Friday, January 30, 2009

Faldo Finishes 6th and 7th in the Same Day

Faldo not playing well. Faldo not getting cards, flops, turns, rivers or nub! Faldo getting set over setted, turned, rivered and bluffed. Faldo getting every move countered. Faldo’s confidence and table presence shot to heck.

Well, there are two cures for this my fellow poker players:

Making the wife shovel more snow (without gloves or boots) and having her walk 5 miles to the beer store to buy two cases for me didn’t work by the way. (Hey, I thought it would.)

Nope, the two cures are either:

A) Take a break for a while – and then return to regular play or drop down in stakes
B) Drop down in stakes and bear down

Since I have time on my hands (thanks to Democrats, Granholm, labor unions, Washington and half the American voters not knowing what makes this nation great), option A was not considered.

So, I hunkered down and dropped down. This resulted in a 6th place finish on Full Tilt in one of those 180 person SNG’s and a 7th place finish in a 361 player tourney on World Poker Exchange!

This got me 10 times and 12 times my entry respectively. Still no nub on Poker Stars, but I bubbled with class in one and watched my KK go down in flames to AQ early in the other. Maybe it is turning around.

So I gave my wife her gloves back. ; -)

Thursday, January 29, 2009

ThePunk75 Finishes 6th in Live Tourney Action!

Send Faldo your stories. It is nice to hear when NPP is well represented.

I hope all NPP’ers are mentioning our blog and Tuesday night offering on Poker Stars. That will get them to the UMich Poker News and the UMich Forum too. You are doing people a favor hooking them into NPP! Spread the Nub!

The Punk75 checks in with a report from the live felt!

ThePunk75: “I play locally around town at a couple of the new poker rooms in bowling alleys. Most of them strictly run freerolls with rebuys now so they can get people to play. I frequent them mostly on weekends in Livonia. I have done relatively well there, I chopped top prize there a couple months back, and Ive final tabled there about half a dozen times.

I started off slow then doubled up on two pair vs a flush draw. Then on near consecutive hands, I flopped trips 3 times (66, AA, JJ), 1 big double up another 2 big pots. The table was none the less getting a little angry at me, as I had a monster stack by the first break.

It continued to grow after the break as I flushed my AK spades vs AK hearts. Busted an obvious big pocket pair when I flopped my ace and just called his bets down till he mucked in anger.

Right before 2nd break I busted QQ with A7, with an ace on flop, and called his all in on river. Lost only one bad suck out through out tourney A7 - A3 after 2 aces hit flop, it became a re-raise fest till the eventual all in by the shorter stack, and he hit his 3 on river, to take down the pot. The table was relieved to see I indeed could lose a hand.

But soon after that had a huge double up right before 3rd break when one player raised pre-flop , got one caller then my all in with KK which the original raiser called, the other caller folded. He turned over 1010, and slouched when I showed my KK, the player who folded said he mucked 1010. I did a fist pump and a “YES!!” The other player just got up knowing he was done.

Once we got back from 3rd break had one bad hand that probably cost me, I was holding 66 and raised big just to push out everyone and steal the blinds, another player came over the top all in with about half my stack. After some thought I mucked as I had seen him make the same play with AK, and although I knew I was ahead, but slightly. I didn't want to risk basically my tournament on 66.

Got to the final table and I was at the time in the mid to short stack range. By that time I had gotten cold decked, so I let the other players knock out the shorter stacks. Then once we got to the cash (top 6 players) it was my time push being the short stack.

It was ironic I pushed with 66, the hand that probably cost me a chance to win the tourney. Got called with QJ in the BB, he hit his J on flop and I was done in 6th place and [some free clams] in my wallet. Not bad for not doing any re-buys or add-ons.”

Great job ThePunk75, and thanks for the report!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

CrackBuyer Wins His 1st NPP Title Against a Record Field!

CrackBuyer has knocked at the door of the Walk of Fame quite a few times, but was always been turned away. Sometimes outplayed, and sometimes it was an unlucky card. But this time he kicked the door down with the most players ever holding it back.

