Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Rennzzo Wins His First NPP Tourney!

Nine players made it to the NPP virtual felt this evening. A good turnout for a cool summer night after Memorial Day weekend. And we crowned a new champ!

The players did notice a slower pace to tonight’s game as compared to last week’s free for all. On to the recap:

10 min: I think I (Faldo) missed a chance to get BigLou out early as I hit a King’s over full house and didn’t see it. I was talking to my wife and trying to answer an email while starting this tourney – so I will use that as an excuse. But he raised me with his Eight’s over full house and I only called with what I thought was two pair!

Would you have called an all-in, Lou?

26 min: Beerhog gets crippled when his (K8) hits a flop of [3JK]. I had bet and got called by Duder and Hog. The turn is a [K] and I bet 3 times the blind; get raised 7 times the blind by Beerhog, and we get raised 18 times the blind by Duder! I type – WTF!, and fold my (AK). Beerhog did not fold and got to see Duder’s (JJ) and full house.

39 min: A rare double elimination (and I think Rownder did the last one too). The short-stacked Beerhog (9th) gets all-in with (77) and likewise for Tigercub (8th) with (Ad 2d). They both go out as Rownder’s (AK) spikes an [A] on the turn.

55 min: BigLou (7th) makes a bluff move with (KJ) and a board of [853], but Duder is holding (87) and he gets a [7] on the turn for good measure.

ArcticBlast 3440
Duder 3255
Rennzzo 2900
Mikeniks (Faldo) 2040
Rownder 1315
Aqualung 550

65 min: Aqualung’s bad luck held off one hand as his (Kc 9c) hit a flush against Rownder’s (AQ) to keep him alive. Then the action heats up!

70 min: Duder cripples ArcticBlast by hitting a flush.

71 min: ArcticBlast (6th) has to go all-in with (Jd 5d) and is called by Rennzzo with (K3) and a [K] comes on the flop anyway.

72 min: Aqualung (5th) goes all-in with (KT) and me (Faldo) (KJ) and Rennzzo (A5) dutifully call. Rennzzo’s Ace wins the pot.

73 min: Rownder (4th) goes all-in with (KJ) and is called by Rennzzo with (KQ). Rennzzo hits a [Q] on the flop to end Rownder’s night.

Yes, that is Rennzzo taking out three players in three minutes! But now the struggle begins. A nice three way battle begins.

75 min: Faldo survives an (Ah 7h) all-in against a call by Duder with (98). The board went like this: [6 9 Jh] [8h] [5] – and I survive with the straight.

80 min: I get healthier as my (JJ) holds up against Rennzzo’s (KJ). The way he was slaughtering players, I was worried the whole time – even against a three outer. I make a little run in the next 7 minutes to climb to 2nd place in chips!

84 min: Rennzzo gets crippled as his (KK) gets run down by Duder’s (AQ) with an [A] on the turn. But he recovers with the hand of the night.

88 min: Discussion time on how this hand was played. So many options – which is why we love this game.

Blinds 100-200, 25 ante; SB Rennzzo 2800 chips, BB Duder 5500 chips, Dealer Faldo 5200 chips.

I (Faldo) make it 1000 to go with (AQ). Rennzzo goes-all in and Duder calls. What to do? I think fold is the correct play here, but I called. All-in would have been silly.

I figured I double the chance to take at least 2nd and for some reason my gut told me to call. My gut lied to me. Go figure. My gut made me fold to a stone cold well played bluff by Rennzzo earlier. Got to love my card reading ability - not!

The flop comes [TT9] rainbow and Duder and I check. The turn is the [J] completing the rainbow and Duder bets 1000!

He better have (TT) if he is going to bet here in my opinion. Wait for the river if you can’t lose. I know it is poker and he wants to make a side pot, but only an idiot would call here unless he has you beat. I'm an idiot.

I should have folded, but I did have a gut shot straight and if I pair the Ace I could win it all here also. I didn’t think anyone had a T or 9, but I knew the J was live and I was behind. I called and hoped for my card. What was I thinking??? This is me and Poker Stars for crying out loud!

The river is a [2] and Duder bets 1600. Even though the pot is huge, I have to believe him now. Wish I had those 1000 chips back as I muck.

