Monday, August 15, 2011

The 20 Dumbest Things in Sports – Part 1

This should have made the list: Simona Halep had breast reduction surgery! I get tears in my eyes every time I think about it.

20. Basketball - Regular Season College and Pro – A waste of time to watch. How many jump shots, free throws, and in Pro basketball - loafing and walking - can you witness? See the You Tube “Slamball.” It is a far better game! I might actually attend that. On second thought, I still wouldn’t.

19. LeBron James, Dwayne Wade…and ‘the other guy’. – It was so over the top coverage. And for what? This would have a higher ranking if I gave a care about basketball. See above.

18. USFL and XFL – Talk about flooding the market. Now if the CFL was smart (but they are Canadian, so never mind), they would change their rules to match the NFL and become farm teams for the NFL. A triple win for the fans, the owners and the players I think.

17. “Offsides” rule, Shootouts and faking injuries in soccer – How is a defender allowed to save himself from being beaten on a play by running away from the goal he is supposed to defend? This is a stupid rule.

How about changing soccer so there is more scoring? Then you would not need those boring shootouts – or worse, acting like you got killed because you got tripped? How va-jay-jay is that??

But the soccer players act like 4 year olds on a playground wanting their mommies - in hopes of getting a penalty kick – just to show a little offense.

These would be lower on the list too – if soccer mattered at all.

16. Hockey Playoffs in June and July. – Come on. Winter is over. I can’t even watch the playoffs because I am on the golf course. Cut the season down or do two-nighters in the same city to cut travel days. Get a clue NHL (which has the dumbest top management in pro sports. More proof later.)

15. Bad Hockey Markets – Two teams in Florida?? Really? And Pheonix is a disaster. Still more proof later.

14. The “Wave” – If it is not dead yet, it should be. I am trying to watch the game and I don’t need to have people jumping up every 30 seconds! Sit down you idiots.

13. Ten-cent Beer Night – Yeah, that works out just fine – IF you are starting a riot or attracting Democrat voters (which leads to a violent riot). Only the drinkers, free-loaders and troublemakers attend these. Like I said; the Democrat voting block.

12. NFL touchdown celebrations – You are a grown man doing a job. Act like you have been successful before. Besides, you would not have scored the touchdown without a lot of help from others. Grow up. See video on how the great Barry Sanders acted after a touchdown run.

11. Shootouts in Pro Hockey – There was nothing wrong with a hard fought tie. This is a pathetic marketing trick. But at least they can be a little entertaining. Even MORE proof of a dumb NHL to come.

The TOP ten a little later.

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