Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Nik Wins NPP Internet #8 - Hlam Open

Weird night. Short night. Plenty of missing players.
How does the guy who the tournament is named after - miss it???
How does the probable tournament winner - CigarJohn - show up 1 minute late???
How does your humble scribe and host win the tournament without hitting a single flop???

Very weird evening. We all have stories to tell, but as champ and writer, you have to listen to mine.

The tournament starts off with me having to fold 99, KK and AK suited as I of course bet pre-flop, miss the flops and have to fold because there are raises after the flop hits. I am already low chip man and Beerhog has yet to go all in once. Not good.

The Sack goes out (6th) as his K7 loses to J8 with a board of K2J86.

Beerhog gets the 'bad beat' of the night when he is ousted (5th) as his A9 suited is called by Matchy's 43 suited in spades, and three spades come on the flop and a 4th on the turn.

SpartyToJo is gone (4th) as he loses back to back hands to Boother. They both get a ton of chips in the pot - 33 for ToJo and Q9 suited for Boother. The board is all paint of AQJT. And when a rag hits the river, ToJo bluffs at the pot and Boother calls him down. ToJo's suited 52 lose to Boother's Q7 the next hand.

I managed to sneak in some pots as my A6 wins as the flop is 68J23, with more garbage on the turn and river. Boother bets and I call and he has A9. My bottom pair wins. That same type thing happens two more times and now I got a little bling in my stack.

I take the chip lead when Boother's A9 runs into my JJ and it holds up.

Matchy takes out Boother (3rd) when Boother's QQ gets run over by Matchy's K2 with a king on the flop.

Matchy plays well and wrestles the chip lead away from me. But Matchy's dual hands of A2 lose to my TT and 77, as no ace comes on the boards and I close it out.

I don't think this has ever happened before where someone wins a tournament and did not hit a single flop except for a few bottom pairs. I never even hit a flop with any of my folded hands. I never had a hand bigger than a pair, and they were usually in my hand. Incredible!

1st - Nik Faldo
2nd - Matchy
3rd - Boother
4th - SpartyToJo
5th - Beerhog
6th - Sack

Sunday, November 26, 2006

The Four Stages of Life

It's a good thing that poker goes with the last three...

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Beerhog Moves on to Level #3 in the Moneymaker Millions!

Beerhog says he has his favorite tropical butt floss thong packed as he plans on going all the way.

I hope he doesn't mean all the way with the Cabana boy, once he gets to the tropics.

I have been playing on Poker Stars lately, and all I can say about it was best summed up by Hlam at the last NPP internet tournament. I say DITTO! It's the best site and I like them. They don't like me.

Beerhog has no such problem, proving talent outlasts whining every time. Keep going Beerhog!

NPP guys are good!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Nik Finishes 3rd in NL Holdem Tourney at the World Poker Exchange

My first big tournament cash on this site. It was a field of 71 players, but I managed to make a final table and won 9 times my entry.

This site's lobby is clean to look at. The look at the table has a classic feel. I like the software.

Tournaments are reasonable and plentiful. The ring play has enough players to sustain a few tables at most limits.

The best part is that once a month they return every cent of rake back to the players! It is also a first class sports betting site.

If you want to try another poker site, try this one. Even the poker God himself Dave the Dog - Fourputt plays there. - Nik Faldo

NPP Internet Beerhog Classis #7 - Has It's 7th Straight Different Winner!

Our biggest field of all time joined the fray. Two new players joined this week - Sack and Momo. All I can say is - men, welcome! And a special thank you for the short niknames!

It was all Cigar early in this one. His AKs takes out Momo's KT (11th) first when two kings hit on the flop. This is what's known as Nik Faldo luck, Momo. It's contageous as you will see later in this tourney.

ToJo went out in (10th), but I didn't see the hand. I had run to get a beer and missed it completely. My bad. Whoever wants to can comment and fill me in.

Matchy got the prize for the "Bad Beat" of the night. Boother goes all in with trips on the turn - right into Matchy's (9th) full house - 99977. But a ten falls on the river and Boother's 999TT takes it. It just may be someone's night.

Cigar ended Hlam's cold cold night at the table when his KK ran over Hlam's (8th)all-in with Q6 when a Q hit the board.

The Dog sacrifices the southern gent he brought to the game. Very rude! Sack (7th) gets his short stack all-in with QJ and two pair on the flop [JQQ] and walks right into a big-blind hand of Q2 for the Dog. Ouch!