Rennzzo has the higher two-pair (AAJJ) over Duder’s (JJTT) and takes the chip lead! I’m now back where I started in distant 3rd.

We continue to battle for quite a while as I keep winning a hand at the last minute. I did get some alligator blood hands from Poker Stars to stay alive.

107 min: Duder (3rd) finally goes all-in with (AK) and a flop of [A68], but the player killer Rennzzo has (66). Tough lose there for last week's champ.

I (Mikeniks-Faldo) limp into second place and Rennzzo wins his first NPP Tourney! Welcome to the Walk of Fame Rennzzo!

Don't look now, but another horse is making a run at the 2nd quarter seat!

1st – Rennzzo 22 pts
2nd – Mikeniks (Faldo) (22 pts)
3rd – Duder 26 pts
4th – Rownder 30 pts
5th – Aqualung (7 pts)
6th – ArcticBlast 16 pts
7th – BigLou 26 pts
8th – Tigercub 21 pts
9th – Beerhog 7 pts
Nahanni 26 pts
Boother 14 pts
Doneill 11 pts
Sev4TSev 3 pts
McGuiness 3 pts

Total points race on the side of the blog.

Sunnybrook Holding Freeroll on June 2nd

Farrell reports:

Win a seat at the Heartland Poker Tour Main Event!
Freeroll June 2nd, 7pm, registration begins at 5:30pm
$0 buy-in
$10 add-on
$10 rebuys
Unlimited for the 1st hour or 1st time limit (not sure which)

12 minute blind rounds.

Cash games available:
M-F 5:30 pm to 1:30pm
Sat 2pm to 1:30 pm
Sun 2pm to 10pm

Wed, Thur, Fri, Sat and Sun.

Sunnybrook Golf and Bowl
17 Mile and Van Dyke, Sterling Hts.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Duder1123 Wins NPP Tourney #20-8

Nine of us entered it and it seemed we were all in a hurry to watch the Pistons or Tigers.
Lots of all – in action tonight - until we got to heads up at least.

6 min: Rownder takes a cold deck special early when his (KK) runs into Tigercub8189’s (AA). I hate when that happens. He’s crippled, but in typical Rownder style, he battles back.

15 min: Biglou93 (9th) goes all-in with (AT) and a flop of [JT6] but last week’s winner Doneill is holding (QQ).

27 min: Rownder gets healthier when his (JT) all-in beats Beerhog’s (44).

32 min: The cold deck continued for Beerhog (8th) as his slow play of (TT) and a flop of [KKT] gets run over by Rennzzo’s (JJ) when a [J] comes on the turn. I had to fold QQ myself when those two went crazy. Lucky me.

33 to 40 min: Rownder won 8 hands without a showdown in this stretch to triple up his stack. Giving Rownder chips is like pouring gas on a campfire.

46 min: I (Faldo) have to make a move with (Jd 9d), but ArcticBlast calls me with a hand of (Qh 4h), but I survive when I flop a [J].

48 min: Duder survives an all-in with (K6) against Doneil’s (A9) with a [6] on the turn. The tide turns for him there, and my tide after surviving an all-in never materialized.

49 min: ArcticBlast (7th) gets cold-decked as his (A6) and a flop-turn of [A78A] runs into Tigercub8189’s (AT), who adds a [T] on the river for good measure.

52 min: Tigercub continued to cold deck people as Rownder (6th) had no choice but to go all-in with (Q8) and a flop of [TQJ] and the Cat is sitting there with (QT). Ouch!

55 min: Doneil (5th) can’t repeat as tourney winner as his (AK) hits the flop of [KJ2], but Duder had (22).

Rennzzo 5195
Tigercub 4562
Duder 4283
Faldo 960

62 min: I’m (Faldo) in trouble and my (98) all-in gets action in two places and hits a flop of [J3T]. Looking good, but I never improve and I’m out on a bubble again.

64 min: Tigercub (3rd) ran into a spiked river by Duder, which crippled his stack. He goes all-in with (KQ) against Rennzzo’s (99). The flop has a [9] in it and the Cat runs out of lives – and chips.

Heads up with Duder with 10,000 and Rennzzo with 3500. Quick ending? Not so fast. They battle for almost another half hour!

