Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tigercub8189 Wins His First NPP Tourney

It may have been a shorter table with only six starters, but all were previous winners – so it was not going to be cakewalk. But with the cards the Tiger was getting, maybe it was. He hit a ton of hands – especially down the stretch – which is always nice when it happens to you.

I would not know about that phenomenon …but I hear things.

53 min: Mikeniks-Faldo (6th) is the first victim. Duder crippled me early. Then Biglou and Nahanni tag-teamed my panic all-in by both of them calling. Biglou hit the wheel straight and I was left to keep score alone in Cleveland.

58 min: Nahanni (5th) followed me out the door by breaking the cardinal rule: Short stack never plays with less than 2 minutes to go before break. The software will kill you.

She has (67) and the flop comes [A68]. She was two-timed also by ArcticBlast and Duder, who both had an Ace and split her chips.


Tigercub 3260
Biglou 2577
Duder 1918
ArcticBlast 1245

ArcticBlast starts the 2nd round with a couple of big blind special hands of (72) and (32) that double him up quickly!

68 min: This was not good for the early chip leader Duder (4th). Duder is now forced to make a move with (AJ) and runs into ArcticBlast’s (AK).

83 min: A lot of hands were being hit by Tiger who slowly ground his two opponents into Cat-chow. Last week’s winner Biglou (3rd) has to go all-in with his (A6) when the flop comes [687] with a [7] on the turn. But the Tigercub is lying in wait with (KK).

88 min: The end comes with another run of cards for Tiger. ArcticBlast (2nd) is forced to put the rest of his chips in with (K7) and Tiger can easily call with (97). Flop [65J], and Arctic is alive. But a [9] on the turn and a [9] on the river and Tigercub8189 has his first win!
Good job Tiger!

1st – Tigercub 16 pts
2nd – ArcticBlast 12 pts
3rd – Biglou 15 pts
4th – Duder 6 pts
5th – Nahanni 26 pts
6th – Mikeniks (12 pts)
Rownder 17 pts
Boother 14 pts

Total Point Standings are on the side of the blog.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Legend of the White Whale – Part IV

In Part III, I described the poker game run by my travel softball team’s coach, sponsor, general manager, .990 batting average pinch-hitter, bookie and big bettor – Frank.

In the game were only three real players; Frank, Fat Russ and Frank’s protégé - and game starting shill – Nik Faldo. And I was not a real ‘playa’. But the competition was so weak, that I was able to squeak out about $200 a poker night on average. Which $200 a week back in the 1970’s was some decent cash for a starving college student.

Our softball team played against the best in Michigan and sometimes, the country. We did it on a budget completely paid for by Frank – at around $50,000 a year. We played against many corporate sponsored teams like Stroh’s, Miller High Life, and big manufacturing company sponsors that would spend about $250,000 to $500,000 a year – for a softball team, if you can believe it. So it was serious stuff.

I found the team thru Frank’s brother ‘Ted’, who had played baseball with me in high school. We met by chance, and he told me to try out, and the rest is a 15 year softball career – waste of time! But it was great fun and adventures.

As a ‘small market’ team, Frank was forced to take a lot of the great softball players that had been thrown off the other teams for bad behavior or that were attitude problems. We truly were the Oakland Raiders of Michigan softball and Frank had us in black and silver uniforms to boot. Teams were uncomfortable playing us and had absolutely no desire to get – let us say – on our bad side. And with just about any team we played, one of our players had an axe to grind with them – so even though we were not the best all the time talent wise – we were always motivated.

The police on more than one occasion escorted some player of ours off the diamond (in cuffs) for some parole ‘paperwork problem’ - and some of our tournament games always seemed to have extra ‘security’ around. Frank once told me as I stood in the on deck circle, “You know Little Faldo (I was the smallest player by far at 5’ 9”, and a weight-lifting, solid 200 lbs.), I think you are the only guy in the starting line-up who has not been in jail.” A few of the guys on the team also worked as Frank’s ‘Fund Allocation Collection Agents’.

I was working at a plating company – hanging parts on the line - on midnight shift, showering, going to college, then going home and passing out. I would get up, study and do a little homework, then go to work.

Frank called me and said, “I rented a gym so you idiots can play catch and maybe do a little basketball and volleyball to stay in shape – as long as you don’t kill each other. Be there at 7pm.”

