Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The “Send Herbavor to the Iowa Rail” Game is Friday, April 4th

Friday, April 4, at 7:00pm at SpartyToJo’s in Troy.

SpartyToJo says:

“We will be playing in my HEATED basement where I have a bar, couches, cable TV, and a FRIDGE. We will be playing until AT LEAST 2:00am, and can play until morning if folks are up for it.

My house is painfully easy to find: Get on I-75, get off at Big Beaver Road, Exit 69. If you pass Hooters on your right you've gone too far.

You do not need to knock, just come right in. You also do not need to remove your shoes unless they're really nasty.

Isn't it great that I get to write Big Beaver, 69, and Hooters when giving directions to my family's home?”

I (Faldo) will send the rest of the directions out to the mopes that can make it - via e-mail. Get your RSVP’s in ASAP.

Larry P

Biglou (Mexico)
McGuiness (Cleveland)
Boother (SpoonyG concert)
Matchy (Ferndale - for some 'pride' parade)
Aqualung (Pistons game)
Nahanni (doesn't play limit poker)
Beerhog (Grand Rapids)

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Rownder Wins NPP #12 – New Quarter Starts Next Week!

Rownder should have maybe saved this win for next week. Of course, the way he plays there will be plenty more where this one came from.

Another new player, Passen, joined us tonight! Welcome. As you will see, he held his own against the 12 NPP sharks that joined him for the action.

On a side note, this was the last game for the 1st quarter, and of the starters me (Mikeniks – Faldo), Aqualung, Sev4TSev and Matchy all had seats on the line for the Championship in December.

9 min: Sev4TSev went all-in with (AA) on a harmless looking flop of [367] but ran into Aquariums’ (33). This crippled the Airplane.

21 min: Sev4TSev (13th) finally had to make a move with (AJ) but ran into Rownder’s (AK), and 747 will have to wait until next quarter to secure a seat.

26 min: Boother gets crippled when his (AQ) runs into Rownder’s (QQ).

30 min: We get four callers to this pot and a flop of [K47]. Boother (12th) bets and only Duder calls. The turn is an [8]. The short-stacked Boother moves all-in with (Kh 2h) and is called by Duder with (Kd Td), and no help comes for last week’s champ.

47 min: Four of us see a flop of [4A9]. It’s check around to a turn of a [T]. Duder (11th) bets and Rownder calls. The river is a [K]. Duder bets, Rownder raises with (QJ) and the straight . Duder calls with (94) for the two pair - and is gone.

54 min: ArticBlast (10th) goes all-in with (KQ) and runs into Aquarium’s (A4) and gets no help.

58 min: That started a flurry as Passen (AT), Tigercub(9th)(A2) and Aquarium (T7) get all-in. Only Tigercub is a casualty as Passen’s straight wins the main pot and Aquarium gets the side pot with two-pair.

59 min: A short-stacked Matchy (8th) goes all-in with (JT) and runs into Biglou’s (AQ).

Aquarium 6412
Rownder 2770
Biglou 2470
Aqualung 2335
Mikeniks 2260
McGuiness-SpoonyG 1755
Passen 1472

An interesting twist here. If Mikeniks finishes ahead of Aqualung, they both get a seat. If Aqualung overtakes me by finishing 1st and I don’t finish 4th, only he gets a seat.

70 min: Knowing this, I push a mediocre hand out of position and give a ton of chips to Passen early. “Bad judgment!” Only years on a psychiatrist’s couch would figure out why I did that. Now I am the short stack. All I can say to myself is, ‘nice going donkey.’

77 min: A short-stacked McGuiness-SpoonyG (7th) goes all-in with (77) and gets called by Aquarium with (KQ). A [K] on the river and the big stack got bigger.

78 min: A short-stacked Biglou (6th) makes his move with (66) and runs into Aqualung’s (AA). Biglou misses his first NPP point on the bubble.

I will soon meet a similar fate, but for now, this pump up of chips for Aqualung is a concern to me. I need to get to 4th somehow. But as the short stack, it don’t look good so much.

91 min: I have not improved that much but Aqualung has sunk down a little closer to me. Aqualung (5th) goes all-in with (QJ) and a flop of [9KJ]. Passen calls with [AK] and a bigger stack.

And when a [K] hits the turn, I got my seat in the NPP Final – along with Aqualung.

97 min: I want your guy’s comment on this hand! I am the short stack and get (JJ) in the big blind.