65 min: Duder 10000 – Renz 3500
68 min: D 6500 – R 6500
70 min: D 9000 – R 4500
71 min: D 4000 – R 9500
73 min: D 3000 – R 10500
76 min: D 6000 – R 7500
80 min: D 4500 - R 9000
88 min: D 4000 - R 9500
90 min: D 7000 - R 6500

91 min: Duder raises all-in with (33) and Rennzzo (2nd) calls with (KQ). The flop comes [388] and Duder wins his second NPP tourney! Nice job and great battle guys!

1st – Duder 21 pts
2nd – Rennzzo 12 pts
3rd – Tigercub 21 pts
4th – Mikeniks (Faldo) (15 pts)
5th – Doneill 11 pts
6th – Rownder 27 pts
7th – ArcticBlast 16 pts
8th – Beerhog 7 pts
9th – BigLou 26 pts
Nahanni 26 pts
Boother 14 pts
Aqualung (6 pts)
Sev4TSev 3 pts
McGuiness 3 pts

Total point race is on the right side of the blog.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Doneill Wins in His 1st NPP Tourney

I am writing this while I return on the plane from Las Vegas. It was great to see the turnout of eight players while I was slugging it out with the mopes in Caesars’ Palace.

I see a new player joined in and that is great. Doneill, please comment and tell us about yourself.

Aqualung did tell me Denny is the husband of a woman (not that there is anything wrong with that) who works with Aqualung’s wife. Welcome to the league Denny. Send your email to npokerp @ yahoo, so I have it in case the password needs changing.

Here is the finish of the last tourney and the point standings for the 2nd quarter:

1st – Doneill 10 pts
2nd – Rounder73 27 pts
3rd – Rennzzo 5 pts
4th – ArcticBlast1 16 pts
5th – Biglou 26 pts
6th – Tigercub8189 16 pts
7th – McGuiness007 3pts
8th – Aqualung85 6 pts
Nahanni 26 pts
Boother 14 pts
Mikeniks-Faldo 12 pts
Duder 11 pts
Beerhog 7 pts

The grand total race is on the side of the blog.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Last Vegas Tourney – Same as the Others – Unfortunately

Well, at least I’m consistent. I can honestly state here for the record – that in the nine tournaments I entered, I hit maybe four flops. I had AA exactly once - in the big blind - and it was folded around to me. It’s been brutal.

JW and I are over at Caesar’s Palace for my last tourney of the trip. Boother is absolutely right! What a beautiful poker room!

Last day/night in Vegas and Bronco76 has his lady with him, so the pools and the clubs were calling.

JW gets knocked out of this 50 player tourney early with a six-outer. He turned the Ace-high straight on the turn with (QJ) – went all-in – and lost to the caller who hit his Ten on the river for a Full House of TTTKK. Ouch.

I make it to the final two tables, but I had to suck out to do it. I have 2400 in chips and the blinds are 200-400 with a 50 ante, with 22 players left. I raise to 2000 with (Ad 3d) – hoping for action.

A player with a big stack and (Ks 9s) moves all-in on me after a flop of [Js 6d 9h]. Just what I wanted, but as usual, the flop is a whiff. I am pot committed now - so I call and spike the Ace on the river. I get the rightly deserved and insincere “Nice catch” comment.

I finish 16th when I move all-in again from the SB (Ad 9d) and the BB calls me with (JT). I don’t count this hit as one of the four flops for the trip [2s 3d 9h]. Not exactly a powerhouse. And of course a [Ts] comes on the turn with no help on the river.

I shake the man's hand and head to the bar just outside the Rio's famous Seafood Buffet and POUND beer until our group shows up for dinner. They were an hour late so I was a little trashed when they got there. But a good trashed - not a sloppy trashed - even though I had two beers getting to the Rio and 5 while waiting! I don't think I was a sloppy drunk, but my wife seemed not to happy with me when she got there.

Better luck next time in tourneys, I guess. First time going home a poker loser in Las Vegas. Of course I usually played hours of ring and either no tourneys or one. But still, I should have done something different or better.

And once again congratulations to JW! What a rush to watch my nephew win one.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Monday Done...and So Am I

At least I remained undefeated in my sports betting in Las Vegas.
I bet the Wings-Dallas game OVER 5 and the final was Wings 5, Dallas 2.

