Sunday, December 30, 2007

Money Bubble Boys for 2007

The dubious list of who 'just missed' the cash.

1st - Mathcy 11
2nd - Boother 10
3rd - Mikeniks (Faldo) 7
4th - Sev4TSev 6
5th - AtricBlast 4

On the plus side, this group are 'point whores'.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Locks for 3rd Place in 2007

Who is not on this list is as telling as who is.

1st-2nd - Mikeniks (Faldo) and Matchy 11
3rd - Sev4TSev 6
4th-5th - Boother and ArticBlast 4

Well, I was a given - given my short table shortcomings.

Conspicuously absent from this list is Rownder - who made it a habit of closing the deal when he gets 'in the money'.

Friday, December 28, 2007

2007 Runners Up in the NPP Tourneys

I was the runaway winner of this Bridesmaid position.
It is a total condemnation of my ability to play heads-up poker.

A credit to the quality of players at NPP is that everyone finishes in statistically reasonable amounts evenly across the 'less than 1st place positions' and secondly - they can all beat me like a drum heads-up.

Things are not all bleak. I know what I have to work on.

Most 2nds
1st - Mikeniks (Faldo) 13
2nd - Boother 7
3rd - 5th - Rownder, Sev4TSev and ArticBlast 4

Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Winners in 2007

Who won the tourneys on-line at NPP?
The suprise is who did not - if you look at the point standings.

1st - Rownder 11
2nd - Sev4TSev 8
3rd - Boother 6
4th - Matchy 4

That would be yours truly - Nik Faldo. We will discuss my poker problems on a later post.

We played 49 tourneys and only 29 tourney wins are shown here.
That means there are plenty of tourneys left to win - if you PLAY!!!!!!
So, lets get in on the action next year you PT players!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

2007 Average Points Per Round Standings

As you know, 2007 had this scoring system:
1st - 10 pts
2nd - 7
3rd - 5
4th - 3
5th - 1

We will probably have the same system for next year - although if we were to average two tables at the start - I think awarding the 'final' table has some merit. Giving points just for showing up I don't think is a bad thing here. What do you guys think?

Here is the average points per round standings (minimum 12 starts):

1st - Rownder (4.9)
2nd - Mikeniks (Faldo) (4.6)
3rd - Sev4TSev (4.3)
4th - Boother (4.2)
5th - Beerhog (4.0)
6th - Aqualung (3.5)
7th - Momo (3.5)
8th - Matchy (3.4)
9th - Nahanni (3.2)
10th - ArticBlast (2.3)
11th - Duder (2.1)

Bronco76, BonAir, Hlam14, and Cigar4John - all had good seasons (top 10), but didnot play enough to make the list.

Next year should be alot of fun!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Who is the Merriest at NPP?

What better way to celebrate Christmas than to show the results of the he judges verdict as to who is the Happiest players at NPP.

The judge's committee is made up of the Coaches' poll, the BCS, AP, the Nobel Peace Prize Committee, the Oscar Academy, the Toni, the ESPI and of course the world famous Dart Board Board.

All decisions are final - (unless bribes are issued).

1 - Beerhog
2 - Matchy
3 - DavetheDog
4 - ArticBlast
5 - Cigar4John

Now, I am sure I failed to make the list because I once agreed with Hlam14 - when he once said, "Oh darn" after a Poker Stars bad beat.

This list is not to say that there are other players at NPP that could of been considered - like me.

I'm sure I will be on this list next year. Especially if THAT LOUSY POKER STARS DOESN'T FLOP AND RIVER SOME BULL..... nevermind.

That doesn't count against next year's voting...does it?

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Spadeclub offer

I ran across an interesting tidbit in Card Player magazine.

There's a new site called SpadeClub that needs beta testers. They will have a freeroll each day with cash prizes. All they ask is for some feedback regarding their site's software.

Final Point Standings for 2007 NPP Internet Tourney League

Your host Nik Faldo (mikeniks on Poker Stars) is living proof that if you play more than everyone else, you will get more points than everyone else. I can't consider myself for the Player of the Year on my own site, anyway. That doesn't make any sense.

That is why the format change for next year. I can legitimately win the NPP Championship tournament next year, however. But the Player of the Year still will be at the discretion of the NPP Committee.

Who is on the committee? Well, every living winner of the WSOP Main Event, the WPT, the Aussie Millions, the Monte Carlo Open, and Nik Faldo. Once the votes are tabulated the ruling will be final.

