Sunday, September 30, 2007

Beerhog Qualifies for the Poker Stars Hundred Grand Tourney!

Beerhog qualified for this $100,000 tourney this Sunday at 3:30 pm.

Get in there and root him in.

He said if he wins, he's buying me a beer.
Ok, he didn't say that - but damn it - if he does, he is!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

NPP Internet Standings Thru September

We are averaging seven players per tourney. Not bad with the summer months behind us.
I would like to double the average for next year. Recruit for next year.

This month I will give the:

Total points
Points per start average
Tournament win percentage

Kind of interesting statistics:

1 – MikeNiks - Faldo 168, 5.3, 6.3%
2 - Boother 124, 4.4, 17.9%
3 – Sev4TSev 118, 5.1, 30.4%
4 – Rownder 103, 4.7, 27.3%
5 – Matchy 90, 3.3, 11.1%
6 – ArticBlast 63, 2.3, 3.6%
7 – Beerhog 51, 4.3, 25%
8 – Nahanni 47, 3.9, 25%
9 – Momo 42, 3.5, 25%
10 – Duder 28, 2.3, 0%
11 – Cigar4John 28, 3.5, 0%
12 – BonAir 28, 3.5, 0%
13 – Aqualung 18, 3.0, 16.7%
14 – Herbavor-Hlam 14, 2.8, 0%
15 – Bronco 12, 3.0, 25%
16 – DavetheDog 9, 3.0, 0%
17 – 1stout 3, 1.5, 0%
18 – SpartyTojo 1, .5, 0%
19 – Tigercub 0, 0, 0%

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Bronco76 Wins NPP Internet Tourney #37

We had eleven players make it – including a couple of surprise entries.

First the good stuff – Tigercub8189 makes his first appearance. Welcome to the toughest internet tourney on the planet, Tiger. Negreanu, Ivey, Hansen nor Chan want any part of this line-up.

Second, I made it tonight when I was suppose to be a scratch. I was suppose to be on a flight back home and probably just getting in my car in the airport lot when the tourney was starting. But some tower feed went out and planes could not communicate – so everything was grounded. I got put up in a hotel where…hell, the internet worked so I can’t complain.

Cigar4John stopped by but didn’t play. On to the action:

On hand #40, Aqualung (11th), Boother and Tigercub call it down. The flop of [6c Jc Ts] sees Tigercub bets, Aqua calls and Boother folds. The turn is [Qh], Tigercub bets and Aqua calls. A [3c] hits the river and Aqua semi-bluffs all-in. Tigercub calls as he hit the straight on the turn.

On hand #53 ArticBlast (10th) is knocked out by Bronco76, but I missed the hand. We jumped to one table and I missed the whole thing. Sorry.

On hand #55 Nahanni (9th) goes all-in with {77} and runs into Sev4TSev’s {JJ} and she gets no help.

On hand #68 a short-stacked Rownder (8th) goes all-in with {66} and Boother calls with {A9}. A [9] on the turn ends Rownder’s night.

On hand #70, we had a rare three-player all-in. A short-stacked Matchy (7th) with {T8}, a short-stacked Beerhog with {ATs} and Bronco with {KK}. An [A] on the flop and Matchy is out and Beerhog has life.

On hand #84, Tigercub (6th) is all-in with {Q6} and is called by Bronco with {K6}. A [K] on the flop and Tigercub is returned to the den for hibernation, as we head to the break.

Bronco 5440
Boother 4220
Sev4TSev 4065
Mikeniks 1820
Beerhog 955

On hand #86, Mikeniks flops a full house and a short-stacked Beerhog (5th) had to make a move.

On hand #116, Boother (4th) made a bluff all-in with {97} and ran into Bronco’s {AA}.

On hand #130, Bronco calls Sev4TSev’s blind. The flop is [3s 4d Qh]. Bronco bets and 747 calls. [Kd] is the turn and Bronco checks. Sev4TSev makes a good size bet and gets called by Bronco. Two straight draws, a flush draw and two overcards. Who has what now and who will have the goods on the river?

The river brings a [2h]. Bronco bets, Sev4TSev (3rd) goes all-in with his two pair and Bronco calls with his straight on the river.

