Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Momo Wins NPP Internet #25

Eight players made the game - which pushed our average player per game to 7.0!
Nice job guys and gal!

Hand #10 saw Boother get crippled in the first of many 2nd best hands he saw this night. He ran into Nahanni's full house.

Boother (8th) went out on hand #27 as his K8s ran into Momo's KK.

On hand #36, Momo cripples Duder with a full house on the same hand Duder hits the flush. That is painful when that happens.

Duder (7th) goes out when his short stack bets it all with a pair of aces but finds Sev4T7 has a flush.

Artic Blast (6th) is short-stacked on hand #59 and goes all in with AQ and is called by Nahanni's J8 with a flop of [JJ9].

The break comes after 66 hands of play with the stacks looking like this:
Nahanni 5400, Momo 2600, NikFaldo 1700, Sev4T7 1200 and Rownder 1200.

On hand #74 Rownder survives an all-in with JT against the A5 of Momo when the flop comes [JXX] and a J on the turn.

Hand #76 saw an unusual three-handed all-in as Sev4T7 (5th) went all-in with TT. Both a short stacked Rownder and the big stack Nahanni called. They checked down a scary board. Rownder had AK and Nahanni QJ. The flop served up a Q but no straight and 747 was out.

Hand #90 finally ended Rownder's (4th) comeback bid as his KQ did not improve against Momo's 22.

I (3rd) was now the short stack and on hand #92 my A3 lost to Momo's KJ as a flop of [T98] caught a 7 on the turn, for a straight for Momo.

Nahanni and Momo were very close in chips at this point. The winner would be winning their 3rd NPP title of the year!

They battled and Momo was taking a bit of a chip lead. But Nahanni hit a flush to take the lead temporarily.

A crucial hand developed when both bet and called on a board that grew to look like this: [QQ8] [J] [3]
Momo goes all-in with Q3s for a full house and is called by Nahanni with 43s - who said she put Momo on AK the whole hand.

This gave Momo a 9000 to 3000 chip advantage.

Nahanni (2nd) went all-in with 33 and was called by Momo's A7s. The flop had a 7 and no improvement came for Nahanni. Cogratulations for the 3rd win on the year for Momo.

1st - Momo
2nd - Nahanni
3rd - Nik Faldo
4th - Rownder
5th - Sev4TSev
6th - Artic Blast
7th - Duder
8th - Boother

Overall Standings
1 - Nik Faldo - 113 / 5.1
2 - Boother - 104 / 4.7
3 - Rownder - 79 / 4.6
4 - Sev4TSev - 71 / 5.1
5 - Matchy - 66 / 3.3
6 - Beerhog - 50 / 4.5
7 - Momo - 42 / 3.5
8 - Nahanni - 28 / 4.7
9 - Cigar4John - 28 / 3.5
10 - BonA1r - 28 / 3.5
11- Artic Blast - 17 / 1.0
12- Hlam14 - 14 / 2.8
13- 1stout - 3 / 1.5
14- Duder - 1 / .3
15- Davethedog - 1 / .5
16- SpartyTojo - 1 / .5
17- Bronco76 - 1 / 1.0

Remember the tourneys will start at 8pm from now on! And recruit players please!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Rounder Wins NPP Internet #24

Nine players made it to the game this beautiful June evening. Poker Stars started us on two tables to make room for late arrivals. There were none and went to one table after the first blind increase.

Fireworks right away after the merger on hand #19 as Matchy’s KK crippled Boother’s stack when he held QQ.

Boother (9th) survived two all-ins, but on hand #36 he went all in with J2 when a [JXX] fell on the flop. ArticBlast called with KJ to end the comeback.

Hand #53 saw four people bet into a flop of [22K]. I was one of them. But when ArticBlast (8th) raised and Beerhog went all in, I smelled trouble. Matchy and I folded and Artic called with 92. Beerhog had A2 and it held up.

Hand #57 had a short-stacked Nahanni (7th) go all in with K9 of clubs and get called by Beerhog with A6 – of clubs! An [AXX] flop ended the drama.

The very next hand a short-stacked Sev4TSev (6th) went all-in with Q5s and a flop of [56X]. Unfortunately for him, Rownder called with T6 and no help arrived.

On hand #68, Beerhog gets crippled as he goes all-in with AJ and gets called by BonAir with KK.

Beerhog (5th) exits on hand #72 as he goes all-in with AQ and a flop and turn of [678Q], but runs into Rownder’s Q6.

At the break, BonAir has 5400, Nik Faldo 3000, Rownder 2800 and Matchy 2300.

BonAir starts right after the break playing great big stack poker! On hand #90, Matchy (4th) goes all-in on a flop of [K7Q] with AQ, but BonAir holds K7!