But the celebration is short-lived as Beerhog [A9] decimates the Dog's stack [A2]. I (Faldo) eliminate the Dog (6th) shortly thereafter.

A big betting war erupts as the suprisingly mute 747's QQ takes out Cigar's (5th) AQ when a Q hits the board.

I (Faldo) decide it is time to do my usual kamakaze play (that has never worked by the way) and go all in to take some much needed blind money with QT (4th) and run in 747's KK. Yes, he saw more pairs in two hands than I saw all night.

Beerhog then takes a big chunk of Boother's stack to pull even for second place when his AK beats Boother's AQ. We got a horserace now.

But our internet tournament point leader Beerhog's(3rd) AQ runs into a 23 in the blind - and a straight - by Boother with a flop of [A45].

It is a classic and long battle with Boother coming from 2 to 1 down to a 3 to 1 chip lead when all the chips finally hit the center. Boother with 66 and 747 with AK. The coin flip preflop odds are tilted away from 747 (2nd) as a six hits the flop and a boat on the turn for our 7th new champion, Boother.

1st - Boother
2nd - 747
3rd - Beerhog
4th - Faldo
5th - Cigar4John
6th - The Dog (Fourputt)
7th - Sackett
8th - Hlam
9th - Matchy
10th - Tojo
11th - Momo

Next internet tourney is Nov. 28. Invite your friends - if any of you have any besides this pack of rabble.

The password is '3ofdiamonds'.

The December 5th tourney is posted. Fourputt the password is '3ofclubs'.

I had posted a different password, but Fourputt can't read. I have to start writing blog orders to him in German I think. - Nik

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Best Way to Fund Internet Poker Sites

At Fourputt’s suggestion and in preparation for entering the Nik’s Poker Palace On-line tournaments, I will re-print the article from October 11, 2006.

The best and safest way I have found to add chips to your poker site is thru Net Teller. This is a FREE Internet banking site. It is quite easy to use, lightening fast in depositing into poker sites and only a day or two wait cashing back out.

I say ‘free’ but there is about a 9% transaction fee up to a certain amout or amount deposited – then after that it is free. Still, Net Teller is a publicly traded company in England and is as safe as any bank I would imagine.

Here are the steps to get ready for internet poker.

Step 1. Open a checking account with your poker stake money in a bank that you do no other business with. This will be your ‘poker’ account. Do not use a savings account as those accounts do not allow transfers.

Step 3. Open a Net Teller account on line.

Step 4. Transfer money to Net Teller using the account and funds you deposited in your new ‘Poker’ Bank Savings Account. Be sure to leave the minimum required in the checking account so you can transfer winnings back.

Now you will be able to load money into any poker site from Net Teller that is still taking USA customers. See NPP’s lists of ‘good’ sites. NPP strongly suggests that Poker Stars be a newbie’s first stop. It is simply the best site out there.

This way, the poker world can only reach back to Net Teller and Net Teller can only reach back to your poker checking account. Never use your main accounts for anything on line. I am pretty sure Net Teller and the poker sites I suggest are on the up and up, but better safe than sorry.

This is just another friendly public service announcement of NPP. - Faldo

Monday, November 20, 2006

NPP Roll Call

Fourteen years this game has rolled on. In order to keep it moving on, we need players added for next year. They can be in the form of like 6 more part-timers or 2 more full timers. But that is about what we need.

Here are the number of FULL TIME NPP Players. The Core!
1. Beerhog
2. Herbavor
3. Larry P.
4. Thai Food
5. 7Forty7
6. Nik Faldo

Part timers or new arrivals:
7. ToJo
8. Gridlock
9. The Wall
10. CigarJohn
11. Fourputt
12. Matchy (new)
13. Boother (possible)
14. Mark the Shark (possible)

If you have a core of eight players and eight part-timers, you should always have a full table for the game. On average two regulars will have to miss and two PT's will show up to fill the game.

What hurts NPP is that even though our FT's are solid, our PT pool is quite lame. As in Brokeback Mt. lame. Like in "They play for the pink team lame." We need to add alot more PT's or a few more FT's.

Like a college football coach, I like to stack my bench of starters and reserves. You never have such a thing as too many players. An interesting phenomenon occurs. A packed game keeps the game packed. Nobody wants to miss out on the action. Like a crowded restaurant has a line out the door. Where a game low on players can't keep the momentum going, like a restaurant without customers looks lousy.

So get out there and recruit.

