Thursday, August 04, 2011

The Faldo Report on Poker and Golf – Beerhog’s Outing Coming Up!!!

Rumors were confirmed that Davethedog, aka, 4-putt, aka, Gilligan – is out there practicing for the Beerhog Open Outing on August 13th. Details for the outing on the right side of the blog.

Now if Davethedog can make it, you can too. How about a Boother 4-some? How about a Douge2 4-some? How about a Cigar4John – No Pants 4-some?

It’s a great time. Did I mention the free beer?

Golf has been a funny game for me as of late. A month ago, I was shooting rounds in the 70’s consistently. I even traveled to another course other than my home; Hartland Glen, and shot an 81 (Links of Whitmore Lake). So I was as they say, “In the zone.”

But, it has been up and down since then. Try these rounds; 79, 93, 74, 86. I have not exactly benn playing very consistent. Now the 93 was shot at Huntmore, which is the first time I played there. That would add maybe five strokes to the score. And we were playing the “Blues” – which made it a longer course than anything at HG.

But that was no excuse for the lousy iron shots, poor chipping and miserable putting. I literally had no clue where the next shot was going to end up. And three 3-putts is unacceptable at any time. I just “didn’t have it” that day and I need to try that course again!

The 86 was the result of just plain butchering three holes. A pure slice of an iron, a drop and a 3-putt. A “skulled” lob wedge into the woods. And a “hero” shot attempt that when into the woods, rattled around in the woods on TWO escape attempts, and a poor chip once out.

I don’t usually butcher holes. I bogey – A LOT! – but blowing up on holes is unusual for me.

What has been consistent is my driver! Very few “uglies” from the tee, and if you are in play, you got a chance.

On the poker side, Faldo did score a 10th in a 2400 player re-buy tourney on (200+15) PokerStars. Yes it was play chips, but after the re-buy, there is very little difference in how people play – except everyone takes a coin flip for stacks when available.

I got in at around 8pm not ever planning on re-buying. I never did and did not add on either. Obviously playing well and winning coin flips when necessary got me to 2.5 million chips with 10 players left – 5 at each table.

I get AK unsuited on the button. The UTG player with 4 million chips moves all in and the next guy folds.

Well, Faldo tells himself, “He’s got AA or KK. Maybe QQ – maybe (I would have guessed KK if you forced me to choose). I could be in a coin flip or dominated. Easy fold and wait for a better spot. First place is 750,000 free chips. Tenth is 32,000 free chips. Real money, I fold.

But it is 3am and to win this will take me to probably 5am, and I am golfing Huntmore at 11am…………….I call!”

He has AA of course and I get to go to bed. As you already know, the added sleep didn’t help me at all.


Bigbrimar said...

Nice 4Putt, your clubs look more macho than last year.

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking that 4Putt would like that no-pants foursome...TWHS
you can take 4Putt out of Ferndale, butt you can't take Ferndale out of 4Putt!!!