Friday, March 18, 2011

The Community Card Review – XXIV

I think there was a report out of a nation’s capital once upon a time, that Nero fiddled while Rome burned. History certainly does repeat itself. Case in point:

Reporter: “Mr. President, breaking news from Japan, in what is reported to be the worst nuclear disaster since Chernobyl. What is the United States going to do to help Japan, and is FEMA studying the situation on how it may impact us here at home?”

Obama: “Uhhh, as much as I like North Carolina, as much as I love Roy Williams, I think Ohio State has the talent this year.”

Reporter: “In other breaking news, on another crisis – the conflict in Libya - where Ghadaffi is bombing his own citizens, what is the US foreign policy on this matter?”

Obama: “I think Kansas keeps on winning.”

Reporter: “This breaking news just in after the closing bell on Wall Street a tumultuous day due to skyrocketing gas prices and poor economic forecasts. You said you were going to concentrate like a laser on the economy. What is the plan now Mr. President?”

Obama: “Uhhh, I’m going to pick Duke!”

Reporter: “The US economy still looks bleak because housing continues to falter and the consumer price index is rising due to our shrinking dollar on the world stage. What is your solution to this Mr. President?”

Obama: “Uhhh, on this one, I think Pitt is going to win.”

Reporter: “We still don’t have a federal budget approved for 2010 as the Democrats did not want to show their tax and spend plans prior to the election. But now the Democrats are stalling the efforts of the Republicans to get a budget finalized. Democrats say they need your bully pulpit to push their message. What is your response to this, Mr. President?”

Obama: “Good luck with that. I am heading to Rio de Janeiro for another vacation. By the way, Kansas wins it all!”

If you voted for Obama – to clear your own conscience and make it right with your fellow citizens – you should not vote again for two straight presidential elections.

You should probably consider never voting again. You are obviously easily fooled and an emotion based cripple with no grip on reality.

Obama stated on the record to a voter – prior to the election - that the communist ideal of “spreading the wealth around” was his priority.

This idiot man-child was only in the senate 6 months, voted “Present” 70% of the time on only the 50% of the votes he was even in the building for - and you voted him into the highest office in the world?????

The man is a goof-off and a communist - on top of being incompetent. I know McCain was a pathetic candidate, but at least he showed up for work.

There is no excuse. If you voted for Obama, do the country – your ancestors, and your offspring a favor – and never vote again.


Anonymous said...

good stuff

Anonymous said...

whats even funnier, to appeal to his base he even picked a womens bracket

Anonymous said...

haha - you said "base"!!!