Sunday, December 19, 2010

2010 Total Point Totals

Faldo had a request from a player whom shall remain nameless. He asked if the final point results from the 2010 season can be re-posted.

We at NPP headquarters receive secret requests all the time and pride ourselves on our candor, honor and unparalleled security, so our members can keep their requests discreet. Not only does NPP honor every secret request possible, but we do it without fanfare, without need for praise and without payment.

But don't worry about us as we throw some mort twigs on the fire for warmth. Here is the (brrrrrrrrrrrrrr!) list:

K9isadog 355
ThePunk75 308
Suetman1 298
Theedouble*d 272
Mikeniks-Faldo 253
LittleRedElf 250
Absea98 250
T3chlady 238
Douge2 220
Meatsword 213
xxxKdogxxx 205
Tomservo2 197
Derf-63 188
Tigercub8189 186
Wingsfancurt 154
Funtoon 137
Odds2win777 135
Pre01 125
Fourbetbluff 122
Yecats427 103
BigDaddyTman 95
Mistermusic5 84
Vanettij 78
Eyekall 76
Rjmech 69
Gdub28 60
Tommydoo 60
Budda627 57
Nahanni74 51
Pingsticks 43
Akensi 41
Pistolboy70 41
Merhibka 41
Kensik 37
Biglou93 30
Fusciardi 27
Rennzzo 25
Mowin4116 21
Sirgash 18
Douche_Splat 17
Drowninagain 14
BKrywko1 13
Midway2933 12
TresStooges 11
Bendandsnap 11
Tarolliz 10
Bigbrimar 8
Nicklittle 8
Jenski6 7
JDChridati 6
Birdy333 5
RKidder51400 3
Tigertown369 3
Amyada 3
Tigerbig 2
CSB33 2
SpartanFlash 2
Phil976224 2
Owetheshark 1
Duder1123 1
Aqualung85 1
Deadriver6 1
Ksloflyer 1
Grypdg 1
Nixi44 1
Burgessk89 1

I might be missing a few due to spreadsheet space (cut off at around 64 people), but this is everyone (nearly) who played this last year. If you know some of the folks who dropped out, please ask them why?

Especially you erf-Day-63! After all, this is the “ist-lay” that you “anted-way.” Please inquire to NPP Security for the code breaking clearance.

Note: The Heads Up Tourney is on the right side of the blog.


Anonymous said...

D-E-R-F .... 63 ......says ...


I just wanted to see how the season ended .... it's the Jewish Accouantant that I AM.

Everyone have a GREAT HOLIDAY .... I know you forgot about Passover a couple weeks ago.


Nik Faldo said...

Awwww......and I was trying to keep it a secret as to who it was that asked.

Anonymous said...

How about Hanukkah .... sorry

Anonymous said...

How about Martin Luther Day.....

Absea98 said...

Wow, real dog fight in heads up tonight! Odds2win777 held a FH 9s over sevens and I had a FH sevens over 9s. He took me out in five minutes without working up a sweat.
Good game Carey!

Anonymous said...

Those numbers are very telling. I won't mention any names, but the guy who ranked 5th got that ranking even tho' he did not play in nearly an entire quarter(or maybe even more). His skill seems to be surpassed only by his humility.
Thanks again for running the league, Aldo-fay. DD

Anonymous said...

Yes he is humble.

Now that he is not a condo owner.

He was something else when he was a condo owner.......

Damn condo owners.....


Anonymous said...

BTW Faldo...Check your spam box for e-mail from me... I have received no response to any I have sent since Thanksgiving. DD

Brian said...


I need the password for tonight - thanks!