Saturday, March 31, 2007

Poker Stars Finally Admits Software Error

Yes, Poker Stars admits there was a software error that was keeping Nik Faldo from winning. Ok, they didn't admit that, but they did admit after ten emails back and forth, that there is a software glitch that:

> is keeping me from being able to make full tournament names and
> keeps me from making HORSE, HOSE or Razz tourneys.

Here is their e-mail to me:

"Hello Nik Faldo,
Thank you for your email.

We are aware of the problems, and our programmers have been informed, the
problem should be rectified in the next update.

PokerStars Support Team"

I will keep logging into PS as often as possible to get the next one, so I can make the HORSE tourney Sev4TSev requested. And poor Boother was ripped off as the last few tourneys should of had his name on them.

Anyway, I wanted to give you guys the update. I will make the tourney as soon as I can as HORSE or make an Omaha H/L limit tourney on game night if that is the closest I can come to a change.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Sev4TSev Wins NPP Internet Tourney #12

For the second time since we have been doing this, we had nine players make the game!

On hand 24 Cigar4John crippled BonAir when he hit his flush. Cigar bullied the table for a while after that.

On hand 30, BonAir’s (9th) luck continued awful as he ran into Sev4TSev ‘s full house.

On hand 35, ArticBlast brought Cigar4John back to the pack when his Ko9’s full house beat C4J’s 9o8’s full house. Ouch!

On hand 40, Momo (8th), low on chips, goes all in with AQ and cannot overtake Matchy’s AKs.

On hand 60, Cigar4John (7th) goes out when his KQ does not improve over Boother’s 99.

After the break, on hand 84, a short-stacked Rownder (6th) made an all-in bluff with 43 and Matchy called him with 77. No help and we were down to the five getting NPP points.

On hand 92, ArticBlast (5th) goes down when his JT runs into Matchy’s 66 and a six hits on the flop.

On hand 97, I (4th) am low-stacked and move all in with A9. Sev4TSev had TT. I got no ace. This leaves the guys cashing.

Matchy (3rd) went all in with A6 and Sev4TSev has TT again!!!

Sev4TSev wears two-in-a-row champ Boother down and finally gets all the money in with AA against Boother’s (2nd) 46s. No help and 747 is the new champ. Next game; HORSE

Here are the new standings:

1st – Boother 69
2nd – Matchy 49
3rd – Mikeniks 46
4th – Rownder 45
5th – Cigar4John 28
6th – Sev4Sev 27
7th – Beerhog 24
8th – Momo 22
9th – Hlam14 10
10th – BonA1r 7
11th – Artic Blast 6
12th – DavetheDog 1
13th – SpartyTojo 1
14th – Bronco76 1

Friday, March 23, 2007

Online Gambling Payment Processor Neteller Announces Plans to Return Funds

Since our most beloved and much feared-at-the-table Nik Faldo is busy writing about his 10th place finishes in 25-person tournaments and Boozer's and Matchy's winning weekly neighborhood tourneys that were once dominated by the infamous Beerhog and Herbavor, the responsibility for providing relevant blog content once again falls on the webmaster.

Payment processing company for the online gambling industry, Neteller, has announced its plans to return funds to American customers.

In an official press release, the company stated that it has signed partnership agreements with the Unites States Attorney's Office for the Southern District of New York (USAO), as well as Navigant Consulting, a consulting firm that will provide Neteller with operational consulting services.

These new partnerships will aid Neteller in the process of redistributing frozen funds to its former US customers.

Article link here.

P.S. It should be noted that even though it is a scientific fact that the NPP webmaster is the most intelligent of the NPP table participants, he still does not know how to play suited connectors from the small blind position.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Boother Repeats!!! Wins NPP Internet Tourney #11

Eight players showed this night. Great job guys.
The play was strangely conservative early. Then all heck broke loose.

Hand 27, I folded what would of been two pair, but ArticBlast hit trips. I dodged that bullet.

Hand 28, I hit a flush on the turn but smelled Matchy's full house on the river and avoided elimimation.

Two hands in a row Poker Stars tried to kill me.

Hand 30 I folded top pair to double raises and a straight was hit. Bullet three whizzed by! Then the fireworks started twice the hands later.

Hand 60 finally got us a casualty as I knocked out Artic Blast(8th). He was a little low stacked and raised me all in with A2s. My QJ hit a Q on the flop and Artic was gone.

Hand 70, Boother knocked out Hlam (7th) when his K8 outlasted Hlam's Q8.