Other news, I will be coming out with other 'standings' based on the results of this year's play. And then some 'standings' based on other 'stuff'.

Now here are the final point totals:

1 - Nik Faldo 199
2,3 - Boother and Rownder 163
4 - Sev4TSev 152
5 - Matchy 120
6 - ArticBlast 82
7 - Nahanni 54
8 - Beerhog 52
9 - Aqualung 45
10 - Momo 42
11 - Duder 41
12 - Bronco 37
13 - Cigar4John 28
14 - BonAir 28
15 - Hlam14 24
16 - DavetheDog 10
17 - Farrell 8
18 - Cheif 7
19 - 1stout 3
20 - SpartyToJo 1
21 - Tiger 0

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Matchy Wins NPP #49 – Creating Co-Champions! Boother and Rownder!

Rownder and Boother had to feel like they was set upon by the masses. We had a record tying TWELVE players at the game tonight! Nice job guys!

Boother needed to win with Rownder finishing no better than 5th – in order to wrestle the title away from Rownder. On to the show:

On hand #10, Sev4TSev (12th) – who had a great year in his own right – had his (AK) hit a [K] on the flop – only to be looking down the barrel of Duder’s (KK).

As least he went quickly. Me and Farrell – not so much.

On hand #64, a short-stacked Farrell(11th), who had his (AK) run down to cripple him, gets all-in with (QQ), only to see Rownder spike an [A] on the flop while holding (A6).

My (Faldo – 10th) end came on hand #72. After ducking two lethal hands against Boother that could have ended my night (trips against a FH and a flopped two pair against a flopped straight), my crippled stack gets all-in with (TT) but lost to Duder’s flush.

At least I now have a front row seat for the drama unfolding!

At the 57 min mark, ArticBlast (9th) – who missed the first 20 minutes of the tourney, raises and gets called by Cigar4John {welcome stranger} and the prodigy Bronco76. A flop of [Jc 4h 8d] gets another round of betting with Cigar folding. The turn of [3c] has Artic bluffing all-in with (Kh 2h) and getting called by Bronco with (KJ) – and it was over.

Right before the break, a shorter stacked Cigar4John (8th) makes a move and gets all-in with (QJs) and is called by Boother’s (55) and no help arrives for the Queen and her jester.

At the break, only one man has Boother covered, and Rownder still is lurking:
Duder 3900
Boother 3100
Aqua 3100
Matchy 2550
Bronco 2150
DavetheDog 1900 (welcome back too!)
Rownder 1300

At the 70 min mark, Bronco76 (7th) gets all-in with (Q8) with a flop of [8KT], only to run into Duder’s (K8).

At the 75 min mark, Rownder (6th) gets all-in with (JJ) and Matchy calls with (K9) and the flop comes down [KQ6] and no more hooks arrive. The back door swings open for Boother!

At the 80 min mark, DavetheDog (5th) checks his BB to Duder’s call and a flop of [4c 4h 8h] arrives. Dave goes all-in with a semi-bluff holding (Qh 2h) and gets called by Duder with (KQ). No hearts or duck arrive and the King kicker plays.

Duder (4th) has the chip lead but runs into some better hands at this point – mostly losing to Boother, who took over the lead. At the 100 min mark, Duder’s bad luck continues as his trip 4’s run into a quiet Aqualung’s straight, and we are three-handed.

At the 105 min mark, Aqualung (3rd) spikes a pair of Jacks on the turn and makes a move with a board of [8AQ] [J], but Boother is holding (AT).

We are two-handed and Boother has a 2 to 1 chip lead. His buddy Matchy stands between him and the 2007 NPP Player of the Year Award. But there are no friends on the felt, so the battle is on!

Ok, I screwed up here. I will admit it. The end came fast after about a 15 minute battle where Matchy was gaining no ground at all. But he hit two big hands back to back and it was over. Win #4 of the year for Matchy. Congratulations!

I didn’t get them because as I started to write them down, the tournament ended – which is normally no problem.

But Matchy, Boother and I started chatting and PS closed the table down before I got the hand numbers! I have written Poker Stars twice but can only get the hands up to the break for some reason. My bad.

So, guys – can you comment on the last few hands at the end there for everyone?

1st – Matchy
2nd – Boother
3rd – Aqualung
4th – Duder
5th – Dave the Dog
6th – Rownder
7th – Bronco76
8th – Cigar4John
9th – ArticBlast
10th – Mikeniks (Faldo)
11th – Farrell
12th – Sev4TSev

The point totals to be posted later show a tie at the top between Boother and Rownder!
Co-Champions for 2007!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Matchy's NPP Game was Ten Star!

