Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Community Card Review – XXIII

Did you hear about the field trip that students from a People’s Republic of Ann Arbor elementary school went on? Well, some of the students.

American students - who happen to be black (AWHTBB) – were told to stay at the school as they could not travel with their white student classmates and friends. White children were allowed to go on this field trip, but not the AWHTBB kids.

According to the principal of the school, it was necessary to segregate the children as the kids were going to go meet a famous white rocket scientist.

The principal said he understands how hard it is for white students to compete these days. He hoped that the white children meeting the white scientist would get the kids “pumped up” to do their schoolwork. Then – just maybe, the principal thought – these white children could achieve great things too.

When the white kids returned from the field trip, some of the AWHTBB children booed them! And the AWHTBB parents were upset too.

But the principal said it was worth it to see the “energy and excitement in those white children’s eyes, when they met the white scientist, it made the whole segregated field trip worthwhile.”

The principal talked to the AWHTBB students afterwards and said that “no offense” was meant to them, and they had to understand that this special treatment of white children was necessary.

Wait a second. I think I got it backwards…………....

Yes, sorry. It was the AWHTBB students that went on the field trip to see a AWHTBB scientist and it was the white students that were left out and left behind.

So this is no big deal. No story here. It is standard operating procedure in the land of liberalism – the true home of racism and bigotry.

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