals!

Reminder: No tourney next week. We return to the NPP PS felt on September 15th. Bring in new players for the 4th quarter!