Aquarium raises a standard raise. What do I do now? He could have three hands that beat me or he could hold a host of hands that a flop will kill me.

I have seven big blinds left in chips. I decided before Aquarium bet that I (4th) was going all-in to any heat. Aquarium raises a standard raise and I go all-in. Was it the right play?

Aquarium calls me with (AA) and I am money bubble boy again! Was I just cold decked there and had no choice? Or not?

117 min: Passen (3rd) goes all-in with a flop of [594] and Aquarium calls with (76). A [7] falls on the flop and we are two-handed. Nice job Passen, cashing in your first game. That is a rarity with this group of players to wade thru.

Break 2:
Aquarium 12600
Rownder 6900

126 min: It takes Rownder 6 minutes to even the stacks.

129 min: Rownder raises and gets called and the flop is [7AT]. Aquarium (2nd) goes all-in with a semi-bluff with (J8). Rownder calls with an inside straight draw of his own with (KQ). When neither straight gets there, the {K} plays and Rownder wins it.

Question: Did Spitzer's room service show up at both your houses or something? That was an awfully quick finish.

Not that there is anything wrong with that - contrary to any woman's opinion.

1st – Rownder 31 pts
2nd – Aquarium 7 pts
3rd – Passen 5 pts
4th – Mikeniks-Faldo 46 pts (seat)
5th – Aqualung 36 pts (seat)
6th – Biglou 0 pts
7th – McGuiness 18 pts
8th – Matchy 30 pts
9th – Tigercub 13 pts
10th – ArcticBlast 12 pts
11th – Duder 16 pts
12th – Boother 20 pts
13th – Sev4TSev 34 pts
Beerhog 26 pts
Nahanni 13 pts

Congratulations to Rownder for yet another NPP victory.
Congratulations to Aqualung for a seat in the finals!

Remember the point counts are back to zero for the next quarter.

Although grand totals will be kept as the highest point getter without winning a quarter also wins a seat!

So a minimum of four seats are still available in the final. Good luck!

Herbavor Heading to Iowa

Herbavor (Hlam14) is heading to Iowa to terrorize the poker players of the corn.

This is a blow to the NPP stable of players for sure, as the stat pages on this blog indicate. Hlam14 has four NPP titles - and if not for Aqualung - probably would have had them all!

And despite hardly playing in the internet game at all - only really playing in the few tournaments held after the ring game at NPP - he is still THIRD in NPP tournament wins!

Hlam could tell us what we had and what he had, but take the pot anyway. He is a Daniel Negreanu clone!

His first day at his new job is April 7th.

Rumor has it that if his old employer tells him to leave today, he will be at the Motor City Poker Room reloading with Michigan money before leaving to empty Iowa farmer's overalls of their government subsidy money.

Gonna miss you Herb, but I WILL make a trip out to see the soft seats you find out there at the felt and to play a little golf.

Here's hoping you continued success in your career.

And if you and Poker Stars can kiss and make up, you can still join your buds for the Tuesday Night Tourney!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Boother's Game Goes On Despite Another Dose of Global Warming

As usual, Boother was great host to a fine game - even with awful weather as the forefront.

I was late to the game due to the weather. I was waiting on McGuiness to arrive from Hudson, MI., where he had been playing in another game. I don't understand poker junkies!

The normally one hour drive to my house from there took 3 hours! Beerhog was also scheduled to make an appearance, but his drive from north of Grand Rapids took over 7 hours, so he just headed home.

Since I missed the tourney, we eventually started a side game. I held my own at the second table. Maybe up slightly. But when the tourney broke and we moved the side game to the main table, I never won a hand at that table! Not a single hand in around 2 hours.

Matchy won the tourney! I believe it was win #2 at Boother's. I know Matchy sent Rownder to the rail as he was on tilt when he showed up at the side game table.

But Rownder recovered and crushed the live action game by night's end.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Tight Race for the 1st Seat in the Championship!

Right after the NCAA Tournament Committee cleared out of the hotel ballroom where they worked on the pairings, the NPP Committee filed in - with real work to do.

The delegates were counted and the super-delegates banned, unlike some voting processes used by crooked outfits.

The decision was hammered out and ratified and it is this:

1. IF Mikeniks-Faldo gets overtaken, then that player has the seat in the NPP Championship in December..
2. IF Faldo hangs on to the total lead after the final round is played next Tuesday, the 2nd place player also gets a seat.

The Committee is being consistent with past precedence of Faldo being an invisible Wild Card.