I told him I couldn’t because of my schedule. He said, “How much are you making in that stupid job?” I told him my take home was $125 a week. He said, “I’ll give you $100 a day to answer my phones on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.” My introduction to sports betting, booking and real poker playing was about to start!

I did this for a couple of years, which really helped me get thru my college classes. Sleep, study time and nearly triple pay sure helped. Plus I was making money betting and booking bets at college. But when I started dating the current Mrs. Faldo, she was not impressed at all with my ‘day job’, so I had to quit working for Frank.

My replacement? Enter the league bench player, - The White Whale.

The first night the White Whale was there for the start of the poker game (he was not playing – just there because the phones had just quit ringing), he sits down to watch. The Whale knows me and Frank, and is in awe of the ex-Detroit Lions. He doesn’t know the McDonald’s franchise owners or the building contractors, but does know Fat Russ thru doing business with him for Frank.

This is who the White Whale decides to start on. As I told you before, the White Whale had a quick and sarcastic wit that makes the stuff on this blog look lame. Heck, Don Rickles looked lame compared to the White Whale. And ‘Fat’ Russ is an easy target. Russ is always in a good mood and is laughing the barbs off, but all of a sudden he can’t win. He gets a little on tilt and the cards turn ugly. He really takes a pounding and loses a bundle (I got some of it).

The next week – the same. The next week – the same! Russ can’t seem to win with the White Whale watching the game! Although the jokes and the put downs don’t appear to be upsetting Russ, they must be. It is helping Frank and I immensely however! In addition, Russ goes on a month long sports betting losing streak, with The Whale answering the phones at Frank’s!

Frank tells me later what happens. Russ meets Frank for lunch and tells him to fire The Whale and ban him from watching the game . Russ is convinced that the White Whale is a jinx! If Frank doesn’t ban The Whale, he’ll quit the game.

Frank knows that Russ is his only competition in that poker game and that Russ is winning thousands in the game and really doesn’t want to quit. So he basically tells Russ – fine – quit. But Russ threatens to hurt Frank’s betting layoff ability if he doesn’t do something about The Whale. They compromise and decide that Fat Russ will pay The Whale $100 to stay away from the table.

But in addition, Frank must call Fat Russ from now on. If Russ wants Frank, he will page him and Frank can call Fat Russ back. Russ is afraid that The Whale would pick up the phone if he calls Frank. And Russ cannot be able to hear The Whale’s voice while talking to Frank and the Whale cannot be mentioned while conducting business.

So the first poker night of the arrangement, the Whale leaves as planned and Russ cleans up! Hurt me pretty good too! He hurt everyone! He won everything! Sports included!

The next week, the Whale leaves, but Russ starts off losing again – big time. He says loud enough for just the table to hear, “That fucking Whale is still here!”

He gets out of his chair and as fast as his 345 pound frame could move, he goes up the stairs. There in the living room is The Whale – watching TV with the sound down, eating the last of a submarine sandwich and drinking beer he had brought in a cooler! Russ literally throws The Whale out of the front door (no small feat because The Whale was not tiny either) and locks the door!

Fat Russ spent the rest of that game checking to see if the Whale had snuck back into the house. Russ, by the way, lost most of his sports bets that night too!

And for every game after, if Russ lost a tough hand, the search for the Whale was renewed.

Another legend of the White Whale is made - and this one will literally change the course of poker history -within a year. More in Part V.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

BigLou93 Wins His 1st NPP Tourney!

Biglou’s run of dead cards in this league came to an end in a big way. He had the goods all the way thru the night. He beat eight players on his way to the victory. On to the action:

47 min: Forty-seven minutes? That is a testament to how tough this tourney is.

A short-stacked Rennzzo (9th) has to make a move when his (76) pairs the turn. But BigLou had paired his (AK) on the flop.

52 min: Tigercub, McGuiness and ArcticBlast (8th) all see a flop of [Jd Qd 5s]. Only Tigercub and Arctic bet and call and see the turn of [8c]. Another bet and call to the [8d] river. Danger Will Robinson! They get all-in and the Tiger shows a higher two pair.

53 min: The next hand, Rownder (7th) raises and gets called by BigLou. The flop of [Th 7s Kh] gets Rownder to bluff all-in with (Ad 8d) and Biglou calls with (KT). Rownder got no miracle runner - runner.


