Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Sev4TSev Wins NPP Internet Tourney #12

For the second time since we have been doing this, we had nine players make the game!

On hand 24 Cigar4John crippled BonAir when he hit his flush. Cigar bullied the table for a while after that.

On hand 30, BonAir’s (9th) luck continued awful as he ran into Sev4TSev ‘s full house.

On hand 35, ArticBlast brought Cigar4John back to the pack when his Ko9’s full house beat C4J’s 9o8’s full house. Ouch!

On hand 40, Momo (8th), low on chips, goes all in with AQ and cannot overtake Matchy’s AKs.

On hand 60, Cigar4John (7th) goes out when his KQ does not improve over Boother’s 99.

After the break, on hand 84, a short-stacked Rownder (6th) made an all-in bluff with 43 and Matchy called him with 77. No help and we were down to the five getting NPP points.

On hand 92, ArticBlast (5th) goes down when his JT runs into Matchy’s 66 and a six hits on the flop.

On hand 97, I (4th) am low-stacked and move all in with A9. Sev4TSev had TT. I got no ace. This leaves the guys cashing.

Matchy (3rd) went all in with A6 and Sev4TSev has TT again!!!

Sev4TSev wears two-in-a-row champ Boother down and finally gets all the money in with AA against Boother’s (2nd) 46s. No help and 747 is the new champ. Next game; HORSE

Here are the new standings:

1st – Boother 69
2nd – Matchy 49
3rd – Mikeniks 46
4th – Rownder 45
5th – Cigar4John 28
6th – Sev4Sev 27
7th – Beerhog 24
8th – Momo 22
9th – Hlam14 10
10th – BonA1r 7
11th – Artic Blast 6
12th – DavetheDog 1
13th – SpartyTojo 1
14th – Bronco76 1


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Anonymous said...

I 2nd Boother's comment!!


Anonymous said...

I actually enjoy horse, its good for the brain to think about more than 2 cards once in a while.

Fourputt said...

Horse? Well that leaves me out for next week. Thanks a pantload.

Nik Faldo said...

We had Holdem for two months and you were a no show. Nice try 4Putt.
So you can leave your apron on for Tuesday.