I was now the short stack and had to gamble. It paid off too – temporarily. On hand #95, in the big blind with 63, I was not thrilled. But the three of us saw the flop together. I love it when we all play nice.

The flop was [495], giving me the open ended straight draw. I threw a bet of 300 out there – leaving me with about 900 - hoping all would fold. No such luck. I get raised by BonAir to 900 and Rownder folds. There is 1650 in the pot now. I should go all-in (since calling pot commits me anyway) but I call thinking I will make a weak bluff if paint arrives. BonAir is not folding unless he is holding napkins – and feminine ones at that. The odds are, 34 to 65 – better than 2 to 1, as BonAir has K9, so I am getting the right price for the call.

The turn is a [3], committing the rest of my chips. What are my odds to win the hand now you ask? 30 to 70 (at the time I thought they improved with the 3 to 38/62 - some math genius, eh?), but short-stacked as I am, it is an easy call. I am still getting 2 to 1 on 2.3 to 1 odds.

The river is my dream card 7, for my straight.

I don’t play hand #102 as smart. I (3rd) over-bet my A2 on a flop of [7AX], going all-in and running into Rownder’s A7. An [A] on the river rubs it in hard. Why I did it is a mystery to me. Before I hit the all-in button I knew it was the wrong play. But I couldn't stop my hand.

Had the same problem in high school with the cheerleaders.

About 10 hands later Rownder wrestled the chip lead away from BonAir (2nd). BonAir goes all-in with AK against Rownder’s AQ and a [Q] hits on the flop ending the night. Congratulations Rownder.

1st – Rownder
2nd – BonA1r
3rd – Nik Faldo
4th – Matchy
5th – Beerhog
6th – Sev4TSev
7th – Nahanni
8th – ArticBlast
9th - Boother

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Panic in Internet Poker Again!

I was reading some WSOP blog updates when I ran acros this:

"With just 24 days to go before banks are required to comply with the UIGEA, I was greeted with this unfortunate message when I went to cash out my daily $300 from ePassporte today:

US Bank Account

This functionality is temporarily disabled. Our backend ACH processor is currently experiencing technical difficulties. Please check back later.

I wonder if technical difficulties mean, our USA processor just bumped us to comply with UIGEA and we're scrambling to find another. I have about $2,000 left of the large sum I've been pulling out at $300/day for quite a while, I hope I can get the rest out. I also have a dozen $300 withdraws in the “pipeline” that have left my ePassporte account but haven't shown up in my bank account.

Ok, so now would be the panic time. Online poker is about to collapse in the USA. Get your money out now. :)

Update: ePassporte is working again, for now. Still, less than a month left before full-on UIGEA."

I will read up on UIGEA and post about it after Tuesday. But forget the poker angle guys and gals. Our - scratch that - THE government is squeezing the people of this nation more and more, except for the ones here illegally.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

NPP Poker Table and Chips For Sale

It was a great 12 years but the live action at NPP is closing down. I want to give you guys first chance to take over.





500 YELLOW, 100 RED, 100 BLACK


Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Sev4TSev Wins NPP Internet #23

Lots of agains again.

Sev4TSev won again.
Boother sat out and scored points again.
4Putt was a no show again.
Nik Faldo got beat heads up yet again.

Only six struggled to the table on this night.

On hand #20 a short-stacked Nahanni (6th - 5th) went all-in with 33 and ran into my (Nik Faldo) 88.

On hand #96, 1stout (5th – 4th) hit top pair on the flop [469] and made two pair on the river when a J hit. The money all went in. Unfortunately for him, I was holding 44.

At the break, Nik Faldo 4300, Sev4tSev 3100, Artic Blast 1600, Boother 5. Yep FIVE.

Hand #100 Boother was finally blinded out in 4th.

Artic Blast (3rd) put up a gallant fight, but he finally had to go all-in with 87s on hand #142 and ran into Sev4TSev’s AQ s. An [AQ6] flop sort of ended the drama right there.

Heads up again for me and Sev4TSev proceeded to slowly reverse a 5000 to 4000 chip lead I had into a 5500 to 3500 chip lead he had.

I then stupidly called down a lower two pair as his K-rag was higher than my K-rag. The only major mistake I think I made this night. I did lose all the rag races but one in this same stretch – reducing me to a 9 to 1 chip dog.

On hand #196, I go all in with 54 and get called with Sev’s 99. I runner – runner to hit the straight. Time to roll now!!!

Hand #209, I (go all-in with A7 when an A falls on the flop. Sev has A6. Good for me. A 6 falls on the turn. Bad for me. A 7 on the river! Good for me. Whew!

