Wednesday, December 08, 2010

NPP Heads Up Tournament - 2010

The tournament will start December 17th, 2010. Get your RSVP in as soon as possible.

Send an email to npokerp at yahoo dot com to get in. Or you can enter by commenting on this blog posting.

The NPP Committee draws the bracket. It is done in a super secret location, where full concentration can be given to the fairness and accuracy of said draw – in between lap dances.

Players can comment on the site or thru email to schedule their match. Faldo makes tourney match up dates and times based on the emails, and then emails the passwords to the players for their match.

Players can set their own price for the match, but the NPP standard for every round is will be $1.20. Emails ONLY confirming a different entry fee must be received from both players - by Faldo - before Faldo will make it something different.

As the matches get completed, Faldo updates with a new post. Players are responsible for reading the site, finding their next opponent, getting contact information from Faldo, and making sure the correct results are posted.

Faldo has forfeit power for lack of response or delay of play – even if he is in tourney.

Eligible players is anyone who played at least one round at NPP during the season. ‘Seniority’ (total numbers of rounds played) might be a consideration taken - in order to make the bracket manageable. No one will be left out, but play-in gomes will go to the lower seniority players if need be.

The tournament should try to be completed before new league season begins, however this is not a requirement.

Faldo’s secretary did a fine job of drafting the tourney rules. Get your entry in by commenting on the blog – or better still – writing Faldo at npokerp at yahoo dot com.

Number of entries allowed and the cut off point for entries is solely in the discretion of the NPP Tournament Committee – when they are not on stage that is.


Absea98 said...

Abs and Suet are in for the heads up tourney!

Anonymous said...

Derf .... in

Anonymous said...

Punks in

Anonymous said...


Kavy said...

I'm interested to get my title back :) Please sign me up.