Saturday, March 05, 2011

Faldo Ventures Out – 1st Cash Game of 2011

First cash game not only of 2011, but first one since my heart ablation procedure. I have missed the last couple I have had an invite to.

I don’t know if the procedure fixed me up yet, but I do know my doctor did not add the Gus Hanson add-on I specifically asked for (tws-wanted).

I still had my same weak game where I make Dan Harrington look like Tom Dwan on steroids.

Matchy got Beerhog and I invited to a NL cash game that was well run, well stocked (with a keg no less) and with a pro dealer who works a couple charity rooms. Nine players sat down and the three of us represented NPP just fine this night.

The poker table was built by the host “Dave”, and it looked great. He builds them, and if you need one, let me know and I will see if he can hook you up. I wish I needed one.

Good guys…and they are good players. I will see if they want to join us on Tuesdays.

One or more of them run and/or contribute to a forum called “Perfect Man Cave”. Check it out. One of Dave’s poker tables is a “must” in the perfect man cave.

A poll was taken at the table about whether or not a pro dealer was a good idea for a cash home game or not? The consensus was an easy victory for “pro dealer”. Faldo agrees.

Now, of course stakes play a roll here as a penny-ante game can’t afford a dealer. But this was a simple $.50 - $1 blind (straddle allowed) $50 - $100 buy-in, NL game, NL Holdem-Omaha-Pineapple-Omaha Hi-Lo rotation. A simple ½ blind to full blind tip after each hand and a small (voluntary) charitable donation to the dealer after the game, netted the dealer an hourly rate between $15 and $20 an hour.

What makes a pro dealer affordable for a home game is no rake. At a casino game the rake hits the player as well as being a good sport and helping the dealer with a tip after a win. The dealer tip alone is not that bad a “vig” on the game, and worth for the convenience of players not having to deal.

I would like the reader’s opinion on the matter. We can discuss the “cons” to a pro dealer in the next article. I think there are some. For instance, I think a paid dealer for a tournament is too costly. Not to mention, you wear out the dealer if there is no relief person.

Your thoughts?


Matchy said...

I was skeptical on the dealer thing, but I am coming around (twss). Especially since said dealer saved me about $25 in an Omaha 8 pot where I had the high in the big part of a split pot and did not even realize it since it was a measly two pair. I am not sure it would work in my usual cash games as I don't think the dealer would make enough to show, but hey it was fine that night. It was in interesting game as well. It is always nice to have a guy suck out on you with 3 5 offsuit when aii in holding bullets, then offer to ass-rape you as you rebuy chips (happened to me!). But hey, I want that call every time just not the ass-rape. I am learning to take the good with the bad from home game guys, and simply smile and keep playin'. Of course the NPP crowd has much better manners.

Marc Hedrick said...

Glad to hear the HOPE format is catching on! Sounds like an awesome game!