Twenty-four players entered tonight, breaking the old record by two! And we want to welcome the four new players also; Absea98, Addictedtoem, Fixyourbuggy and Suetman1.

On to the action:

36 min: As Hlam14 pointed out, play was on the tight side tonight. No casualties until Sirgash (24th) had his (33) over taken by Duder1123’s (KJ) when a [K] hit the board.

37 min: Then a small rush of casualties. Fixyourbuggy (23rd). A typical NPP welcome to new players, as you will see as this tourney moves on. But hang tough Buggy!

Sorry, with the volume of players, there is no way I can get all these hands and play mine too. I am lucky to get the time of the elimination.

38 min: Addictedtoem (22nd) - ditto Addict. We are hard on newcomers.

44 min: Tigercub8189 (21st) – Missed this and it was at my table! Watching the next one out’s hand.

45 min: I did see this one as Duder1123 (20th) goes all-in with (44) and a full house, but loses to Akensi’s Quad Tens! He is not out on this hand but is taken out soon after this.

47 min: Absea98 (19th) - It's not you, it's us.

48 min: Jager244 (18th)

50 min: Acesovru (17th)

51 min: Theedouble*d (16th)

53 min: Mistermusic5 (15th)

55 min: ThePunk75 (14th)

CrackBuyer 7105
Rennzzo 5345
Akensi 3880
Littleredelf 3675
Suetman1 3535
Whilden 2947
Douge2 2685
Hlam14 2490
Kensik 1435
Nahanni74 1188
Biglou93 735
Mikeniks-Faldo 510
RKidder51400 470

The most ever still alive at the break!

71 min: The low chippers battle on – except for RKidder51400 (13th), who finally blinds out.

72 min: Biglou93 (12th) has to try it with (Td 9d) but Nahanni’s (66) makes a full house for over kill.

77 min: Didn’t see it, but Nahanni (11th) is the next one out.

78 min: Mikeniks-Faldo (10th) has to go with (8h 7h) but runs into Akensi’s (Ah Jh).

89 min: Kensik (9th) has his (AQ) run into Suetman1’s (AK).

102 min: A good battle ensues before Akensi (8th) has her (Ac Jc) fall to Whilden’s (QQ).

112 min: Douge2 (7th) has his (33) get run down by Whilden’s (Ks Qs) as a [K] appears on the board. That is two 7th’s in two consecutive starts for Doug.

Break #2:
Whilden 13750
CrackBuyer 8990
Suetman1 6020
Rennzzo 2680
LittleRedElf 2525
Hlam14 2035

124 min: Bad beat of the night of the hands I witnessed (please lay the others I missed on me on the comment section). Hlam14 (6th) has to go all-in with (KK), but sees Whilden hit a [T] on the flop and an [A] on the river! Ouch! That makes two 6ths for Hlam in two consecutive starts also.

126 min: Point leader Rennzzo (5th) has his (TT) run into Crackbuyer’s (AA).

137 min: Suetman1 (4th) has her (A9) get run down by Whilden’s (J9) as a [J] appears on the flop. A very nice finish for a newcomer. Look out guys - another tough lady player in our group!

138 min: LittleRedElf (3rd) goes all-in with (AJ) and is called by Whilden with (A8). Ok, we all know an [8] falls on the flop.

Is it me or is Whilden hitting more boards than a bag of hockey pucks during warm up? I was trying to get a pool going for what suit the [8] would be on the river, but Poker Stars spoiled the fun and dropped it too early.

As we go to heads up, the chips are even between CrackBuyer and Whilden.

140 min: Whilden 21000 - CrackBuyer 15000

143 min: The match turned when they got all-in with a (77) for CrackBuyer and a (JT) for Whilden. A [T] hit on the flop, but a [7] appeared on the turn! This reversed the chip lead and then some.

144 min: Whilden (2nd) made his stand with (65) and was called by CrackBuyer with (KQ), who made the K-high straight for an over kill final hand.