Down to two and I am at a 3 to 1 chip disadvantage. Combine that with my pitiful heads up record and the end is a foregone conclusion. I (2nd) eventually have to go all-in with {A7} and Bronco calls with {A8} and it is over. Nice job Bronco.

It was his first NPP Internet Tourney win! Congratulations!

1st – Bronco76
2nd – Mikeniks
3rd – Sev4TSev
4th – Boother
5th – Beerhog
6th – Tigercub
7th – Matchy
8th – Rownder
9th – Nahanni
10th – ArticBlast
11th – Aqualung

Friday, September 21, 2007

Study on Living Longer

A recent study found that men who have sex with young women live longer than men who do not.

This study was funded by every man in America.

I Guess I Am Not The Only "Card Dead" Player On the Planet

I could of swore I was the ONLY poker player in the world running bad. Guess not.
For your reading enjoyment.
From Mean Gene Bromberg of meangenepoker.blogspot dot com;
Fourputt, add this link to our poker blogroll.

I was on a bit of a bad streak playing online. The night before I’d played 100 hands of Hold-Em and won one. One. But I didn’t lose too much, since I only saw 5 flops the whole time, thanks to an endless parade of hands like Q-3 and J-3 and 10-3. Unsuited, even. My teeth ground down to nubs I decided to play a little Omaha Hi/Lo Split, a game I’d been studying a bit. First hand, I scoop a nice pot. And then, the next 100 hands, I don’t win a single hand. I barely see a flop. I don’t care if you’re a genetic freak created by splicing the DNA of Robert Williamson III and Annie Duke, you can’t win in Omaha Hi/Lo with hands like Q-9-6-3, all of different suits. Which I got on, oh, 100 hands in a row.

I handled this tough stretch with my usual aplomb—breaking everything of value within arms reach; rocking on the floor while curled up in the fetal position; calling my Mommy. I calmed down and decided to play a little $10 sit-an-go. Maybe a tournament would change my luck, give me the chance to make some big bluffs, play the other players instead of the cards, since I couldn’t get cards to save my expletive-deleted life. The game moves along, I build my stack thanks to a few nice hands, and when we get down to four-handed I'm in 3rd place with a decent stack. Top three spots pay and that’s all I’m looking for—even a tiny profit would do wonders for my ego.

But the shortstack doubles up, doubles up again, and before you know it the blinds are big enough that I’m in a bit of trouble. But then in the big blind I’m dealt the ace of clubs and the queen of diamonds. The former shortstack, who now has me outchipped by a measly $10, raises big on the button. The small blind folds, and I decide its time for me to make my stand. I push all-in, hoping for a fold. But he calls, and turns over the ace and five of spades. Perfect, I’ve got him crushed. “No spades, no spades,” I chant.

The flop comes Q-7-2. Fantabulous, I’ve flopped top pair. But it’s a far better flop than that—all three cards are clubs, and I’m holding the ace of clubs. There are no straight draws out there, and I quickly realize that my opponent is nearly drawing dead. The only way he can win is to go runner-runner fives to make trips. And the five of clubs doesn’t help him—that makes my flush. So, unless the five of diamonds AND the five of hearts come consecutively on the turn and river, I double up and leave him with just $10.

I don’t need to tell you what happened. I wasn't even worried when the five of diamonds came up—hey, he'd still have to hit a one-outer to win. When that one-outer hit, I didn't scream, I didn't swear, I didn't throw my monitor through the TV set. No, I was actually happy. Relieved, even. Why was I so calm? Because I'd just taken the worst beat I'd probably ever take, and it was just in a piddling little tournament. I hadn't gotten skunked at a World Series final table, and I wasn't playing no-limit in a seedy bar as a gangster held a gun to my dog's head. I'd just survived the worst beat imaginable, under the best conditions possible. And I came through it A-OK. After I called my Mommy again, that is.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Aqualung Wins NPP Internet #36

Seven players made it to the felt this night. We had a couple railbirds, Beerhog and Tigercub that also stopped by to say hello.

The action was pretty hot tonight. Lots of lead changes and nasty rivers. Let the game begin.