The laugh of the night was the cigar given to Beerhog by Aqualung. It was a 1/2 star. Beerhog had me laughing so hard I almost played a hand. But Aqua came thru with some QUALITY smokes at the end.

A good time was had by all! Thanks Matchy.

Line up and seat assignments were:

SpartyToJo (triumphant return)

Kevin stopped by but did not take a seat. Some guys don't like big tables, while I don't like short tables.

Thai Food had to cancel due to some bad Pad Prik, I guess.
Abe didn't make it because he went to the theater. ???? Hope he is ok.

The 5-stud Hi Lo with the card purchases made a come back for a few hands.
But the game of the night was the old reliable Omaha Hi Lo -double bed.
Gridlock was played in tribute to ....well, Gridlock.

The winners I know about are Aqualung, Matchy, Farrell, DaveE, LarryP and Faldo. Matchy, let me know how right I am will you.

A couple notes:
1) Look for the new Cigar Corner on this poker site soon. There are a couple nice on-line cigar shops on-line with great deals. I can hook you up with an 'oasis' to build a humidor big enough to hold whatever volume of cigars you buy! Life is short - cigars are good!

2) Herbavor (Hlam14) - who swore off PokerStars again until he moves to Iowa and has to play in the league to stay in touch (and that is an order from Faldo!) - has offered to have the first NPP live game of 2008 in January.

3) Boother is having an invitational on New Years Day. Details to follow.

4) Merry Christmas everyone and see you on the virtual felt on Tuesday!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Matchy is Hosting an NPP Game Friday, 7pm!

Here are the participants right now. Matchy, comment in any changes and I will make them.
I am busier than a one-arm paper hanger with crabs but I will manage to keep it updated. Get me your address/directions to the npoker email, so I can send them out to Herbavor, Larry, etc.

Larry P
Thai Food
Abe’s neighbor
Dave E.


Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Boother Returns to the Winners Circle – Wins NPP #48

Nine players made it tonight. I started out like gang-busters – winning 4 of the first 6 hands and 8 of the first 24. But a key fold early in the festivities probably cost me the tournament.

On hand #9, Farrell’s (AA) eliminated last week’s winner Bronco (9th) holding (JJ).

On hand #29, Boother (AQ) re-raised my middle position raise and ArticBlast (8th) decided to make a short-stacked all-in move with (K2). I thought about it and folded. The flop was [TQT] and my T in the muck was wondering why I was an idiot. I probably get Boother out of there too and my stack would be too big to mess with. Oh well.

On hand #38 Duder’s (44) eliminates Aqualung (7th) with (A8), but not without some Poker Stars torture – an [A] on the flop and a [4] on the river.

On hand #41, Boother (AKs) ends Rownder’s (6th) night (ATs), so the coveted NPP Player of the Year has yet to be decided.

On hand #55, Duder (5th) gets taken out by Boother in an ugly fashion. The flop is [AKJ] so the short-stacked Duder goes all-in with his (A9) and Boother calls with his (J4). A [J] on the river and all I can say is …(see the latest Bud Lite commercials) DUDE!?!?

Boother’s luck takes a slight detour on hand #60 however. Boother calls the BB from the SB and the re-raise from Sev-4T-Sev in the SB. The flop is [8d 9c 7s] and Sev4TSev goes all-in with (QQ) and Boother calls with (KcTc) – and Sev4TSev gets healthy.

On hand #74 – the last hand before the break, the short-stacked Boother (33) gets healthy off of me as I try to what I should have done on hand #29 - that is to take Boother out - with (AJ) – but I got no help.

At the break:
Sev4TSev 4210
Farrell17 3965
MikeNiks(Faldo) 3305
Boother 2020

Sev4T and Boother know they need at least a 2nd place finish to keep their hopes up of catching Rownder. The two guys left in this for them to try and eliminate are not exactly ribbon clerks, mopes, Greeks from the diner, judges, golf pros or tourists in Atlantic City. Ok, I am a mope - but Farrell is not.

Still anyone’s tourney, but Sev4TSev puts the hurt to me on hand #80 as my flopped trip 6’s run into his turned straight.

Boother is aggressive and stealing some pots but still a low guy like me. But on hand #111, he gets healthy as his (TT) holds up against Sev4TSev’s (AK).