Nice run by Whilden and congratulations to CrackBuyer for his fist NPP victory!

1st – CrackBuyer 20 points
2nd – Whliden 14 pts
3rd – LittleRedElf 10 pts
4th – Suetman1 7 pts
5th – Rennzzo 5 pts
6th – Hlam14 4 pts
7th – Douge2 3 pts
8th – Akensi 2 pts
9th – Kensik 1 point

Point totals for the league are on the side of the blog.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Tigercub8189 has a 4th place finish in Poker Stars Tourney

Tigercub8189 took 4th in a 180 player tourney on Poker Stars. In the end, his (77) lost to two overcards - one of which paired the board. A coin flip win there and he might have captured a win.

Still a nice job by Tigercub8189 - who won 14 times his entry.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

TheNewY2K Wins His 1st NPP Tourney!

Always exciting when we can add another player to our Walk of Fame! In round #3 of the new year, TheNewY2K bested nineteen others to get there, showing stamina. He was the low chip person a few times early, but come back to win it!

We also welcomed back Nahanni and Umichpoker for their first action of the NPP season.

6 min: It was ugly early for Mistermusic5 (19th) as his (KK) ran into a [6] on the flop and CrackBuyer’s (66) in the hand.

Mistermusic5 will not be the only one who got run down tonight. It’s poker. It’s poker on Poker Stars – and it hurts sometimes. Sometimes it hurts a lot.

23 min: 7Jokers (18th) takes a shot with (KK) and a flop of [8J9], but finds Tigercub8189 holding the nuts (KT).

33 min: Four players see a flop of [338]. TheNewY2K raises a Umichpoker (17th) bet and call, and the turn is [4]. Y2K moves all-in with (A3) – trips - and is called by Umich with (87) – two pair – and the river is no help.

37 min: A short stacked Kensik (16th) makes a move with (A5) and is called in two places by CrackBuyer (77) and Thedouble*d (KK) and no Ace appears.

45 min: RKidder51400 (15th) tries to get her (AQ) to finish the straight the flop started with [TK9], but it doesn’t get there and CrackBuyer is holding (KT).

50 min: Due to me playing my own hand and folding against Nahanni on another table, BigLou93 (14th) was lost on another table and I didn’t see it. Maybe someone can clue us in.

53 min: Jager244 (13th) makes his move with (KJ) and runs into Akensi’s (AK). Action now picks up as the Break Monster gets busy.

58 min: Theedouble*d (12th) with (AK) goes all-in and is called in two spots by ThePunk75 (A8) and LittleRedElf (44). The flop of [3JJ] is no help to DD, but the turn is a dagger in the chest [8], with no CPR on the river.

59 min: Last week’s winner Rennzzo (11th) had bad luck befall him this week as his (AA) gets run down as Nahanni’s (Js Ts) makes the flush on the river.

Nahanni 4370
Tigercub8189 4090
Acesovru 3390
TheNewY2K 3310
Douge2 2665
Akensi 2565
LittleRedElf 2515
ThePunk75 2368
Mikeniks-Faldo 1870
CrackBuyer 1387

61 min: Right off the bat ThePunk75 (10th) has his (TT) run into LittleRedElf’s (QQ).

73 min: Then Crackbuyer (9th) gets to have his (77) run into LittleRedElf’s (QQ). Needless to say the Elf is standing taller now and liking the Ladies!

99 min: Girl-on-girl action as a short-stacked Akensi (8th) has to try with her (JT) but Nahanni has (88) and no help arrives.

105 min: Having just taken a sting from TheNewY2K, Douge2 (7th) tries his (K9) but runs into Nahanni’s (A8) and doesn’t improve.

113 min: First Nahanni (6th) pushes her top pair with (KJ) and a flop of [x J x] and runs into Tigercub’s (QQ). Then with (A2), she goes all-in with (A2) only to see Mikeniks-Faldo call with (JJ) from the small blind. The break chip leader is gone – taken out by the Faldo brothers.

