Friday, January 29, 2016

Say NO to Solar Power.......but......

Faldo is not a tree hugger, but Faldo does have an open mind.

Faldo is starting to appreciate the finer points of wind power.

Faldo could see his way to make investments into this technology.

For the good of the planet of course.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Theedouble*d Wins for the 2nd Time in 2016! - More Faldo Truths

That would be a double win for DD waiting for him on the NPP private beach.
Faldo makes a little joke at the start of the night that .....maybe......Theedouble*d and Faldo would not let anyone else win a tournament in 2016.
Theedouble*d agreed that that was a good plan......and then proceeded to win AGAIN!

Uh, Faldo was just kidding DD. Apparently Theedouble*d was not?

Tim481 played thru an extremely tough final table to nab 2nd place tonight out of the 18 player field.

3rd - LittleRedElf (told you it was a tough final table)
4th - ThePunk75 (ouch)
5th - Mikeniks-Faldo (ok - one weak player at the final table)
6th - Johnnied55 (double ouch)
7th - Lump2  - (triple ouch)

Lump2 took Faldo's usual spot of bubbling just off the points.

So Theedouble*d increased his lead in the 1st quarter and shows he will be a tough one to unseat. Who is up for the challenge?

Congratulations to Theedouble*d on his 20th NPP victory and he moves further up the Walk of Fame!

Now more Faldo Truths:

How is it that the Democrats can say in their debates that there is so much unfairness, inequity, prejudice, cronie-capitalism and that the rich are not paying enough taxes - so vote for them and it will all get fixed? How can they say that without someone in the media asking them - "Uh, haven't you been running the presidency for the last 8 years and the Congress for 6 of those 8 years? You have, so why is all this still going on then?" Why is this question not asked of the Communists running for president for the Democrats?

Faldo wants to know where Rev. Jacksoon and Rev. Al Sharpton get their money? Why are they always part of the problem and never the solution? When 70% of criminals are Americans who happen to be Black on only 15% of the population, something is wrong with how these to Reverends are working it. When 70% of Americans who happen to be Black are in no parent or one parent homes, something is wrong with what these two are preaching. This is not racial profiling - this is quoting statistics.

Faldo refuses to buy the lie of "its for the children" as a reason to raising taxes or shoving yet another socialist program down the taxpayers throat. And if you are not paying taxes, Faldo says you should not have a vote on whether or not taxes should be raised. IT IS NOT YOUR MONEY!

Faldo has the right NOT to be tolerant of people that are different, weird or tick me off. I may decide to be tolerant - but I may not - and it is my right not to be.

Faldo has never owned a slave nor was a slave. Faldo did not wander 40 years in the desert after being chased out of Egypt. Faldo have not been persecuted by the Ottoman Turks and neither have you. Faldo does not have to join any religion if he does not want to - and neither does anyone else. So everyone shut up already.

Faldo does not want to see towels or yarmulkes on heads, or scarfs over faces in public. Do that at home if you must. If you are an American, then act like one. Cowboy hats and baseball caps are fine. See the difference? If you wear the non-American garb in public, Faldo will respect your right to show you value something above your country and Faldo will respect your decision. Now respect Faldo's decision to be insulted by your grandstanding and disgusted with your disrespect for the USA that allows you the freedom to be a traitor in public. Faldo has the same disgust and disrespect for every Democrat and Democrat useful idiot voter.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Faldo Wins for the 1st Time in 2016 – And More Faldo Truths

Faldo luck shows up even on Death Row.
Faldo hit a full house to take out two big stacks, and he rode that huge chip lead to a win this week.

Even though we had a bigger than average field for tonight’s tournament, Faldo still did not garner enough points to overtake our League Leader – Theedouble*d.

LittleRedElf finished 2nd tonight.
3rd - T3chlady
4th - Suetman123
5th – Derf-63
6th – ThePunk75
7th – K9isadog – on the point bubble.

The standings are on the right side of the blog.

Now for some more Faldo truths. If the truth offends you, don’t read further.

Faldo doesn’t believe that if Faldo smokes 3 packs a day and die of lung cancer, it’s the tobacco company’s fault. Faldo made the decision to smoke, Faldo paid the high cost for those cigarettes and the tobacco collected the taxes on those smokes and dutifully handed them to the government. Any habit that starts with severe coughing fits is not one Faldo would continue anyway.

That same government is now hypocritically attacking the tobacco companies for driving up the cost of the communist health care system. The government wants it both ways – like liberals always do.

Democrat voters are mental or moral cripples or completely ignorant of history and how things actually work. Democrat politicians are power-hungry with serious ethical flaws in their characters – and sociopaths and narcissists besides. Being a socialist or communist is immoral and Godless by definition. If you want that form of government, most cess-pool nations in the world practice that liberal - Democrat form of government of communism. All you liberals are free to move to any of them. China and Cuba - or any European or Muslim run country should be your home. Canada may not be communist enough for you yet, so go up there and finish them off. Go now, before the eventual civil war in this country starts - on your head.

Faldo doesn’t think being a minority makes you a victim. We are all minorities – depending how you define groups. Liberals define everyone by groups and try to govern by pitting groups against each other. If you know anything about our nation’s Constitution, it is not based on groups. It is based on INDIVIDUAL rights. Liberals – by definition then – are traitors to our nation and should be dealt with accordingly.

More truth by Faldo given next week.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

ThePunk75 1st Win of 2016 – and Some More Basic Truths

Juliana Veloso waits patiently for ThePunk to return from the felt wars.

ThePunk75 held on early, then grabbed a huge pot and the chip lead. He then stated in the chat box quite clearly, “You guys are in trouble now!” And correct he was.

