Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Fusciardi Wins His 2nd NPP Tourney in His 2nd Quarter Return

Nice work if you can do it. Fusciardi comes back after a break and wins his second NPP tourney in the second week of the second quarter to take over 1st place! Not bad.

Fourbetbluff takes over the Total Points seat race with his 2nd finish tonight.

We also welcomed two new players to NPP tonight: JDChridati and Tarolliz. Welcome both of you.

On to the action:

11 min: An already short-stacked (SS) K9isadog (27th) moves in with (A3) and is called by Gdub28 with (QT) and a [Q] falls on the turn.

15 min: Meatsword (26th) I missed a lot of action as I was getting very good hands that either got beat or didn’t win. Either way, I was in action, so it was hard to watch the action. (twss)

29 min: I did see LittleRedElf’s (25th)(QQ) run into Derf-63’s (AA).
35 min: And Theedouble*d’s (24th) (KK) run into Gdub28’s (AA).
38 min: Pistolboy70 (23rd).
39 min: Oddstowin777 (22nd)
40 min: Absea98 (21st)
41 min: Kensik (20th)
42 min: A SS Wingsfancurt (19th) is taken out by Mikeniks-Faldo’s (77). They were exiting so fast, I just could not stay on it. (twss)

48 min: A SS T3chlady (18th) goes with (KJ) and runs into Derf-63’s (Ah 2h).
55 min: Tarolliz (17th) goes with (99), but Mistermusic5 calls with (KJ), and hits a [J].

1st break:
Mistermusic5 6525
Fusciardi 5415
Derf-63 4235
Tomservo2 3400
Gdub28 2975
JDChridati 2585
Fourbetbluff 2570
Biglou93 2180
Akensi 2065
Funtoon 2040
Douge2 1870
Tigercub8189 1310
Mikeniks-Faldo 1220
ThePunk75 965
Pre01 755
Suetman1 390

62 min: Pre01 (16th).
63 min: Suetman1 (15th)
64 min: ThePunk75 (14th) has to go with (77), but lost the coin flip to Fourbetbluff’s (AK), with a [K] on the flop.

66 min: Akensi (13th). Another string of fast exits, so I missed alot.

77 min: A SS Tigercub8189 (12th) goes with (A8). Fusciardi has (TT).
80 min: Biglou93 (11th)
85 min: Mikeniks-Faldo (10th) returns to his home spot in every tournament - and bubbles.

89 min: Funtoon (9th) loses his coin flip (66) to Mistermusic5’s (As 8s) and spade flush.
93 min: This doesn’t save Mistermusic5 (8th) as his repeat try with (Ad 9d) cannot run down Fourbetbluff’s (KK).

97 min: A SS JDChridati (7th) goes with (AT) but cannot catch Fourbetbluff’s (55).

101 min: Tomservo2 (6th) watches Derf-63 hit a flush.
102 min: Douge2 (5th) goes with (77) and runs into Fourbetbluff’s (99).
103 min: Gdub28 (4th) goes with (AK), but Fusciardi’s (QQ) hold up.
105 min: Derf-63 (3rd) has to try with (AK), pairs his [K], but Fusciardi (55) hits a [5] on the river!

105 min: Heads up: Fusciardi 27500 - 13000 Fourbetbluff
110 min: Heads up: Fusciardi 18500 - 22000 4Bett
115 min: Heads up: Fusciardi 29800 - 10700 4Bett

119 min: Fourbetbluff (2nd) goes with (JJ), but Fusciardi’s (Kc Qc) flops a [Q] on the river.

Congratulations to Fusciardi on his 2nd NPP win.

1st – Fusciardi – 24 points
2nd – Fourbetbluff – 19 points
3rd – Derf-63 – 15 pts
4th – Gdub28 – 12 pts
5th – Douge2 – 9 pts
6th – Tomservo2 – 7 pts
7th – JDChridati – 5 pts
8th – Mistermusic5 – 4 pts
9th – Funtoon – 3 pts

Every one else earned one (1) point. Standings and Totals on the right side of the blog!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Douge's Humor Corner - XXXV

A Helping Hand

An 85-year-old man was requested by his Doctor for a sperm count as part of his physical exam.

The doctor gave the man a jar and said, 'Take this jar home and bring back a semen sample tomorrow.”

The next day the 85-year-old man reappeared at the doctor's office and gave him the jar, which was as clean and empty as on the previous day.

The doctor asked what happened and the man explained, 'Well, doc, it's like this--first I tried with my right hand, but nothing. Then I tried with my left hand, but still nothing.

"Then I asked my wife for help. She tried with her right hand, then with her left, still nothing. She tried with her mouth, first with the teeth in, then with her teeth out, still nothing.

She even called up Arleen, the lady next door and she tried too, first with both hands, then an armpit, and she even tried squeezin' it between her knees, but still nothing.”

The doctor was shocked! “You asked your neighbor?”

The old man replied, “Yep, and none of us could get the jar open.”

Just Following Regulations

A guy orders a beer. The bartender fills the mug and slides it down the bar. It hits the blond woman's boobs and splashes all over them. The bartender goes over, retrieves the mug and licks the beer off her boobs.

Each time the guy calls for another beer this happens. So after his third beer, he decides to help the bartender out. The next time the bartender hit her boobs, the man jumps up and starts to lick her breasts and she decks him!

He is laying on the floor moaning, 'Jeez lady... Why do you let the bartender do it?'

"Duh," says the blond, "He has a licker license."

Finding Your True Calling

An old Pilot sat down at the Starbucks and ordered a cup of coffee. As he sat sipping his coffee, a young woman sat down next to him. She turned to the pilot and asked, “Are you a real pilot?”

He replied, “Well, I've spent my whole life flying biplanes, Cubs, Aeronca's, Neiuports, flew in WWII in a B-29, and later in the Korean conflict, taught 50 people to fly and gave rides to hundreds, so I guess I am a pilot.”

She said, “Well, I'm a lesbian. I spend my whole day thinking about naked women. As soon as I get up in the morning, I think about naked women. When I shower, I think about naked women. When I watch TV, I think about naked women. It seems everything makes me think of naked women.”

The two sat sipping in silence.

A little while later, a young man sat down on the other side of the old pilot and asked, 'Are you a real pilot?'

He replied, “I always thought I was, but I just found out I'm a lesbian.”

Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Community Card Review - V

This is the absolute last card in the deck for our nation's freedom. It will be attacked after the government take over of the energy industry and amnesty is granted to all illegal aliens. Don't ever doubt Faldo.

Even Faldo cannot add anything to this video.

Update. Y'all remember seeing this over and over again
in the mainstream press? Didn't think so.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Douge2 Enjoying a Fall Hunt

Oh deer!

Orion was setting as I was walking across a hay field into my deer blind this morning. I was admiring my favorite constellation when a shooting star came streaking vertically about 5 degrees north from the stars. This has been a good omen in past years as I have harvested deer on days that I have seen shooting stars.

Day 3 of the deer gun season 2009. The wind today was honking 15-25 out of the north east. It was very cool, cold that is. I sat until 9:30 and saw nothing, zero, zip, nada. Just birds, lots of them. Bluebirds, crows, starlings, geese and a very pretty red tail hawk.

Decoy at daybreak. I got to my pop up blind and set my decoy , facing into the wind out in the hay field about 45 yards away.

All of a sudden, the decoy was dropped like a stone. Not shot. I said it was windy.

I went home got my walking boots and walked /snuck around the farm.

I did not see anything so I went back to my morning spot around 2:30 and staked down the decoy so it would not tip over. I started to see deer at 3 p.m. two fields away, I saw between 15 and 20 along with 5 turkeys.