It will be an exciting finish. Here are the players involved as Round 1 comes to a close:

Mikeniks-Faldo 43 pts
Aqualung85 35 pts
Sev4TSev 34 pts
Matchy 30 pts
Beerhog 26 pts

All have a shot at the 1st seat. Good luck to them, and we expect the same hard play from the rest of you mopes come Tuesday. - The Committee

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Aqualung85 Wins 7-stud Hi-Lo Tourney

Fresh from his good 5th place finish at NPP the night before, Aqualung triumphs over a field of 83 players over on Absolute Poker!

He won 23 times his entry in the tourney with the win.

NPP players ….are players.

Boother Returns to the Winner’s Circle in NPP #11

Get the big tourney and the big money out there and the cream rises to the top. Dormant so far this year, Boother explodes to the victory against the biggest field this league has seen.

Thanks to the four new players - Aquariumco, Biglou93, KButterboy and Rennzzo, we set a record for starters with sixteen!

If this continues, points for Round 2 are going to be hard to come by. Anyway, welcome guys and get your email addresses to me at npokerp at yahoo dot com, so I have them in case I have to change the password.

On to the action!

28 min: A short-stacked Aquariumco (16th) goes all-in with (KcJc) and gets called by another newcomer Rennzzo with (A9). They both hit a full house, but the A out kicks the J.

36 min: This tourney usually treats newcomers roughly and our first two players out were newcomers. Biglou93 (15th) has to make a move and does with (KJ) when a [K] hits the flop. He runs right into another newcomer’s (KK), held by KButterboy. Ouch.

44 min: Last week’s winner, ArcticBlast, raises and gets called by Bronco and McGuiness (14th). The flop comes [3 K 7] and it is checked around. An [J] comes on the turn and Arctic bets and McGuiness calls. Bronco folds. The river is an [8] and Arctic makes a good bet and Mc goes all-in with (AK). Arctic calls and wins with (KK).

52 min: Three players see the flop of [8 8 K]. A short-stacked Bronco (13th) goes all-in with (KQ), raising Arctic’s bet and getting KButterboy to fold. But Arctic calls with (Q8). No helps comes for Bronco.

55 min: A short-stacked Sev4TSev (12th) has to make a move all-in with (A6) and is called by Duder and his (KT). A [K] hits on the flop and no there is no safe landing for the airplane.

59 min: Short-stacked Beerhog (11th) goes all-in with (QT) and is called by Rownder with (KJ). Behind as it is, a [J] on the flop leaves only ladies available to save Beerhog. And we all know how good he is at attracting ladies. Bu-bye.

Sorry guy. I didn’t get the break totals off of the two tables. I was too busy throwing furniture and suitcases around the hotel room as I lost a heart break hand - and almost all my chips at my table - right before the break.

Also, I had to run downstairs and pick up my laptop. Somehow it fell out of the 2nd story window and I had to bring it back upstairs to continue playing. But I noticed the computer didn’t work quite right when I got back in the room. Why, I don’t know. Fickle computer I guess.

So I had to load PS on my work computer and by the time I got to the table the next round was starting.

72 min: ArcticBlast (10th) is eliminated by Duder’s full house. I didn’t get the hand as the table collapsed and I was in survival mode at what was now the final table.

81 min: Now for my tale of woe.

I’ve had nights of bad cards in these tourneys. I’ve been bad beat and run down. I’ve had bad timing for hands before. But never all at the same time!

I was pretty much card and flop dead tonight. When I did hit a hand, someone hit a better one. I saw three big pocket pairs all night (TT, KK and AA) and all of them in the big blind that was folded around to me.

Then I hit a miracle straight flush(!) and won - the magical amount of - one and a half blinds. This run of hands could be the new Webster definition of ‘not your night.’

A short-stacked Rennzzo (9th) and I {Mikeniks-Faldo}(8th) go all-in. Rennzzo has (J6s) and I have (AQs). Matchy calls us with (J9) and hits a flop with [J9]. A nice double kill by Matchy.

85 min: KButterboy and Tigercub (7th) check a flop of [J 3 9]. The turn is a [K] and KB bets. Tigercub goes all-in with (K7) and is called by KB with (QT) and the straight.

Now the tourney slows down as we are near the point bubble and getting close to the money bubble.

