Saturday, February 26, 2011

The 20 Most Influential People in Poker

The folks over a BLUFF Magazine published their list. Faldo likes to publish his own. And since Faldo is always the runaway #1 most influential in poker - year after year – the poker world automatically excludes me from the list. After all, everyone already knows the obvious.

That said - as if it really needed to be – here is the rest of the list from #20 to #1(a).

20. Steve “Chops” Preiss – blogger of Wicked Chops Poker

19. Tony G (Antanas Guoga) – Owner of “Poker News” and a poker table “Don Rickles”

18. Phil Helmuth – Biggest poker free agent out there

17. Ray Bitar – Pocket Kings Software (Full Tilt)

16. Brian Balsbaugh, Poker Royalty, poker player agent

15 Matt Savage – Executive Tour Director of the World Poker Tour

14. Tom Dwan – His “all or nothing” approach at the “nosebleed stakes” is revolutionizing poker

13. Daniel Negreanu – Love him or hate him, he is one of the top ambassadors of the game

12. Phil Ivey – the best poker player in the world (just ahead of Faldo)

11. Eric “sheets” haber and Cliff “johnnybax” Josephy – they make $1 million backing poker pros on-line and on the tournament circuit.

10. Thai Food – On line Full Tilt poker pro that backs Faldo in on-line tournaments.

9. Ty Steward and Mitch Garber, - Caesars Interactive Entertainment and Directors of the WSOP

8. Isai Scheinberg, Founder of PokerStars

7. Mori Eskandani – CEO of Poker PROductions – High Stakes Poker and Poker After Dark

6. Howard Lederer – “The Professor” works behind the scenes to globalize and totally legalize the game of poker.

5. T3chlady, Derf-63, ThePunk75 and Pre01– they work with Faldo behind the scenes to set up some NPP events - which as soon as Faldo’s recovery is complete – will be announced.

4. Douge2 – His humor corner material keeps the NPP bloggers grinning.

3. Matchy – He tirelessly works to keep the NPP “friendly home game” alive, filling the void left by Faldo.

2. Boother36 – Able to move between the “Matchy game” to the Heartland Poker Tour/WSOP tour without ego. Runs tourneys and home games with all the amenities you would see in a casino in Las Vegas.

1. Michele Ingalls (UMichPoker) – Michigan Poker News – If you have a poker ‘jones’ at any time, this lady – with her emails and blog - tells you where the games and tournaments are.


Anonymous said...

Faldo - glad to see ya today at BWW = next time i'll bring my laptop ....


Anonymous said...

Faldo – I don’t see your name on here?!??! We all know you are too modest to include yourself, but come on. Running the Tuesday night league (winning the most points each year on a regular basis BTW!!!), running this GREAT blog, all the internet site tracking/data collection, etc. I would put you above #1, say at #0.5!!!

Sirgash said...

I'm just sad I have dipped so far out of poker to not even make the top 20:( Not that I deserve to be in the top 1800... might need to fix that!

Sirgash said...

Side Note: Our crew is planning a trip to the Brighton poker room!!

Nik Faldo said...

Sirgash, there is no Brighton poker room anymore. They moved to Hartland - then died there.

ThePunk75 says the Electric Stick in Livonia is the place to be.

Also mentioned for an NPP event is Northville Downs or The Sharks Club (two locations).

The casino in Battle Creek (FireKeepers) might also work!

Faldo is feeling better after surgery and needs to put something together - soon.

Sirgash said...

Well let me know if you get a group going to FK...