Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Community Card Review - Democrats Are on the Warpath. Get Prepared to Engage - or Lose Your Country

An Ohio Democrat government official proudly placing communists on his office wall.

Democrat Maxine Waters of California said that the Tea Party members “can go straight to hell!” I guess she missed the Obama speech on civility.

Of course Obama didn’t hear to his own speech he read off the teleprompter as he told his supporters to “go to war” against the Republicans.

All the Tea Party - and most of the Republicans want - is for our government to actually follow the Constitution. Democrats can’t stand the Constitution. It is an impediment to the dictatorship the Democrats desire.

A few weeks ago, the NAACP celebrated a 102 year anniversary in Los Angeles. President Benjamin Todd Jealous set the agenda for the organization for the coming year.

Looking out over the disaster that is the Obama Administration, Jealous tells the audience that the number one issue for Americans who happen to be Black (AWHTBB) is voting rights.

Voting rights????? Really???

Jealous called for his liberal racist group to mobilize to “stop restrictive laws that oppress voting rights for AWHTBB.” He claimed these laws were every bit as bad as the Jim Crow laws Southern Democrats once enforced.

Of course he forgot to mention that it WAS the Southern DEMOCRATS passing and enforcing the Jim Crow laws. This piece of history must have slipped his mind. An honest mistake I'm sure.

The actual new voting laws just require voters to show photo ID at the polls. It has nothing to do with race. It has to do with stopping voter fraud - which is a way of life in Democrat districts and is on page ONE of their playbook. As the Democrat hero Joseph Stalin said, "It is not voters that win elections, but who counts them."

With AWHTBB unemployment over 16%, the recession getting worse, the housing market in the tank, over 50% of AWHTBB never graduate high school and a test cheating scandal in the Atlanta school system where AWHTBB students were used as pawns to get government money - and Ben Jealous thinks voting rights are the number one concern for AWHTBB???

Obama met with Jealous and Jealous gave is "voting rights" speech two days later.

Here is the real deal. The Obama Administration is deathly worried about AWHTBB voter apathy in this coming election. The "hope" was not delivered and the "change" made everything worse.

The AWHTBB voter base is actually demoralized. They had a Black president and a Democrat Congress in full control of the government - and life for AWHTBB's got much MUCH worse.

The true sign of mental illness is doing the exact same failed policies over and over again and expecting a different result.

Which explains liberalism.

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Nik Faldo said...

There was an earthquake felt in Washington, DC. It was all of our founding fathers and war veterans - TURNING OVER IN THEIR GRAVES!

They lived and died for our freedom and some of you are throwing it all away. Most are looking the other way.

Thanks a pantload.