Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Nik Finishes 11th of 20 in Boother Tourney

I would be remiss if I did not report on the great time and tournament Boother put on and I was invited to the last Saturday in February. It is an absolutely great game, great fun, good guys and nice atmoshere. There are 8 video and pinball machines to keep you entertained prior to 'shuffle up and deal' and during breaks. A big screen TV on the wall is a great feature.

It is BYOB but Boother has a nice supply of liquior also. Isn't that right Beerhog?

I ended up being the bubble boy for starting the cash game because when I got knocked out, the tourney went to one table of 10. Boother's game is run the opposite of NPP. We normally play limit til midnight and then have a quick NL Tourney to close out the night.

Boother's game starts with a good deal of chips and a decent blind structure for the Holdem NL tourney. Once the tourney gets to one table, the NL ring game begins for all those interested.

As for NPP representing, Beerhog cashed in 4th which got his entry back. But he was a little too under the weather to get in the cash game.

My tourney play was fine but it is hard to make it to the cash when you go all-in four times with the best hand and only win once. I got knocked out when my QQ lost to bigger stack with A3 suited. I didn't fare any better in the cash game, losing just a little blind money. Better luck and playing next time.

Maybe Beerhog can shed some light on how going clockwise on the roundabout looks.


Anonymous said...

Hopefully Boother will report on his action in the WSOP qualifier that he is at in Atlantic City right now.

beerhog said...

boothers game is great. i am on the do not return list thanks to matchy pointing out that jack daniels is on the priority drink list. for all of you npp players i highly recommend you check it out.


Anonymous said...

Hog-If they put every drunk on the do not return list @ Boother's house then even Boother couldn't play. I have lost my fine motor skills (unable to shuffle due to being overserved) a few times there myself. Good luck to y'all at NPP on Saturday, I will be thinking of you as I am battling it out in my $10 euchre tourney!

Anonymous said...

Here is my tip for you guys at NPP tonight...if you have 2 pair Herb has 3 of a kind, if you have a straight he has a flush, if you have a flush he has a boat. If you happen to play Razz then simply reverse the above.