On hand #35, a short-stacked ArticBlast (7th) had to make a move and didn't improve. Thought I wrote the hand down but did not. Sorry.

On hand, #39, a short-stacked Duder (6th) goes all-in with AQ and a straight draw and gets called by Sev4TSev with KJ and a [K] on the flop. Neither the straight or the Ace showed up to save him.

Now to my tale of woe. I was card dead all night. I had a couple playable hands that won small pots early. And I had only a couple other playable hands all night and most of those got raised out or hit air on the flop. It was depressing.

They say good players don't need cards to win. Well, two things: One, I do need cards and second, the way the tourney was being played this night, any move got called. I never had the goods post flop. Not even a draw or a gut-shot. Complete whiffs.

On hand #63, I finally did get a big hand. I made a small raise with (AA) and got FIVE callers! See what I mean? Every raise of mine got no respect. Well this time I had something even if the flop missed me - which of course - it did.

The flop of [6c Qh 4d] looked safe enough to slow play.

But my bets had been getting called all night. When I whiffed the flop all the other times this night, the entire table called my continuation bet like my cards were visible or the flop was laughing at me out loud.

So I decided to make a decent size bet expecting the usual suspects to call or try and re-raise me out of the pot - as was the deal so far.

Only Nahanni called. Ok, I say to myself in my Cleveland hotel room, she has a Q. The turn was a [7c], making a club flush possible. I bet a small raise hoping to get action (like I needed any help with that this night) and Nahanni re-raised! Ok, I think, she has a Q and a flush draw. So I move all-in.

I was almost right - which is alot better than my usual thinking lately at the poker tables. She calls and has Q4 suited in Clubs - two pair and a flush draw! I went from cursing the river to praying at the banks the river. I got lucky as another [7] hit the board, giving me Aces-over and a small chip lead - pulling in the only decent pot I win tonight.

The bad beat of the night is on hand #65, Bronco (5th) goes all-in with (QQ) and gets called by Aqualung with (AQ). Aqua likes the river water and hits his 4-flush.

On hand #66, Nahanni recovers chips nicely at Sev4TSev's expense as she hits a flush to take out 747's two pair.

After 71 hands, it's break time:
Mikeniks 3040
Aqua 2540
Sev4TSev 2540
Nahanni 2380

I have the chip lead but the blinds are on me and I will be the short stack shortly, as soon as I start folding the mounds of cheese dealt to me.

On hand #99, we switch chip leaders as Sev4TSev rivers a K for a pair to beat Nahanni's pair of tens she got on the flop.

On hand #102, I (4th) have to go all-in, short-stacked with (KJ) and Nahanni calls me with A5, and I get no help.

The tourney ends quickly from here. After a string of SEVEN straight all-in bets(!) by Aqualung , Nahanni finally calls him. Aqua has A9 and Nahanni (3rd) has A5 and does not improve.

Sev4TSev (2nd) goes all-in with Q5 and does not improve against Aqua's (22).
Congratulations to Aqualung.

1st - Aqualung
2nd - Sev4TSev
3rd - Nahanni
4th - Mikeniks(Nik Faldo)
5th - Bronco76
6th - Duder
7th - ArticBlast

Monday, September 17, 2007

NPP Game at Beerhog's

Beerhog hosted another great one! Seven were at the felt including newbie KC.
Tolly brought a sub, I brought a little extra beer, decks of cards and cigars. The game went on for 6 hours. No tourney as KC, Tolly, Matchy and LP could not stay that long.

My highlight of the night (tells you WELL I played) was finding out that the Party Poker decks I got with my Frequent Player Points were full size PLASTIC decks! After pulling Matchy's 'marked deck' out of the game , Beerhog opened those PP tickets up.

LP was the big winner - hitting many full houses and a couple quad hand. And NO - we were not playing wild cards - just alot of double beds. Quads were rampant this night. I think it is the Party Poker deck. It has the stain of "poker internet" on it.

Sev4TSev started out cold decked but posted a win, along with Tolly.

I counted eight 4 of a kinds registered in six hours of poker. I never got one but I think my count is about right. Might have been more.

