Sunday, August 07, 2011

Faldo’s “Go To” Cigar – Licenciados

Pronounced: “lee’cen cia dos”

THIS is the puro a cigar store owner thrust into my hand as a freebie. As a cigar smoker – heck a smoker of anything – “newbie”, I had been turned off by the strong, heavy cigars my buddies were getting me to try on the golf course.

This cigar starts off very mild, some may even say bland. But as it goes, the flavor kicks up, but the mildness stays! Let me give you some information from places that sell Licenciados:

“The Licenciados cigar is a mild to medium flavored cigar that uses a Connecticut wrapper. Both wrapper and the tobacco are from the Dominican Republic and the cigar is manufactured by in that country (Santiago) too, by MATASA. It was blended by Manuel Quesada. Senor Quesada’s goal was to make a Macanudo, with a little stronger flavor.”

Well, in this writer’s opinion, he did BETTER than that! Not only is the flavor better than the Macanudo (kind of a nutty flavor), but the cigar stays mild with no bitterness all the way to the nub! Another review:

“Though the production of Licenciados cigars stated manufacture only in early 90s in 1994, it won a major accolade for its quality.

Cigar Aficionado Magazine gave them a score of 93 for the cigar. This is the first time a cigar manufactured outside Cuba was given such high regard by this respected magazine. This was the highest rating given to a cigar manufactured outside Cuba at that time.”

And from Mike’s Cigars [see link on right side of blog], whom Faldo usually purchases them from:

“Licenciados is our best selling cigar. It was made to taste like a Macanudo but adds up a notch on the flavor. Creamy and full of nutty flavors is exactly the way we wanted it. It's a tad richer than a Macanudo and a lot more interesting.

The Cigar Aficionado Magazine rated Licenciados the highest rating ever given to a non-Cuban cigar. That 93 decoration was a real landmark sensation because up to that time those top ratings were exclusively reserved to Cuban cigars only. Licenciados proved to be the pioneer brand which paved the way to many other Dominican made cigars on the road to stardom and recognition.”

Faldo has tried many other cigars and have found a couple that are worthy to be “in stock” in Faldo’s storage humidor, or purchased when a "deal" can be had.

Because, after all, you can try other cigars and your "main" cigar doesn't get pissed, leave and take half of what you own with it.

But my “go to” cigar, whether it is for after dinner, on the golf course, at the cigar bar or writing blog posts on my deck – it’s Licenciados.


Anonymous said...

start handing those puppies out at the next NPP poker game!!!! I mean real NPP too, Faldo's house!!


Anonymous said...

I need a tolly card!!!

Anonymous said...

Licenciados is a fine choice for the ladies.

Real men prefer a cigar with flavor.

Nik Faldo said...

Ouch! Another comment like that and Faldo will hit you with his pink cigar "carry all".