Hank 73, Boother's AK knocked out BonAir's (6th) KJ.

On hand 81, we had a rare 3-man all in: Boother AT, Matchy AA (5th) and Momo 77.
Momo hit the straight and Matchy was out.

Hand 84, I got knocked out (4th) when my AJ hit an ace on the flop and Boother two paired with his A6.

Hand 86, Rounder's (3rd) two pair lost to Boother's full house.

Momo (2nd) and Boother battled for another 20 minutes heads up before Boother's AK beat Momo's A7.

Great job guys! And congrats to repeat winner Boother.

1st - Boother
2nd - Momo
3rd - Rownder
4th - mikeniks (Nik Faldo)
5th - Matchy
6th - BonAir
7th - Hlam
8th - Artic Blast

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Nik Finishes 8th in Tropical Poker Tourney

Happy St. Patricks Day to everyone. I celebrated the day by watching basketball and playing poker on-line. Mostly tourneys and I had some success.

I finished 12th in a Bo Dog poker tourney (4000 players)- which is free to get in - but has rebuys. So I guess it was like finishing 12th in about a 6000 player tourney!
Cashing there was a big plus - since I put nothing in to begin with.

There were 571 players in the Tropical Poker tourney. I made the final table when for some unknown reason a guy bluffed at the pot with absolutely nothing and I had KK.

I got to the final table in 8th place, and that is where I stayed as I was completely card dead there.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Boother Wins This Week's Internet (#10) Tourney

I got the report from Matchy. Your host missed the tourney as he was driving back from Ohio. I spent the day and part of the evening watching parts move thru a paint line and into containers for air shipment to California. What fun!

Only four made it to the game. And we got a new player! Welcome Bon Air and sorry I couldn't welcome you in person.

The standings were as follows:

1st - Boother
2nd - Bon Air
3rd - Matchy
4th - Artic Blast

I'll make the game NL Holdem for next Tuesday. - Nik Faldo

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Poker Players Alliance

The Poker Players Alliance (PPA) is a non-profit organization set up to help protect and fight for the rights of poker players in the United States. Part of the PPA's mission is to protect the right of poker players to play online.

The PPA is proud to have poker enthusiast and former U.S. Senator Alfonse D'Amato as its chairman. With his leadership, the PPA will help keep poker available and legal for U.S. players.

PokerStars supports the efforts of the PPA and wants to give PokerStars players a chance to support the PPA as well. To encourage players to join the PPA, we're running three daily tournaments for a limited time, each with a $5,000 prize pool. The tournaments will run at 8:05 PM, 9:55 PM, and 11:05 PM ET so all American players have a chance to play.

PPA Member By entering any of the tournaments, you agree to become an introductory (free) member of the Poker Players Alliance and grant PokerStars the right to pass along your personal information (name, address, e-mail, and date of birth) to the PPA.

Read the entire article here.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

1st NPP Game of 2007 Was a Great Time!

Six regulars made it and we got started right on time.

Beerhog explained his wrong way round-about excursion.

Herb asked about the 4Putt open dates and itinerary.

Larry P. made sure the next NPP night was a good night for him.

Tojo explained how he took 1st in two tourneys in Vegas and cashed in a 3rd! He said he owed it all to the players at NPP and bought the pizza in appreciation. Nice touch!

I explained how 4Putt and CigarJohn's kitchen passes expire after 4 hours, so it was either the golf show or the poker game. The guys at the table explained to me that both 4Putt and Cigar are 3 light-flo day pads short of a full box of tampons.

Sev4Sev didn't know what 'we were all doing' in the card game. So he just took our money.

Tim [Sev4Sev] took the honors as top ring player, but he was the first out in the tourney, getting no cards at all. Even with no tourney cash, Tim was still the big winner.

Beerhog won the tourney, taking down Herbavor's two pair with a straight. For what it's worth, I finished 3rd, underestimating Beerhog's hand.

A great time was had but it was a shorter night than usual as I type this at 1:45 am.

Next game at NPP is April 14, 6pm.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Nik Finishes 11th of 20 in Boother Tourney

I would be remiss if I did not report on the great time and tournament Boother put on and I was invited to the last Saturday in February. It is an absolutely great game, great fun, good guys and nice atmoshere. There are 8 video and pinball machines to keep you entertained prior to 'shuffle up and deal' and during breaks. A big screen TV on the wall is a great feature.

It is BYOB but Boother has a nice supply of liquior also. Isn't that right Beerhog?

