Sunday, January 02, 2011

First Two Final Tables for Faldo in 2011 – and one for ThePunk75

Entered 5 ninety player SNG’s and managed two final tables. I multi-tabled four tourneys for the most part. I got knocked out of #2 quickly, so I fired up #5 quickly. I made the final table in #3 and #5, finishing 5th and 2nd respectively.

I make 4x my buy-ins for my efforts. Meanwhile, ThePunk75 was doing his thing:

“It was a hyper turbo 6 handed No Limit Omaha tournament on PokerStars tonight. 258 players and the whole tourney took less than one hour. The final table in fact might of lasted 5 hands in total as two players including myself went out on the first hand. I ended up 6th, with a little over 10x my buy in.”


Also New Years Day, Botther36 hosted his usual friendly New Years Day game. Bo, Dave, Matchy, Beerhog and Faldo were there and exchanged lots of laughs, lots of groans over the Big 10 in bowl games, and very little money.

A great time Boother, thanks.

Not a bad way to start of 2011

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k 9 is a cat said...

big ten only team is thr criminals fron ohio tte who sold things tht wre given to them