BigLou93 4360 (would the jinx be broken?) YES!
Tigercub 2300
McGuiness 2265
Mikeniks-Faldo 2070
Nahanni 1720
Duder 785 (sitting out all tourney)

67 min: Tigercub calls the blind and Nahanni (6th) checks the blind. The flop is [4c 2d 7c]. Nahanni bets with (5c 4d) , Tiger raises with (Kc Ks) and Nahanni calls. The turn is a [8c] which gives Nahanni the straight and flush draw.

She checks and Tiger bets. Nahanni raises and the Tiger just calls. The river is a death card for Nahanni [Ac], as it gives her a flush that loses to the bigger one. Her chance for a three-peat is over. Nice run Nahanni! I still lost my MC card over this.

75 min: McGuiness (5th) got a little unlucky here. We have Duder1123 sitting out with his chip stack being blinded off. If we can just hang on, we all know at least two ‘free’ points are available just for breathing. But by the same token, if you are playing to win, sitting on your hands will not get you 1st place.

McGuiness sees a flop with (A3) and bets a flop of [4A7] and is called by the red hot Biglou with (TT). When you are as hot as Biglou was, you know help is on the way. The turn is a [T] and Biglou sets up the trap net.

Poker Stars adds some more bait with a killer [3] on the river and McGuiness bites for a double up and sees the trip tens end his night.

77 min: Insult to injury for SpoonyG as Duder (4th) blinds out 2 minutes later.

88 min: The hand of the night! BigLou calls the blind with (Kc Qc), I (Mikeniks-Faldo) raise with (AK), and Tigercub (3rd) re-raises with (66) and is called. The flop of [4c As Ac] is a possible cooler for all involved.

Tiger is the short stack and is basically committed. Does Faldo try to take the Cat out by himself or keep Biglou around for side pot profit? The way the cards were rolling for Biglou – and with the size of his stack, he probably only folds with an all-in bet by me – provided he doesn’t have pocket 4’s. I screwed up by not betting him out on the flop.

Tiger goes all-in as expected and both me and Biglou call. The turn is a [Js]. There is the card I had to avoid Lou seeing. At least it was not a club. Now I am worried he could have a straight, but I incorrectly put him on a small pair he is hoping might win with no betting.

We both politely check as we try to put the Tiger to sleep.

The river is an ugly (for me) [Tc]. I bet a good size bet telling BigLou I have the Tiger beat with trips or the straight I am bluffing – but he has me beat with a real straight - and a flush! Ouch!

I see my card reading ability remains awful. Almost as bad as my heads up play - as you will see.

92 min: The night ends for Faldo (2nd) as short-stacked, I get all-in with (QJ) and Biglou correctly calls with (85). I get a [J95] flop for the lead and am pretty happy with my chances to fight on. But an ugly [5] on the river ends it.

Congratulations to BigLou on his 1st NPP win. It won’t be the last.

1st – BigLou93 10 pts
2nd- Mikeniks-Faldo (12 pts)
3rd – Tigercub8189 6 pts
4th – Duder1123 3 pts
5th – McGuiness 3 pts
6th – Nahanni 25 pts
7th – Rownder 17 pts
8th – ArcticBlast 5 pts
9th – Rennzzo
Boother 14 pts

Total point race available on the side of the blog.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Legend of the White Whale – Part III

Writing this to ease the pain of losing yet another player from the NPP Tuesday game:

In this segment we will have to veer away from the White Whale himself – before continuing with the continuing saga that is - the White Whale. I have to set up the situation first.

Fat Russ was a bookie, just as my softball coach “Frank” was. But Russ was a much bigger bookie than Frank. Frank usually laid off bets he didn’t want or were too big to handle - to Russ.

Russ, I’m pretty sure, dealt with the top of the bookie chain in those days in the Detroit area. Organized crime guys and money movers to Las Vegas itself. Russ was not involved in any of that mob stuff, but that is where you had to go in those days to move the volume of action he took and wanted.

Fat Russ would come to watch our softball games when he had to give or get money from Frank. But what Russ loved to do was watch the other teams practice before the start of their game and have Frank make a run line on this game.

Frank would make a line and Russ would pick a team – either giving or getting runs – and these two would bet $1000 a game. Now there might be one, two or three games in between our game time - and some on multiple diamonds! I never found out who came out on top in these bets, but I'm positive it was Frank. Russ, since he was there anyway, just wanted the ‘action’.

I might have told some of this story to some of you at our NPP card games.