105 min: Duder (6th) goes all-in with (AK) and is called by Matchy with (TT) and Duder loses the coin toss.
107 min: The now short-stacked Aqualung (5th) moves in with (85s) and runs into KButter’s (AK). They both pair on the flop but there is no more moisture.
118 min: The now short-stacked Rownder (4th) moves in with (Q5s) and is called by the big stack, KButter with (94s). KButter melts away Rownder by hitting his flush.

2nd Break: Well, I pieced together the furniture, got one wheel and half a strap back on my luggage and got most of the letter keys back on my original computer. I couldn't figure out how to re-attach the screen, so I had time to get the chip totals.

Matchy 9500
KButter 8500
Boother 6000

134 min: The now short-stacked KButter (3rd), having run into the Boother buzz saw, goes all-in with (T9s). Matchy calls with (J5s) and hits a [J] on the flop. Great job by KButter – cashing in his first attempt against this group!

136 min: I didn’t think they would wait too long. Matchy (2nd) has (Q9) and runs into another (KK) for Boother and it’s over. Nice job Boother.

1st – Boother 20 pts
2nd – Matchy 30 pts
3rd – Kbutterboy 5 pts
4th – Rownder 21 pts
5th – Aqualung 35 pts
6th – Duder 16 pts
7th – Tigercub 13 pts
8th – Mikeniks(Faldo) 43 pts
9th – Rennzzo 0 pts
10th – ArcticBlast 12 pts
11th – Beerhog 26 pts
12th – Sev4TSev 34 pts
13th – Bronco76 0 pts
14th - McGuiness 18 pts
15th – Biglou93 0 pts
16th – Aquariumco 0 pts
Nahanni 13 pts

Thursday, March 13, 2008

NPP Game At Matchy's Saturday - Cancelled!

It's in trouble!

1. Matchy
2. Beerhog
3. Sev4TSev

1. Faldo (fighting a cold)
2. Aqua (possible basketball conflict)
3. SpartyToJo (no response)
4. Herbavor
5. Larry P

Dave E
Another guy

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

ArcticBlast1 Wins NPP #10

Ten players made it to the table in spite of two regulars I knew would not make it; Aqualung and Tigercub.

10 min: We started on two tables and all the fireworks were on the other one! Sev4TSev, McGuiness (9th) and Boother (10th) went all-in, and the Airplane had the biggest full house.

Welcome to the final table.

32 min: Sev4TSev was on a mission. Duder (8th) goes all-in with AA after a harmless looking flop of [639], but Sev4TSev has pocket (33).

37 min: Soon after Rownder’s (7th) (99) runs into Sev4TSev’s (JJ). He is destroying the field all by himself!

45 min: The onslaught continues as Sev4TSev goes all-in on a flop of [TJ8]. Beerhog (6th) thinks for a very long time and decides his (AA) is good and calls. De Plane shows his (Q9) for a flopped straight! What is going on here? The man has 5 scalps on his belt already!

51 min: A late arrival to the game and short-stacked Nahanni (5th) takes a stand and runs into Matchy’s trip kings.

55 min: A still short-stacked Matchy (4th) makes his stand with a flush draw, but it doesn’t get there and ArticBlast’s pair close out the Match Game.

Sev4TSev 7650
ArticBlast 5210
Mikeniks-Faldo 2140

Now my run of cards begins! I take the chip lead about ten minutes into the second session and look like I might just steamroll thru.

80 min: The now shorter stacked, but not short stacked Sev4TSev (3rd) has hit a dry run of tickets and makes his stand with probably the only hand he has seen since the break (TT). But I am holding (QQ) and the early dragon is slain.

Heads up, I have a 9000 to 6000 lead and build it slowly. This is going to be a 40 minute heads up battle. Not my strong suit.

90 min: I get my waterloo moment as I have to try and end the match. I have (Ah Th) with a flop of [4h 5c 7h] and decide that it missed ArticBlast. I make the massive raise and get re-raised all-in. Another great read by me (my trademark – not!). I feel I am pot committed. Besides, if he is taking a stab at the flush, he is in a bad way. If he has a pair, I have over-cards. If he has the straight, I still got outs. He has (74) for two pair and my flush doesn’t get there.

That got us close to even, but I still have a slight lead. But that is about to change.

94 min: I get a piece of the flop with (Q7) and a flop of [7A8]. We bet and call. A [Q] on the turn and I think I got him. How much do I bet here? He could have a straight draw or A-rag and kill me with a river pair. I really think I have him beat at this point.

I make a good size bet hoping for the fold, but will call an all-in. He calls.