I was patient, at 5:20, three deer started my way, they came across the open field and finally crossed the property line that I have permission to hunt and saw the decoy, they watched it and they didn’t quit know what to think or make of it.

They hesitated for a little bit and finally came close enough for a good shot, but something spooked them and they bolted for 40 quick yards but they came back just as shooting hours were ending.

I ended up tagging a doe with a quick clean humane shot just as shooting hours were ending at 5:40 p.m. I gathered my decoy and gear and went back to the truck and my Friend Jack was nice enough to help me tag and load it in the truck.

It was 50 degrees this evening on the way home so I skinned and quartered the meat and it is cooling in my coolers as I write this. I will be sleeping well tonight.

As ever,

Great story Doug! Man and nature. Nice! Faldo just tracks, drinks and enjoys the stories.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Advice From a Career Gambler

No, it is not from Faldo. It is from none other than Billy Baxter. Rumor has it Billy only plays poker for a living on the 6 month or so the football season is not in session. During those six months he beats the bookies in Las Vegas so much so, that the line moves if Billy bets early.

On avoiding pitfalls: Don’t have any leaks. Don’t have vices that mess up your concentration on betting (drinking, drugs, etc). Take care of yourself physically and mentally. And have other hobbies as distractions for re-charging.

On Money Management: The worst thing you can do is eat like a bird and shit like an elephant. In other words, when you are winning – press it up! Don’t quit after a small win. If the game is good or your selections are winning, press it some. And PLEASE do the opposite when Lady Luck is sleeping with your opponents or bookies. Back down in stakes or go do that distraction for a while.

On Poker: If you are the 9th best card player and you are sitting at the table with number one thru number 8, you are the pigeon. Play in games where you have an edge. It is ok to dip your toe in the water, but only a fool jumps all the way injust to see how deep it is.

On Sports Betting: Never bury the “lock”. Locks can be broken. Bet more if you feel very strongly, but never more than a double bet. Plod along, working your favorable selection edge and don’t risk your bankroll on one game. It is just another game and there will be more to select from tomorrow.

Hat tip to Card Player Magazine for some of the content of this article.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

K9isadog Continues His Domination as the 2nd Qtr Starts

Every year lately, it seems we have dominators in the league. LittleRedElf last year. Doneill and 7Jokers in 2008. Boother36 and Rownder in 2007. And every year the annihilation seems to be worse.

K9isadog is running us over so far. Finishing off exactly where he left off from the 1st quarter, he steamrolled a 28 person field to win the first tourney of the 2nd quarter! Nice job K9.

It was nice to see such a good turnout for the start of the 2nd Quarter. K9 already has his seat, so there are only us mere mortals we have to out-point this quarter.

On to the action:

13 min: Pingsticks (28th)
16 min: Gdub28 (27th)
25 min: Derf-63 (26th) sees his (77) lose a coin flip to Suetman1’s (Kd Jd) with a [K] on the flop.

27 min: A short-stacked (SS) Midway2933 (25th) has to go with (Ad Td), but a SS Mikeniks-Faldo wins this coin flip with (77).

29 min: TresStooges (24th).
33 min: Tigercub8189 (23rd).
50 min: Douge2 (22nd) sees his trips lose to Theedouble*d’s flush on the river. Now a mass exit starts.

51 min: Akensi (21st)
53 min: A SS Mikeniks-Faldo (20th) tries with (Ac 7c), but Theedouble*d is holding (A3). Faldo owes his exit to being 0 for 4 against DD tonight. Ouch!

55 min: A SS Wingsfancurt (19th) has to go with (J8) and loses to SS Fourbetbluff’s (Q6).
56 min: Mistermusic5 (18th) gets nosed out (A6) against Biglou93’s (A7).

1st break:
LittleRedElf 4035
Theedouble*d 4033 (all Faldo’s chips)
Biglou93 3793
Funtoon 3685
K9isadog 3420
Meatsword 3070
Suetman1 2425
Absea98 2315
Pistolboy70 2244
Fourbetbluff 2010
Vanettej 2000
ThePunk75 1920
Pre01 1678
T3chlady 1560
Tomservo2 1500
BigDaddyTman 1210
Kensik 1102

65 min: A SS Fourbetbluff (17th) goes with (QT) and runs into Pistolboy70’s (AK).

68 min: A SS BigDaddyTman (16th) goes with (22), but K9isadog calls with (T9), and hits a [9] on the flop. Here he comes boys and girls.

75 min: A SS Meatsword (15th) tries it with (Jh 2h), but Pistolboy70 has (QJ).
77 min: ThePunk75 (14th). Watching and recording last hand and missed this one.
78 min: Vanettej (13th) has to go with (QQ), but runs into K9isadog’s (AA).
79 min: A SS Tomservo2 (12th) thinks he will get life with (JJ), but Biglou93 correctly calls with (8h 4h) and hits the two pair. Ouch!

81 min: A SS Suetman1 (11th) goes with (Ks 8s). K9isadog has (QQ).
94 min: Pre01 bubbles (10th) with (JJ) as Kensik holds (Kc Qc) and flops a [K].
95 min: Theedouble*d (9th). Missed this because of previous hand.
106 min: Funtoon (8th) goes with (JJ) but LittleRedElf hits a higher pair holding (AT).
110 min: A SS T3chlady (7th) goes with (44). K9isadog is holding (KK). Good cards at the right time!

112 min: A SS Pistolboy70 (6th) watches K9isadog hit trip Kings.
117 min: Kensik (5th) goes with (Ah 3h) and runs into K9isadog’s (JJ).
118 min: A SS Absea98 (4th) goes with (A8), but K9isadog’s (TT) hold up.

That would be an (AA), (QQ), (KK), trip Kings, (JJ) and (TT) – with action, and holding up – in the last 20 minutes of play! Now that is what you call HOT! (twss)

2nd Break:
K9isadog 29221
Biglou98 9565
LittleRedElf 3214

123 min: A SS LittleRedElf (3rd) has to try with (A9), but cannot catch K9isadog’s (TT).

Heads up: K9isadog 37000 - 6000 Biglou93
130 min: Heads up: K9 40000 - 2000 Biglou

131 min: Biglou93 (2nd) has to go with (A4), but K9’s (84) flops [84], and it is over.

Congratulations to K9isadog on his continued success and congrats to Biglou93 for trying to slay the monster.

1st – K9isadog – 24 points
2nd – Biglou93 – 19 points
3rd – LittleRedElf – 15 pts
4th – Absea98 – 12 pts
5th – Kensik – 9 pts
6th – Pistolboy70 – 7 pts
7th – T3chlady – 5 pts
8th – Funtoon – 4 pts
9th – Theedouble*d – 3 pts

Every one else earned one (1) point. Standings and Totals on the right side of the blog!

Monday, March 22, 2010

The Death of the Last Free Nation

We now have socialized medicine. Which mean we are officially a Socialist nation. People get the government they deserve. Enjoy your chains.

Even those of you who did not vote Democrat still are to blame. You broke bread with them. You let them attend your block parties. You let them educate your children into wards of the state. You let Democrats stay in our churches even though they vote for killing babies. You tolerated their destruction of our press, media and Constitution. This includes Faldo of course.

The rest of the socialist world "pretending" to be free; Europe, Japan, Canada, Australia, etc., were only 'slowly' bankrupting their countries because they did not have to pay for their own defense. The United States did it.

Now we will not be able to protect ourselves, let alone the rest of the world. Heck, after the quadrupling of our debt in less than a year, we couldn't afford it even before socialized medicine.

Our government spends three time the money it has on butter (welfare for the people) than it does on guns (our defense). Defense spending is almost the only Constitutional spending the government does. The United States will now spend seven times the money on butter. Our foreign enemies will notice - trust me.