Russ also played poker at Frank’s regular game. It was a Wednesday night game of rich plumbing contractors and electricians, local TV sports reporters, McDonalds’ restaurant owners, Detroit slum lords, other bookies and ex-Detroit Lion football players.

Frank had recruited me as a shill to help get the game started. He basically gave me my 'real' poker start. He taught me the game and staked me in the game. All profit was mine and all losses were on him. The stakes for the game were $10 - $20 limit – but unlimited betting when heads-up. Which back in the 1970’s was not considered a small game. What a deal for me!

I was to play until I got the ‘signal’ that he needed that seat for a pigeon. Obviously, he could only beat me out of his own money. Not a good situation for him. I would usually play from 7pm to midnight, then claim I had class in the morning (I usually did too) and cash out.

Texas Holdem, Omaha and Omaha Hi/Lo was dealt some. But the game we played the most was 5-stud Hi/Lo and you could exchange a card (3 times) for $5. That means there were seven betting rounds ($10 normal - $20 with a pair showing or when the five cards were out) and most reached $80 a player per round. It got real bloody – but everyone had a ton of cash. There were thousands of dollars on the table and in everyone’s pockets – but mine. I occasionally walked out with some of it.

Well most of the time I did walk out winners. I was doing well enough to where Frank still funded me, but I had to pay him back for bad nights before I could take the gravy. I was not a good player, but these guys were even worse. Except for Russ and Frank of course, I was the best player there.

What I remember about playing against Russ was; he was never late to the game and always took the seat to left of Frank. Worst seat in the game, except probably to Russ’s right. I never understood why Russ sat there.

Russ played poker without any fear of losing. Russ let absolutely no pain ever shown on his face. He was always in a joking mood – win or lose - and completely fearless. And he was capable of any move at any time for any amount of money.

Even Frank couldn’t get a handle on Russ or wrestle control of the table away from him – even though he had position on him every single week!

But Russ did have one Achilles Heel, despite his steel resolve at the poker table.

That weakness was – the White Whale! I will explain that in Part IV.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Nahanni Wins Two in a Row!

Ok guys. Time to man up! The Lady is kicking our butts!

I, Faldo, not only had to burn my Male Chauvinist Card because of this, but I was so traumatized by Nahanni’s win last week, I hit LIMIT instead of No Limit for the tourney.
My mistake, but it really didn’t take any longer - a little over 2 hours.

On to the game:

35 min: BigLou exits (10th), but I didn’t see the hand as we were still at two tables, and I was on the other one.

53 min: Duder (9th) bet all his chips with (A9) pre-flop and was called by McGuiness with (Q9). The flop had a [Q].

That took us to the break and much cussing at Faldo was begun. But Faldo mentioned that it really would not take that much longer than a NL tourney.
Trust Faldo. They didn’t.
Don’t ever doubt Faldo. They did.

Aqualung 3395 (hint: curse held)
McGuiness 2840
ArcticBlast 2447
Nahanni 2165
Mikeniks (Faldo) 1440
Rownder 1403
Sev4TSev 735
Tigercub 575

65 min: A short-stacked Tigercub (8th) bets it all with (A5) and is called by Aqualung’s (JJ). Good night sweet Cat.

75 min: Sev4TSev (7th) has to go with (AT) and runs into McGuiness and his (AJ).

90 min: I (Mikeniks – Faldo) (6th) went card dead since about the 45 minute mark. Shocking, I know. I finally get (AK) to make a stand and McGuiness correctly calls me with a straight draw and hits it. Bubble boy AGAIN for Faldo!!!!

102 min: McGuiness (5th) points as his (A6) runs into ArcticBlast’s (JJ).

110 min: Aqualung (4th) goes out. I was emptying the Heineken - via bladder - that was being forced on me by the waitress in the hotel bar. Damn her!

Not really damn her. I think she has been programmed by a foreign government to over-serve potential WSOP Champions. Not her fault and certainly not mine. How could it be?

2nd Break:

Nahanni 9634
Rownder 4142
ArcticBlast 1224

Anyone catch that WSOP comment? Beer talking.

121 min: ArcticBlast (3rd) has to move with (A4) and Rownder (64) paired his sixes.

130 min: Rownder (2nd) had to go with (A5) and Nahanni’s (T8) got tens on the flop and it was over. Congratulations to Nahanni for two in a row – even with a change in games. Impressive win!

