Friday, December 31, 2010

ThePunk75 Makes a Final Table on Full Tilt - Faldo on PokerStars

Faldo finished 6th in a 90-player SNG, but ThePunk75 has a real final table finish and a year in review:

"The Punk (BaDonkaPunk on Full Tilt) makes final table and finishes 5th (488 players) in an Omaha 2.5k Guarantee Rush Rebuy on Full Tilt. First hand of tournament I tripled up with flopped top set that held. But it was all downhill from there as I ended up having to do a double rebuy after suck-out after suck-out after suck-out (hey its Omaha it happens). But after that double rebuy, my hands started holding again. It helps hitting quad jacks twice.

At the final table I was sitting about 6th in chips and there was one player with something like 1.4 million, the next closest guy in chips had about 450k. Plus the mega stack was directly to my left, so it wasn't going to be easy dodging the chip leader. He re-popped my preflop raises 3 times and I had to fold each time. The 4th time I reraised all in with AA78, and he had something like AQ64. I doubled up and was in business. I was crippled, while in BB I held AQ22, and faced a preflop pot bet. The player had about 25k after that bet so I shoved my stack in; I had about 70K over him. He showed AK78 or something. Of course two aces hit the board and his K gave him the winning hand. The very next hand I have A922 and shoved the monster stack called from SB and hit one of his cards to take me out. My cash was 32.5x my total buy in.

My total ROI for the year jumped from 4% to 13%.

2010 was a good year for The Punk.

On PokerStars I posted a 105% ROI for the year in MTT. A staggering 476% in pot limit Omaha. I doubled my bankroll, of which a healthy withdrawal got me a new 55" LED TV.

On Full Tilt, I posted a 13% ROI for the year in MTT’s. But several bad ring game sessions left me down for the year overall there.

One of the things that I feel I greatly improved this year is reading betting patterns. Another is using the semi bluff and bluff to take down pots. I was never a huge fan of either and it was a micro attribute of my game. This year I began using both more and more; for the most part it was positive results.

For 2011, it’s continual improving my play and hopefully more final tables."


Great year Punk and thanks for the story! - Faldo

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