So in addition to squashing our freedom, our rights and bankrupting the nation, the Democrats have paved the way for our military's collapse too.

You or your fellow citizens voted for change. Well, you got it. The United States is now a France and is steamrolling into a Mexico. Next stop - a Cuba. The collapse of our financial system is next. None of the policies of the Democrats in power is sustainable. And we were broke before this.

Start watching videos of Somalians fighting for position when the UNICEF truck finally makes it past the crooked government officials and the warlords, and they fight over the food thrown off the back of the truck. After all, practice makes perfect.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Community Card Review – IV

An old farmer's advice applied to poker. But use it everyday for everything.

*Your fences need to be horse-high, pig-tight and bull-strong. * (Be rested and prepared)

* Keep skunks and bankers at a distance.* (Keep bad cards and draws away from your chips)

* Life is simpler when you plow around the stump..* (Don’t mess with big stacks unless armed with a chain saw)

* A bumble bee is considerably faster than a John Deere tractor.* (Slow play usually hurts you)

* Words that soak into your ears are whispered...not yelled.* (The in control player is dangerous)

* Meanness don't jes' happen overnight.* (Forgive the obnoxious, just take their money)

* Forgive your enemies. It messes up their heads.* (ditto)

* Do not corner something that you know is meaner than you.* (Don’t try to out-play good players. Let them ‘fancy play’ themselves into trouble)

* It don't take a very big person to carry a grudge.* (Drop the bad beat hurt against the cards, the poker site or the player)

* You cannot unsay a cruel word.* (You cannot un-ring a bell. Card hands are forgotten. Actions and reactions to them are long remembered)

* Every path has a few puddles.* (There is a lot of variance in poker. Learn to accept it)

* When you wallow with pigs, expect to get dirty.* (Playing badly to beat a bad player is not a good idea)

* The best sermons are lived, not preached. (Be the example of what to do, not the opposite)

* Most of the stuff people worry about stuff that ain't never gonna happen anyway.* (Bet your hands when you have the best of it. Don’t see demons that are not there. Tough to do when the deck is against you, but you will not recover running scared)

* Don't judge folks by their relatives.* (Don’t judge folks by their play. Not everyone can be Phil Ivey – or Faldo)

* Remember that silence is sometimes the best answer.* (ditto)

* Live a good, honorable life. Then when you get older and think back, you'll enjoy it a second time.* (Play honorable poker at all times)

* Don't interfere with somethin' that ain't bothering you none.* (Never tap the glass)

* Timing has a lot to do with the outcome of a Rain dance.* (You can try to time bluffs, but even in the best of situations – it is still gambling. So you should never say, “How could you call that?????”)

* If you find yourself in a hole, the first thing to do is stop diggin'.* (Bad streak? Go do something else for a while)

* Sometimes you get, and sometimes you get got.* (Amen)

* The biggest troublemaker you'll probably ever have to deal with, watches you from the mirror every mornin'.* (Double Amen – we have seen the enemy and it is us)

* Always drink upstream from the herd.* (Do the opposite of what everyone else is doing)

* Good judgment comes from experience, and a lotta that comes from bad judgment.* (You cannot learn except from your mistakes and paying attention to how the other player maybe made you make it)

* Lettin' the cat outta the bag is a whole lot easier than puttin' it back in.* (Don’t give poker lessons at the table. The person you tell will not listen, but the other eight heard it loud and clear)

* If you get to thinkin' you're a person of some influence, try orderin' somebody else's dog around.* (You are a player at the table. Not the sheriff of the world)

* Live simply. Love generously. Care deeply and leave the rest to God. (Triple Amen)

Friday, March 19, 2010

Ten Things to Do to Win at On-line Poker Now

Barry Tanenbaum made a list and Faldo added and subtracted from it. So this list is from two guys who consistently win on-line.

1. Pay more attention. – Having the television on or reading the latest edition of HUSTLER magazine during an internet session will tend to distract you from the game at hand.

2. Select the best games. – Barry means weak games. But that means you have to be able to determine if you are in a weak game or not. The old adage is true: If you can’t spot the pigeon in two laps around the table – start cooing.

3. Change betting patterns. – Mix up your bets and study your opponent’s patterns. They may not be as clever as you are now.

4. Think about every decision. – Good advice in life too. Just don’t play on auto-pilot. You are missing half the fun if you are.

5. Plan in advance. – Think about what will happen if you make a certain decision and think about what you will ‘probably’ do if your opponent does something.

6. Count the pot. – A very much under-used decision maker by a lot of players. Knowing what you can win versus what it is costing you to stay is a key to winning.

7. Compute the odds. – There is ZERO excuse for not knowing what the odds are of you hitting your hand is when playing on-line. There are cheat sheets galore available for free and since you are not in public (usually) playing on-line, this sheet should be right there for you to reference. The odds will become second nature to you after a while and then you won’t need it.

8. Think about what your opponent thinks YOU have in addition to what you think he has.

9. Be sufficiently bankrolled. – You cannot play in a .50 - $1 ring game with only $20 in your account. You need $500 in your account to even think about it. You cannot play correctly with scared money. The variance in poker is too great. Let’s say you can win 80 times out of 100 against this table of players. There is no law that says you cannot lose the first 20 sessions before winning the next 80. If you don’t have the funds for a certain level of play, stay away.

10. Try a new technique every time you play for at least 2 laps or so. And it doesn’t have to be back to back laps either. Let’s say you decide you will raise the minimum every single hand this lap. Forget about the money. Watch the reaction of the table to your strategy. What you learn will be worth the money. The point of this statement is not to get you to raise every hand for a lap. It is to get you to try SOMETHING NEW every time you play. Add arrows to your quiver of weapons.

PS: Faldo’s contribution was bigger than Barry’s.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The State of Niks Poker Palace Address

The NPP Tournament Committee (NPPTC), much like Congress (but without the salary and super healthcare, pension for life and exemption from the laws and the Constitution), has ordered Faldo to give a State of NPP address.

Are they just information hungry or are they planning a coup? All those discussions they have with Tiffany in the secret NPP stripclu…uh, headquarters, just meant to me that they were asking for her phone or asking how many girls did she have in her posse? I said posse and I meant posse.

Tiffany threatened to take my reserved parking space if I did not follow thru. She always listens to them and not me. Do you think that tipping thing is why Tiffany pays them so much attention and ignores Faldo? Naw, can’t be. I’m Faldo.

Anyway, the NPP league has never been better! Our average tourney participation is up from last year at this time by five players (20 to 25). This is in spite of the non-participation of many of the great players from the annals of NPP lore. I said annals and I meant annals.

It means “from the records” for those of you from the public school system. What a league we would have if some of the great players from the past would re-join and challenge the incredibly talented players still in the league!

The number of participants per quarter is up to 54 and getting close to the max of 64. The NPPTC holds it to that amount – if everyone entered some evening (twss) – so the evening tourney would never take more than four hours.

The email list of players is supposed to be held to 72, but Faldo has expanded it to 100. But it can and may start fluctuating between 64 and 100. NPP does not want to email players who are not reading the blog or no longer interested in the league.

On the downside, Faldo is busier than a one-armed paper hanger with poison ivy. It is harder to post everyday and there may occasionally be gaps. Please forgive me. I would much rather be drinking a beer and writing this blog sitting on my deck than traveling around. I said deck and I meant deck.

Readership of the blog moved from an average of 30 hits a day to close to 50, and occasionally we get 100. The NPPTC would like to see the average hits per day be double what the league total is. Which leads me to the other downside.

The “Comments” and “emails” except for a few of you have dried up. NPP would like your active participation in making the blog better.

The NPPTC has noticed that adding pictures to the blog increases traffic as it must make up for my rancid writing. I said rancid and I meant rancid.