1st – Nahanni 25 pts
2nd – Rownder 17 pts
3rd – ArcticBlast 5pts
4th – Aqualung (6 pts)
5th – McGuiness 2 pts
6th – Mikeniks(Faldo) (5 pts)
7th – Sev4TSev 3 pts
8th – Tigercub 1 pt
9th – Duder
10th - BigLou
Boother 14 pts

Total point race is on the blog.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Aqualung Finishes 8th in Poker Stars Omaha H/L Tourney

Another final table by a NPP stable member. Aqualung bested 608 players and won 14 times his entry.
The fatal blow when his great hand of (2s Kd Kh Ac) gets killed by a (234Q) on a board of


The villian gets the nut low and trip Queens, and that ended the run - but a great run it was! Nice going Aqualung.

PS: Faldo cashed in 2 of 5 tourneys yesterday to break about even, but no final tables.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Faldo Sat and Went in Hudson, MI

Biglou runs a Sit 'n Go (SNG) tourney game at a house in Hudson - by invite only. Plenty of beer and pizza is ordered without incident. Rennzzo was there also - of the NPP Tuesday group.

I did get some more advertizing out for our Tuesday league so we may see some more new players from that area.

There is a pregame warmup at an American Legion hall near the house - driver, PW away, so everyone can 'warm up' and still stumble to the game.

(But for DavetheDog - driver, 4 iron punch out, 3W, 3W (cuss), rescue club, 5 iron, 9 iron, PW (chunk- cuss), PW, putt, putt, putt (cuss), putt)

The buy-in is a friendly $20 and the blinds go up in big increments. Not that fast (every 20 min with one jump up per twenty minute cycle if one player gets knocked out), but big jumps. A table of nine usually finishes in an hour and a half.

The ousters play a variety of $1 poker games on the side table until the next game starts. It is a $1 ante and you may bet a buck and call the buck if you think you can win. Cards speak. Total dealer's choice. Hey, it's $2 a hand.

One of the players had purchased two domestic rabbits from another player for breeding. They were at the game and that brought every 'rabbit on a stick' joke you could think of to the fore front.

The dinner of $2 coney dogs at the bar had it's effects on the players as the night wore on, if you know what I mean.

It was my second time playing (0 - 0 - 1 = 3) and I finally won the last tourney of the evening to break about even (1-0-0=4) = (1-0-1 = 7).

The hand that saved me went like this: the blinds had just kicked up to $50 - $100. And when you start with only $150 in chips...uh, it's go time!

I get all in with (66) and am called by a bigger stack with (AK). Ok, a race. I'll take it.

The flop is [QJT]. Ouch. Well, it looks like I am going to match the Tigers and go 0 for 7. But the turn is a [K] and the river is a beautiful [A]. Splitsville! That was the turning point.

A great time and plenty of laughs.

This American Legion hall holds holdem tourneys on Saturday - paying $1000 for first and paying eight places for a $50 entry. Cash bar and food available. There is a golf course right next to the hall. Are you all thinking what I am thinking? Road trip!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Nahanni74 Wins Tourney #2 of 2nd Quarter

The Lady is a player! Taking down a tough field of eleven gents, she captures her first win of the year.

Herbavor and Beerhog tried to get in also. But Herbavor’s field rats couldn’t generate enough power out in Iowa for the internet to work. And Beerhog used his gerbils for other purposes and was late getting them back into their cages, so he missed.

Matchy I assume was buying high powered fans or building a windmill farm in his back yard.

SpartanToJo made his return to the NPP circuit and was given a rude greeting by the Poker Stars dealer. Welcome back to our nightmare! Sparty on!

On to the action:

4 min: McGuiness gets crippled as his (KJ) turns two pair but they also made Nahanni a straight.

7 min: SpartyToJo (12th) and Sev4TSev call Boother’s raise. The flop is [Jd 3d 2s]. Boother bets, Sparty raises with (Qd Js), 747 folds, and Boother re-raises with (33). Sparty calls. The turn is a [Q] and that gets them both all in.

28 min: ArticBlast (11th) is the next one out and I missed the hand on the other table. I tried to get it but I got involved in a hand and then the table closed.

29 min: The short-stacked McGuiness (10th) makes a stand with (A9) and I call from the blind with (QJ). A [Q] on the flop and the dark beer is emptied.

39 min: Rownder (9th) goes all-in with (55) against Boother’s (AK) and loses the race. No three-peat for Rownder, but an impressive double win!