That moves me to 9 - o in sports betting in Las Vegas!

But 1 win in 12 races in another run of horse bets puts my Las Vegas record at 2 wins in 137,768 horse races.

Needless to say, I'm down a little betting the horses. A sane man might think of concentrating on betting only sports and leave the horseys alone. I said a sane man.

You might have noticed that I am delaying explaining my Monday night tourney night. I'm trying to delay having to re-live the pain.

I'm starting to feel these poker tournaments are about as much fun as rubbing aluminum foil over your fillings or repeatedly banging your funny bone on an iron post.

I went back to the Paris as the boys (Bronco and JW) wanted me to wait for them and we would leave for the Caesars tourney together. I got a call late that they were still at the New York - New York. They asked if we could move the Caesars tourney to tomorrow and I said fine. So I went back to the Paris because of the payout structure - not the tourney itself.

As I stated this is a turbo SNG. Thirty-six players in this one.

I stole two pots with junk to stay ahead of the blinds for the first two rounds. But the table went crazy! Some drunk from Boston got moved to the table and was going all-in every hand! He lost his first two hands to lesser stacks and had exactly 400 in chips left with the blinds at 200 - 400.

I had 3200 in chips at this moment. But he keeps going all-in - with both decent and awful hands and wins seven straight all-ins! He now is the monster at the table. I know all-in is my only option and my cards are all big spacers. Another huge stack joins the table and that stops the insanity.

I get blinded down to 1600 just before I become the BB. I am moved to the other table (only 2 tables left), where I am still the big blind. Two UTG limpers and then one player goes all-in for 1600 and I also go all-in for the same amount with (QQ). Maybe here is where I can get back into the tourney. I just need the same good luck JW had at basically the exact same time in the tourney.

Both UTG limpers call our all-in and four of us see the board as the two UTG's check it down.

I hit trip Queens on the flop of [KQ2]. A [6] on the turn and an [A] on the river. Everyone mucks when they see my trips except for the second UTG who is holding [JT].

As I said, this is getting very old. No hands or flops, but when I get them -I lose.

I will be ready to do battle tomorrow none the less. They can't beat you unless you quit.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Monday:1st half - Almost and Not at All - Then More Rude Casino Workers!

The Lovely wakes me up early as she is leaving for the Grand Canyon nice and early. She has to get a couple of "you should be going with me" shots in there before exiting. I am tired from the late night tourney last night (and blogging the results before turning in).

But I am up and what the heck. It's Vegas baby!

I hurry to the close by O'Shea's tourney ($45) - which gets group of twenty one entries.

I squeak into the final table when my all-in with (66) spikes a [6] with four callers!

They are paying three spots {$300, $175, $110) , and I stay around as my (JJ) outlasts an (AK).

Down to five as the short stack and I am in the BB with (Ks Qs). It folds around to the SB and chip leader, who limps in. I have some fold equity so I go all-in. After a long think, he calls with (55).

The good news is I flopped [KQ], but the lone spade is ...of course [5s]! Well, at least I didn't bubble. I got that going for me.

On to Bally's for a little bigger and classier tourney - $65 entry and 39 entries. Paying five places {$768, $480, $288, $211, $172}.

I don't make it past the second blind increase. My (JJ) gets caught by (AK) and my desperation all-in with (Ac 5h) never had a prayer.

But Bally's has a nice poker room. Real nice.

So I head over to Planet Hollywood for the next available tourney. It is a $70 buy-in. When I go to pay my entry an hour and a half early, the young poker manager says if I join the PH Player's Club, instead of $4000 starting chips, I will get $4500 - and of course no cost to join.

I state that I am not in Vegas enough to make use of it. But he is persistent and says, "The line is right over there and will only take like ten minutes."

I glance over at the line of - Oprah watching, 5-cent nickel slot and George Clooney loving Clinton voters - snaked around a roped off queuing line that appears a 1st glance will take at least a half hour to get thru.

I say, "Wow. I don't know," wondering if 500 more chips is worth the hassle as fast as blinds go up in this town.

He says in a real smart tone - remember, he is half my age if he is a day - "Listen pal, I'll sell you 4000 in chips right now. But if you don't want 12% more chips just for standing in line for a couple minutes, I can't help you."

