Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Boother Wins This Week's Internet (#10) Tourney

I got the report from Matchy. Your host missed the tourney as he was driving back from Ohio. I spent the day and part of the evening watching parts move thru a paint line and into containers for air shipment to California. What fun!

Only four made it to the game. And we got a new player! Welcome Bon Air and sorry I couldn't welcome you in person.

The standings were as follows:

1st - Boother
2nd - Bon Air
3rd - Matchy
4th - Artic Blast

I'll make the game NL Holdem for next Tuesday. - Nik Faldo


Anonymous said...

I think my recent victory says something about the level of my game....put me in a $300 or $500 tourney and I can't do crap.....put $10 on the line for the winner and I clean up!!!


p.s. No limit hold'em for next week!!

Anonymous said...

Even the sun shines on a dog's ass sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Boy that is an uncharacteristic comment! Nik are you getting hacked again? Whom ever it was did not have the stones to sign it.

Nik Faldo said...

I'm sure whoever said it was just cracking wise or I would not of approved the comment.

Easy way to find out. It was someone not playing Tuesday. lol