For those of you from the public school system, have someone look that one up for you in a dictionary. A dictionary is a …..nevermind!

PS: The NPP second quarter will be 13 weeks of play and starts next week! Tell anyone you know who has considered joining to be here next week. I will try to get emails out too.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Yecats423 Wins in Her 1st Attempt at NPP and K9isadog Wins 1st Qtr Seat!

What a night against 26 opponents! Sixth woman to win an NPP tourney and the first one to win one in her first tourney! Only nine players total have done that by the way. Well done Yecats423 (Stacey spelled backwards).

K9isadog rolls to the 1st quarter seat in the NPP finals one round early. What a performance against a tough NPP line up. K9 made 7 final tables in 11 rounds with 2 1sts and 3 2nds!!! Fantastic playing!

We were proud to welcome three new players tonight; Pistolboy70, XxxKdogxxx and of course Yecats423.

On to the action:

10 min: Kensik (27th) is making it a habit of getting cut to ribbons early. His luck has to change eventually. Being short-stacked (SS) he has to get aggressive with (K6) and a flop of [AQ6]. But Merhibka is holding (Ac Qc).

17 min: Wingsfancurt (26th) hits a pair of Aces with (A6), but Tigercub8189 is holding (AA)!

18 min: Midway2933 (25th). Can’t see them all as I am busy misplaying my cards.
22 min: ThePunk75 (24th).
30 min: Pingsticks (23rd).
32 min: BigDaddyTman (22nd) goes with (33) but Akensi is holding (88).
35 min: Meatsword (21st).
36 min: Merhibka (20th) goes with (KJ) but Funtoon is holding (AK).
42 min: Fourbetbluff (19th) goes with (88) but Theedouble*d calls with (Ac 7c) and does hit his flush.

43 min: Tomservo2 (18th) goes with (A8) but is out-pipped by Vanettij with (A9).
50 min: A SS Suetman1 (17th) goes with (A5) but Pre01 has (AK).

53 min: Mikeniks-Faldo (16th) goes with (AK). Gdub28 calls with (AQ). Faldo hits a [K] and an [A] on the board, but that is not a good thing as Gdub makes a straight.

1st break:
Theedouble*d 5735
Funtoon 4795
Derf-63 4090
Pistolboy70 3890
Yecats423 3600
Akensi 3190
Tigercub8189 2865
Gdub28 2665
Pre01 2140
LittleRedElf 1870
Absea98 1785
T3chlady 1425
Vanettej 1235
K9isadog 775
xxxKdogxxx 440

67 min: LittleRedElf (15th) tries it with (AK) but T3chlady is holding (JJ) and wins the coin flip.

70 min: Funtoon (14th)
72 min: xxxKdogxxx (13th) is double-teamed by Theedouble*d and Akensi, who won it with (AA).

74 min: A SS Derf-63 (12th) goes with (Qh 7h) and K9isadog wins it with (AK).

80 min: Absea98 (11th) – missed, wife’s dryer not working.
84 min: T3chlady bubbles (10th) – still fooling with the dryer.
86 min: Tigercub8189 (9th) goes with (77), but Yecats423 correctly calls with (KQ) and hits her [K] on the flop.

Thirty-three long minutes before the next exit! Now that is card playing!

119 min: A SS Theedouble*d (8th) sees a flop of [35Q] and goes with (KT), semi-bluffing with over-cards and a backdoor (twss) straight draw. But Gdub28 has to call with (35) from the blinds.

2nd Break:
Pistolboy70 16114
Yecats423 7060
Gdub28 4942
Vanettej 4760
Pre01 3335
K9isadog 2719
Akensi 1570

122 min: Akensi (7th) has (77), but Pistolboy70 has (KK).
128 min: Gdub28 (6th) is double teamed by Pistolboy70 and Pre01, who wins it with (TT).

131 min: Vanettej (5th) goes with (AQ) and runs into Pre01’s (QQ).
138 min: A SS Pre01 (4th) hits QQ on the same flop Yecats423 hits KK.
146 min: A SS Pistolboy70 (3rd) has to try with (76), but cannot catch K9isadog’s (A8).

Heads up: K9isadog 19600 - 20900 Yecats423
150 min: K9isadog 11000 - 29500 Yecats423

154 min: A SS K9isadog (2nd) has to go with (8s 5s) and two spades on the flop, but can’t catch Yecats423’s.

Congratulations to Yecats423 on her historic win, and congratulations toK9isadog on winning the first seat in the NPP finals!

1st – Yecats423 – 24 points
2nd – K9isadog – 19 points
3rd – Pistolboy70 – 15 pts
4th – Pre01 – 12 pts
5th – Vanettej – 9 pts
6th – Gdub28 – 7 pts
7th – Akensi – 5 pts
8th – Theedouble*d – 4 pts
9th – Tigercub8189 – 3 pts

Every one else earned one (1) point. Standings on the right side of the blog! New season starts next week!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Random Questions Answered by Faldo – Part VI

Who is your favorite comedian of all time?

Rodney Dangerfield. His self-depreciating humor is right up my alley.

“I told my son about the birds and the bees. He told me about my wife and the butcher.”

Sam Kinison is second. Sam could have been number one, but he was a little too loud and a little too vulgar to be #1. But his comedy was cutting edge because it made fun of the stupidity in the world and laughing about it eases the pain of it.

“Want to help starving people? Don’t send them food. Send them luggage so they can move TO WHERE THE FOOD IS!!! We have desserts in America. WE JUST DON’T LIVE A_HOLE!!!!”

Look up Foster Brooks for the best comic drunk you ever saw!

What is your favorite sports team?

The Detroit Red Wings. The Tigers second and the Lions third. Non-Detroit teams: Toronto Maple Leafs, Chicago Bears, and the Kansas City Royals.

Who is your poker idol?

Daniel Negreanu, even though are styles are polar opposites. But if I had his card reading ability, then I could play like him. Eric Seidel is second and Dan Harrington third. They actually should be one and two because their style is the one I copied.

What is more fun for you – reality TV or poker?

Yeah, right. How much reality is there when your have a three cameras and about nine people in a room with you during the time you are ‘just relaxing’?

Have you ever tried yoga?

No, but I try to watch women doing yoga.

What is the one thing that drives you crazy?

I have no patience for television and radio commercials any more. I find myself watching less and less television and turning on a CD during commercials on the radio.

Did you know there is only 11 minutes of actual football played in the 3 hours the game is on?

Who do people say you look like?

Comic John Lovitz – before I lost more hair.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Douge2’s Humor Corner – XXXIV

Are you a Democrat, a Republican, or a Bigbrimar?

Here is a little test that will help you decide.
The answer can be found by posing the following question:

You're walking down a deserted street with your wife and two small children.

Suddenly, an Islamic Terrorist with a huge knife comes around the corner, locks eyes with you, screams obscenities, praises Allah, raises the knife, and charges at you..

You are carrying a Kimber 1911 cal. 45 ACP, and you are an expert shot. You have mere seconds before he reaches you and your family. What do you do?


Democrat's Answer :

Well, that's not enough information to answer the question!
Does the man look poor or oppressed?
Have I ever done anything to him that would inspire him to attack?
Could we run away?
What does my wife think?
What do the kids think?
Could I possibly swing the gun like a club and knock the knife out of his hand?
What does the law say about this situation?
Does the pistol have appropriate safety built into it?
Why am I carrying a loaded gun anyway, and what kind of message does this send to society and to my children?
Is it possible he'd be happy with just killing me and not my family?
Does he definitely want to kill me, or would he be content just to wound me?
If I were to grab his knees and hold on, could my family get away while he was stabbing me?
Should I call 9-1-1 until I bleed out?
Why is this street so deserted?
We need to raise taxes, have paint and weed day and make this happier, healthier street that would discourage such behavior.
This is all so confusing!
I need to debate this with some friends for few days and try to come to a consensus.