117 min: Acesovru (5th) tries to bluff a flop of [KTT] with (A6). But TheNewY2K is holding (T8) and is not going anywhere.

Break II:
TheNewY2K 9705
LittleRedElf 9022
Tigercub8189 5106
Mikeniks-Faldo 4667

128 min: Mikeniks-Faldo’s (4th) chance to make a move towards victory. Holding (QJ) and a flop with a [J], I go all-in. LittleRedElf calls with (77) and a [7] falls on the river. Another bubble for Faldo (# 4,114,119 – but who’s counting?).

136 min: Tigercub8189 (3rd) goes all-in with (TT) and gets called by both players – LittleRedElf and TheNewY2K. The board ends up with [QJQJx] and the Elf’s Ace plays kick the Cat.

It is heads up time and LittleRedElf has a 3 to 1 chip lead. I was not able to watch the action as the phone rang and I had to play Western Union Relay man between daughter and wife. I got back to the action in time to see that TheNewY2K now had a slight chip lead.

Sorry readers. I hope the winner will fill us in on this gap.

147 min: LittleRedElf (2nd) makes a heads up bluff with (A4) and a flop of [2QQ]. As earlier with Acesovru, Elf picked the wrong time as TheNewY2K is holding the nuts (Q2).

Congratulations to TheNewY2K and welcome to the Walk of Fame!

1st – TheNewY2K 20 pts
2nd – LittleRedElf 14 pts
3rd – Tigercub8189 10 pts
4th – Mikeniks-Faldo 7 pts
5th – Acesovru 5 pts
6th – Nahanni 4 pts
7th – Douge2 3 pts
8th – Akensi 2 pts
9th – CrackBuyer 1 pt
10th – ThePunk75
11th – Rennzzo
12th – TheeDouble*D
13th – Jager244
14th – BigLou93
15th – Rkidder51400
16th – Kensik
17th – Umichpoker
18th – Mistermusic5

Standings on the side of the blog.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Faldo Wins Full Tilt Qualifier

One hundred and eighty players and your beloved Nik Faldo finished 1st to qualify for a tourney TBD.

Now I will attempt to play in this tourney or save my entry for another time.

But I wonder, even if I win, can I cash??????????????????????????

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Full Tilt Poker Must be in Trouble! And So Are All of Us.

When I started this blog, it was before the NPP internet tourneys. Besides writing up our home NPP games, I also visited internet poker sites and posted my review here. I told you what sites were simply skins of another site and what the 'main' site was. I told you how the software looked, how many players were there and how to get your cash in and (hopefully) back out.

I have visited 270 on-line poker sites and have lost hundreds of dollars because of it. No, not at their tables. That only happens to me on Poker Stars. I lost it when sites shut down or the site changed the rules for withdraw - and asked for things like a copy of my passport in order to get my money out.

When NetTeller was forced by our benevolent government (citizens doing what they want with their money is a problem, but paying social security benefits to ILLEGAL aliens is no problem) to close to US citizens, this shut off my withdraw methods to certain sites as well. The fees for getting a check were higher than some of my deposit amounts to try the site.

Anyway, I now limit my play to four sites and that is soon going to ONE!

BoDog Poker is ok and the money moves ok too. But not alot of players for tourneys and I just HATE their software. I will tinker with SNG's there and an occasional tourney, but I'm not stopping by often.

Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet Poker have merged. Their email response time is crap, but they do offer chat and a phone number and that works fine for service. But the Russ Hamilton scandal has crippled their player base. And their tournament schedule is filled with qualifiers.

I don't like qualifiers. I hate to 'win' one tourney so I can lose in another. It's my lack of talent. I rarely do well in one tourney, so why would I think I could win two in a row? So lack of players and tourneys is the reason I am leaving them. Again, an occasional SNG when Poker Stars has 'bad beat' me into a rage.

That leaves me with the #2 site on the internet for US players - Full Tilt Poker. A recent score there had me attempt to get some cash out for the holidays. That withdraw was made Dec. 12th. I was told it was going to take 15 business days for the money to transfer!

