Tuesday, March 01, 2011

ThePunk75 Wins his 9th NPP Tilt and Gets Back in the 1st Quarter Race!

Besting the other 19 players on a crazy night of action and cards. PokerStars was on steroids, even for PokerStars. I of course didn’t catch every hand, but what I did was ….crazy!

My luck was rancid again early. I may quit PokerStars and join CoinFlipStars or RockPaperScissorsStars after tonight.

But everyone got their share of bad beats tonight. Some kept getting dealt monsters, while others kept flopping monsters. And while you may have “got the bear” the first few times, the bear “got you” eventually – except for ThePunk75.

We had a new player join us, who played mute. No one claimed Jps48 as their own. JP, email Faldo a note please.

Coming back to the NPP tables after too long an absence was BigDaddyTman and Sirgash. Welcome back.

On to the NPP action:

10 min: Theedouble*d (20th) sees his (7s 5s) hit the flop-turn of [6545] but run into Meatsword’s (44). This trend goes on all night long.

17 min: Mikeniks-Faldo (19th). No comment. At least nothing printable or even rational.
33 min: xxxKdogxxx (18th) Missed it. Busy mixing my 5th drink since my elimination.
36 min: Suetman1 (17th) sees her (AJ) flop a top pair against Meatsword who flops bottom pair and a flush draw – that gets there.

46 min: A short-stacked (SS) Douge2 (16th) doesn’t hit his flush draw against 95corolla with (33).

47 min: A SS Messingagirl1 (15th) goes with (KJ) but loses to Nahanni74 with (A7).
50 min: KingBing420 (14th) misses the final table for the first time. Nice run Lady.
53 min: BigDaddyTman (13th) – for not playing much, he is still in the hunt.
56 min: Derf-63 (12th)

1st break:
ThePunk75 4567
Meatsword 4410
95corolla 3757
LittleRedElf 3682
Jps48 2853
Absea98 2688
Sirgash 2065
BKywko1 2030
T3chlady 1875
Nahanni74 1673
Tigercub8189 400

64 min: Jps48 (11th) flops a set with (55), but ThePunk75 flops a straight (86).
67 min: Tigercub8189 (10th)
85 min: A SS BKrywko1 (9th) goes with (44) but loses the coin flip to Meatsword’s (KT) with a [T] on the flop. This happens a ton down the stretch.

88 min: A SS 95corolla (8th) sees his (JT) run into Sirgash’s (AJ).
103 min: A SS Meatsword (7th) is on the other end this time when his (KK) gets run down by ThePunk75’s (88) with an [8] on the flop.

108 min: A SS T3chlady (6th) goes with (Ad Jd) and loses to Absea98’s (A6) with a [6] on the flop. Told you. It continues too.

110 min: A SS LittleRedElf (5th) goes with (AT) but Sirgash calls with (Ks Qs) and flops a [Q].

112 min: Nahanni74 (4th) goes with (JJ) and loses to Sirgash’s (A4) with an [A] on the flop.

118 min: Absea98 (3rd) has to go with (77) and loses as ThePunk75’s (As Qs) hits an [A] on the flop.

Heads up: ThePunk75 18000 - 12000 Sirgash

2nd break:
ThePunk75 17297
Sirgash 12703

122 min: Sirgash (2nd) pushes with (J9) with a board of [J54T], but runs into ThePunk75’s (TT)!

Congratulations to ThePunk75 on his 9th NPP!

1st – ThePunk75 – 24 points
2nd – Sirgash – 19 points
3rd – Absea98 – 15 pts
4th – Nahanni74 – 12 pts
5th – LittleRedElf – 9 pts
6th – T3chlady – 7 pts
7th – Meatsword – 5 pts
8th – 95corolla – 4 pts
9th – BKrywko1 – 3 pts

Every one else earned one (1) point. Standings on the right side of the blog!


pre01 said...

Good job, Punk. Wish I could've joined you all but last night was my once a month live game - and I did not fare well. Looking forward to next week!

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