Tuesday, January 30, 2007

NPP Internet #5 Beerhog Classic Won by Rownder73

Persistance got 'er done! After two straight heartbreaking 2nd's in a row, Rownder73 broke cherry and won one of these things! Nice run and great job.

Only five players showed tonight - which is suprising since my soothing and sweetalking commentary as to why players were missing I thought sure would bring them back to the game. I guess there is just no being nice to some people.

You can lead them to the rail around the best poker group in the country, but you can't make them buy-in. As Sparky Anderson said, "If they don't want to go, nobody's going to stop them." It is their loss. On to the game:

Our defending two-time in a row champ, Beerhog (5th) made it to the 7-stud game in the 1st round of HORSE.

By the way, I apologize for the lack of play shown, but HORSE is just too many cards and I would have to go to hand history every time and it is hard to do when out of town. Holdem is much easier to keep track of.

Matchy (4th) made it to the 7-stud Hi/Lo game of the 1st round before he was ousted by Rounder73.

I (3rd) was his next victim - also in 7-stud Hi/Lo. My final hand started (54)A3 with three hearts. I was low stack so I had to go for it. The hand finished with my typical Poker Stars dealer love as K95 with no hearts arrived to turn my hand into a foot.

With my usual QUIET AND GRACIOUS exit, it only left two - Boother (2nd) and Rownder73 (1st). They battled for most of the second pass when Rownder73 won it in the 7-stud Hi/Lo game.

1st - Rownder73
2nd - Boother36
3rd - Nik Faldo
4th - Matchy
5th - Beerhog

Next game - Feb. 6, same password as to not to confuse those from Ann Arbor or who work at DCX, and Poker Stars will be dealing NL Holdem. - Nik Faldo

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Beerhog and Rownder73 Repeat as 1 – 2 in NPP Internet Tourney 2007 - #4

Seven players made it to the NPP #4 Tourney this night. Many players were still AWOL, so this was a great accomplishment since:

Two NPP players [The Wall and Gridlock] are stuck in the Stone Age and must think computers are a fad that will fade away soon.

Four NPP players [Fourputt, Herbavor, 7Forty7, and ToJo] are at the Brokeback Mountain Convention in San Francisco. They saved air fare by spooning on the plane. They flew on BrownIBlue Airlines. The plane was a small TubeLube69. There is no food service but plenty of salad tossing.

One NPP player [Thai Food] is anti-rules with the poker site we play on due to an unsanctioned ‘play over’ disagreement and promises to hurry as fast as HE can and get it straightened out with them - by 2015.

And the United States government can’t find the people trying to kill us, but insist on rooting out businesses trying to make money and harassing citizens trying to enjoy their evenings at home.

I am still deciding what to do as far as how to transfer. When I decide I will let you all know. Matchy suggests ePassport however.

On to the tourney action:

A new player joined us – ArticBlast1. Welcome to the NPP family – dysfunctional as it is!

The game was HORSE and play was tight early on except for Cigar4John who was mixing it up and on a roller coaster ride. It was not until the game of the structure – 7 stud H/L when some players found the exits. I [Nik Faldo] was the victim of poor 5th thru river cards as neither my flush or low appeared, then the next hand Rownder’s catch for a straight on the river crippled my stack to nothing.

Both Matchy (6th) and I (7th) went out on the same hand the next deal.

As soon as the game started the second pass to Holdem, Artic (5th) was the next busted on the same hand as Cigar took a big stack hit when his high 2 pair lost to Rownder73’s straight on the river. Cigar4John (4th) went out the next hand.

Boother (3rd) ran into Rownder’s flush in Omaha H/L and was ousted.

That left the repeat final two of Beerhog and Rownder with very similar stacks and ended in the same result. Beerhog hit two wheels, and a full house in consecutive hands to turn the 7K to 3K deficit into his advantage and sent Rownder (2nd) wondering what the poker Gods were doing to him. Shortly after the break, Beerhog (1st) took the tourney.

1st – Beerhog
2nd – Rownder73
3rd – Boother
4th – Cigar4John
5th – ArticBlast1
6th – Matchy
7th – Nik Faldo

Congrats to Beerhog – who joins Matchy and NikFaldo as the only back to back winners of an NPP Internet Tourney.

Next week’s tourney will have the same game and password. Hopefully there are no gay pride parades planned and the missing guys will return to the game.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

How You Can Keep Playing On-Line

When they came and got the motorcycle riders about having to wear helmets - I did not help the riders.
When they came and got the car drivers and made them wear seatbelts - I did not help the drivers.
When they came and got the smokers from places that wanted smokers - I did not help the smokers.
When they came and got the internet poker players - there was no one left to help me.

