Monday, August 29, 2011

Enjoying Cigars – La Flor de Caney

This is Faldo’s number two cigar behind Licenciados.

This is a slightly stronger cigar, and it is about the same price as the Licenciados. This means it will not break your wallet to buy a box of these, and it competes in quality with the best of them.

La Flor de Caney is an old Cuban brand now made in the Dominican Republic and released in 2001 by Mike’s Cigars. It went on sale one time at the same time I was stocking up on Licenciados, so I bought a box.

When I tried it - and liked it - I was happy that I now had a ‘heavier’ cigar that I enjoyed. So of course I had to research where the cigar came from and was shocked to learn that the master blender was none other than Manuel Quesada.

Senor Quesada is personally responsible for the Licenciados, Fonseca and Casa Blanca brands also. La Flor de Caney is made with the finest tobacco from the Cibao valley in the Dominican Republic, with Cameroon wrapper aged in tercio, letting the leaves sweat in their own juices for the entire aging process. This is a top quality medium bodied cigar at a non-top quality price.

La Flor del Caney comes in the standard sizes; Churchill – 7”x 50, Lonsdale – 6.5”x43, Toro (Faldo’s favorite) – 6”x 50, Corona – 5.5” x 43.

It also has a “Bouquet” size – 4 3/4 x 59 – with a unique bulge in the center (twss). This is a nice size cigar for a ‘quick smoke’.

La Flor del Caney is one of the best coming out of the Matasa factory. Don’t judge this product by the price (around $75 a box of 25). This is one of the best in the market today. If it was sold by a major company this cigar would be over $100.00 a box.

Faldo did try the Fonseca and the Casa Blanca brands by Manuel Quesada. I’ll go ahead and report on both of those on the next cigar report.


Cigar4John said...

Are they chockfull of flavor when you 3-putt?

Nik Faldo said...

Yes, and get thrown into the pond when I 4-putt.

Speaking of 4-putt, I hear he traded his golf clubs in for knitting needles and a bikini wax kit? Rumor?

Fourputt said...

I see a Saturday cigar lunch in our future