Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Beerhog Returns to Win His 10th NPP Tilt!

Besting the other 23 players as NPP picked up some much appreciated traffic.

Returning to the NPP felt wars was Beerhog, Nixi44, Merhibka and Rjmech.

Joining NPP for the first time was 99Raw99 and Crabbyjoe154. Welcome to NPP. Glad to have you with us.

Another fine showing by LittleRedElf kept him in the 1st quarter lead with two rounds left. But he has many fine players breathing down his neck in the stretch. It will be an exciting finish for sure.

On to the NPP action:

5 min: Derf-63 (24th) goes with (AT) and runs into 99Raw99’s (AK).
10 min: KingBing420 (23rd) Missed it; playing my own hand.
21 min: Theedouble*d (22nd) loses a coin flip (55) as Merhibka pairs his Ace (AK).
32 min: Nixi44 (21st) gets double-teamed by K9isadog and the winner Suetman1.
40 min: Meatsword (20th)
48 min: Rjmech (19th)

1st break:
Beerhog 3830
Tomservo2 3745
LittleRedElf 3240
Mikeniks-Faldo 2760
Suetman1 2722
Tommydoo 2515
Tigercub8189 2350
99Raw99 2065
Nahanni74 2055
BigDaddyTman 2048
Merhibka 1875
Crabbyjoe154 1745
95corolla 1585
K9isadog 990
ThePunk75 970
Absea98 820
T3chlady 545
Messinagirl1 140

62 min: T3chlady (18th) has to go with (QQ) and runs into Beerhog’s (AA).
67 min: Messinagirl1 (17th)
68 min: Nahanni74 (16th)
69 min: Crabbyjoe154 (15th) goes with (55) but loses to Beerhog with (AJ) and an [A] on the flop. This scrip repeats the rest of the night ad nauseam.

70 min: 95corolla (14th) sees his (QQ) lost to LittleRedElf’s (AQ) with an [A] on the flop.

75 min: ThePunk75 (13th)
77 min: Merhibka (12th)
79 min: Tommydoo (11th)
86 min: Absea98 (10th) Have to confess. I was trying to survive myself so not watching hands at this point.

94 min: A short-stacked (SS) Tomservo2 (9th) goes with (KT) but loses to K9isadog’s (88).

102 min: A SS LittleRedElf (8th) loses his coin flip (AQ) to K9isadog’s (99).
108 min: Mikeniks-Faldo (7th) flops a straight and moves all-in as a flush is possible. Beerhog calls with trips and hits his full house on the turn – and bigger full house on the river.

PokerStars must have forgotten it already screwed me with the turn card. The pile on was a nice touch. I’m sure the next card of the PokerStars deck was quads.

111 min: A SS 99Raw99 (6th) goes with (A4) but cannot catch Beerhog’s (JJ).
112 min: Poor Suetman1 (5th) sees her (AA) get run down by K9isadog’s (QQ) as he makes a flush. PokerStars gave the same gift to him against Faldo earlier.

114 min: A SS Tigercub8189 (4th) has to go with (Kh Jh) and loses to Beerhog’s (T5) with a [5] on the flop. Why not?

116 min: A SS BigDaddyTman (3rd) has to go with (KJ) also and loses to Beerhog’s (AJ).

Heads up: Beerhog 22000 - 14000 K9isadog

2nd break:
Beerhog 29600
K9isadog 6400

An epic battle between two players with a lot of wins at NPP does not happen as;
121 min: K9isadog (2nd) pairs on the flop, but Beerhog trip’s on the same flop!

Congratulations to Beerhog on his 10th NPP!

1st – Beerhog – 24 points
2nd – K9isadog – 19 points
3rd – BigDaddyTman – 15 pts
4th – Tigercub8189 – 12 pts
5th – Suetman1 – 9 pts
6th – 99Raw99 – 7 pts
7th – Mikeniks-Faldo – 5 pts
8th – LittleRedElf – 4 pts
9th – Tomservo2 – 3 pts

Every one else earned one (1) point. Standings on the right side of the blog!


Anonymous said...

Nice job Beerhog!


Anonymous said...

he probably hit the tolly card!!! what's up herbie