Sunday, March 20, 2011

Faldo Odds and Ends on a March Madness Sunday

First of all, I want to apologize if my last CC Review was a little harsh on some Democrat or “swayed” Independent voters. I was just trying to re-enforce the point that elections are not a game – but a serious responsibility. And it should be treated as such, as elections have consequences. And as we are seeing - serious consequences.

Anyone who even gave a superficial review of Obama's history (which would have taken all of 2 minutes because there wasn't any - and what there was, was pathetic) would have run to McCain or a third party - or abstained. Which is exactly what Obama's voting history was full of.

Secondly, Faldo went with Beerhog to an open skate time in Hartland. My first time on my hockey skates in about 12 years! I took it easy, got my heart rate up then cooled down to coasting around. Heart beat was normal and did not go out of rhythm!

I did this a few time as I started to get a little stronger – and a little more confident - on my skates. I was not flying around the rink as I did in my playing days, but it felt pretty good.

Third – I had my first cigar of 2011 on my deck today – and first one since September, 2010. I did some light yard work burning the mass of sticks and branches that fell from my trees during the harsh winter. Then, I relaxed with a cold one and a Licenciado Toro in the first deck chair I rescued from the shed for this event. Nice!

Forth - is anyone else having trouble cashing out on Full Tilt?? I cashed out $500 on January 28, with a bank transfer. FT informed me on Feb. 4 that they are having trouble with their bank transfer system, so they would have to wire me the money. They credited my account with $50 to pay for the transfer fees.

I received $450.51 (???) in my bank account, but another $12 was deducted as “added” transfer fees. I had to write FT to tell them what happened, then scan the transactions and send that – before they credited my account with the missing $12. All this activity actually scored me an extra 51 cents.

What bothers me about Full Tilt is that their customer service is just TERRIBLE! Any real answer from FT support takes 3 to 7 days! This is unacceptable.

Can anyone share their Full Tilt cashing out stories please? I can’t be the only one having issues with their service.

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Four putt said...

Glad to hear that you skated and felt good!!!!

Are you going to try and skate without a chair next time?