Republican's Answer:


Redneck's Answer:

Click..... (Sounds of reloading)

Daughter: “Nice grouping, Daddy! Were those the Winchester Silver Tips or Hollow Points?!”
Son: “Can I shoot the next one?!”
Bigbrimar's wife: “You ain't taking that to the Taxidermist!”

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Faldo Finishes 2nd in PokerStars Tourney

A 90 player SNG, but a nice tourney just the same. My (TT) lost to (AJ) with an [A] on the river.

I just want to repeat that volume is the key. If I don’t play in quite a few tourneys at once, I don’t make money. I also had a 4th, 7th and 25th thrown in there. Three final tables!

I was in eight tournaments at the same time divided between three different sights at a good range of entry amounts. I made it to the 1st break in all eight. But by the time the second break rolled around, I was alive in only five.

By this time the bigger entry tourneys I entered were the ones I was out of – except for one. But that was #4 to snuff me out. But I cashed in all of the other four ‘little entry’ to still make the tourney day profitable!

I also wanted to give you a snapshot of how my SNG system is working. It can get a little scary but it is still getting it done. Well, helping Faldo to get it done. For those of you who study gambling, it is nothing more than a revised Martingale system. But I think this is a great way to grind along for entertainment poker.

1. Entry 1 unit – OUT = -1
2. Entry 1 unit – OUT = -2
3. Entry 1 unit – 3rd +2 units = -1
4. Entry 1 unit – OUT = -2
5. Entry 1 unit – OUT = -3
6. Entry 1 unit – OUT = -4
7. Entry 2 units – OUT = -6
8. Entry 2 units – 3rd +4 units = -4
9. Entry 2 units – OUT = -6
10. Entry 2 units – OUT = -8
11. Entry 5 units – OUT = -13
12. Entry 5 units – OUT = -18
13. Entry 5 units – OUT = -23
14. Entry 5 units – OUT = -28
15. Entry 11 units – 2nd +27 = -12
16. Entry 5 units – 3rd +7 = -10
17. Entry 5 units – OUT = -15
18. Entry 5 units – OUT = -20
19. Entry 5 units – 2nd +11 = -14
20. Entry 5 units – OUT = -19
21. Entry 5 units – OUT = -24
22. Entry 11 units – OUT = -35
23. Entry 11 units – OUT = -46
24. Entry 11 units – 3rd +18 = -37
25. Entry 11 units – 2nd +27 = -20
26. Entry 5 units – OUT = -25
27. Entry 11 units – 2nd +27 = -9
28. Entry 5 units – 1st +18 = +4

Now I head back to 1 unit!

It’s a grind I know. Twenty eight SNG’s played - risking 140 units - to win 4 units. But I don’t think this rate of profit is too different than ring play. And this was an unusually long bad streak – which is why I wrote it up.

I am not trying to get rich fast or dream of a seat in the WSOP on ESPN. Just trying to give you the formula I have learned thru my own bad beats.

Here in this stretch I will admit I played badly early thru round 7. Then the cards killed me with a lot of ‘bad beat 4ths’ rounds 9 thru 14. Then my cash ratio returned to normal as I was obviously more focused at the higher limits, and the cards didn’t poop on me luckily.

It’s funny how my results at the 11 unit level (three 2nd’s and a 3rd in 6 rounds) was great and my results at the 5 unit level was awful (one 1st one 2nd one 3rd in 12 rounds). Could it be a result of my own concentration level or just pure card luck?

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Tips for Multiple Table Tourneys (MTT’s)

Some tips to help you in the big tourneys:

 You can’t win a big tournament before the first break. You can’t win it before the second break. Patience is needed early.
 Check your ego. Don’t get in battles you don’t need to be in.
 Be aware of your attitude as well as your opponents.
 When you are on a run, run! You have to play your rushes in tournaments. Part of the reason you are on a rush is your opponents play worse trying to end your streak. Let them try.
 Preparation for these tourneys is necessary. Rest, food, drinks, close bathroom and time are all necessities.
 Think about your play before you make it. Sometimes spur of the moment decisions and flyers work. But planning what you are going to do and how you will respond to action you may see, is an important part of the winning formula.
 Continually try to improve. See what the current hot strategies are and copy them sometimes and find the counter-moves. Notice I did not stop at just being a copy cat. I take this from my chess background. The best way to get good at your favorite opening was to learn all the counters to it.

I want to apologize for not writing more. Work has been crazy and there has just been no time. Not even for poker! But I will get some done this weekend for my loyal readers. –Faldo

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

K9isadog Increases League Lead in Spite of Faldo's Win

Lots of bad beats, semi-bad beats and losing on flop-winning on turn and lose on river hands last night. I won it really by just avoiding the roller coaster ride everyone else seemed to be on – due to the dealer.

The severe rush of cards Faldo got once heads up with K9isadog didn’t hurt either. But K9 still made yet another final table deep run and opened up his lead on his closest pursuer – Suetman1. Only four players remain that can catch K9isadog for coveted 1st Quarter seat in the NPP Final in December – Fourbetbluff, Meatsword, Mikeniks-Faldo and of course Suetman1.

It was a rotten night for Faldo, in spite of the victory. I headed up to BWW for wings, beer, cigars, the Red Wings game and a night of poker on line with my buds. Rough duty, but I muddled thru it.

On to the action:

12 min: The torture of players started early as Funtoon (AK) and Kensik (QQ) get it all-in. The flop [AT5] gives Funtoon the early lead in this coin flip situation. But the turn is a [Q] to move Kensik back in front. The river is a [J] and Funtoon’s runner-runner straight leaves Kensik crippled.

15 min: T3chlady (26th) sees her bad luck continue. She flops a K-high straight at the exact same hand Mikeniks-Faldo flops the A-high one.

18 min: A short-stacked (SS) Kensik (25th) has to go with (AQ), but Meatsword has (KK).

28 min: Absea98 (24th). This starts a flurry of exits.
29 min: RKidder51400 (23rd).
35 min: Fourbetbluff (22nd).
36 min: A SS Pre01 (21st) goes with (AQ). Wingsfancurt calls with (AT) and hits a [T] on the flop that holds up.

37 min: Rennzzo (20th) hits a pair with (KJ) and a flop of [JA5], but Mikeniks-Faldo is holding (A3).

38 min: Odds2win777 (19th)
49 min: Gdub28 (18th)
51 min: Derf-63 (17th) calls and then goes with (A6) and a flop of [8A8]. But Douge2 has (84) in the big blind.

53 min: Meatsword (16th) goes with (AJ), but Wingsfancurt is holding (KK).
56 min: Theedouble*d (15th) tries it with (KJ) and a flop with a [K] but LittleRedElf is holding (AA).

59 min: ThePunk75 (14th)

1st break:
Wingsfancurt 7467
Funtoon 4717
Mikeniks-Faldo 4025
Douge2 3288
LittleRedElf 3270
Douche_Splat 3100
Vanettej 2985
K9isadog 2876
Akensi 2420
Tigercub8189 1950
Suetman1 1377
Budda627 990
Tomservo2 535

62 min: Action right away as Suetman1(13th) has to go with (AK), but runs into Douge2 with (KK).

63 min: Budda627 (12th) is double-teamed by Wingfancurt and Akensi, with Akensi taking the pot.

77 min: Douche_Splat (11th) goes with (99). Vanettej calls with (A5) and catches an [A] on the turn.

78 min: Tigercub8189 bubbles (10th). Then the final table slows the action down.
95 min: Wingsfancurt (9th) has top pair and a straight draw, but K9isadog already had the straight.