A new game was tried - "Skinny Mini". A 5-card draw game but dealt like 5-stud. You simply draw to the cards you throw away. You throw out the down card, you get it down. Throw an up card, you have to turn the card dealt to you over. Opinions guys? Sev4TSev suggested two down instead of one.

PS: Beerhog - Remind me to bring some racks for you for the next game.
PSS: Tolly, get KC to this blog and the Tuesday night offering.
PSSS: Let's discuss what dates are good for October.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Review of Internet Poker Sites

This used to be a favorite post of mine. I would write about what new sites had opened, what their features and sign up bonuses were. I would rate the "Top Twenty" sites I had accounts in and explain why. I would highlight the new addition and explain the reasons I cut the other sites.
But with the death of NetTeller, thanks to an exiting Republican Party trying to hang on to office at the last minute, the flood of poker sites has dried up.

I only know of eight poker sites that accept US players and the internet banker - ePassport, for deposits and withdraws. Here I rank them according to events, safety, and looks:

1. Poker Stars - the best by far

The next three are all good sites.
2. Full Tilt Poker
3. Absolute Poker
4. Ultimate Bet

Endangered List - these sites don't have a large volume of players. I worry they might dry up and take my money like Jet Set Poker did.

5. Jungle Poker - nice site, low amount of players

Cashed out of the site:
6. True Poker - Great graphics, but few tournaments. Considering a return however for the winter. I can schedule my day to play in the few they have.
7. Bugsy's Club - Nice software but no players
8. Poker4Ever - No Players

Sports Betting and Poker Sites.
They don't have an easy way to fund or collect from, so I am going to win enough to cash out by mail or lose what I have there this football season. I have them listed in my preference of their poker software.
9. World Poker Exchange - No rake on ring play. Nice software
10. Sportsbook - Nice software, no players
11. BoDog Poker - Plenty of players but I don't like the poker software or the look.

All other sites either don't take US players or cannot be funded thru ePassport. So there are your nine options and some sports books that also have poker rooms. If you go thru the trouble of funding them, you got a virtual Vegas casino on your computer.

I'm waiting for one of these sportsbooks with poker to go the ePassport route.

Hope this helps your fall and winter poker enjoyment. - Nik Faldo

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Rownder Wins NPP Internet #35

We got ten to the table tonight!!!! Great job NPP team.
People seemed to be in a gambling mood tonight. That has not been the case. The tourney was over in less than 2 hours. We have had 6-player tourneys last thru two breaks before.

We started with two tables but by hand #20, we were down to one table.

Bronco76 (10th) made it back after missing for quite a few months and was unceremoniously drummed out quickly. He goes all-in with AK and runs into Nahanni’s QQ and gets no help.

When we went to one table, across from my seat was the row of Aqualung, Boother, Rownder and Sev4TSev. I call that Murderer’s Row!

On hand #28 Aqualung’s (9th) QQ ran into Boother’s KK. There was one less killer at the table now.

Things calmed down until on hand #55 a short-stacked Matchy (8th) went all-in with 33 and ran into Nahanni’s TT.

Hand #69 saw five players see the flop of [5s 7s Qd]. Sev4TSev bets and only the short-stacked Duder (7th) calls. They get all in on the turn on Duder’s pair of 7’s but Sev4TSev has the lesbian couple.

We head to the break and I head to the bathroom. I didn’t get the exact chip total but I think the standings were:
Mikeniks (Faldo)

Mikeniks (6th) is the short stack and on hand #76 soon after the break, I go all-in when I pair my K on the flop. Sev4TSev has American Airlines (AA) and turns my K into KY Jelly.

On a personal note, that ended my tournament streak of picking up at least 1 point (5th or better) at twenty-five.

Three players see the flop of [2h Js 4c]. Boother (5th) bets, Rownder folds and Nahanni calls. The turn is [Ad]. Boother checks, Nahanni bets and Boother goes all-in with the semi-bluff of (JhTh). Nahanni has (22) so is not going anywhere and hits the full house on the river to boot Boother.

After Sev4TSev takes a pot from Nahanni who folds to a flop of [7J7] and an all-in bet, the next victim is claimed. Note to players: Never tangle with 747 when 7’s or 4’s hit the flop. Uhhhhm HELLO???

