Monday, March 28, 2011

NPP 2nd Quarter Starts Tuesday

One of the good and bad things about being an NPP'er is that the recruiting never stops.

We had 46 players that stopped by in the 1st quarter and had 21 for the final round.
That is about average. Half of the active players make the game each week.

Using the formula (works the same for home games also [want 7 players, get 14 to 20 on your player list]), we need 54 active players in order to acheive a 3-table tourney (kind of number of players that I think works for a work night).

NPP has hit the 64 active and the over 100 on the mailing list. We currently stand at 79 on the mailing list - not including players whose emails I don't have yet. Please get those in.

League poker is tough to fill...especially on-line. The main draw about on-line is that you can get a game anytime - day or night - and you are not tied to casino hours, players available or home games arrainged. So, why join an internet league?

The NPP league has some benefits - even though NPP does not generate enough profit to offer bonuses or tournament add-on prizes. They are:
1) Great players to practice against
2) Fun and friendly players
3) If you are a lady, worryiing abouy fitting in - 1/6 of our players are ladies.
4) The entry fee is only $5.50
5) League competition where every round counts!
6) Access to a blog - where you can have events, jokes and articles you submit published.
7) and NPP events where we all meet in person to play a little poker. (yes, we will start having them again soon).

Let's get some new players in the mix.

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