100 min: Akensi (8th) goes with (TT) but Vanettej hits a higher pair holding (AK).
103 min: After LittleRedElf (7th) hits his [9] on the flop with as his (A9), Tomservo2 – in the midst of a huge comeback – hits a [J] on the river with his (AJ).

2nd Break:
Vanettej 11805
Mikeniks-Faldo 7725
Douge2 7680
K9isadog 6483
Funtoon 3742
Tomservo2 1565

121 min: A SS Tomservo2 (6th) goes with (94) and a [9] on the flop, but Vanettej has (TT).

131 min: Vanettej (5th) gets two pair and loses to K9isadog’s trips.
142 min: Funtoon (4th) is ousted by K9isadog’s two pair. There goes ‘the Dog’!
147 min: A SS Douge2 (3rd) has to try with (J6), but cannot catch K9isadog’s (K4).

Heads up: K9isadog 31000 - 8000 Mikeniks-Faldo
155 min: Heads up: K9 27000 - 12000 Faldo
160 min: Heads up: K9 25000 - 24000 Faldo
165 min: Heads up: K9 23000 - 26000 Faldo
170 min: Heads up: K9 6200 - 32800 Faldo

173 min: K9isadog (2nd) has to go with (QJ), but Mikeniks-Faldo’s (A3) holds up.

Congratulations to K9isadog on opening up his lead. But it ain’t over yet.

1st – Mikeniks-Faldo – 24 points
2nd – K9isadog – 19 points
3rd – Douge2 – 15 pts
4th – Funtoon – 12 pts
5th – Vanettej – 9 pts
6th – Tomservo2 – 7 pts
7th – LittleRedElf – 5 pts
8th – Akensi – 4 pts
9th – Wingsfancurt – 3 pts

Every one else earned one (1) point. Standings on the right side of the blog!

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Douge2’s Humor Corner – XXXIII

As Advertised

Two young boys walked into a pharmacy one day, picked out a box of tampons and preceded to the checkout counter.

The man at the counter asked the older boy, “Son, how old are you?”
“Eight,” the boy replied.

The man continued, “Do you know what these are used for?”

The boy replied, “Not exactly, but they aren't for me. They're for him. He's my brother. He's four. We saw on TV that if you use these you would be able to swim and ride a bike. Right now, he can't do either one.”

Wrong Diagnosis

My name is Alice, and I was sitting in the waiting room for my first appointment with a new dentist.

I noticed his DDS Diploma on the wall which bore his full name. Suddenly, I remembered a tall, handsome dark-haired boy with the same name had been in my high school class over thirty years ago. Could he be the same guy?

Upon seeing him, I quickly discarded that thought. This balding, gray haired man with a deeply lined face was way too old to be a classmate of mine.

But after he examined my teeth, I asked him if he attended Morgan Park High School.

“Yes, I did. I’m a Mustang,” he gleamed with pride.

“When did you graduate,” I asked?

He answered, “In 1973. Why do you ask?”

“You were in my class,” I exclaimed!

He looked at me closely for a few seconds and said, “What did you teach?”

Monday, March 08, 2010

The Community Card Review – III

Obama cabinet member, Democrat Anita Dunn quotes Mao to a bunch of graduating high school seniors. She said the deceased communist leader – who by the way executed political prisoners – was someone she “turns to most” for philosophical help.

Van Jones, an Obama appointed Energy Czar admitted to being a communist.

The Obama White House responded to criticism and reporting of their words with methods Mao would have been proud of. They banned all reporters and news agencies who told the American public about the incident.

I think that left only MSNBC, NBC, CNN, CBS, and ABC in the media room. Gee, I wonder which network was expelled and denied access because they actually reported information to the American people?

Appointing two – that we know of – communists to posts in our government? Hey, if it walks like a duck, talks like a duck and acts like a duck……

The American Chamber of Commerce is also on the Obama enemies’ list for dutifully reporting that Obama’s cap and tax plans on energy, tax increases and excessive spending will cripple an already ailing American economy.

That kind of truthful dispensing of information is not to be tolerated, according to Democrats and the White House. Obama himself has smeared the banking industry, the pharmaceutical companies, doctors, insurance companies, auto companies, vacation destination spots, the private jet industry – and of course FOX News and talk radio.

The president accuses these groups of being greedy, power hungry, lying and spreading mis-information. In short, all the things he and the Democrat Party does as part of their daily work.

The Democrats have dropped their mask and are proclaiming openly that they want to change the very foundation of what this nation was founded on and what has made it great. Their socialist-communist true agenda is now in the open for all to see.

History shows what a thin-skinned, totalitarian narcissist with no constrains - and cheerleaders in most of the media running propaganda - can do to free speech and resistance to his plans. They eliminate all dissenters – completely and totally.

Luckily, thanks to our founding fathers, we have elections regularly to protect us from power hungry communists who happen to fool the voters in one election. Voters can remove them in the next. That is provided that the next elections are fair, open and honest. Another Democrat hero, Joseph Stalin said, “Its not who votes what wins elections. It’s those who count the votes.”

Ever heard of government funded Democrat front group known as ACORN? They register and collect the ballots of thousands of dead people - who for some strange reason -all vote Democrat. I guess that does prove that the brain does die first.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

What Would You Do Here?

A player sent me this to ask if I would have played it differently. His actions are the actions taken in the article.

The blinds are 80 – 160, with a 20 ante. You have 2300 in chips, and are in middle position. A good player raises to 420 and two fold. You look down and find two black (JJ).

Do you fold, call, raise or raise all-in? A case can be made for all four options. Folding seems a little to conservative. All-in may get you another 660 chips or make you play for your tournament life. A raise might get you the 660 without risking it all, but leave you with few bullets if you do get called and you decide to let it go later.

Let’s say you call with the intent of either folding or moving in, depending on the action behind you. But there is not any and only two are left. The flop is [Qc 9c 6c], leaving us with second pair and a backdoor straight and flush draw. The original raiser checks. Remember, he is a good player.

You have 1780 chips and there is 1080 in the pot. Do you check along, make a feeler bet - or move all-in? Checking may allow you to see a turn – after which you will still have no idea where you are at. I think a feeler bet pot commits you anyway.

I would move all-in and take my chances I am not up against a flush or higher 4-card flush draw. But let’s say you check along, hoping to improve or semi-bluff on the turn. The turn is a red [A]. Now what?

Exactly the type of card I wanted to avoid with an all-in move on the flop. Mr. Tricky, who has you confused, checks again – and the same options are available to you again. What do you do? Well, that turn card leaves you with the check option or moving in now with a semi-bluff. A feeler bet again hangs you out to dry if you are called or re-raised.

The river is a red [6]. Mr. Tricky checks again. All you can do is donate if you are beat. So you better check. Our hero does exactly and is beat as he is shown (As 2s).

The lesson here is if you allow your opponents to draw out on you, they just might.

Friday, March 05, 2010

NPP’ers Fourbetbluff and ThePunk75 Score it Big!

Of course they score big. They are NPP’ers! (twss)

They sent me the reports! First Fourbetbluff:

“Hey Faldo, I final tabled a $10 KO MTT on Full Tilt Tuesday night also. Here is the final hand.

All action was folded to the SB who was next short stack next to me. He shoved I woke up with 55 in the BB. Good enough! I was in good shape to double up and almost KO a player when he showed 95 off - until the unwanted 9 hit the turn.

OOPS. I'm out! It was a good run. I would have loved to take down the $1,800 1st place. Next time for sure, but I'll do with 20x my buy in cash.

