Saturday, March 03, 2007

Nik Finishes 2nd in Sportsbook Tourney

Sportsbook has nice software. I entered this tourney expecting only SNG numbers. But at the last minute we got up to 76 players.
I played well - hit my share of hands and only took one bad beat until we were down to two.
In the big blind I looked down and saw J9 of clubs. My opponent only had 800 chips more than I did. We had been playing about a 1/2 hour heads up by this time.
My opponent just called the big blind and I limped along.
The flop was [As 9s Ac].
I bet my two pair at twice the minimum. If he had an ace, he has an ace.
When he re-raised me double, I decided he did not have an ace. I figured him for a small pair or a flush draw, so I went all-in.
After a long delay he called with T8 of spades.
The turn card was from heaven - [Ah]!
The only cards that can beat me now are tens.
Won 16 times my entry.

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Fourputt said...

Nicely done!