43 min: Boother, Duder (8th) and BigLou get involved in a pot. The flop is [9c 7d 8c]. A short-stacked Duder gets all-in with an open ended straight draw (AT), but runs into Boother’s (TT) and no straight hits for a split and no {A} comes to save him.

47 min: Faldo is the short stack now but doubles up as his (KQ) beats Boother’s (KT). This starts a rash of small stacks surviving to fight on.

49 min: Bad beat of the night. After a flop of [7 6 8], short-stacked Tigercub (44) and Rennzzo (JJ) get all-in. Rennzzo is a 75-22 favorite at this time. When the turn is a [Q], Rennzzo moves to a 86-14 favorite. But a [5] spikes on the river and Tigercub is still breathing.

52 min: The new short-stack Biglou gets all-in with (A3) and is called by Boother’s (AJ). As a 70-23 dog, Biglou spikes a [3] on the flop and it holds on.

58 min: This streak ends when the slightly shorter stack Rennzzo (7th) gets all-in with (AT) but runs into Biglou’s (AK).

Boother 5955
Nahanni 4125
Sev4TSev 2655
Tigercub 24430
Biglou 1895
Faldo(Mikeniks) 940

66 min: Boother, Biglou and Sev4TSev see a flop of [T J 5]. Biglou (6th) gets all-in with his top pair (QJ), the airplane flies away and Boother calls with slow-played (KK). Ouch!

79 min: Tigercub (5th) makes an all-in move on Sev4TSev with (97), but 747 calls with (A9).

89 min: Sev4TSev (4th) tried to buy Nahanni off any draws she had, going all-in with (Q7) and a flop of [J 3 Q]. But Nahanni had (KK) and that returned 747 to the hangar.

97 min: Faldo(Mikeniks) was the new short stack and called all-in with (Jh 7h) against Nahanni’s (98). An [8] fell on the flop and your host was done.

99 min: This was a quick finish. Nahanni had a 12500 to 5500 chip lead but a flop of [Jc 2c Jh] got all the money in! Nahanni had (Qc 8c) for a flush draw and over cards. Boother (2nd) had hit two pair on the flop holding (4d 2d). The turn was an [8] giving Nahanni the lead and a [J] on the river was over kill.

Congratulations Nahanni and Boother has two 2nd’s in a row!

1st – Nahanni 15 pts
2nd – Boother 14 pts
3rd – Faldo(Mikeniks) (5 pts)
4th – Sev4TSev 3 pts
5th – Tigercub 1 pt
6th – Biglou
7th – Rennzzo
8th – Duder
9th - Rownder 10 pts
10th – McGuiness 1 pt
11th – ArcticBlast
12th – SpartanToJo
Aqualung (3 pts)

Grand totals for points are on the side of the blog.
( ) means seat already won.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Annuale - One Period a Year

SpartyToJo Hosts a Great Game

Sorry for the delay. Golf started!

Great snacks and dip, sandwiches, chips, nuts and beer available! Oh yeah, we played cards too. Five were able to make it; SpartyTojo, Herbavor, Sev4TSev, Larry P and me (Faldo).

The big winner was Larry P. Some idiot (me) introduced the Boother crew’s Omaha Hi – Lo double bed with the 3-cards touching option. I did it as we discussed how the ‘no-limit’ Boother crew and the ‘limit’ Faldo crew don’t mesh for home game ring play. Tourneys no problem.

But to show that the Boother crew does play some interesting games, I introduced the Omaha Hi-Lo variation where there are two beds and you can use any three cards touching in any way. Truly and action game as the first pot the first time I dealt it was huge - even though it was limit!

Larry P. took it down as I mis-read my low lock, but I had to stay with a middle boat anyway. Meanwhile, Herbavor got killed by a bigger boat on the river, and Larry scooped the monster pot. Herb and I had a slight profit up to that point, but now we were close to even.

Later, Sev4TSev dealt it. Again only Larry P, Herbavor and I were in the pot. I had the best low possible on the flop. Herb had flopped quads, although we of course didn’t know that. On the turn, my low got better and boated me too! The betting capped out.

The river brought the Ace of clubs that put a connected board of [Ac 3c 5c] all in a row. I checked as an Aces over full house beat my boat and a (2 4) now beat my low. Herb bet his quads and LarryP raised!

