Monday, March 07, 2011

Ultimate Bet Challenge Update – March, 2011

This is what Faldo looked like during his on-line poker battles in February.

It was not a good time. But, like the fighter Diego Sanchez - pictured here – Faldo still managed to come out with a win.

On PokerStars, I had a hard time surviving the first half hour of the NPP league tourney that month, let alone make a final table. My MTT results were similarly negative. Round One to Poker-Mike Tyson-Stars over Faldo.

The Ultimate Bet Challenge started out in the black, but that quickly spiraled down into the mire as I tried to make it to the bet minimum on a positive note. I failed. I went further than the minimum required to win back the losses, and managed to shrink the negative number for the month.

I wagered $12.36 on the UB felt and netted a -$.39 loss. Sometimes you just are going to have a losing month on a particular site – or maybe an overall losing month - no matter what you do. Round Two to Brock-UB-Lesnar over Faldo.

But, never panic. Never tilt. Stab your PokerStars look-a-like dummy of Daniel Negreanu with a hunting knife, and beat it with a weighted baseball bat (did I type that out loud?). Burn your UB hat. Privately, make a Phil Hellmuth melt down look like quiet meditation. But never tilt.

Fortunately, on the other sites I visit; Full Tilt, Bo Dog Poker, Sportsbook Poker and World Sports Exchange Poker, Faldo netted enough profit to eek out a small win overall for the month of February.

TKO in the 5th round by Faldo.

Here’s hoping my fortunes improve on PokerStars and Ultimate Bet in March. So far, ..........................not so much.

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