I stare at him for a moment wondering if my hat says, "Be rude to me" instead of "Kimber" on it. I say, "You talked me into it," and walk right towards the line, then right past the line and out of Planet Hollywood probably for good.

I walk over to the MGM Grand (the place with some bad memories of I think poker cheating many years ago) and check it out.

The room is 1st class and the busiest of any of the rooms I have seen this trip. They hold a nightly $90 buy-in tourney at 7pm and the poker room manager says they usually have 90 to 110 players.

I may do that tomorrow for my last tourney. On to Caesar's Palace this evening I think.

Faldo Unsuccessful in O'Shea's Tourney

My wife got tired after seeing her first Las Vegas show with her sister (Beatle's show of some kind) and the walk to the Bellagio. Besides they are heading to the Grand Canyon tomorrow and wanted to turn in.

I still had my poker legs so Idropped her off and headed to O'Shea's. I got in a 30 - player tourney there with a $45 buy-in.

It's a little casino on the strip and is part of the Flamingo family and is basically right next door to the Flamingo and across the street from Caesars Palace.

They run six tourneys a day: 9am, 1pm, 5pm, 9pm, midnight and 3am! So you can find tournament action around the clock there. Sweet!

Plus, O'Shea's has their live action ring just inside the casino, and passer's by can sweater the action there. The tournaments are held deeper inside the casino.

I forgot to get the payouts, but they are permanently posted on the wall in the event of 2, 3, 4 or 5 full tables of players. Maybe I will get them later if I remember to or play there again.

I was not too happy when I left. Not mad as much as wondering if I will ever get a decent run of cards in a tournament this trip. It may not happen. No law says I will.

My tale of woe was another string of 73, 84, 93, K2, and 72 hands. At least these did not flop winners of gigantic pots for me if I had stayed. I was not hitting hands or flops with anything. In the first 3 levels of blinds, I played exactly 2 hands and had to fold after the flop. I was getting low in chips.

I finally get (QQ) and simply limp in from UTG +1, because I know the man on the button will raise. One limper follows me and the button fires in a big raise. Easy all-in call for me, and the limper folds.

The Button holds (KsTs) and hits a [T] on the flop. but a [Q] on the turn allows me to make the break with some chips.

After the break, my garbage collection of hands continues. I finally make a stand and go all-in first with (Kh Qh), while I still have five times the blinds.

A big stack in the big blind considers folding as everyone else has. But he knows I have been sitting there like a tree stump except for the (QQ) hand and makes the call with (Ad 4d).

I get my [Q] on the flop but two diamond are also there. He hits a diamond on the turn and an Ace on the river he didn't need and I am out in 12th.

The bride is heading to the Grand Canyon tomorrow and I will try to break out tomorrow.

It sure was exciting watching JW win it all!

'JW' Wins at the Paris!

Forty-nine players (45 and 4 alternates) signed up for this turbo SNG for the standard $65 buy-in. Tournament over in just over two hours! Faldo, Bronco76 and JW (Aqualung's and my nephew) were part of it. I told them about the payout at the Paris being friendly and they wanted to try it. Good judgement!

I didn’t see how Bronco got knocked out, but his report was that he was basically card dead and lost his coin flip all-in with 3 tables left.

JW was at my table. We hooked in a hand where I re-raised his standard raise, to let him know I had a great hand (KK). He called with (AQ) and spiked an [A] on the flop. JW bet a lot, and I had to lay them down.

But as the action continued, JW was – at one point – with less chips (1200) than I had (2500) {blinds 200 – 400}. He went all-in with (KQ) and got a caller with (AJ). The flop was a super friendly [AJT], and no boat arrived. That was the kick-off to a great run!

I finished 15th as my all-in with (AJ) lost to a (KQ) who hit the [K] on the river.

I did not see the action until it went to a final table of nine players. JW stood 7th in chips when he arrived there.

With seven players left and now being low chip man, JW calls an all-in with (66) and is thrilled when his opponent turns over (55). A nice double up! The 55 guy is gone shortly.

The chip leader takes out the bubble man when his (Q8) beats the short stack, who held (A8) when a [Q] hits the turn. Five left and all get paid.