It used to take only three days! Doesn't matter, I still don't have it after 28 days. Emails to Full Tilt Poker to both their 'cashier' and 'support' are not answered.

Sooooo, it looks like #2 is on bad financial legs for some reason. Even their own Full Tilt Blog has players complaining about NO service and NO payouts.

With no other recourse that I could see, I emailed CardPlayer Magazine with this:
Dear Card Player,

You have an advertiser in your magazine that is lying to your readers and providing terrible service to their customers. I am asking you to speak to them on my behalf, or give me the phone number and direct email of someone I can speak to. I am speaking of Full Tilt Poker.

Now before you send me the standard letter stating that you are not affiliated with that poker site, I want to state now that I reject any attempt at that claim.

First of all, you accept advertising profit from them.

Second, one of their spokespeople writes articles for you and others who are spokespeople for that site – have written for CardPlayer in the past.

Third, your advertisement sends readers to the Full Tilt site, where they blatantly lie. You are assisting in their farce.

This poker site is currently delivering the worst customer service of any of your advertisers. I will assume you are not aware of that fact.

I withdrew some of my winnings from their poker site over a month ago with a direct withdraw to a bank.

The money is not in my Full Tilt account and it is not in the bank – after four weeks of time.

I have written Full Tilt’s 24/7 Customer Service 3 times in a week and have not received a reply. This is from the site stating they have outstanding customer service. I have visited some poker blogs – including the Full Tilt blog itself, and my experience is not unique.

I am sympathetically requesting that you step in and help one of your customers and long time readers. Things need to improve at Full Tilt Poker and your efforts would help thousands of your loyal readers – not just me.

Sincerely yours, Faldo - end of letter

No response from CardPlayer. Not suprising either. I'm just their customer.

There is a saying that "Poker is Life". Well it is certainly true. In poker the payer gets treated the same way by the collector as the citizen of the United States. Robbed, then ignored.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Rennzzo Wins His 2nd NPP Event on Week Two of 2009

And once again we had a record tying number of entries at 22. Lots of double knockouts (twos?) tonight as you will see. Why all the two’s? Did you see the picture of the new player at NPP? I think we may be cursed with twos now. Not that there is anything wrong with those – uh, that.

On to the action:

21 min: Last week’s winner Douge2 (22nd) was treated shabbily. They say fame is fleeting. I wouldn’t know because I’ve never had any.

32 min: Nixi44 (21st) was sitting too close to Faldo’s seat and chips and the bad luck rubbed off obviously.

35 min: Thedouble*d (20th) was out next.

40 min: New player Jules401961 (19th) got the standard NPP greeting. Be sure to email npokerp at yahoo with your 1st name and last initial please, Jules. Thanks.

42 min: Kensik (18th) was out next.

44 min: In the first of a quite a few 3-ways, LittleRedElf (17th) got bounced alone.

46 min: A big bluff by Acesovru (16th) gets called by Duder1123.

50 min: Another 3-way and I (Mikeniks-Faldo 15th) got a front row seat with Sirgash (14th) as Duder1123’s (KK) took us short stacks out together.

54 min: TheNewY2K (13th) made his move with (AJ) and was called by Mistermusic5 with (QQ).

58 min: BigLou93 (12th) and 7Jokers tangle near the Break Monster’s water’s edge. But I don’t think Lou was dragged in as much as he fell in. BigLou bets his (TT) and Jokers defends his blind with another caller.

The flop is [92Q]. It is checked and the turn is [7]. Biglou bets and 7Jokers calls alone. Danger Will Robinson!!! (Ok, I’m dating myself with that one).

The river is a [9] and when BigLou93 goes all-in, 7Jokers’ full house falls on him.

Duder1123 4584
Crackbuyer 3926
Jager244 3780
Mistermusic5 3375
Robbin_Hudd 3004
Tigercub8189 2975
Boother36 2895
RKidder51400 1530
Akensi 1390
Rennzzo 840

Maybe Comeback of the Year honors won in Week 2!

