Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Community Card Review - Democrats are Liars and Traitors

Of this there is no debate. Anyone still supporting the Democrat Party needs to be deported, arrested for treason (we are at war) or put in a mental institution for the criminally stupid. Pure and simple.

How is this for a coordinated effort by the liberal media to get the talking point of the Democrats out there:

"The Republicans are holding hostage the credit of the United States of America." – said seven Democrats to their lapdog media, who promptly got the seven “different” quotes on their news shows.

"The only belt being tightened is around the neck of those hostages, the American people." - Democrat #8

"No other American president has been held hostage." - Jesse Jackson Jr., Democrat and communist #9.

Jesse, that piece of shit Obama never had a debt plan and never offered one, you stupid silly son of a bitch! And his budget that was two and a half years late was defeated in a DEMOCRAT dominated Senate 93 to 0, you dumbass!

But by all means Media, get a quote from this complete waste of planet space, and broadcast it so Americans who happen to be black - and racist, and stupid - get riled up.

"The Republicans are holding our economy hostage." - Harry Reid and another six other communists in the Democrat Party. Total quotes now to 16.

"Don't hold America hostage." - Chuck Schumer and another communist #18.

"The Republicans are holding the debt ceiling hostage." - Nancy Pelosi, communist #19. The only thing 19 on Pelosi is her IQ.

I don’t want to hear any more crap from Democrats about civility and compromise. Didn’t we just get a lecture from the Democrats about “working together” and then they come out with these quotes? Well, you want to rumble Democrats? I’m your huckleberry.

Does the entire Democrat cabal use a teleprompter? Not a fresh thought in the entire party. They are just a bunch of parrots, sheep and donkeys.

The Democrats are making the disgusting attempt to turn the Tea Party Republicans into the equivalent of the biggest modern day threat to our country, by saying the Tea Party are using tactics that hurt innocent people. This is a standard Democrat play - say their opponents are doing - what actually what the Democrats ARE doing.

And the entire premise was built on a lie anyway. The United States was never going to default if we did not raise OUR OWN DEBT CEILING! Deciding to go further in debt (planning to borrow even more) has nothing to do with making payments on your debt. If you are going to ignore your own "stop signs" every time - why have them?

Nothing is a bigger threat to innocent people than the spending the Democrats have done in their two years of complete power. Children not born yet are $100,000 in debt, if they decide to work and pay taxes.

The Tea Party Republicans are only trying to Constitutionally make a budget (which the Democrats never did for 2 years) and halt the destruction of our nation in a river of debt. THAT is what they were elected to do – save the nation from Democrats.

The Democrats want to continue to drive us off the cliff, but they say the Republicans are causing the problems by being the adults in the room trying to fix the problem.

Who is the actual hostage taker here? Who is kidnapping the wealth of people not yet born, let alone alive right now? Do you want to talk about who is the real enemy to our country? It is Democrats and every single one of their voters – either thru ignorance or design. It no longer makes any difference to me.

What do you call a president that has manufactured a 16% unemployment rate?

What do you call a president that purposely stagnated the nation’s economic growth rate of less than 1%, when we need a minimum of 3% just to have enough jobs for the people leaving school?

What do you call a president who’s polices doubled the price of gasoline since he took office?

What do you call a president who sold a “stimulus package” on the premise of it creating “shovel ready” jobs to rebuild the nation’s infrastructure, then gave the money to his union buddies for their pension funds, then laughed later that there is no such thing as a “shovel ready” job. Then, the same day the debt ceiling is raised he calls for a new “stimulus package” and increased taxes to pay for the rebuilding of our “infrastructure?”

I call Obama what he is: a communist, a traitor to this country and a lying bucket of cow manure.

My apologies to all cow manure for the inference.

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