JW picks up some chips uncontested with raises. Finally the chip leader calls with (44) and JW has (AA). With three left, JW has the lead!

JW’s (AK) beat (AQ) to take out the 3rd place chip count guy, setting up the heads up competition. JW has the much bigger stack.

It doesn't take very long to end as JW's (AT) is all over the short-stack with (8d 4d). But an all-black flop with an [A T 6d) in it and JW wins his first Las Vegas tournament!

1st - $966 – nice payday JW!!!
2nd - $604
3rd - $362
4th - $266
5th - $217

JW was VERY kind by returning Bronco’s and my entry fee back to us, and then he told Bronco, “The drinks are on me!” – and away they went into the Las Vegas night! I was considering tagging along but my wife wanted me to see the flower garden in the Bellagio and the light show outside the Bellagio with her.

Going partying in Vegas with two young guys with found money - or looking at flower arrangements with my wife? Decisions, decisions.

I never saw so many chrysanthemums, and the light shows I noticed are fifteen minutes apart.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Faldo Moves to the Paris Casino to Donk Some More

Well, I found poker heaven in Vegas, although I didn't stay long.

The Paris Poker Room had a tourney with a $65 buy-in. They cut the entries off at 36 players. I huslted over after my loss at the Monte Carlo, but was not in a great frame of mind.

I entered the tourney, and entered the sports book where I lost two horse bets while waiting. That help my attitude. Then my son just called to tell me that both him and his couzin failed to cash also at Monte Carlo.

Just as I asked him for details, I was told rudely by a sports book worker that cell phones were illegal in the sports book. If my $65 for the tourney was not already 100 feet away in their cash register, I would of told the guy what he could do with his sports book. But I told my son that some, "This asshole says I can't use my phone. Talk to you later," and I hung up. The guy seemed to contemplate a response, but walked away.

I tend to get surly when losing. Another improvement in my frame of mind before the next tourney.

The Paris tourney is first class. Tourney clock on the wall and the payouts are generous! Thirty-six players makes a pool of $2100. They paid five places -

1st - $768
2nd - $480
3rd - $288
4th - $211
5th - $173

This means The Paris Poker Room only took $180 out of the pool of $2100! Compare that to the Imperial Palace taking $440 out of a pool of $1320.

The Paris is the best bargain I've seen so far!

I continued playing like a donkey as the promise I made in the last article was not made until after this tourney. Again I folded - as I was supposed to - two weak hands that would have won me some big pots.

This was stacked on top of my Monte Carlo misses and donkey play, the horse losses and the rude Paris employee. I was trying not to get tilty, but I don't think I was thinking as clear as I usually do. I won't blame it on being tired because I didn't feel tired.

Here is the hand that spelled the end for me. I am medium-low in chips and am in the big blind after the first break. I have 1100 left after posting the 200 big blind. It folds around to the small blind who calls. I look at (Ah 3h) and decide to raise it to 500 and he calls. Not what I wanted to hear.

The flop is [7s As Qc]. Yeah, that may be my salvation or my tap out. The small blind checks. What to do?

Checking is totally wrong, but is all-in correct? I will be able to see another full lap to pick a spot if I don't go out here. A small bet will get me a call - which I don't want. So I bet $500.

There is an old adage, 'try not to play a big pot with a small hand.' I ignore that wisdom. This was almost as stupid a play (I'm thinking now) as checking. I just committed myself, but didn't use the all-in hammer. If I wanted him to fold, all-in was the move, not this weenie bet.

He calls and now I have no idea where I am at. Like I said, someone else has taken over playing my cards and my brain must be out on the strip handing out call-girl cards to passer-byes with the illegal aliens.

If anyone wants to dispute my play on this hand as being 'not so bad', I would love to hear why. ...Somebody? Anybody?

The turn is [6c]. Well, that did nothing for me, but built another flush draw I none of. He checks and I check. Again, showing weakness, but I'm lost in the hand and on tilt besides.

The river is a [4d]. That's a blank I think, but the SB goes all-in and after a think, I fold leaving me with next to nothing in chips. I double up once but fail on the second attempt. I exit wondering why I am going for Donkey of the Year honors in Las Vegas my first day playing.