65 min: Another 3-way double knockout as Mistermusic5 (11th) (99) and Jager244 (10th)(AJ) get all-in against Duder1123’s (KK) and cannot catch up.

68 min: New player Robin_Hudd (9th) has his (AQ) run right into last year’s champ Duder1123’s hot run as he is only holding (AA) after the (KK) three minutes ago! Points on your first appearance at NPP will have the players wary of you now Robin.

70 min: RKidder51400 (8th) finally has to take a stand with (99), but 7Jokers is holding (QQ).

77 min: Yet another 3-way double knockout as Tigercub8189 (7th) gets a bad beat here as his (KK) loses. Boother (6th) was all-in too with (AJ). 7Jokers has (AK) and looks to be in trouble. But a flop of [QAT] has Tiger and Boother now drawing very thin.

93 min: A long battle ensues before Akensi (5th) raises with (88) and is called by 7Jokers and Rennzzo. The flop is [5d 7d Qh]. Akensi decides to make her move and goes all-in.

Both guys call; 7Jokers (9d 6d) and Rennzzo (Ad 9s). The turn is a [9] and Amy is out.

Guys we have some very strong lady players in our mist now – in alphabetical order; Akensi, Nahanni74, Nixi44, RKidder51400 and of course Umichpoker. Thanks for joining and classing up the place, Ladies.

Now go make us guys something to eat and NPP needs vacuuming. Take the beer empties back to the store too.

117 min: Another long time of battle ensues and then a big hand happens. Chip leader Crackbuyer loses his lead to Duder1123 as he call’s Duder’s rivered full house all-in with his river made straight. Ouch!

2nd Break:

Duder1123 14566
7Jokers 8056
Rennzzo 6400
CrackBuyer 3978

122 min: Fireworks early as Rennzzo takes over the chip lead by his (88) beating Duder1123’s (AQ).

124 min: Crackbuyer (4th) has to make a move with (QJ) and Duder’s (KJ) dominates.

126 min: Rennzzo loses the chip lead back to Duder1123 as his full house is smaller than Duder’s. But revenge is on the horizon.

132 min: 7Jokers (3rd) makes his move with (A7) and Duder calls with (Qd Jd) and a big stack. A turn [Q] and river [Q] take out the man with the most wins at NPP.

152 min: I would have kept the chip totals every 5 minutes as usual, but the stacks never really changed. Duder1123 stayed at about a 3 to 1 advantage for the whole 20 minutes until Rennzzo’s (55) beat Duder’s (44).

154 min: The flop is [997] and there is betting and calling. The turn is [T] with more betting and calling. The traps are set. The river is another [T] and Duder (2nd) goes all-in holding a (7) but Rennzzo is holding a (T). Nice job on your 2nd NPP win Rennzzo.

1st – Rennzzo 20 points
2nd – Duder1123 14 points
3rd – 7Jokers 10 points
4th – CrackBuyer 7 points
5th – Akensi 5 points
6th – Boother36 4 points
7th – Tigercub8189 3 points
8th – Rkidder51400 2 points
9th – Robin_Hudd 1 point
10th – Jagger244
11th – Mistermusic5
12th – BigLou93
13th – TheNewY2K
14th – Sirgash
15th – Mikeniks-Faldo
16th – Acesovru
17th – LittleRedElf
18th – Kensik
19th – Jules401961
20th – Theedouble*d
21st – Nixi44
22nd – Douge2

The standings are on the right side of the blog.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Faldo Finishes 4th in UB Tourney

Against 152 other players this morning. Ultimate Bet has these bounty tournaments where 1/3rd of the entry is for bounties. If you knock someone out, you pick up a bounty. Usually if you knock out about five players, you make your entry fee back.

I played well, got cards at the right time and read a guy's bluff correctly. I even got called on my semi-bluff and hit my hand as a 3 to one dog. You have to do that at least once usually to go deep in a tourney.

Got down to the final 18 and I sat 7th. Not too bad. But the players all went on steroids and I didn't have even a draw to get in there with. So when the final table arrived, I was now 7th of 9. Still ok but not alot of nub to spare.