Nahanni (4th) calls ArticBlast’s BB. The flop is [4h 8d 9h]. As Nahanni continues to ask 747 if he had a 7, she bets, gets raised and calls. The turn is the [7d]. (Damn sevens again Nahanni). Nahanni bets again, gets raised again and calls again. The river is the [8h]. Nahanni goes all-in with 3 eights and ArticBlast freezes her out with the ten-high straight.

Rownder calls Sev4TSev’s (3rd) BB. The flop is [8s 5h 8c]. Rownder checks, 747 bets and gets called. The turn is [3d]. 747 bets, Rownder raises and gets called. The river is the [9c]. They are all-in and Rownder’s full house crumples 747’s straight.

We are heads up and Rownder has a 2 to 1 chip lead over ArticBlast. These two were both the short-stack at one time and have eliminated three former chip leaders en route to this showdown.

Rownder chips up to a big chip lead before ArticBlast (2nd) goes all-in with his (44) and a flop of [QKK], but runs into Rownder’s (Q7). It is Rownder’s 6th victory of the year! Congratulations to Rownder.

1st – Rownder
2nd – ArticBlast
3rd – Sev4TSev
4th – Nahanni
5th – Boother
6th – Mikeniks (Nik Faldo)
7th – Duder
8th – Matchy
9th – Aqualung
10th – Bronco76

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Beerhog's NPP Game is On for Saturday the 15th!

Must be poker season is coming up.

1 - Beerhog - HOST
2 - Faldo
3 - Tolly
4 - 747
5 - Matchy
6 - LP

Newbie via Tolly
Thai Food

4Putt (of course)

Beerhog, send me your address again on my home email.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Nik Faldo Poker - Gambling Stories

Story #1 - Best laydown ever:
NPP game: Someone had called Omaha High only. I looked in my hand and had KKQT double suited. I bet and was raised by The Wall. Only one other player called, Black Bart.
The flop was [AAK] but none of my suit. I bet and The Wall raised and Bart folded.
I turned over my KK and told the Wall to take the pot as "you have AK and I am not going to draw against a made hand", doing my best Michael McDermitt impression. The Wall indeed showed his AK. That good a calling of the hand is actually a Negreanu-Herbavor impression.

Story #2 - Worst call:
NPP game: The only natural Royal Flush I ever got was in a 7-stud Deuces Wild hand. I hit the Spade Royal on 6th street and bet and raised, and re-reraised against Tolly. He had 3 eights visible. I knew he had 5 eights already. But I bet and called anyway as I just could not throw it into the muck.

Story #3 - Worst ignoring of a 'feeling':
Soaring Eagle Casino: I had just finished a 10 hour session of cards
and had turned an early -$380 into a
+$160 and was heading to the buffet with my comp.
As I was passing the craps table - literally the hairs on the back of my neck stood up and I heard my little voice say "DOUBLE FOURS!". I stop and there was a slight delay at the table as a could people got chips and made change. I reached for the new c-note I had in my pocket and had it half way to the felt when I stopped! I said to the little voice - "I just worked 10 hours for this and I am not throwing it on this craps table!"
The very next roll: 44

Story #4 - Second worse ignoring of a 'feeling':
Very Early NPP: We were playing the long time favorite 5-stud Hi/Lo with 3 buys. The pots always got huge as everyone who didn't have a hand bought to make one. Folding was out of the question as we literally counted the number of players seated to determine how many buys we could get without re-shuffling.
I had the A-high club flush and a 6 low. The pot was HUGE. I was the dealer. When the final buy round got to me, I knew I had the two visible 7 lows beat. There were a couple of all-most for sure full houses out there for high. That tingling started on the neck. I knew the next card in the deck was the 2 of clubs to give me the A-5 straight flush. I just knew it!
It actually occurred to me that the guys might thought I cheated if I threw away a lock 6-low to chase the near impossible. But I had not seen the 2 of clubs hit the board and I just 'KNEW" the next card was the miracle card of the three still in the deck.

I calmly said, "I don't buy", took my my half of the pot and peeked. The 2 of clubs was there!!!

