Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The 20 Dumbest Things in Sports – The Top 10

10B. Soccer is dumber than basketball. There, I said it.

10. Sideline reporters and sideline interviews– Canned responses and a total waste of time. I would rather watch the cheerleaders.

9. Four NFL Pre-season games – Two too many.

8. Spring Major League Baseball games in cold weather cities - Just too dumb, and for no reason. Does it make sense to pull all your multi-million dollar athletes from where they were just playing in 80 degree weather at half speed, and drop them in 40 degree weather to go full speed? Real smart.

7. Touch up “icing” in pro hockey – broken legs and ankles for no good reason at all. Someone will get killed before they change it – the very next day. So why wait? Because the NHL is stupid. I still have even MORE proof of how stupid the owners and the NHL league is. Be patient.

6. World Series in November – THIS will happen someday. >>>> Let’s say it’s a Chicago Cubs – Boston Red Sox match up where game after game is called because of SNOW – and when they do play – its 20 degrees outside. Cut the schedules and have the season end the first week of October. See #8.

5. Super Bowl Halftime Show – Turn in your Man-card if you watch this annual disaster of an event. Pathetic. All the women and children want to watch it. I rest my case.

4. All-Star Games – They all suck. Even baseball’s is a joke. The players want the time off. Give it to them. Getting voted as an all-star is the honor, not playing the game. It turns into three more days of more work, more travel and more idiotic interviews with idiot interviewers.

3. Astro-turf – The stuff today is great and I guess Astro-turf was the Model-T of fake grass. But a thin rubber mat over cement - with no give what so ever – was just wrong! Owners who used it should have been sued or made to play sports on it themselves. But just until their knees and joints were destroyed - like in a week.

2. The BCS – Two more games is all we are asking for. After the bowls, have the coaches vote on who are the four best teams. Coaches in the "top 10" BCS poll get no vote, and the named ballots would be published. Get it done. It would be as big as the Super Bowl. Hey…..that might be the reason it is not done.

1. Instigator rule in Pro Hockey – The NHL always determines what the hardcore hockey fan likes about the game, and then proceeds to eliminate that aspect from the game. “The game within the game” is what the true hockey fan lives for during the regular season. When the new gunfighter was going to face the old guard “policeman”, you could feel the electricity in the air. The NHL saw this and said it had to go.

So you see, it is not just Congress and Democrat voters that are brain dead stupid. The NHL ties them in that department.

Urinating on the people who support you, and telling them it is raining, only works just so long. Unless you are Democrat that is.


Matchy said...

The WNBA did not make your list...therefore your list is flawed.

Nik Faldo said...

Great point! Forgive me. But I barely recognise basketball as a sport worth watching, let alone women's sports where they are not 3/4's naked.

Fourputt said...

#7. Why does the zamboni machine smoothing out the ice lead to broken ankles?