Anyone else have the feeling Congress is more concerned with poker playing than illegal aliens in this country?

As I have posted before, I know of 13 poker sites still operating for US players. Now that Netteller did the turtle, here are your transfer options for each one - in my 'best site' order. And yes, transferring became the #1 criteria at this point:

1. Poker Stars - ePassport
2. Absolute Poker - ePassport, Click2Pay
3. Ultimate Bet - ePassport, Click2Pay
4. Poker. com - Click2Pay
5. Full Tilt - ePassport, Click2Pay
6. BoDog Poker - Click2Pay
7. Bugsys Club - ePassport
8. Platimun Poker - ePassport

9. World Poker Exchange - None
10. Sportsbook Poker - None
11. Tropical Poker - None
12. Jungle Poker - None
13. Poker4Ever - None

All the sites said they can send you a check to cash out, so that is not an issue.

All poker sites say that they accept MC and Visa, but I don't know of a credit card of that type that actually works. I tried that when I first started playing on-line and my cc companies would not make the transaction, so I don't know how these poker sites think that this is an option.

On a scarier point, Netteller is putting a 'month delay' on withdraws from their accounts. When JetSet Poker closed, they said there would be a month delay before players would receive a check. That was 5 months ago.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Saturday Game Cancelled. NPP Will Be Dark for January and February.

Sorry boys but my work schedule prevented me from beating the bushes and rounding up enough for a game this Saturday. We only had four and I like to get at least seven - which means you can count on six for sure.

My work schedule also will cripple February as I will be traveling weekends and it will be hard to use the other two weekends for a poker game. I have my wedding aniversary and a few other family events scheduled also.

If we had 6 or 7 on a weekend for sure, I could squeeze something in, but I will not have the time to pull a line-up together. Maybe Boother, Matchy, Herb, Cigar or Fourputt could arrainge one in the meantime. Maybe Herb or Thai Food could post times and dates when Greektown, Motor City or Mt. Pleasant could, would or will be visited.

Status of NPP Players for 2007: Full Time
Nik Faldo
Larry P
Thai Food

Part Time
The Wall

We need two more full timers. When any of the FT's miss, we are hurting. That is the goal is to find two more FT's for NPP.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Neteller Execs Charged in Gambling Case

NEW YORK (AP) - Two founders of a company that processes Internet gambling transactions were arrested and charged with funneling billions of dollars in gambling proceeds to overseas betting operations, federal prosecutors announced Tuesday.

The charges mark the latest in a series of crackdowns by the federal government against the online gambling industry.

The charges against the former Neteller PLC directors, John David Lefebvre, 55, and Stephen Eric Lawrence, 46, both Canadian citizens, were contained in two criminal complaints unsealed in U.S. District Court in Manhattan on Monday, U.S. Attorney Michael Garcia said in a statement.

Full text in Forbes here.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

2006 Champ - Beerhog - Returns to the Top Winning NPP #3 Momo Derby

Six of us challenged last year's internet champ and were worse for wear for it. This means HORSE will the game next tourney.

Cigar4John was playing agressively and got down a few chips as the flops were not cooperating. But on hand #42 Cigar put a hurt on Matchy as his QQ held up against Matchy's Q9 suited when the flush did not make it.

But I got those chips and the rest of Cigar's on hand #55 when my JJ held up against Cigar's (6th) AK suited.

Matchy (5th) is my next victim. He has to make a move on hand #63 after Cigar crippled him and his JT all-in push gets called by my KQs. I picked up a K on the flop to seal the deal.

Rounder73, who has the chip lead and has been bullying the table all night, takes out Boother (4th) on hand #67. Boother has QQ but Rounder's KJ flopped a straight.

On hand #78, I try to take out Beerhog and call with 66. He is shortstacked and made a move with QJ. A jack on the flop puts Beerhog back in it.

On hand #81, I get 66 again. Rounder is in the hand with me. The flop is 89Q. A J on the turn and another Q on the river. I put Rounder on A-rag. His all in raise on the river gave me the decision of deciding was my original read right or not. I (3rd)called and I was wrong as Rounder had QTs.

That leaves Rounder73 [6K in chips] and Beerhog [2K]. The gap grew to 7 to 1. Beerhog gets back some chips and evens the match with a big hand.