And now you know why I never get cards in my own game anymore. I pooped on the card Gods that night. - Nik Faldo

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Faldo Wins NPP Internet #34

I owe it all to Beerhog and the relentless practice of playing him heads up at Buffalo Wild Wings and losing my butt. But it was practice at one of my many poker weaknesses, and it sure helped later.

We had two tables of four to start the night:
#1 Mikeniks(Faldo), ArticBlast, Duder and Sev4TSev
#2 Aqualung, Boother, Matchy and Nahanni

After a mere 18 hands and the first level change, we went to one table and had not lost anyone.

On hands #28 and 37 Boother cripples Aqualung, but Aqua was still above water, still holding on to a life-jacket of 16 big blinds.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Aqua above water! Get it? Life jacket?? HAHAHAHAHA!
I kill me.

On hand #61 Aqua cripples ArticBlast as his 66 gets iced by Aqua’s 99. I’m on a roll!

On hand #62 Boother raises and gets re-raised by Nahanni and Boother (8th) calls all-in with (AT), taking a shot. Nahanni has (66) and hits a full house to boot.

On hand #65 a short-stacked ArticBlast (7th) goes all-in with (A3) and is called by Aqualung’s (AJ) and gets no help.

On hand #69 a short-stacked Duder (6th) goes all-in with (T6) and is called by Matchy with (KQ) and Matchy helps himself with a [K] on the flop.

So at the break we stand:
Nahanni 3445
Matchy 3105
Aqualung 2575
Mikeniks 1545
Sev4TSev 1330

On hand #80 the new chip leader Matchy goes all-in with Nahanni (5th). Nahanni holds (22) and Matchy (KhTs). Four straight hearts come out on the flop and turn and we will not have a repeat winner.

On hand #115 Aqualung (4th) misses the flop and bluffs all-in with (Q2) against Mikeniks who had bet the flop calls with (QJ) and a [J] on the flop. Gutsy bet and a gutsy call. Sev4TSev was about even with both of us in chips and us going to war could not of made him real happy. I do not get run down and now I have some chips.

On hand #120, there is an [A and two diamonds] on the flop and Sev4TSev (3rd) goes all-in with (A8) and Matchy calls with (6d3d) and hits the flush on the river to crash the big plane.

Now to heads up:
Matchy 8000
Mikeniks 4000

By hand #150 we are even. Matchy is destracted as he is also participating in his football draft. It was great that he made it to the game in spite of the pressing commitment. A lesson 4Putt, Cigar4John and a few others could take a cue from.

By hand #160, Mikeniks has a 8500 to 3500 lead.

On hand #169, Matchy (2nd) escapes one all-in but on hand #172 Matchy runs into another hit flop for Mikeniks.

They all bet and call the flop of [6cQhJc]. Matchy is holding (KdTc) and Mikeniks (QsTs).
They both check another [Jd] on the turn, but get all-in for the river. Matchy has the straight draw and is low on chips.

But a harmless [7] falls on the river and Mikeniks-Nik Faldo gets win #2 of the year.

1st – Mikeniks (Nik Faldo)
2nd – Matchy
3rd – Sev4TSev
4th – Aqualung
5th – Nahanni
6th – Duder
7th – ArticBlast
8th – Boother

Sunday, September 02, 2007

August Internet League Standings

I got some flack for not posting everyone's record last time so I will this time.
We seem to be stuck on an average number of players at 6.5.
Now is the time to recruit for next year.
The posting is the same as before - Name, total points, points per entry average.

1st - NikFaldo 148/5.3
2nd - Boother 120/4.8
3rd - Sev4TSev 96/5.1
4th - Rownder 93/4.7
5th - Matchy 83/3.5
6th - ArticBlast 56/2.3
7th - Beerhog 50/4.5
8th - Momo 42/3.5
9th - Nahanni 38/4.8
10th - Duder 28/3.1
11th - Cigar4John 28/3.5
12th - BonAir 28/3.5
13th - Hlam14 14/2.8
14th - DavetheDog 9/3.0
15th - Aqualung 5/2.5
16th - 1stout 3/1.5
17th - SpartyToJo 1/.5
18th - Bronco76 1/1

A beautiful thing would be 18 regulars every Tuesday night.
In December we will have voting for DAY and TIME for next year.