Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Faldo Finished 9th and 6th in Poker4Ever Freerolls

Poker4Ever (P4E) is still open to US players. I have very little bling in there (and not going to deposit any), but I have enough to be allow enter their few freerolls (FR). This one had 548 players in it.

Now the usual problem still exists with FR – especially those at P4E. Half the table (5 to 6 players) are sitting out and for the first 2 to 3 blind levels, the other two players are moving all-in with any two cards.

In addition, the blinds increase quickly – so the strategy of those 2 or 3 players at the start of the tourney is not necessarily a bad one. But I prefer to wait until I have two cards that at least are bigger than a 9 and live in the same general neighborhood or are the same color. Call me prejudice with poker cards.

After the initial carnage in the first three rounds of blinds, the game switches gears. The tight players still remain tight however.

The “lucky” all-in rabbits now have a lot of chips and tighten up to lock down mode. They now only play premium hands trying to trap the rocks and wait out the blinds, which are chewing up the stacks with super – turbo increases.

Here is where Faldo pounces. If I survived, I usually have the perfect middle stack. If my pocket nines, AQ and a suited Ace have held up, and I am still around, I am the other player’s worst nightmare.

My own tight image scares the rocks and the rabbits alike. The rocks still have a decent stack (they think) and won’t play because they figure I have something and don’t want to get knocked out. The former rabbits now have big stacks, but don’t want to get crippled by my medium one in a coin flip.

If my strategy is successful, I grow my medium army to a large army just stealing the blinds of the people sitting out.

We started with 548 players. We have 280 left, but when the sitter-outers (SOs) are blinded away, the player number drops to 120 in literally 2 hands! By this time in the tourney the blinds are really high, the SOs are gone and the real turbo tourney can begin.

I finished 9th in the hand just after the 10-player final table started when my AKs got called and beat by 44 and JJ. The other loser had less chips than me.

My 6th place finish was a real ugly beat. My 9h 9s tripped on the flop of [9d Ac 8c] and the villain called with (As 4c). Two more clubs came runner – runner.

I thought ONLY PokerStars did this to me – and only on Tuesday Night against Theedouble*d?

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