I ended up being the bubble boy for starting the cash game because when I got knocked out, the tourney went to one table of 10. Boother's game is run the opposite of NPP. We normally play limit til midnight and then have a quick NL Tourney to close out the night.

Boother's game starts with a good deal of chips and a decent blind structure for the Holdem NL tourney. Once the tourney gets to one table, the NL ring game begins for all those interested.

As for NPP representing, Beerhog cashed in 4th which got his entry back. But he was a little too under the weather to get in the cash game.

My tourney play was fine but it is hard to make it to the cash when you go all-in four times with the best hand and only win once. I got knocked out when my QQ lost to bigger stack with A3 suited. I didn't fare any better in the cash game, losing just a little blind money. Better luck and playing next time.

Maybe Beerhog can shed some light on how going clockwise on the roundabout looks.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Hlam Returns to the Internet Game (#9) With a Victory!

Glad to see the NPP king - Herbavor - back on the internet felt.

This Tuesday’s internet tourney got off to a late start thanks to me. I guess I set the tourney up for Monday night in my drunken state last week Tuesday. Darn Winter Ale special at the hotel. I think they fermented it with anti-freeze.

So I realized we had no tourney at 8:30 and quickly made one but PS has a rule that any tourney must start at least an hour after it is created – so 9:45 pm was it.

We had five stick around and I don’t think we lost anyone. Thanks for hanging guys.

Not going to lie. I was not in a good mood with myself after screwing up the start time. So to improve my mood, I played like a donkey. I played like I had a plane to catch in 15 minutes and bled off half my chips in the first ten minutes. It was going to take great poker skill and luck to recover. I don’t possess either one, so you know how my night went.

Artic Blast (5th) went out on hand 27 as he misread his low hand.

I (4th) lasted until hand 74 when Matchy took me out.

Matchy went down around hand 120 when he got wheeled on the river.

Sev4Sev (2nd) and Hlam14 battled for another half hour before Hlam closed the deal.

1st - Hlam14
2nd - Sev4Sev
3rd - Matchy
4th - Nik Faldo
5th - Artic Blast

I already set the tourney for next Tuesday guys. Omaha H/L 8 – NL.
Double-checked the date too. Six plus seven is thirteen (I think).
Password 5ofclubs again.

Monday, March 05, 2007

NPP Next Live Game March 10 - and Internet Standings

Hello to the NPP faithful. The game is on as we have enough. So I am out for the Boother WL game. Next time for sure. Here is the line-up.

Larry P

The Wall

Matchy (another game - acceptable reason)
Gridlock (vacation to a golf mecca - acceptable reason)
Boother (another game - acceptable reason)
Cigar4John (attending golf show - pass from wife only good for 4 hours)
Fourputt (hand sewing his name on his apron)
Thai Food (hockey playoffs)

The internet race is a beautiful thing. We miss the Beerhog and Herbavor who we understand turned in their poker mousepad. Thai Food still is in limbo with PS. And I have learned that Tuesday is Fourputt's knitting night. No word on SpartyToJo. If we had those guys, it would be a heck of a game on Tuesday. But a field of eight last week was sweet. Here are the standings.

Boother 42
Rownder 40
Nik Faldo 37
Matchy 33
Cigar4John 28
Beerhog 24
Momo 15
Sev7Sev 10
Fourputt 1
SpartyToJo 1
ArticBlast 1
Bronco 1

Tuesday night is Omaha H/L - Limit for the first time!

I will attempt to get a hold of the Wall and Sparty for the NPP game. Boother, send me an email with the dates for April for the WL and your games so NPP doesn't conflict.

As usual, if any NPP regular can find a player, bring them.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Nik Finishes 2nd in Sportsbook Tourney

Sportsbook has nice software. I entered this tourney expecting only SNG numbers. But at the last minute we got up to 76 players.
I played well - hit my share of hands and only took one bad beat until we were down to two.
In the big blind I looked down and saw J9 of clubs. My opponent only had 800 chips more than I did. We had been playing about a 1/2 hour heads up by this time.
My opponent just called the big blind and I limped along.
The flop was [As 9s Ac].
I bet my two pair at twice the minimum. If he had an ace, he has an ace.
When he re-raised me double, I decided he did not have an ace. I figured him for a small pair or a flush draw, so I went all-in.
After a long delay he called with T8 of spades.
The turn card was from heaven - [Ah]!
The only cards that can beat me now are tens.
Won 16 times my entry.