Beerhog took a 5K to 3K lead in chips, but Rounder's AK pairs and beats Beerhog's TT to take a 6K to 2K. Beerhog's AJ got some back as it paired to beat Rounder's 66. Bad night for small pairs?

No. Beerhog's trip 2's takes out Rounder's A2 suited, and now he has a 7 to 1 lead.

Rounder (2nd) bluffs at the blinds with T5 and Beerhog (1st) calls with JT to win the match.

1st - Beerhog
2nd - Rounder73
3rd - Nik Faldo
4th - Boother
5th - Matchy
6th - Cigar4John

Monday, January 15, 2007

Four Components to Fear @ NPP

Click on the picture for a better view.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Motor City Casino Spanks Nik Faldo

Thai Food and I headed down to the Motor City Casino to try their poker room.

It's nice enough. Covered parking, free water, prezels, chips and soft drinks for players. A computerized waiting list with pagers. Automatic shufflers at each table.

I like the auto-shufflers - Thai Food does not. I say any time you can get a human's hands off the deck you are safer in a game with strangers.

We called in to get on the list and move up during travel time. You have one hour to check in after you call in.

Called in at 11:30 am, got there at noon and I got on a table at 1pm, just to give you an idea of the wait time. I signed up for the $3/6, $5/10 and $10/20 limit and the $50/$200 NL action.

I got called to the $3/$6 table. Played 6 hours. The rake is brutal - especially at that limit. It is 10% to a max of $6. This table was the classic NO FOLDEM Holdem game. I was licking my chops as I waited for the blinds to get to me. Six or seven players saw each flop!

It was a 10 handed table, and full half the time. Nine players the rest of the time. The staff was very very slow filling our empty seat.

Since there was so much action, we didnt get the usual 30 hands an hour. I would say we got maybe 25 an hour. The casino raked $6 x 25 hands x 6 hours I was there. That is $900 evaporating from the players in a $3/$6 game. Ouch!

The table had exactly two winners for the six hours I was there. One cashed for around $200 and the other was up around $800 when I left. In a $3/$6 game with that punishing rake! The table was so loose, but these two guys seemed to be the only ones that raked in pots consistently.

I saw approximately 150 hands. I won exactly three hands all night and not the ten to fifteen or so I should statistically expect to win - hence a sound thrashing and a loss of around 19 big bets.

Better luck next time.- Nik Faldo

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Momo Defeats a Large Field in the Weekly NPP Internet Tourney

Eight players made it to the felt. I even made it after a very hectic day. We welcome a new Player - Rounder73. Welcome Andy.

It took til Hand #20 for a three way with Beerhog (8th) with KQ, Matchy with J5 and Rounder with A9s. The board of 5JQ23 sent Beerhog to the rail and crippled Rounder - setting up Matchy for another run at a title.

SpartyToJo with AT finished off Rounder (7th) on Hand #23 with KJ. Rounder had to make a move and never paired the board.

No action until Hand #56 when the lowest stack Momo doubles up with a JT straight beating Sparty's KT.

Matchy took some chips from Boother to regain the chip lead on hand #65.

Momo moves back up to the pack (sinking me [Nik Faldo] into last place in chips) hitting trips on Hand #66.

But Hand #67 picks me up some much needed ammo.

On Hand #73, Momo's AJ hurts Boother's stack when his 77 loses when a J hits on the flop.

Boother makes his move the next hand (#74) with AT. He gets called by Sparty with AK and Momo with KQ. This sets up the bad beat of the night as Sparty has both his opponents dominated - Sparty(52%), Momo(24%), Boother(19%). The flop of [K56] gets Sparty to commit all his chips and Momo calls - Sparty(85%), Momo(12%), Boother(2%).

The turn [7] - Sparty(93%), Momo(7%), Boother(0%).
And river of [Q] sends Boother (6th) and Sparty (5th) to the rail. Momo is now the man at the table by at least 3 to 1 in chips.

On Hand #86 another 3-way occurs with Cigar4John, Matchy and Momo. Matchy bows out after the flop of [K48]. John (K4)(91%) bets and Momo (98)(9%) calls all the way. An 8 on the river cripples John's stack.

John (4th) makes his last stand (T7) on Hand #95 and Momo calls with K3 suited and makes his flush.

Hand #99 hurts Matchy as Momo pairs his card on the river. He is taken out (3rd) on the next hand when his KTs does not improve against Momo's 88.