Friday, November 17, 2006

A Tribute to All the Players Who Have Played

I'm going to list everyone first name or nickname alphabetically.

7Forty7, Alex K.,Andy S., Andy W., Bart B., Beerhog,
Bill R. Sr., Bill R. Jr., Billy Z., Bob M., Bob R.,
Bobby Z., Brandon S., Bruce J., Butch N., Charlie L.,
Chris Bid, Cigar4John, Dan J., Dan the Bank., Darren L.,
Dave K., Dennis D., Doug C., Ed ?, Eric M., Fourputt,
Greg P., Gridlock, Hank W., Herbavor, J. Moore,
Jason R., Jason S., Jeff C., Jeff J., Jeff P., Jerry R.,
Jim M., Johnny B., John V., John W., Joe Mc., Kelly C.,
Kurt J., Larry P., Larry R., Larry W., Lee J., Manny R.,
Mark M., Mark Z., Matt N., Matt P., Mike C., Matchy,
Mike M., Mike R., Nate M., Nik Faldo, Paul ?, Ralph R.,
Randy K., Roberto B., Ryan M., Sean B., SpartyToJo,
Steve D., Steve N., Thai Food, Tolly, Tom B., Tom U.,
? Cullinan, The Wall

That is the group that has made at least one appearance. 75 players in the 14 years of the game. Did I miss anyone?

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Another Internet Poker Site Review

Got some new players hopefully coming to the site, playing in the Poker Stars tourneys and hopefully making an appearance at the actual center of all poker, Nik's Poker Palace.

I have been researching poker sites for a couple of years now - 214 to be exact! Sites - not years!

There is no reason for anyone reading this blog to put money in a site without checking with me first. I have been to just about every single one of them.

Here is my list - in order - of the best that are still open to USA players:

1. Poker Stars - no other site is close. Five stars!!!!!

2. World Poker Exchange - no rake!, nice tournaments, and a sports bookie!

3. Ultimate Bet - nice site, lots of players.

4. Absolute Poker - I don't like the software but plenty of freerolls

5. Full Tilt Poker - Expensive tourneys and alot of rebuy tourneys which I don't like

6. Bugsy's Club - Nice software, but not too many players

7. Jungle Poker - less players than Bugsy

8. Poker4Ever - Nice site, just not many players.

9. Bo Dog Poker - I hate the software, but a big site and a sports bookie.

10. True Poker - Nice graphics for ring play, but not alot of tournaments.

11. Platinum Poker - Part of Doyles Poker Room Network (Doyles Room, PamalaPoker, etc.), but all their tournaments have high blinds and fast round changes. It's bingo night. Ring and SNG's ok.

12. Sportsbook - No poker yet - but soon - and a sports book.

Here is a safe list of poker sites to research. Questions about anything - you can always drop a question on the blog or drop me a line at npokerp@yahoo.com

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Louanna Memorial Tourney Service was Short - and Sweet for Hlam

Only five players made it to the gate this evening.
CigarJohn was in Canada at the ballet.
Fourputt was painting his toenails or his wife's - he forgot who's.
7forty7 was behind the shed with Thai Food (aka - man with no Poker Stars address).

But a new player joined - a friend of Matchy's - Boother36.
Nice to see new blood. We may get a full tourney of 9 or 10 soon.

Beerhog was his usual aggressive self but the flops were not cooperating. Hlam's 55 took out Beerhog's AJ (5th) and we had our first casualty of the evening.

Boother limps in from the SB with 35 and Hlam calls from the BB with T6 suited. The flop is a disaster for Boother - 663. All the chips go in and Boother is out in 4th.

Matchy kept beating the host up with A-better kicker in three hands - two to the river. This made me the short stack. I go up against Hlam with QJ against his AK and survive as I make a straight beating his two pair.

This was fair since his J9 went runner-runner full house to beat me the hand before.

But my comeback was short-lived as my AJ suited lost (3rd) to Hlam's 77.

The next hand Hlam closed out the deal with AJ against A9 for Matchy (2nd).
AJ was a loser all night until the last hand.

Final order of finish:
1st - Hlam
2nd - Matchy
3rd - Nik Faldo
4th - Boother
5th - Beerhog

The next tournament is next Tuesday, 9pm - PW is 6ofdiamonds.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

November 06 Game Was Classic Poker

Six players made it to the gate. We all tried to meet at a local pub for a pre-game beer and cigar, but the place did not allow cigars (the dirty bastards!).
Herbavor was held up by road construction and Thai Food was late because...well, he is always late.