The SB guy didn't show what he had, but he got knocked out soon after as his trips ran into a runner-runner straight. I happen to be just outside the poker room calling my son when he exits, so I asked him what happened to him - and what did he have in our hand (As6s).

Definitely heading back to the Paris for some tourneys. The payouts are ripe, but I will still hit some casinos for poker I have never played in before also.


Saturday, May 10, 2008

Faldo Donks Off His Chips the Next Tourney at the Monte Carlo

I don't know why it started but I know when. Actually, I know why too. And I will fix it tomorrow. I should have fixed this leak in my game before, burt sometimes it takes a kick in the teeth ...and looking like a donk in Las Vegas to bring it home.

I will represent us better tomorrow.

My next stop was the Monte Carlo and another $50 buy-in and another $10 got you another $1000, and who wasn't taking that? My son Bronco and my nephew JW are playing also. 27 players enter.

It is a beautiful poker room with HD TV's on the wall for sports. But none had a tournament clock operating. Everything was handled the old fashion way - on a call out from the tournament director. Very strange considering how classy the room is.

I never did get the payouts. I was not there that long.

Here is when I became a donk. Two limpers come in before me on hand 3 and I find (87) in middle position. I decide to much and the flop comes [864] A a small bet and 5 callers. The turn is a [5] - naturally. I folded. Another small bet and a standard raise, and four callers!

The river is a [K] with three all-ins and my straight would have taken it down as trip 4's did. Huge pot and I got none. GRRRR - but no problem - it's early.

2 hands later - (JT) one from under the gun. UTG calls and I muck. Six callers - flop [JJ6]. Action and bets with a [T] on the river. Another monster is not mine!

Button (Ks Qs), raise four callers and they all call. Flop [Ad 5d 4d] and two call a good bet and I have to fold.

Late middle position with [99], raise again and the same woman that raised me out of the last hand I played goes all-in. I muck it.

I am officially starting to tilt as every move I make or don't make is wrong. Not that I am playing badly, but my attitude and confidence is starting to slide.

Now I am medium low in chips. One lap later in middle position, I enter first with a raise with (Kd Td). This same woman raises double and I am the only caller. Maybe a re-raise here gets me the pot - maybe.

The flop is [KKJ]. I bet half of what I have hoping to win it here. I hope she wants to fold any straight draw or smaller pair. She calls. The turn is a [Q]. Now the straight is out there.

I check but I think I have to call her bet. She checks too. Maybe my small pair read is correct and now I think maybe I missed my chance to take the pot. The river is a [2]. Safe enough.

I check hoping my trips win but she goes all-in. Straight? Or did she have (KJ) from the jump or did the [Q] turn give her the boat? I still have chips left although not much. I can't think of a single hand I can beat unless she is on a pure bluff - and a bluff attempt would be silly considering how short stacked I am.

I want to fold, but my hand shoves the rest of my chips in and she does have (KQ).

My nephew whispers, "What a cooler!" But was it?

Or did I misplay the hand on every street and then simply throw the rest of my chips away?

I have to quit letting past results in hands upset my judgement later in the tourney. I should be past this point by now, but I have not been.

I will be tomorrow.

Faldo Fails at Imperial Palace

The $60 buy-in tourney only attraced twenty-two players, so it was more of a SNG than a tourney.

What I liked: The Poker Room Floorman was Rick Marianetti - who will be on "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" on Monday night. He will be the bald guy.

He was very helpful and gave me a sheet with all the tourneys within walking distance of the Imperial Palace. A very nice gesture indeed.

The tourney was well run, the tourney clock always visible, and the dealers were fist rate.

What I didn't like; The rake!

22 players is a total pool of $1320. It played three places.
1st - $440 (50%)
2nd - $264 (30%)
3rd - $176 (20%)

So far, so correct.

But the rake was $440!!!! The casino came in 1st place too!

Freddie Deeb, who forgot more about poker odds than I know, says that the casinos normally finish 3rd - 4th every tourney. So where does the Imperial Palace get off taking 1st - 2nd?

[Ed. Note: If you take the full prize fund, normally the casino takes 10% of the prize pool - which equates to taking 4th in a tourney. Imperial Palace got a 2nd place finish percentage on the entire pool - which then equaled the payout for 1st place.]

