Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Boother Repeats!!! Wins NPP Internet Tourney #11

Eight players showed this night. Great job guys.
The play was strangely conservative early. Then all heck broke loose.

Hand 27, I folded what would of been two pair, but ArticBlast hit trips. I dodged that bullet.

Hand 28, I hit a flush on the turn but smelled Matchy's full house on the river and avoided elimimation.

Two hands in a row Poker Stars tried to kill me.

Hand 30 I folded top pair to double raises and a straight was hit. Bullet three whizzed by! Then the fireworks started twice the hands later.

Hand 60 finally got us a casualty as I knocked out Artic Blast(8th). He was a little low stacked and raised me all in with A2s. My QJ hit a Q on the flop and Artic was gone.

Hand 70, Boother knocked out Hlam (7th) when his K8 outlasted Hlam's Q8.

Hank 73, Boother's AK knocked out BonAir's (6th) KJ.

On hand 81, we had a rare 3-man all in: Boother AT, Matchy AA (5th) and Momo 77.
Momo hit the straight and Matchy was out.

Hand 84, I got knocked out (4th) when my AJ hit an ace on the flop and Boother two paired with his A6.

Hand 86, Rounder's (3rd) two pair lost to Boother's full house.

Momo (2nd) and Boother battled for another 20 minutes heads up before Boother's AK beat Momo's A7.

Great job guys! And congrats to repeat winner Boother.

1st - Boother
2nd - Momo
3rd - Rownder
4th - mikeniks (Nik Faldo)
5th - Matchy
6th - BonAir
7th - Hlam
8th - Artic Blast


Anonymous said...

Wow, that Boother is a Table Killa!!! He took out 5 of the 7 dudes!!!

Fourputt said...

Boother is awesome. I wanna have his baby!!!!