Also this week, Electric Stick in Westland is having their big "Winter Series of Poker" tournament $300 buy in 2-day event. I'll be playing day 1 on Friday. Play thru Level 11 and then everyone from all day 1's return Sunday at 7pm. if the tourney fills up, should have close to 50K prize pool! Decent structure, 25k starting stack...

Take care, and I'll be reading the blog.”

Then I get this from ThePunk75!

“Hi Faldo,

I go from card dead for nearly the entire tournament to a 2 way chop for first.

The Electric Stick is one of the biggest charity poker rooms around these days. Its popularity has exploded the past 6 months and it is my current room of choice.
The Stick offers probably the most tournament play for your buck.

Every night is a mega deep stack with different buy-ins. I play there a couple nights a week on Wednesday night. For $30 you get 20,000 tournament chips. Not a bad deal.

First hand 76 in BB flopped open ended straight draw and "chased it down to river when my 10 hit" Got a nasty look from the lady who paid me off on it.

Pretty much after that I was card dead and perhaps I have never been so card dead that I probably played 3 hands in the first two hours. Ironically I won 2 of those and chopped the other.

Those 3 winning hands kept me at or slightly above my starting stack while I was folding 95% of my other hands. Eventually with the blinds going up I was getting eaten alive. With my frustraion level growing, I had to make a move. In SB with 6d5d, had two limpers from early and button, so I called, BB checked flop of [Ad Jd X?].

Being first to act and frustrated I shoved. Honestly no one raised pre-flop so it was unlikely I was against a strong hand and that play could get a weak ace to fold. I got called from the early limper.

I said "I hope you don't have that flush draw as I show mine" he turns over J10 with no diamonds. A king on turn and the Queen of diamonds on river gave me my flush and unfortunately for him made his straight.

A nice double up for me. Later again short stacked from blind pillaging I was on button with A8 and facing a raise from middle position. I was all-in with a call. Again I was under 10 bb so it was time to gamble.

I call, saying I need a 3 outer. I was right he shows AK vs my A8. Flop 467, not bad for me, turn was my 8. Another double up.

Couple hands later I get A10 in cutoff. I raise 3xBB which puts BB all in with less. He shows J10 and a disgusted look as he is dominated. A flop of [J 10 X] and he is ahead. But that beautiful Ace on river and I am back in business with some chips to play with.

Now its blind steal time as my all-in pre-flop in position keep me afloat while we dwindle down to FT bubble time. Literally the chip and chair theory was proven as one player had one chip left and survived four straight all-ins to make the Final Table.

The bubble finally bursts and we get to the Final Table. I'm sitting there and have no idea how I got there, I had exactly 2 pocket pairs pre-flop (55 twice) and folded them both times. Had AK once, and chopped that pot. Again I might of played 7-8 hands the whole tournament.

At FT I have about 90k in chips and draw BB to start which I immediately object to - to no avail. Blinds at 10k/20k, so I need a double up fast. First hand Js10s, UTG raises to like 100k. I call thinking my J10 are live against his obvious AK. I was right he turns over AK, a Jack on the flop is the winner for me.

Again with chips to play with I can steal some blinds as the players tighten up hoping to move up the money ladder. After a couple eliminations I finally walked into a big pocket pair with QQ which held and added to a suddenly growing stack.

On the button with A5 suited I raise all in, BB thinking the live cards/ coin flip is in order he calls with K6, and he doesn’t hit either. We get down to 4 players left and I’m third in chips against 2 monster stacks and a SS.

And now the cards hit me, A8 in SB which I bully the small stack in BB with a raise of all my 25k chips. "I raise this stack" is what I say.

Very next hand 44 raise 3 x BB to take down the blinds, very next hand JJ bigger raise, take down the blinds. The SS is finally out and we are down to three.

I get 10 9 in BB and the SB calls. Flop come A 10 3, SB min bets 40k, I raise to 200K, he looks at board shakes his head and folds. "Thought you had an ace" he says. I say I wish I did as I show my 10. Very next hand I get 9d7d in SB, button calls, BB checks.

Flop comes [6d 10h 4d], I check, BB checks, button min bets, I check-raise all in, BB folds, Button sits there thinking, he counts his chips, I have him covered - barely. He calls, He shows As4c - bottom pair. The Qd on turn is the backbreaker for him.

I now have nearly 1 million in chips and have surpassed the other monster stack. AMAZING! The tournament ended right there as we agreed to chop 1st and 2nd place money, which was almost 20x the buyin. Not bad

One crazy tournament as I got to final table making one straight(first hand of tourney) and one flush. I never hit a set as the only pocket pairs I had I folded, anytime I had an ace which seemed fairly rare I never flopped an ace to go with it. I never made 2 pair, I only flopped top pair twice (1 chop, 1 win).

It was all about timing and patience and perhaps two lucky rivers.”

Nice job guys and thanks for the reports!

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Value Betting – A Must at Low Limts

Do you consistently bet with a hand…but not a great hand? If you are playing small no-limit stakes, you better be.

Here is a very common situation:

You have (QJ) in late position and raise it up. Only the Big Blind (BB) calls you. The flop is [J-8-5] rainbow. The BB checks and you bet half the pot, and the BB calls again. The turn is a [K].

The BB checks again and you check – afraid of the over-card. The river is a [2].
The BB checks a third time and you check and take down the pot when you opponent shows (A8).

Let’s review. Not only did you not win near the money you should have on this hand, but you risked letting the BB catch his Ace for free. Giving free cards when you have the lead is just asking to get run down.

If this is a typical small hand win pattern for you, you are in trouble. You are playing rote poker and probably giving no time or effort into deciding what your opponent could be holding.

If you did, you would realize that although he might have just called with hands that are really bad for you -(KJ), (88) or (55) - odds are he doesn’t have those hands. Usually an (AJ) would have given a re-raise from the BB, so you can scratch that hand from the list.

If he does have any of those hands– good luck for him and bad luck for you. But in the long run, you will make more money betting here than seeing ghosts when your flop bet gets called and you check it down.

Hands you can put him on with some certainty are (A-any), suited connectors and small pocket pairs. The free cards you give him on the turn and river when he holds these cards are just aching to take this pot from you. You are allowing a double free draw to a straight, a flush and a set.

Knock it off!

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Theedouble*d Wins Another NPP Tourney

The race is tightening up folks. Another final table appearance by Fourbetbluff, Suetman1 and Theedouble*d have K9isadog looking over his shoulder for the 1st quarter seat in the NPP Finals.

Faldo bubbled in second. Tigertown369 took my final table bubble spot. Suetman1 took my cash bubble spot. That left no one to take the final bubble spot. So I add to my ridiculous 2nd place total in these tourneys.

We welcome a new player, Grypdg. Sorry I didn’t get to your table to welcome you. I will next week Gry.

Complete exhaustion keeps me from watching all the tables. It’s enough to just play my own hand (twss). On to the action:

10 min: LittleRedElf (30th) – now I’ve seen everything!
15 min: ThePunk75 (29th) – now I’ve really seen everything!
20 min: Vanettej (28th)
22 min: CSB33 (27th)
24 min: Grypdg (26th) – typical greeting for a new player!
28 min: Derf-63 (25th)
30 min: K9isadog (24th) – The wolves now get ready to scoop up the points.
37 min: Douge2 (23rd)
40 min: Midway2933 (22nd)
45 min: Budda627 hits a royal flush and collects the curse that surrounds one.
47 min: Odds2win777 (21st) – let the bloodletting begin!
50 min: Tomservo2 (20th) has to go with (A3), but Mikeniks-Faldo has (AT).
51 min: Fusciardi (19th)
52 min: T3chlady (18th)
53 min: Budda627 (17th) – the Royal Flush curse continues!
59 min: Absea98 (16th) – finally, the exits slowed a little. Just a little.
60 min: Nicklittle (15th) succumbs to the Break Monster, while Faldo survived same.