The dealer mentioned that they seem to only get 3 tables or less of players for the weekend tourneys, but 4 or 5 tables going during the week. Maybe they back off the rake with more tables - but I doubt it.

These tourneys are no way profitable long term. The rake is just too massive.

I also didn't like the fact I finished 12th. Not blaming my loss on it, but 4 of the 11 guys on my table were poker buddies and some whip-saw betting and Robin Hood poker took place. I guess two guys in the same posse were on the other table.

Anyway, it is on to the Monte Carlo for a $60 tourney over there. My son and nephew are getting in also. Should be a good time. Report to follow. - Nik Faldo

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

BigLou93 Wins NPP #18-6, for 2nd Win of the Quarter

Eight players finally made it to the game this evening. Rownder was a little late registering and Nahanni was a little late starting and ArcticBlast were a lot late getting started. But all made it in plenty of time to be factors.

21 min: Beerhog gets crippled early as his (AQ) ran into BigLou93’s (QJ) with a flop of [QJ5].

25 min: Mikeniks-Faldo gives Beerhog some life as my (55) fails as his (A3) hits an [A] on the flop. Don’t give chips to Beerhog as he will make you pay for your generosity.

39 min: Nahanni gets her stacked whacked as she tries to take ArcticBlast out with (33) and a flop of [A24]. But Arctic puts the freeze to her as his (KK) holds up against the straight draw and trips catch.

44 min: Last week’s winner Tigercub8189 (8th) exits first as his big hands early earned him no chips. Then with a flop of [448], he goes all-in with a semi-short stack and (A8). BigLou9393 calls him with (48)! Ouch!

48 min: A short-stacked Nahanni (7th) doesn’t get the Faldo gift pack of chips. She goes up against real card players, instead of me, with (AT). Both BigLou93 and Duder (K9) call her. The flop is [359]. Duder bets and BigLou93 gets out of the way. Duder trips his 9’s on the turn to end the lady’s night.

59 min: I’ve (Faldo) told everyone – never, NEVER go all-in short-stacked right before the break. I am convinced the Poker Stars software is designed to clean up the debris right before breaks.

I’m (6th) short-stacked, thanks to my 70 hand run of garbage cards and rotten play. I read BigLou9393 for a draw of some kind with a flop of [As 7s 2c]. I go all-in with (KJ) hoping to buy it or hit a pair. BigLou93 had paired the ducks, no help arrives of course and I am out of there.

Gee, yet another bubble finish for Faldo. Go figure.

BigLou93 4345
ArcticBlast 2850
Duder 2835
Rownder 1000
Beerhog 970 (way to come back!)

64 min: ArcticBlast (TT) and a shorter-stacked Rownder (AT) hook up with Rownder all-in and hitting an [A] on the flop. They virtually change positions in chip count.

66 min: ArcticBlast (5th) gets hit with nearly simultaneous death blows as his (QQ) runs into Rownder’s (AA). A tough run for Blast after the break, that is for sure!

73 min: Rownder (4th) tries to make a grab for the gusto but the cards do not cooperate for him this time. Now short-stacked again, he makes his stand with (JT) and runs into BigLou93’s (KT).

75 min: Duder (3rd) was getting grounded into dust by the big stack, BigLou93 (as was Beerhog). Duder goes all-in with (77) and BigLou93 calls with (QJ) and BigLou93 hits the straight on the turn to end the night for Duder.

80 min: That leaves the Beerhog (2nd), who made a great comeback and dodged the bullets without ever having a big supply of chips the whole night. He dribbles in his last little bit with (Ts 3h) and a flop of [8s 7s 3s], for a pair of 3’s and a flush draw. BigLou93 calls with (54) and hits a straight on the river to close it out!

Nice win BigLou and way to tough out a place finish Beerhog.

1st – BigLou93 25 pts
2nd – Beerhog 7 pts
3rd – Duder 11 pts
4th – Rownder 20 pts
5th - ArcticBlast 13 pts
6th – Mikeniks-Faldo (12pts)
7th – Nahanni 26 pts
8th – Tigercub8189 16 pts
Boother 14 pts
Aqualung (6 pts)
Sev4TSev 3 pts
McGuiness 3 pts

Total point standings are on the right side of the blog.