Theedouble*d finished second to keep the overall early lead this quarter. The rest of the finishers got their first points of the season:
3rd - Tigercub8189
4th – Mikeniks-Faldo
5th – Johnnied55
T3chlady finished 6th in a field of 15 and just out of the point range.

Congratulations to ThePunk75 on his 25th NPP win!

Now some more basic truths from Faldo:

Faldo expect my government to not place restrictions on automobile companies preventing them from producing the vehicles citizens want to drive. If Faldo wants a gas guzzling monster truck – and enough other people desire the same type truck in a volume that makes it profitable for the manufacturer, the government should stay out of the way. If liberals want to drive tin cans on wheels – fine. Leave my car type decision to me.

Faldo believe the money Faldo earns with Faldo’s toil belongs to Faldo. It does not belong to the government (collective). Wealth redistribution is a fancy term for stealing or extortion – since it is done under the threat of force. Wealth redistribution is plain communism. Remember that when every Democrat utters it as a good thing.

Faldo is not in touch with his feelings – and he likes it that way.

Faldo doesn’t believe a song, a movie or a written poem or story ever was the cause of violence. Terrorists and other nut cases will make up a reason to kill regardless of how much free speech is censored.

Guns do not make someone a killer. Citizens without guns are slaves. Citizens without guns turn their government or their neighbor countries into mass murderers eventually. Review history and understand this fact. As a Japanese general pointed out so eloquently, “We cannot invade the United States because there is a gun behind every blade of grass.” That’s why Democrats want your guns. Right now they cannot murder you very easily.

Private Clubs can exclude anyone they want to. They are called ‘private’ for a reason. You don’t have to apply to join, donate money to them, buy their cookies or watch their golf tournament if you don’t want to. But they have every right to set the rules of their club.

Faldo believes everyone has the right to pray to his or her God or gods. Or you don’t have to pray to anyone. Just leave the rest of us alone to do our own thing. If you must have a prayer time, keep it out of the public venue – or very short and totally silent. People need to be understanding – both ways. Faldo believes God loves prayers, but is disgusted with grandstanders.

This applies to gender and sexual preferences also. Homosexuality is not a choice, but it is different from normal. Just because you cannot choose what you are, still does not make it normal. Let us all stop pretending it is. Never be ashamed of who and what you are – or, for that matter, what you like. But if it is not normal, don’t flaunt it. It’s not normal.

If you are a gay person with a transgender partner, it’s not normal and the world does not have to be reminded of this daily. Let’s all follow the example of the President of the United States and the First Dude on this issue, shall we?

Thursday, January 07, 2016

Theedouble*d Wins 1st Tourney of 2016 - and a Faldo Note

DD's poker talents makes Jessica weak in the knees.
Well done DD! He bested thirteen players to win this one, and makes a little move up the Walk of Fame also.

Obviously Theedouble*d plans on being an 'Absea98' - type force this season.

Unfortunately Faldo could not witness this event. After Faldo got knocked out prior to the Final Table, Faldo had some business issues to attend to.

But here are the notable finishers this evening:
2nd - T3chlady - another one to watch in 2016
3rd - Cigar4John - a return to the NPP felt after a long absence
4th - LittleRedElf - The Legend continues to school us all
5th - Sanster89 - just out of the points, which is the spot he and Faldo trade off for week after week.

Congratulations to Theedouble*d on his 19th NPP win!

Faldo did hear some complaints over the holidays that this blog is not writing enough stuff. In other words, stuff besides the league results.

Well, let Faldo explain.

There is very little Faldo can say - 'politically' that is not already being said on other blogs out there.

Faldo used to take the 'headlines' of the day, explain the lies within in an NPP article, and then go drink a 5th of scotch and take 10 sedatives in order to calm down enough to get some rest.

Faldo found out the hard way that a regiment of this diet every day is not good for your overall health. A shocker. Who knew?

Faldo could be analyzing the sick Republican Party and the puppets running for office for them.

Faldo could be explaining - with proof and logic - for the trillionth time to other-wise good Americans who still vote Democrat why they are actually traitors to their nation and useful idiots setting up their own demise.

But watching their eyes glaze over, their ears and brain shut down and their mouths state something retarded like 'must watch Fox News' or 'listen to talk radio' - has taught Faldo that speaking to liberals is pointless. Liberalism is a mental illness. Period. It's not that they will not, it is that they CANNOT let facts and truths bust their 'belief' in liberalism.

Faldo has decided to let the Therone X's and Rush's of the world carry on. After all, they are at least earning a living by keeping our hopes up and helping us still believe this nation is fixable without a civil war or a government overthrow.

It's not of course - but they are trying to keep the illusion alive - but they are getting paid to do it.

Faldo doesn't do illusions. And the truth hurts too much. And true statements like the one two paragraphs back will get you in trouble these days. Our Constitution is being shredded daily as we all go on just making a living and a life for as long as we can.

After all, our country has not yet sunk to the bottom yet by doing something insane - like maybe electing a communist-muslim gay foreigner, who is married to a man with two adopted daughters.
Or who vacations constantly, while blaming the USA for everything.
Or when he does show up for work, gives away American sovereignty like candy and acts like a dictator with Executive Orders with the intent of destroying the Bill of Rights. Naw, that could not happen here right?

And then follow that up by having an actual declared Socialist run for president, and be taken seriously by the media?
And have some Americans actually have his bumper sticker on their cars without - their tires being slashed and their windows busted out.
After all, some Presidential candidate like that is actually declaring that our Constitution must go.
I mean no American in their right minds would support someone like that, right?

At least we have not sunk that low yet.
It would truly be the end if we ever are that far gone.