Thursday, March 03, 2011

T3chlady Has Success in Biloxi!

Beau Rivage Main Hall

Here is the lady’s report:

“Beau Rivage is my new favorite place. I came with $1500 and left with $2500. The place is stunning and the poker room very busy.

First night – Wed Feb 23.

I sat down at the 1-2 table and in the first half hour lost my $100 buy-in to two opponents who flushed on either the turn or river. I had 2 pair and trips respectively.

Well I settled down, bought in again and after 5 hours had built my stack up to $580.

During the evening I had some really great hands quad jacks and then jacks again against QQ when J82 flopped and then the board paired for the FH.

The 5 hours gave us a free entry into their noon tournament today but I busted out early with QQ against KK. I couldn’t get away from the hand when the flop was rainbow with all low cards.

The casino does not take a rake, but rather charges $6 per half hour play to all players. So really they punish the losers where a rake punishes the winners. It works out ok if you win enough to cover it.

Second night – Thurs Feb 24

I’m up $500 today thanks to a monster hand. I thought I was the BB and put my $2 out there. Dealer said it had to stay. OK, I had (Qc Jc).

Flop was [8c 9s 10c] - almost a straight flush! Button pushes with trip 10s. $135 to call and I called.

The next guy over goes all-in with (Ac Kc) clubs. I call with my last $60. $500+ pot, {and no one runs her down!}. Whoo hoo!

Second Day – Thursday Feb 24
Thursday night I had a short session at the poker room and quickly lost $100 (a cooler after my earlier win).

Third Day – Friday Feb 25

Friday morning I entered a tournament and was out early again so I went to the cash table after a short break and lost another $100.

Deciding to regroup, I went for a walk around the hotel, took some pictures and played slots for a while. After a wonderful dinner at a Japanese hibachi restaurant here at the hotel I went back for one last try.

I’m very happy I did. I sat down at 7:30 PM and by 8:00 my hundred dollars was 200.00 after hitting a straight and a flush.

Nothing much happened until about 10 PM when my stack had grown to 300 in some small pots and I commented to the fellows next to me (who also had been doing very well) that I wanted to double up and go to bed.

Shortly after that I was dealt AA and raised early to $12. Two big stack callers

Flop was [A23] rainbow. I stared at it. Long pause. I knew these guys could have anything and 45o was certainly within the realm of possibility. So I raised!

My bet was about $30. First person folded. Second person reraised and I called.

[8] on the turn. No flush in sight. Then I bet again, He called.

The river paired the board [2] for Aces full of 2s. He raised. I pushed. He called, showing (AJ). $625 pot. Yes!!

Can’t wait to go back.”

Thanks for the report T3chlady. Thanks for representing NPP so well too!

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