The game started with five players. Joining NPP was 'Matchy' the 75th player to sit at the hallowed felt of NPP. Thai Food made it six when he got there.

Herbavor started out by getting smoked in hands and Beerhog was on fire early. The fortunes were reversed by night's end.

Thai Food won a big pot near the end from 7forty7, and I lost a stack on the last three hands myself.

The NPP players showed their usual rude behavior to first time players, by never letting Matchy get rolling.

The ring game and big winner of the night was Herbavor, with Thai Food blowing past me and 7forty7 on the totals board in the last three hands.

The tourney was won by 7forty7 as his AK took out my A9 suited.
Beerhog went out on the bubble.
Thai Food was 4th.
Herbavor, arm weary from chip stacking in the ring game, went out 5th.
Matchy declined to enter the night ending affair.

Next NPP game is December 16th.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

New and Improved NPP Calendar

Our beloved webmaster and NPP Pokerstars prodigy has improved the NPP calendar!!! It's a shame he doesn't have the skill to actually play at NPP but I digress.

Look at the calendar in the right-hand column. Click on a highlighted date in order to get more information.

Poker Chips for Sale

Just in time for Xmas! Chip overstock!
Nik's Poker Palace has a barely used standard 500 chip poker set for sale.
11.5 gram chips.

150 Whites
150 Reds
100 Blues
50 Greens
50 Blacks

Set comes in a lockable case, and includes two decks of cards, chip separators (that do not come with a store-bought set), and 'Missed Blind' button that could be used as a 'Dealer' button (that do not come with a store-bought set).

These sets are selling for around $60 on Overstocked dot com including shipping.
NPP will open the bidding at $40 to NPP players.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Sparty On Open Won by Beerhog

Seven players made it to the table and the guy that called for a Thursday night tourney 'forgot' to play in it. Next time I listen to Fourputt, somebody take me out to the shed.

It opened with Beerhog crippling the winner whose name was on this tourney, SpartyToJo.

ThaiFood(Jane) hit a flush with his AK suited to end Tojo's (7th) night against 88.

ThaiFood(Jane) hit trip 5's with his Q5 and 7forty7 is out (6th) when his flush draw did not get there, K8 suited.

Beerhog then hurt ThaiFood with KK vs 88 as the kings held up.

Beerhog finished my night as my cards were cold and I was short-stacked most of the night. He had the slight lead with 99 vs my KT suited pre-flop - but I got the K on the flop. This left Beerhog a two outer with two cards to go. A 9 on the river and my motel room furniture got 're-arranged'(5th).

Short-stacked Hlam (4th) was the next Beerhog victim as his AQ got out-flopped by Beerhog - who paired his 3 (K3suited).

That left three. Matchy was playing solid and crippled Thaifood when his AJ held up against Thaifood's K9.

Thaifood stayed alive as his AT beat Beerhog's QJ.

Thaifood finished in 3rd when he hit his flop with K4. The flop was 65K. Matchy called with his 65.

The heads up match lasted a while as Matchy cut Beerhog's chip lead from 4 to 1 all the way down to 2 to 1.

They went all in as Matchy had AK and Beerhog had A3 suited (diamonds).

The flop was all diamonds (as was the turn and river) and Beerhog took the victory.

1st - Beerhog
2nd - Matchy
3rd - Thaifood
4th - Hlam
5th - Faldo
6th - 7forty7
7th - SpartyToJo

Monday, November 06, 2006

4Putt Fixed Open Won by Rush Limbaugh

This was the biggest tourney we've had so far. Louanna let RushLimbaugh, of Absolute Poker fame, step into his seat for the evening. Rush bears a striking resemblance to Tolly.

Let's see how it unfolded - or folded as the case may be:

Rush took out internet superstar Beerhog when his KK held up over Beer's 77.

7forty7 put the hurt on Cigar4john next when his QQ held up against John's AT and straight draw.

Fourputt knocked out last tourney winner SpartyToJo in 7th with KK when Sparty's AT hit a T on the flop.

Cigar4John got back in the tourney when his QQ beat Rush's AK.

Cigar4John then cripples Hlam when his AK bested Herbavor's AQ. All Aces and paint on the flop. I personally agonized pre-flop calling the all-ins with 99 on the button (I raised initially and they both went all-in from the blinds) but thought one of them would have a higher pair so I folded. Smart move as every 2 and 3 outer card flopped to kill me if I had called. They ended up splitting a small pot instead of my chips.

