Sunday, March 11, 2007

1st NPP Game of 2007 Was a Great Time!

Six regulars made it and we got started right on time.

Beerhog explained his wrong way round-about excursion.

Herb asked about the 4Putt open dates and itinerary.

Larry P. made sure the next NPP night was a good night for him.

Tojo explained how he took 1st in two tourneys in Vegas and cashed in a 3rd! He said he owed it all to the players at NPP and bought the pizza in appreciation. Nice touch!

I explained how 4Putt and CigarJohn's kitchen passes expire after 4 hours, so it was either the golf show or the poker game. The guys at the table explained to me that both 4Putt and Cigar are 3 light-flo day pads short of a full box of tampons.

Sev4Sev didn't know what 'we were all doing' in the card game. So he just took our money.

Tim [Sev4Sev] took the honors as top ring player, but he was the first out in the tourney, getting no cards at all. Even with no tourney cash, Tim was still the big winner.

Beerhog won the tourney, taking down Herbavor's two pair with a straight. For what it's worth, I finished 3rd, underestimating Beerhog's hand.

A great time was had but it was a shorter night than usual as I type this at 1:45 am.

Next game at NPP is April 14, 6pm.

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beerhog said...

great pizza tojo. thanks.....

my hands are always great faldo.