Finally had to make a stand in the SB when I hit my pair of twos and a possible backdoor straight draw with (25) and a flop of [249]. But a limper actually had (99) and I was a goner in 4th place.

Made 8 times my entry - including the 5 bounties I collected.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Douge2 Wins The 1st NPP Tourney of 2009 - and His 1st!

We are off and running for the new season. We set a record with 22 entries – shattering the old mark of ….a lot less. Fourteen I think (too drunk to look it up right now).

Sign ups for this league totaled 55 of the 64 limit set by the NPP Tourney Committee. My experience running games tells me you get half of the “Yeah, I’m playing” commitments. Internet – email is slightly worse. Las Vegas put the over/under at 24 ½ - and I bet my entire life savings on the OVER.

I’ll be begging next week during the round so don’t report me!

How this will work is – if we get 64 who have actually played in an NPP event, their data will remain in the records. If you don’t play for five weeks, your spot could be taken by a new player.

Longest delay without playing - Lowest point people – then seniority will have to be the factors going into the decisions. But no worries yet. Only 22 spots on the totals board are taken right now.

Speaking of which, on to the action!

4 min: Cigar4John (22nd) – one of the original NPP live game guys and a part time internet guy, stopped by and was treated rudely. I didn’t see the hand but I think it was a big pair versus a bigger pair that sent him to the rail. Welcome back John. Hope you can play more this year.

18 min: Whilden (21st) is one of our new players - treated to a typical NPP greeting of his (QQ) losing to TheNewY2K’s (AA).

25 min: One of last year’s finalists, Tigercub8189 (20th) ran into the EXACT same hand with the EXACT same person – seven minutes later.

27 min: Theedouble*d (19th) was the next to go out. Another new player - who got the typical NPP greeting. I didn’t see the hand, but if he has to go out early, I was hoping it was going to be 38th.

Get it? 38DD? I kill me. Sorry, I will refrain from that cheap humor from now on. I think (and you all wish).

29 min: Mistermusic5 (18th), a new player who joined us for the year end Heads Up tourney, had his turn card flush get drowned on the river by Douge2’s full house.

33 min: Crackbuyer (17th) was the next one out. No info. Knock me out quicker people and the article will have more information in it.

35 min: New player and short – stacked Kensik (16th) made a move with (A6) and lost to Sirgash and his (TT).

36 min: Last year’s Player of the Year, Duder1123 (15th) was gone next. No info.

41 min: New player Akensi (14th) goes all-in with (JJ) and runs into Douge2’s (KK). Ouch! See above for history of new players.

45 min: New player Gobluebilly (13th) is gone next. No info.

47 min: New player RKidder51400 (12th) is the next one gone. No info.

50 min: ThePunk75 (11th) has his (AT) lose to LittleRedElf’s (AQ).

56 min: New player Jager244 (10th) is the next one out. No info.

Break to only one table! An incredible amount of carnage already! I expected 2 table of six players at least at 1st break. But a lot of big hands collided early. And we get it done before the 2nd break too. Where was the fire I wonder?

Rennzzo – 7200
Douge2 – 5900
Sirgash – 5400
TheNewY2K – 4000
LittleRedElf – 3200
Hlam14 – 2600
Mikeniks – Faldo – 1600
7Jokers – 2000
Nixi44 – 1200

62 min: One of last year’s finalists, 7Jokers (9th) raises a bunch with (KK) and is called by Douge2 with (AQ). After a flop of [Q9A], 7Jokers goes all-in and sees the bad news.

74 min: Short-stacked Nixi44 (8th) goes all-in with (A6) and runs into LittleRedElf’s (AA).

82 min: I – Mikeniks-Faldo (7th) meet a similar short-stack demise when my (AT) cannot run down LittleRedElf’s (77).

89 min: One of last year’s finalists, Hlam14 (6th) makes his all-in move with (Kh Th) an is called by LittleRedElf’s (AK). The flop of clubs [2KA] ends the discussion.