The river of an [A] was not the card I wanted to see at all. I check and Artic moves all-in.

Maybe my reading ability improved from 4 minutes ago because I know he has an (A). I will still have 3000 chips left after this fold and can fight on – so I do. I tell Arctic I had Q7 and he graciously shows his (AK)! Nice hand and a good play all the way around.

I went from leading 11-4 to losing 12-3 in 4 minutes! I hate this game!

What time are we playing Saturday? 7pm at Matchy’s. I’m in!

110 min: I hit a flush to get back to close to even, but lose a couple must calls and fall back to a 11 – 4 dog again.

120 min: I (2nd) go all-in with (Jd Td) and Artic calls with (Js 6s) and hits the spade flush to end it. Congratulations ArticBlast on his first win of this year – and I guess his first full win. He was already in the Walk of Fame from a split – tourney win with DavetheDog last year, however. But this will move him up the ladder.

1st – ArcticBlast 12 pts
2nd – Mikeniks-Faldo 43 pts
3rd – Sev4TSev 34 pts
4th – Matchy 23 pts
5th – Nahanni 13 pts
6th – Beerhog 26 pts
7th – Rownder 18 pts
8th – Duder 16 pts
9th – McGuiness 18 pts
10th – Boother 10 pts
Aqualung 34 pts
Tigercub 13 pts

Monday, March 10, 2008

Nik Finishes 5th on BoDog!

Ending a one tiny cash in a 23 tournament streak, I finished 5th going out when the big stack calls me down with QT against my KJ and hits a [T] on the river.

My 5 3 beat an all-in A7 suited to knock the first guy out of the final table. That gave me enough chips to hang around.

I won ten times my entry in the 141 player tourney.

Friday, March 07, 2008

The Legend of the White Whale – Part II

This part of this series doesn’t really have anything to do with poker. But it will help you to understand how The Whale could – and did – affect those around him.

As I said, in my youth as a frustrated baseball player, I had joined a travel slow-pitch softball team. We were not the top tier, but we played against the top tier often. What I liked about our Sponsor-GM-Coach was that he was a softball junkie. Actually, he was a medium sized bookie and sports betting and action junkie too - But a winner! We were called the Trailblazers because he had bet $10,000 at 12 to 1 odds that Portland would beat the Celtics in an NBA final.

Anyway, during the summer he hunted for softball tournaments to get our team into every weekend. That was perfect for me, because I wanted to play every weekend. Now the problem with our team finding tournaments in which to play in was not because there were not several going on every weekend (softball was in a boom at this time). It was because of our Class A and Class B status - and the reputation that our team had. Most tournaments were closed to us - unless they were sactioned Class A or B tournaments.

Our GM – let’s call him Frank – got us in a Detroit Recreation Tournament right in the inner city, with a fake team name. This normally would be no problem for us -blend-in wise - as easily 1/3th of our team was made up of black athletes. However, in order to not get throw out of this tourney, we were going to have to leave most of our big home run hitters off of the line up. This was no problem as most wanted the 4th of July weekend off - except for us softball junkies.

We went to this tournament with only four starters (me – 2nd base, our pitcher, shortstop and our left-center fielder - all lily white). We filled out the rest of our team with our minor-league Friday night team and our usual bench players (only one non- starting black player). This means the Whale was starting! Trust me when I say, we still had more than enough talent to win this tournament easily.

We are in the final game naturally and the only team left for us is the team in first place in the big league at this Detroit park. We had beaten them by 3 runs earlier with a last two inning rally to do it. They had to beat us twice to win the tournament. We had not lost a final game of a tournament in the 14 years I played for the team, and this was only year 3 of the streak, so you know who won it.

In that first game, our opponents had jumped on us for eight runs in the first inning – helped greatly by a grand slam hit over the head of the Whale – who had been playing right field at the time. Frank had told him repeatedly to back up – as had I from second base. But the Whale yelled in that the ‘girl’ couldn’t hit it that far.

Nice way to get the tension going in the house early. Of course the guy smoking the Whale with a blast, them taunting the Whale - and the Whale just smiling and shrugging in the outfield - quieted the agitation that had started. But the crowd and the other team gave it to the Whale when he came up to bat unmercifully. But, he deserved it.

So here we are in the finals, and most of the other teams had come to watch their complex champs beat this ‘white’ team from the East Side of the suburbs. Let me tell you, it looked like a NAACP rally – only louder and more emotional!