On hand #115, Boother hits a runner-runner full house to take more of Sev4TSev’s chips.

So on hand #120, Sev4TSev returns to the one guy he knows he can get chips off of – me – Mr. Bubble (4th). I am short-stacked and try to hit my open-ended straight draw but I don’t.

Ten minutes later, the short-stacked Sev4TSev (3rd) gets all-in with (A4) but runs into Farrell’s (AA).

And about five minutes after that, Farrell (2nd) misses his straight attempt and Boother’s (TT) hold up. Nice win #6 Boother.

1st – Boother (156)
2nd – Farrell
3rd – Sev4TSev
4th – MikeNiks (Faldo)
5th – Duder
6th – Rownder (163)
7th – Aqualung
8th – ArticBlast
9th – Bronco76

This sets up a showdown next week for the title! Boother needs to win with Rownder finishing no better than 5th, as Rownder wins all tie-breaks. – Nik Faldo

Aqualung Finishes 2nd in Absolute OM H/L Tourney

Qualifying in a FPP tourney, Aqualung gets into a $1500 tourney and works his magic.

I am telling you the NPP crew could crush Vegas! I'll let him tell the story:

Aqualung: "I finished in top 5 in a 200 rewards pt tourney to qualify for the 1.5k guaranteed tourney and 101 players hit the gate and I just finished 2nd place for $$$.

I had chip lead all through final table and when we got to 2 players I had ATT5 ace suited and I put him all in he had AQ95, two aces hit the flop I got no help and his Q out kicked me, no low.

I was in a funk after that and lost."

Still, a fine job and more proof that NPP rocks!

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Matchy Offering to Host an NPP Game Friday!

I'm in!

Lets see what other of you strokes can make it Friday, 7pm at the Matchy crib.
He says he will go with four - but I think we can do better than that.

Matchy said it will be NPP format. I think that means;
Limit Poker 1-2-3-4
No burn, Acey-Duecey, blackjack or Pass a card Screw Your neighbor.
I think that is what it means.

Regardless, I'm in. Faldo money available for the taking!
Get your RSVP's on this blog NOW!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Bronco76 Wins NPP #47

It was a very strange and frustrating night. We had nine players – which was good - but six players had internet issues at some point in the night. Boother was disconnected until well after the break. The tourney didn’t take that long, but maybe the slow site play made the players play faster.

We only saw 49 hands by the break when 75 hands is closer to the average. But it still wrapped up in less than 2 hours. By the way, it was a rough night for the hand (AK).

On hand #22, Farrell (9th) got all-in with (AK) against Aqualung with (AQ). The hard-luck Farrell saw a [Q} land on the turn. PokerStars has not been kind to him. Join the club, Farrell.

On hand #25, Matchy (8th) got all-in with (AK) and ran into Bronco’s (JJ).

See what I mean? But that hand did kill two players for revenge in a rare three-handed all-in. On hand #31, Rownder (AQ), ArticBlast (K8s) and Bronco (AK) lock it up.. An [AQ8] gave Rownder (6th) the lead and Artic (7th) some hope, but the runner – runner [J][T] gave Bronco the straight.

That got us to the break:
Bronco 7000
Aqua 3700
Sev4TSev 1000
Boother 975
Mikeniks (Faldo) 925

On hand #50, Sev4TSev (5th) gets all-in with (A5) and runs into Bronco’s (JJ), and got no help.

Boother (4th) got re-connected on hand #51 in time for his (KJ) all-in to lose to Bronco’s (AT).

I won’t bore you with the details, but as the short-stack, I survived four all-ins – all with the worst hand - but managed to hit something to stay alive. In the middle, I missed a chance to eliminate Aqualung when my (55) lost to his (QJ). That crippled me none the less. I wish I could bottle those saves for a time when they really would help me. They were wasted here.

Finally my (3rd) luck ran out on hand #97 as my (AT) was out-kicked by Aqualung’s (AJ).

Very quickly Aqualung (2nd) got all-in with (AJ) and ran into Bronco’s (KK), and it was over. Congratulations to Bronco for his 3rd win of the year.

1st – Bronco76
2nd – Aqualung
3rd – Mikeniks (Faldo)
4th – Boother
5th – Sev4TSev
6th – Rownder
7th – ArticBlast
8th – Matchy
9th - Farrell

Player of the Year Totals - With two rounds left!
Rownder - 163
Sev4TSev - 147
Boother - 146

Boother and 747 need to finish at least second in the next tourney - with Rownder finishing no better than 4th!