Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Community Card Review – XVIIl

It is hard for me to type pure lies, but I got to do it. Yes, it is an Obama speech:
“The budget debate has less to do with big government vs small government and has more to do with smart government. It’s not about being pro-government or pro-business, it’s about being pro jobs.”

Obama and the Communist-Democrat Party have launched a full out assault on capitalism, the private sector and every business.

Did you hear about the article by the head of the American Communist Party who stated that the Democrat Party is fulfilling their Manifesto? Oh, that didn’t reach our mainstream media? Shocking.

Socialized medicine, tax plans and environmental policies of the Democrats assume businesses have unlimited piles of money lying around being wasted on luxuries. Democrats believe in their bones that businesses are naturally immoral, corrupt and greedy. It’s the Communist model of capitalism.

[Repeat lesson inserted:] businesses do not pay taxes – you do. Businesses just add the cost of the tax to the product or go out of business. Remember that when you hear a Democrat lie. Uh, speak.

The Democrats are all about big government and anti-business/private sector. Business has to fend off Big Government and Big Labor Unions (another Communist Manifesto idea) just to survive.

Lying speeches do not create jobs, and Democrat policies - by design - destroy businesses where people HAVE jobs, and stop any growth for more jobs.

It’s common sense, folks.

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