90 min: TheNewY2K (5th) has his (AK) run into Rennzzo’s (JJ).

99 min: Douge2 and LittleRedElf (4th) call-check in. The flop of [9JQ] has LittleRed bet and Doug call. The turn of [8] gets both players all in with Doug holding the higher straight.

104 min: Rennzzo (3rd) takes the bad beat of the night when his (AA) loses to Sirgash’s trip 3’s. Rennzzo goes out three minutes later as his flopped pair of ladies lose to Douge2’s flush. No nub for Rennzzo.

110 min: Sirgash (2nd) calls all-in with his (QQ) into a flop of [745]. That looks safe enough I guess – except Douge2 is holding (63). Congratulations Douge2 on your 1st NPP victory! Welcome to the Walk of Fame!

1st – Douge2 – 20 pts
2nd – Sirgash – 14 pts
3rd – Rennzzo – 10 pts
4th – LittleRedElf – 7 pts
5th – TheNewY2K – 5 pts
6th – Hlam14 – 4 pts
7th – Mikeniks-Faldo 3 pts
8th – Nixi44 – 2 pts
9th – 7Jokers – 1 pt
10th – Jager244
11th – ThePunk75
12th – Rkidder51400
13th – Gobluebilly
14th – Akensi
15th – Duder1123
16th – Kensik
17th – Crackbuyer
18th – Mistermusic5
19th – Theedouble*d
20th – Tigercub8189
21st – Whilden
22nd – Cigar4John

Standings will be on the right side of the blog!

Monday, January 05, 2009

NPP Statistics Time - Final Installment

On the eve of the 2009 season, I thought I would post the rest of the stats fit to print for 2008.

Most Wins
1 - 7Jokers 7
2 - Doneill 6
3 - Beerhog, Duder1123, Nahanni 4
6 - Boother, Tigercub8189 3

Most 2nds
1 - Mikeniks-Faldo 8
2 - Tigercub8189 5
3 - 7Jokers, Nahanni, Rennzzo 4
6 - Beerhog, Boother, Doneill, Rownder 3

Most 3rds
1 - Mikeniks-Faldo 5
2 - 7jokers, Biglou93, Duder1123, Hlam14, Tigercub8189 4

Most 4ths
1 - Duder1123, Mikeniks-Faldo 8
3 - Boother, Rownder 4
5 - 7Jokers, ArcticBlast1, Tigercub8189 3

Most 5ths
1 - Tigercub8189 8
2 - Mikeniks-Faldo 7
3 - Nahanni 6
4 - 7Jokers, Aqualung86, ArcticBlast1, Doneill, McGuiness007, Rennzzo 3

Longest Streak Earning at Least One Point
1 - Mikeniks-Faldo 10
2 - Nahanni 6
3 - Aqualung85, Duder1123 5
5 - Tigercub8189 4

In 2009, we will be giving points for the Final Table. My guess is consistency and attendance will get you to the Big Dance on December 15, 2009.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Nixi44 is the NPP Heads Up Champion!

A lady suggested we hold a heads-up tourney and a lady won it. I guess that was just "in the cards."

Nixi44 made her way thru the brackets leaving 2nd place to Boother and Mistermusic5. Anybody making it thru ANY type of NPP obstacle course, proves they can play some poker!

Thank you to everyone who participated and for the sportsmanship shown all the way thru the bracket scheduling.

Congratulations to Nixi44!


Friday, January 02, 2009

Boother's New Years Day Tourney - Another Great Time!

Boother holds a New Years Day at his NPP North location. It is by invitation only and once again it was a fun time. Boother is a great host - with a stocked fridge of beer, an open bar and a ton and a huge variety of snacks.

We opened with a short ring game, followed by a 13 player tournament and then back to ring play.

Matchy won the tournament, with a 2nd by BonA1r, a 3rd by Hlam14, a 4th by Beerhog and a 5th by Faldo.

As you can see, NPP players travel well.

I'll let the players tell you how they fared individually.

Boother, thanks again for hosting a great game.