That left Momo with an 8 to 1 chip lead over me, but we battled for a while. I hit a 65 straight to get some chips back. I got back to 5 to 6 in chips as my AQ beat Momo's KT. I took the chip lead 6 to 5 as my 99's held up.

Hand #142 Momo regains the chip lead as I have to surrender after some bets and calls as my hand turned into a foot.

Hand #145 ends the affair as my (2nd) 76s hit the flush but Momo's 42 made a full house! Congrats to Momo!

1st - Momo
2nd - Nik Faldo
3rd - Matchy
4th - Cigar4John
5th - SpartyToJo
6th - Boother
7th - Rownder73
8th - Beerhog

1/9/2007 NPP PS Tourney update #2

Heads up action....

1/9/2007 NPP PS Tourney update

Snapshot taken just after Momo knocked out sparty and boother.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Fourputt Golf Champ. Set

I got the tee times nailed down at all three courses (see post below).

As the trip gets closer, we men can determine where we will play our Thurday round on June 7th. Hartland Glen is fine with me, but so is any course in;
Livingston County
Ingham County
Clinton County
Gratiot County
Midland County
Isabella County

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Matchy Picks Up Where He Left Off In 2006 - Kicking Our Butts!

Matchy won his third tourney out of four - beating your humble scribe at the final table. Congrats to Matchy. Well done.

Five players made to the first one of the new year. It's going to be a long long year on the internet if this keeps up. Where is everyone? Here is the action.

Beerhog took a page out of Phil Hellmuth's playbook and sat out the first 15 hands.

I got hurt early as I overplayed my top pair of Q's and lost to Matchy's KK hand.

DavetheDog and Cigar4John crossed swords early and often but battled to a draw.

Dave and I hooked up in a pot - with me flopping top and middle pair and Dave hit middle and bottom pair. Two pair is a very hard hand to get away from. I even hit the full house on the turn. That crippled Dave and got me some ammo back I lost to Matchy.

Beerhog took the Dog out (5th) with a pair of Aces versus a pair of Kings.

Matchy cripples Beerhog next when his KK hits a K on the flop and Beerhog is holding KJ. Ouch!

Cigar4John takes Beerhog out (4th) when his K9s outlasts Beerhog's 34s.

Play goes on 3 handed for a half hour Matchy takes out Cigar (3rd) with A7 versus John's KQ.

Two handed goes back and forth a few times with both of us getting the chip lead. Twice Matchy takes a 4 to 1 chip lead and I have to battle back to about even. I say about even.

I finally make a move with KJ (2nd) and Matchy holds A6 and calls, and when I don't improve, Matchy takes the title.

1st - Matchy
2nd - Nik Faldo
3rd - Cigar4John
4th - Beerhog
5th - DavetheDog

Next game Tuesday, same password. What game do you want Matchy?

Fourputt Golf Championship Taking Shape

The foursome of DavetheDog, Herbavor, The Wall and Nik Faldo have put together the 1st Fourputt Golf Championship and Casino Poker Trip to Mt. Pleasant, MI. The dates have been determined and the tee times will be locked down soon. Here is the itinerary:

Thursday June 7th.......Golf TBD - Fourputt is a weenie!
Hotel stay..............6pm...Lone Star Steakhouse and Poker

Friday June 8th.........Noon...Pohlcat Golf(tee time set)
Hotel stay..............6pm...The Embers - Pork Chop Dinner & Poker

Saturday June 9th.......Noon...Buck’s Run(tee time set)
Hotel stay..............6pm...Casino Steakhouse & Poker

Sunday June 10th........9am...The Emerald Golf Club (tee time set)
Lunch in Lansing........3pm...Harold's Reading Room and Prayer Hall

Price: $357.78
Thursday golf, breakfasts, lunches, dinners, poker bankroll, and chicken wing-bar tab at Harold’s not included in price. All dinner times and places are estimated and suggested - and subject to change. If we meet the Swedish Bikini Team on the course and they insist on cooking for us, who are we to argue.

The Wall and I will room together. From past golf trips he knows how to handle my snoring when I am tanked up. And we spoon well.

Herbavor, pack lightly as I have been informed by Cigar4John that the Dog's makeup bags of Mary Kay Cosmetics takes up almost take up an entire room. FYI.

Now the rest of you are invited of course, but you have to make your own arraingements. Just call the Holiday Inn in Mt. Pleasant, MI - 1-989-772-2905.

We can grow this thing next year. Two foursomes would be outstanding! Maybe we'll make it the weekend after Father's Day weekend. Closer to the July 4 holiday too.