Frank has moved the Whale to first base. Our shortstop had a family outing to go to, and since this was not a big tourney, he took off. I had moved to shortstop. We are up by 6 runs in the top of the 6th inning, but the bases are loaded with two out. Our team bench was on the third base side and is now completely empty except for our coach, our coaches brother with his arm is in a cast and his wife, who is pregnant and keeping score. Our five big pig home run hitters and six-foot four inch shortstop are not in attendance.

As their big hitter comes to the plate, the crowd goes wild. As he steps in and the noise dins a little, Frank motions for our right fielder to shade the line a little more. Frank then yells to the Whale, “Is this the guy who burned you earlier?”

The Whale replies equally loud and in a pissed off voice, “I don’t know. They all look alike to me!”

I was much too big to hide under second base and even then - much too slow to make it to my car in time.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Beerhog Wins NPP #9

Nine of us got in from the 6th big winter storm to hit this area - caused of course by Global Warming. Nahanni just missed making it, Bronco did miss it and Tigercub was late due to shoveling …rain. (Can’t have snow on an overheated planet can you?)
Anyway, on to the action:

32 min: Matchy (9th), still trying to shake off the flu bug, gave it a shot tonight. Short-stacked, he goes all-in with (AT) and gets called by both Beerhog and Rownder! That’s trouble whether you are well or sick. Beerhog has (JJ) and Matchy is out and Rownder ‘s (55) cost him a lot of chips. Way to tough it out there Matchy.

36 min: Sev4TSev goes out in (8th) and I missed the hand. Sorry guys. Had to scold the wife. My beer was 14 seconds late on delivery. Can't have that.

48 min: A short-stacked Rownder (7th) goes all-in with (A8) and gets called by Mikeniks-Faldo (99) and a short-stacked McGuiness (KT). Kings and Tens arrive on the board eliminating Rownder.

55 min: McGuiness (6th) is forced to make a stand with (AT) and is called by Beerhog with (Q2). A [2] on the turn and it’s over for Mc.

Beerhog 5500
Boother 3000
Tigercub 2500
Aqualung 1600
MikeniksFaldo 900

75 min: I (Mikeniks-Faldo) have been set upon by Beerhog this night. So what else is new? He busted me at BWW with J4 for crying out loud. Tonight, I escaped early death by folding so his {AA} didn’t kill me and then checking down my full house to his higher full house. But as low stack, I had to make moves. As the big stack – and with the current mojo over me – Beerhog had to stay attacking my chips.

I (5th) go all-in with middle pair and an open ended straight draw holding (87) and a flop of [9c7s6s]. Beerhog calls with (Ts 2s). I hit a nice [Th] on the turn for my straight, but an ugly spade lands on the river. Not only does Poker Stars kill me – but it has to twist the knife.

Does the same computer deal for both BWW and Poker Stars – with Beerhog paying both of them? I’m just sayin’.

81 min: Hand of the night. Beerhog and Aqualung call the blinds and Boother checks. Tigercub checks his shorts and wonders. “What the heck am I doing at a table with these sharks?” Good question. I was thinking about that about my own darn self.

The flop comes [9h Jd 6d]. Boother throws out a standard bet and gets called by the Beerhog. Aqualung submerges and gets out of the way.

The turn is [5h]. This gets a bet from Boother (Jc 2c), and all-in by Beerhog (Js 9s) and a call by Boother (4th) – who is drawing dead.

90 min: Tigercub (3rd) decided to make a stand with (AK) on a flop of [4Q6]. Must have figured Beerhog whiffed. He didn’t as he had (Q2) and hit a [2] on the turn for good measure.

Beerhog holds a 3.5 to one chip lead going into heads up play.

94 min: Aqualung (2nd) and Beerhog call the blinds. The flop is [8d 8c 9d]. A routine bet and call follow and the turn is [5h]. Aqualung bets big. Beerhog raises big. Aqualung (7d 3d) moves all-in with the flush draw and Beerhog (76) calls with the made straight. No diamond and Beerhog wins for the second time this year!

He led wire to wire. Nice job Beerhog!

1st – Beerhog 26 pts
2nd – Aqualung 34 pts
3rd – Tigercub 13 pts
4th – Boother 10 pts
5th – Mikeniks-Faldo 36 pts
6th – McGuiness 18 pts
7th – Rownder 18 pts
8th – Sev4TSev 29 pts
9th – Matchy 20 pts
Duder 16 pts
Nahanni 12 pts
ArticBlast 2 pts