Ouch! Well, I’m beat one way for sure and Herb looked like he had no intention of folding. I now hold the 2nd best high and the third best low and I could be sandwiched between two raisers! Herb asks Larry if he has the straight flush?

I now know Herb has the quads.

So now I have the 3rd best high and 3rd best low. I fold. Herb makes a crying call to see his quad 7’s lose to Larry’s straight flush wheel.

Herb and I are now stuck big time! Larry is up big time.

Thanks a lot Boother!

Sparty, it was a great game and thanks for hosting. Hopefully we will see you in the internet tourney.

Herb, good luck in Iowa. Take it easy emptying the farmer's wallets as farm subsities are already too high.

Herb did vow to kiss and make up with Poker Stars so he can play on line on Tuesday!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Rownder Wins Game #1 of the 2nd Season

Hope sprang eternal as the 2nd quarter got underway with eleven players, but the same old refrain played out. Rowder wins again! That is two in a row! After leaving us alone for most of the 1st quarter, Rownder decides - no more Mr. Nice Guy!

We had a new player – Bigcat1967 – join the festivities. Welcome!

Your host took the night off to relax and pound beers in Tennessee. A well deserved rest for me, having clinched a seat in the finals. It’s lonely at the top so I’ll be back to the pits next week! On to the action:

25 min: Beerhog is crippled by Boother as Beerhog’s King high flush loses to Boother’s Ace high one.

42 min: Beerhog cripples Duder as his 9 kicker takes the pot.

43 min: Obviously not Duder’s (11th) night as his (KK) lost to Aqualung’s (A4) when a flop produced both an [A] and a [4]. This opened the flood gates.

44 min: ArcticBlast (10th) had to try with his (22) and ran into Boother’s (88).

49 min: Short-stacked Tigercub (9th) gave it a go with (KJ) but ran into Rownder’s (A3) and an [A] on the flop.

Nahanni 3490
Boother 3290
Aqualung 2835
Rownder 2790
Beerhog 1575
Bigcat 1065
McGuiness 975
Matchy 480

I was sitting on the sidelines and I was still trembling from the line up at the final table. What a mine field!

66 min: A short stacked Beerhog (8th) makes his stand with (A8) and sees Nahanni’s (A9) take him out.

71 min: Aqualung on a bluff goes all-in with (A9) and is called by the short-stacked Matchy (7th) with (Qc Tc), who does not improve.

75 min: Our newbie Bigcat (6th) has to go all in with (77) and is called by Rownder with (K9). A [K] on the flop and the new guy fails to point on his first attempt.

80 min: Bad beat of the night here folks. The first of two suffered by Aqualung. A shorter stacked Nahanni makes a move all-in with (88) and is dominated by Aqualung’s (AA). But Nahanni pulls out a 9 high straight from the board.

83 min: A severely short-stacked McGuiness (5th) must call Nahanni to get chips with (54). Nahanni’s (KJ) gets help with a [K] on the flop and Spoony G is gone.

90 min: Bad beat number two for Aqualung (4th). He sees a flop with Boother with (42). Boother bets the flop of [335] with (K5) and Aqualung calls – probably planning to abandon the hand if he fails to improve. But the money card [A] appears on the turn and Aqualung has to go all-in and Boother has to call the short stack. Boother gets his full house on the river.

91 min: With more points assured, Nahanni (3rd) goes all-in with (44) and is called by Rownder’s (K7). A flop of [727] (who missed tonight’s game by the way) and the lady is singing the blues.

This sets up a great heads up battle against two giants – Boother and Rownder - that lasts 25 minute! They are about even in stacks at this point.

103 min: Boother is hurt as he hits top pair only to watch Rownder pull a straight and take a 2 to 1 chip lead.

105 min: Boother hits a flush to take a 2 to 1 chip lead!

107 min: A full house gives Rownder a 13 to 2 chip lead.

108 min: Boother claws back to only a 2 to 1 deficit!

115 min: Almost back to even, Boother (2nd) and Rownder (K8) go all in. Boother’s (A7s) has the lead, but a [K] on the flop gives Rownder the victory.

Well played guys!

1st – Rownder 10 pts
2nd – Boother 7 pts
3rd – Nahanni 5 pts
4th – Aqualung 3 pts
5th – McGuiness 1 pt
6th – Bigcat1967
7th – Mikemach
8th – Beerhog
9th – Tigercub
10th – ArcticBlast
11th – Duder

Total point race standings available on the side of blog!