Tuesday, August 09, 2011

The Community Card Review - USA Down-graded...by Democrats/Liberals/Communists

The United States credit rating was down-graded for the FIRST time in history.

Who has been in charge of our government and treasury the last two and a half years?

The Democrats.

The Speaker of the Senate and real estate deal cheating Harry Reid took to the microphones and blamed “the lack of tax increases, oil companies and private jet owners” as the reason for the down grade.

Note to Harry “real estate cheat and liar” Reid; IF you took every cent from every American who has over $1 million dollars in income, you could run the nation on YOUR spending policies for less than six months….then you would be out of money AGAIN!

Harry - and the rest of you class envy communists who vote Democrat - you could do this exactly once. Then no one would have any big piles of money for you to take.

Let’s stick to facts:

Fact: Obama took over a nation with a AAA rating and spent us into a down-grade in just in two and a half years.

Fact: The US citizens do not have the combined wealth to confiscate (tax) us out of this mess.

Fact: The only way to save our credit rating, our wealth and our nation is to fire every Democrat in 2012.

Every time we elect a Democrat president and Democrat congress, our nation goes into a depression. Every time.

When will the citizens of this nation EVER learn?

The answer to this rhetorical question to about one-third of our citizens is actually NEVER. Liberalism is a mental illness. Facts cannot enter the brain of a liberal. History is irrelevant to a liberal. Destruction right before a liberal’s eyes is ignored.

Liberals are not only mentally ill, but more dangerous than the worst psychopaths due to their numbers and the institutions they infest (education, the media, entertainment and government).

PS: Your government is making plans to confiscate your retirement/IRA’s/pensions. They will offer a deal to turn the money over to them for a guaranteed 3% a year increase, or you can take your money now at a 50% to 75% tax rate, but never be able to ever get another cent from the government.

Start thinking about your choice my fellow slaves. You are about to become complete wards of the government.

How is that Hope and Change working out for you?


Anonymous said...

The FACT here is that Obama inherited this mess from bush!,

Nik Faldo said...

And made it worse. Debt went from 10 trillion to 14 trillion in less than 3 years.

Unemployment from 5% to 14%.

Gas doubled in price.

Obama is happy with the progress he has made. His supporters are mad that it is not happening faster.

The people with just 3 active brain cells now realize our nation is on the verge of collapse and it is being done on purpose by a communist president and party that wants to rule.

Anonymous said...

Bush debt: 10 trillion

Obama debt: 14 trillion

Who created more?

It's also a fact that Obama had to spend to get out of the Bush recession.

Nik Faldo said...

Bush didn't make 10 trillion in debt. He did let it grow to 10 trillion by not fighting the Democrats in Congress.

But let's pretend he grew it all. That is 10 in 8 years. That means Bush grew the debt by $1.25 Trillion for every year as president.

Obama grew the debt 4 trillion in 2 years, or $2 trillion for every year as president.

And you cannot "spend" out of a recession. Besides that, we never got out of a recession. If Bush's 5% unemployment is a "recession" what is Obama's 14% called.

So he had to spend did he? What did he spend it on that helped?