Cigar4John then goes out in 6th when his AT loses to 7forty7's AK.

Rush takes me out when I overbet to get Hlam to fold or call for value as he was shortstacked and to keep Tolly from calling. Hlam folded, and Rush pushed his luck as he was a much larger stack. His 66 beat my AK and I was out in 5th.

Hlam goes from 4th to 1st in chips when his AK beats 7forty7's J4 suited. The flop if I recall had a KJ4 and two diamonds, so it was not an unreasonable play. 7forty7 still had chips in which to inflict pain, but Herbavor went from worst to first.

7forty7 finished 4th when his 75 lost to DavetheDog's JT as they both hit the flop.

Rush took out DavetheDog next in 3rd place when his KK beat Dave's QJ when Dave hit the Q on the flop.

Very quickly the night ended when Rush's 99 beat Hlam's AK. A couple hands later and it was over. 'Rush' returns with a victory.

Remember to RSVP for Saturday at 6pm.

Also remember the NPP Sparty On Open at 9pm on Thursday. Or, should I cancel it? Let's RSVP for this one too.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Reminder - There Are Two NPP On-line Tourneys This Week!

Thanks to Fourputt crying for a Thursday tournament - and then later saying he really wants to play on the normal day of Monday - we got two this week.

I guess his union got him Monday and Tuesday off. Monday to fill out absentee ballots by the thousands for Democrats and then all day Tuesday to stuff them in the ballot boxes. But I digress.

Monday Nov. 6 at 9:00pm is the #5 Fourputt 'Fixed' Open. #35034825

Thursday Nov. 9 at 9:00pm is the #4 Sparty On Open. #34826702

Both have the password of '2ofclubs'.

Alert your friends. Let's recruit for these tourneys and the BIG one on Saturday the 11th.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Some Help When You Are Running Cold - Part 1

We have all been there if you play this game long enough. Long losing streaks where nothing goes right. Every good hand is cracked. Draws never get there or do and get beat on the river. We gets cards but no action or the chips are flying and our hands look like feet. Hour upon hour of bad cards or even worse - a string of flops that hit your opponents between the eyes every hand.

Been there, done that. Bought the t-shirt AND sent the postcards. It is UGLY when you are in the middle of it!

I went a year and a half (that is 18 months for those of you in Ann Arbor, MI) barely breaking even in casinos after winning for 20 months straight. I went six straight months with losing results on-line.

I am currently in a fourteen year losing streak at the NPP game. Ok, sixteen years.....ALRIGHT, eighteen years!

Here is an article I saved after I destroyed my third on-line poker computer and cursing the charity casinos in Windsor, Ont. Just kidding about the computers. ALRIGHT...two computers!


"Blaming forces beyond our control is often easier than taking responsibility for our own actions and holding ourselves accountable for the results we receive.

So you flopped six or seven flush draws in a row and they didn’t pan out. Whom should you blame - the dealer, the cards, the casino or website itself? All of them make good targets. After all, they cannot prove they didn’t do it.

But that is inconsequential. You are the poker player, the man at the switch, the engineer driving the train, the pilot, the guy with the compass plotting the course. And if you end up somewhere you’d rather not be, there are only two things that could of gone wrong.

Either you screwed up or you got unlucky and it is no one’s fault. And as far as a turn of a card is concerned, neither you nor anyone else has any control over that – as long as the game is on the up and up.

If you have made all the right decisions, you can absolve yourself of blame. After all if the pot odds exceed the odds of making your hand, calling or raising is the right decision –whether you win or lose that particular hand.

If you lose that time or six of seven times in a row after that – it is no one’s fault. Poker has an element of chance ingrained in every part of the game. No one can change that, and it does no good to blame anyone for bad fortune dictated by the turn of a card. Railing against randomness does about as much good as bare-knuckle punching a brick wall. [Editor's Note: I've done that and the author is right. It didn't help.]

Do yourself a favor and assume you are the problem. Even if it is not true, at least this assumption leads you down the path to corrective action. If you refuse to look at yourself as the reason you are not doing well, you may never discover the leak in your game. You may continue to make the same error time and time again.

If losing due to bad luck kills you, then lower your stakes. Make it a non-painful as possible. Continue to play your best game, continue to study and improve and the cards will eventually reward your hard work.

Money saved when running badly, spends exactly the same as money won when running well."

I read this from time to time. It saves my computers and my knuckles.