Maybe a comeback is possible.I’m only down 5000 to 4000 again. Maybe I can beat this tough guy that has slapped me around for quite awhile now heads up.

Uhhhh, no. Hand #211 has us go all-in. I (2nd) have 88 and Sev has AJ. He makes the straight on the river. Congrats Sev4TSev.

1st – Sev4TSev
2nd – Nik Faldo
3rd – Artic Blast
4th – Boother
4th – 1stout
5th - Nahanni

Friday, June 08, 2007

Neteller Announces Return of Funds

The Neteller PLC group today announced a plan to return all monies owed to United States residents. As we reported this weekend the 75 day time-line that Neteller announced back in March of this year expired on June 4th.

Neteller had claimed that over $55 million dollars were seized by the DOJ after the arrests of two Neteller founders.


The expected date for this to begin is July 13th, 2007. Neteller explained that further information regarding customers funds will be communicated to them via email, through our website and through a press release once the date for implementation of the Distribution Plan is finalized.

Full article here.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Get the ketchup out.

Nahanni Wins Back to Back NPP Internet Tourneys! - Takes Tourney #22

It was deja vue all over again for me. But I am getting ahead of the story. Ten showed up for the game – including a new player – 1stout! Welcome Todd.

We started with two tables so I missed out on how Momo (10th) exited on hand #61.

On hand #72, Matchy (9th) took the bad beat of the night – thanks to me. I raised with JJ and got called. The flop of T98 looked promising for me so I bet. When Matchy re-raised a large amount, I am not going to lie - I put him on AA, KK or QQ. So I should have folded.

Matchy had AA! I thought I was close to a coin flip, but I was actually a 61% – 38% under dog if I called. I honestly thought I was better than that, maybe 52-48, and I had him covered. My math was off and I gambled – hitting a 7 on the turn for the straight.

On hand #79 Sev4TSev (8th) and Nahanni hooked up in a hand. The flop of [QKA] got all the money in and Sev4TSev’s AJ could not overtake Nahanni’s KQ.

On hand #82, a short-stacked ArticBlast (7th) got his two pair all-in out-kicked by 1stout.

On hand #89, 1stout (6th) was gone as his AT could not overtake Boother’s 88.

At the break: Nahanni 4600, Nik Faldo 3600, Beerhog 3500, Rownder 1700, and Boother 1600.

On hand #94, Rownder (5th) gets pot committed and goes all in with A6 and a board of [8Q363]. But Nahanni has K8 to take him out.

On hand #102, Boother (4th) gets all-in with Q8 against Beerhog’s A8 and he doesn’t catch up.

I take the chip lead when I hit a flush on the turn and Nahanni bets into it. I return the favor later and then some. Nahanni was now in 3rd.

Hand #114 was a butt kicker. Especially since I laid down JJ to Nahanni’s monster bet the hand before with a K on the flop. Nahanni had AA, Beerhog 66 and I had TT.

I raised and was re-raised again by Nahanni naturally. And when Beerhog called, I dumped. Wise move as it turned out – although it didn’t stop the inevitable. This hand crippled Beerhog and gave Nahanni the chip lead.

I took Beerhog (3rd) out with AT against his A3 on hand #125.

I won hand #130 when my TT held on against Nahanni’s 88. That got us back to even. But hand #135 hurt as Nahanni’s flush beat my two pair.

She had 9000 to my 6000 at this point.

The final hand had me (2nd) hit the two pair on the flop right into Nahanni’s trip deuces. I had 76 and the flop came down [2c7c2s]. I got all-in afraid of the over-pair or flush running me down, but I was already cooked.

That is two wins in a row for Nahanni. Very impressive against this group of players!

1st – Nahanni
2nd – Nik Faldo
3rd – Beerhog
4th – Boother
5th – Rownder
6th – 1stout
7th – ArticBlast
8th – Sev4TSev
9th – Matchy
10th - Momo

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Cork Soakers

Cork Soakers Video.

4Putt Golf Open Cancelled

Well, maybe next year.

The Wall retired from poker and did not want to be tempted at the Soaring Eagle Casino.

Beerhog was the replacement, but with 3 golf trips already planned, he decided to stay married and not fill in.

Thai Food was thinking about it, but he don't like chasing the little white ball for free - let alone pay for it and spend five hours of good poker table time on the course.

I of course got my annual golf trip injury extra early as I severely sprained my ankle in a golf cart incident. Mental note: Keep feet in cart when driving next to brick pavers that will twist your foot 180 degrees from the direction the knee is pointing.

4Putt himself wants to go but the demands of his job are monsterous right now.

Herbavor did not respond to my email as to his status.

Anyway, I got the reservations cancelled and we will try again next year or maybe a fall weekend trip.