1st break:

Meatsword 9300
Wingsfancurt 7890
Kensik 3905
Tigercub8189 3740
Mikeniks-Faldo 3635
Fourbetbluff 3410
Theedouble*d 2573
BigDaddyTman 2375
Suetman1 2310
Tigertown369 2117
Akensi 1360
Gdub28 1305
Pingsticks 575
Bigbrimar 505

61 min: Got busy right after the break as a short-stacked (SS) Gdub28 (14th) moves with (66) to find Tigercub8189 with (99).

62 min: A SS Bigbrimar (13th) is next to leave, but I missed due to the hand below.
63 min: A SS Pingsticks (12th) goes with (88) but Mikeniks-Faldo wins the coin flip (AQ) with a [Q] on the flop.

67 min: Akensi (11th) wins bad beat honors as her (AK) gets all-in on a flop with an [A] in it against BigDaddyTman’s (A9). But a [9] hits the river.

70 min: Tigertown369 (10th) bubbles and I miss it.

78 min: A SS Tigercub8189 (9th) has to go with (AJ) but a flop of [KQX] with Kensik holding (KQ) ends the Cub’s hopes.

89 min: Kensik (8th) tries to make a move, but Theedouble*d has a hand.
93 min: BigDaddyTman (7th) is run over by the Theedouble*d Express (66) as Daddy’s (AT) hits a flop of [AT6]! Ouch!

114 min: A SS Suetman1 (6th) loses to Meatsword’s (Ah Th). Bubble-ishous!

2nd break:
Theedouble*d 14737
Meatsword 11152
Mikeniks-Faldo 9280
Fourbetbluff 8187
Wingsfancurt 1644

122 min: Another ugly one as a SS Wingsfancurt (5th) tries with (K3) and is run down by Meatsword’s (Js 4s) with a flush no less. Wishing you our prayers and luck on Thursday’s heart surgery Curt.

134 min: Fourbetbluff (4th) sees his (AT) not catch Theedouble*d’s (TT), and goes out shortly thereafter.

154 min: Some poker playing before Meatsword (3rd) (A9) is run down by Mikenik-Faldo’s (KJ) with a [K] on the river. Ouch!

155 min: No time to mention the 34200 to 10800 chip lead Theedouble*d had on Mikeniks-Faldo (2nd). My (44) meets the same fate Meatword’s (A9) met as DD’s (Ac 9c) hits a [9] on the flop.

Congratulations to Theedouble*d on yet another NPP win. The race is tightening folks!

1st – Theedouble*d
2nd – Mikeniks-Faldo
3rd – Meatsword
4th – Fourbetbluff
5th - Wingsfancurt
6th – Suetman1
7th – BigDaddyTman
8th – Kensik
9th – Tigercub8189

Standings are on the right side of the blog!

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Douge2’s Humor Corner – XXXII

How the fight started…..

One year, a husband decided to buy his mother-in-law a cemetery plot as a Christmas gift. The next year, he didn't buy her a gift.
When she asked him why, he replied, "Well, you still haven't used the gift I bought you last year!"
And that's how the fight started.....

My wife walked into the den & asked "What's on the TV?"
I replied "Dust".
And that's how the fight started.....

A woman is standing nude, looking in the bedroom mirror. She is not happy with what she sees and says to her husband, 'I feel horrible; I look old, fat and ugly. I really need you to pay me a compliment.'
The husband replies, 'Your eyesight's damn near perfect.'
And that's how the fight started.....

My wife was hinting about what she wanted for our upcoming anniversary. She said, 'I want something shiny that goes from 0 to 200 in about 3 seconds.'
I bought her a bathroom scale.
And that's how the fight started......

I asked my wife, 'Where do you want to go for our anniversary?'
It warmed my heart to see her face melt in sweet appreciation.
'Somewhere I haven't been in a long time!' she said.
So I suggested, 'How about the kitchen?'
And that's how the fight started....

My wife and I are watching “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” while we were in bed. I
turned to her and said, 'Do you want to have sex?'
'No,' she answered.
I then said, 'Is that your final answer?'
She didn't even look at me this time, simply saying 'Yes.'
So I said, 'Then I'd like to phone a friend.'
And that's how the fight started....

When I got home last night, my wife demanded that I take her someplace expensive.
So, I took her to a strip club.
And that's how the fight started.....

I tried to talk my wife into buying a case of Miller Light for $14.95. Instead, she bought a jar of cold cream for $7.95. I told her the beer would make her look better at night than the cold cream.
And that's how the fight started.....

My wife and I were sitting at a table at my high school reunion, and I kept staring at a drunken lady swigging her drink as she sat alone at a nearby table.
My wife asked, 'Do you know her?'
'Yes,' I sighed, 'She's my old girlfriend. I understand she took to drinking right after we split up those many years ago, and I hear she hasn't been sober since.'
'My God!' says my wife. 'Who would think a person could go on celebrating that long?'
And that's how the fight started.....

I rear-ended a car this morning. So, there we were alongside the road and slowly the other driver got out of his car.
You know how sometimes you just get soooo stressed and little things just seem funny?
Yeah, well I couldn't believe it. He was a DWARF!!!
He stormed over to my car, looked up at me, and shouted, 'I AM NOT HAPPY!!!'
So, I looked down at him and said, 'Well, then which one are you?'
And that's how the fight started.....

I took my wife to a restaurant. The waiter, for some reason, took my order first. 'I'll have the strip steak, medium rare, please.'
He said, 'Aren't you worried about the mad cow?'
'Nah, she can order for herself.'
And that's how the fight started.....

Monday, March 01, 2010

The Community Card Review – II

Another Quake

The call from the environmental (communist) crowd has always been that human beings are destroying the planet and all the life on it. By us simply living, growing food, using resources and inventions – and breathing – we are killing the Earth.

The fact that species that lived millions of years ago died off without ever driving a gas hog pick up truck – somehow eludes these people. The fact that if they look out their own window as their furnace kicks on yet again, they will see that the sun is responsible for the heating and cooling of the Earth – and that we are not.

Environmentalists simply want to feel important and have the feeling that ‘they matter’ and they are ‘making a difference. The government ‘greeners’ are simply control freaks and power hungry.

The idea that if we use a certain light bulb or use charcoal to cook burgers in our backyard, we are creating more hurricanes - with more force than 10 atom bombs – is simply nuts on the surface. Let alone actually trying to prove it – which no one has, but they say it anyway.

The Earth is not even trying to kill us with its earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes, floods, lightening strikes and volcanoes. It is just hurtling thru space, doing what it does. We should too.

The People Say “No” – Democrats Say “So What?”

The government that wants to run your healthcare is the same government
that stole the Social Security Funds to pay for the Viet Nam War (LBJ for those of you who care to know)
is closing down Medicare just as the most citizens in our history will need it,
ran up a deficit of trillions of dollars and is fixing it by quadrupling that debt
and took over the education of our children – who now finish 16th in world equivalent testing as we spend twice per student as the nation that finishes #1.

What could possibly go wrong?

The citizens of this country by at least a 2 to 1 margin do not want socialism medicine. The healthcare systems around the world that have it, are failing and the care is infinitely worse.

The unemployment rolls grow daily and State unemployment funds (another great government idea) have dried up. Instead of the party in control backing off taxes and regulations that have strangled American companies and jobs, the focus is on more of the same ‘on steroids’ that is killing this once great nation.

At some point, you have to ask why? Why crush the life out of every American by making his jobs disappear, his money worthless and then making him come ONLY to you when he is at his sickest and weakest?

Much like the flop – it is right there in front of you if you want to look.